8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears…)

Last updated: 1 month ago, Dec. 12. 2020
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    Enjoy the best bass from little earbuds anywhere you go.

    Compare 8 Best Bass Earbuds

    ConnectionMic &

    Beats PowerBeats Pro
    best true wireless
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)4.6$25012mmwireless
    (9h+ battery)
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)More info
    Bose QuietComfort Earbuds
    best noise cancelling
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)4.3$280n/awireless
    (6h battery)
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)More info
    Sennheiser IE80 S
    best wired
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)4.1$350n/awired
    (I-shaped AUX)
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)More info
    Jaybird Vista
    best sports
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)4.4$1606mmwireless
    (6h battery)
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)More info
    Aukey EP-N5
    best under $100
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)4.3$6010mmwireless
    (7.5h battery)
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)More info
    Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2
    best under $50
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)4.5$50
    (8h battery)
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)More info
    Skullcandy Sesh
    cheap true wireless
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)4.1$30
    (3h battery)
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)More info

    KZ ATE
    best cheap
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)4.0under $20
    8 Best Bass Earbuds in 2020 (#1 are Dangerous to Ears...)More info

    Do you want the best punchy bass, small earbuds can produce?

    Wondering what the best earbuds for bass are?

    Keep reading, and you’ll find out the top bass earbud models you can get right now.

    But be careful…

    … the #1 pick is so good it can be dangerous to your health…

    … because you won’t stop listening to them.

    Scroll down to find out the top earbuds for bass.

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      For the best over-ear bass headphones click here.

      Earbuds with best comfort reviewed.

      What to Look for in the Best Basshead Earbuds?

      Apart from extra bass, you should also look at other factors. How comfortable they are, how durable they are and how much money you have to fork over (best earbuds for the money here).

      Here are some pointers to remember:

      Sound Quality: Some of these earbuds have amazing acoustics with technology that is very sophisticated. Apart from playing deep, punchy bass, you want to hear other ranges as well. Music isn’t just bass.

      Sound isolation: Because sound isolation is so important for experiencing full and rich sound, many of these in-ear monitors offer great passive protection from outside noise. The quality of the fit is crucial for experiencing deep bass with any IEM (in-ear monitor).

      Price: Some of the brands have produced earbuds, especially for bassheads with boosted bass. It seems that manufacturers have found a new niche where customers are willing to pay for bass emphasized headphones.

      Durability: Not every pair of headphones is made equal. Some are well built from sturdy materials that last for years and some aren’t. Make sure you know what to expect from the model you’re getting.

      What to Expect from the Bass Earbuds?

      I love bass music!

      While “precision enhanced bass” or “extra bass” sounds nice, earbuds suffer one major flaw for producing good bass.

      Their small size.

      The sound quality is significantly limited by physics, and small earbuds just aren’t known for generating head-dizzying bass. To get great bass out of IEMs, you need to pick the right models.

      But don’t be discouraged. Small doesn’t mean bad in every case. The models picked here excel in either their deep and punchy or clean and precise bass that will make you smile.

      Read the reviews of top models to get more detailed info. Don’t forget to make sure you pick the one that best suits your needs, even if it’s not the first recommendation.

      All models can be used with phones, tablets, MP3 players, and any other device with a headphones output.

      Deep bass comes extra handy in the gym, which is one of many possible ways of using these. For more gym options see best wireless headphones for working out.

      How to Get the Best Bass from IEMs (in-ear monitors)?

      “Help! My earbuds have almost no bass?”

      To get powerful bass out of any IEMs (in-ear monitors), you need to have an airtight fit.

      Without a proper fit, you won’t get strong bass no matter how big the earbud drivers are. Therefore it’s crucial to get a good fit.

      It would be pretty futile to try and explain how to achieve an optimal fit with words. The best thing we can say is just try out different ear tips and positions. You will notice when the bass comes alive.

      Before you judge any earbuds and their lack of extra bass, make sure to thoroughly test different positions and eartips. Sometimes changing silicone ear tips to memory-foam ones makes all the difference.

      Top Bass Earbuds Reviewed

      1. Beats PowerBeats Pro – best true wireless

      Beats PowerBeats Pro in case

      Truly wireless in-ear headphone with the best bass performance

      Beats is a brand with a big reputation. A lot of their headphones are known for punchy bass, and you can get plenty of it in a small package with the latest PowerBeats Pro. These are perfect for iOS users.

      Read the full PowerBeats Pro review.

      Connection: Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
      Battery life: 9+ hours (up to 24 hours with the carrying case)

      Why Buy These?

      The Powerbeats Pro are an excellent choice for sports. They stay stable in the ear thanks to the hook design so you don’t have to worry about losing them even if you are on the run or vigorously exercising.

      As with most Beats models, these are robust and have quality built-in controls. Also, IPX4 protection makes them sweatproof, though not totally waterproof.

      Overall, they’re cool, they stay in, have deep, vibrating lows, and that makes them one of the best bass earbuds right now.

      The Bad

      The charging case is a bit bulky to carry around.

      The headphones are stable within the ear, but slightly irritate ears with prolonged use.

      The Sound

      For fans of bass-heavy music, the low-end gives a real punch with an EQ pattern in a “V” shape that enhances modern music. From hip hop to rock, the PowerBeats Pro are a fantastic bassheads option. You get the feeling you have a subwoofer in your ears and you can feel the vibration.

      The best wireless pick with an ear hook design for sports and casual music listening.

      Check the PowerBeats Pro review.

      2. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds – best noise cancelling

      Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

      Best noise cancelling true wireless earbuds with punchy bass

      The latest and greatest true wireless earbuds from Bose pack a deep bass response with excellent control.

      Connection: Wireless Bluetooth 5.1
      Battery life: 6 hours (up to 12 hours with charging case)

      Why Buy These?

      QuietComfort Earbuds are noticeably bigger than the competition yet comfortable fit due to non-intrusive design. Firstly, their ear tips barely go into the ear canal, which minimizes annoying pressure. And secondly, ear fins do an excellent job keeping the buds in place.

      As the name suggests, these earbuds can actively block the outside noise. They come with advanced active noise cancelling technology that can eliminate distracting sounds around you. You can also do the opposite and amplify the ambient noise.

      Despite the bulky size, their battery life is about average. Six hours of playtime is more than enough for a decent listening session, with another 12 hours waiting inside the Qi-compatible charging case.

      The Bad

      Case too big to comfortably fit inside a pocket.

      A small array of commands via touch controls.

      The Sound

      Impressively punchy and controlled, especially in the low-end. Every genre receives a good amount of kick, which never gets bloated. And thanks to Adaptive EQ, the amount of bass stays the same, no matter the volume levels.

      Earbuds with excellent sound quality and a punch that can make any bass head dance. Check out Bose Sport Earbuds, if you want something much cheaper but with the same audio performance.

      3. Sennheiser IE80 S – best wired

      Sennheiser IE80 S wired IEM

      The best wired earbuds for bass

      If you don’t mind wired designs, these Sennheiser headphones offer excellent sound quality and adjustable bass response.

      Connection: Wired 3.5mm
      AUX shape: I-shaped

      Why Buy These?

      The signature sound you should expect from the Sennheiser brand is definitely in place with these earbuds. Amazing sound quality is just one of the top features.

      The bass response is totally customizable, you have control over the earbuds so you can change it while listening. This is what makes them one of the best bass earbuds available.

      Other useful features include a detachable and replaceable cable. Also, earbuds come with multiple different sizes of tips that let you choose the most comfortable fit for you.

      The Bad

      The Sennheiser IE80 S earbuds sound best with a headphone amp. This means you can’t get the best bass performance out of them without an amplifier.

      These earbuds don’t have a water-resistance rating. Keep them away from sweat and water.

      The Sound

      For in-ear monitoring needs, the sound quality is great. The fact that you can alter the bass frequency response from mild to extreme bass is a bonus.

      For indoor use, the Sennheiser IE80 S are top-notch wired audiophile headphones.

      4. Jaybird Vista – best sports

      Jaybird Vista true wireless earbuds

      The best overall sound quality and EQ options in the wireless earbuds

      Vista’s are already quite punchy right out of the box. However, with some EQ, they can become real bass monsters.

      Connection: Wireless Bluetooth
      Battery life: 6 hours per charge (10h when using a charging case)

      Why Buy These?

      The main selling point of these wireless earbuds is their ruggedness. Not only they meet the military standard MIL-STD-810, but they can also be fully submerged (IPX7).

      The perfect seal on these is achieved very easily since they only need to rest in your ears gently. This is why many users find them super comfy. You can also choose between different ear tips and ear fins to hold the earbuds in their place.

      With 6 hours on a single charge and 10 extra hours inside the case, these earbuds are nothing special. They do, however, give you the option to fast-charge, giving you a full hour of playtime in a quick 5-minute charge.

      The Bad

      Lack of high-quality audio codecs.

      Audio lags in videos.

      The Sound

      With their fun and energetic sound signature, these are perfect workout companions. Inside the app, you can tweak the sound whatever you want it. It can be extra bass-heavy, flat, or bright. But in general, these have a boosted low-end and crystal clear high-end.

      Jaybird Vista packs some impressive specs, making them an easy recommendation for one of the best bass earbuds around.

      The Jaybird Vista review.

      5. Aukey EP-N5 – best under $100

      Aukey EP-N5 true wireless earbuds

      Great truly wireless earbuds with good sub-bass extension and active noise cancellation

      AirPods lookalike with a punchy sound performance that makes every song sound fun.

      Connection: Wireless Bluetooth
      Battery life: 7.5 hours per charge (28h when using a charging case)

      Why Buy These?

      There are plenty of true wireless earbuds with stems, but Aukey EP-N5 are something special, especially for the price. They borrow similarly shaped ear tips as AirPods Pro, which get barely inside the ear canal. That makes them comfortable to the point you don’t even notice them in your ears.

      For under $60, you also get active noise cancellation. It doesn’t work as effectively as more expensive offerings, but it can make your surroundings sound a bit more dampened. Thankfully, the feature doesn’t interfere with the original sound profile as with some other budget offerings.

      Earbuds themselves appear to be quite rigid, with a sweatproof IPX5 rating. Their generous battery keeps them alive for 7.5 hours on a single charge, with an additional 28 hours packed in the charging case.

      The Bad

      EP-N5 only support the SBC Bluetooth codec.

      The Sound

      While the midrange and treble remain clean and articulate, they’re not the star of the show. It’s the bass quality and quantity that takes all the attention, and it sounds really good. It’s punchy yet detailed, never skipping a beat.

      Aukey EP-N5 are a great pair of earbuds for an affordable price point.

      Read the full Aukey EP-N5 review.

      6. Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 – best under $50

      Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 true wireless earbuds

      Best bass earbuds under $50

      Newer budget addition to the Anker lineup, with a simple set of features and enjoyable listening experience.

      Connection: Wireless Bluetooth
      Battery life: 3.5 hours per charge (9h when using a charging case)

      Why Buy These?

      As usual, Anker Soundcore Bluetooth earbuds feel pretty great, and Life Dot 2 are no different. The sturdy hard plastic housing is dressed in silicone ear fins that provide comfort and support during sports activities. They should easily survive the most intensive workouts, with water-resistant IPX5 protection that repels sweat.

      They can also isolate pretty well and last you for around 8 hours on a single charge. There are impressive 92 hours of battery life left inside the charging case, which should be enough for more than a week-long trip.

      Microphone quality is okay and more than acceptable when you need to make a phone call in a quiet room.

      The Bad

      There is a slight audio lag when watching videos.

      No app the change the sound profile.

      The Sound

      The sound signature emphasizes bass output, but not to the point of ruining everything else. It’s still well-balanced sound with energetic low-end, and it should give you a satisfactory listening experience during workouts. The midrange is nice and clean, with a natural vocal rendition, while the treble stays slightly subdued.

      For under $50, there isn’t much to complain about. Soundcore Life Dot 2 have a good sound, comfortable design, secure fit, and a sturdy build.

      7. Skullcandy Sesh – cheap true wireless

      Skullcandy Sesh earphones

      The best cheap true wireless earbuds

      Skullcandy is a brand known for loud designs. You might not associate them with impressive sound quality. However, the Skullcandy Sesh are true wireless bass earbuds that are great for people on a budget.

      Read the full Skullcandy Sesh review.

      Connection: Wireless Bluetooth
      Battery life: 3 hours per charge (10h when using a charging case)

      Why Buy These?

      You may be attracted to the price. For true wireless, these are as cheap as they come.

      If you like high volume, you’ll like these. You can hear the audio very loudly, and the bass performance is particularly punchy.

      The true wireless design is somewhat comfortable and stable though pricier models are better.

      Also, you can control the music with a physical multifunction button on each side, with an intuitive control scheme.

      The Bad

      There are a few common issues and flaws with these earbuds. The battery life is definitely on the low side.

      The Bluetooth connection can be susceptible to interference. The connection can randomly distort the music.

      The Sound

      Deep bass and a loud and punchy sound are appealing to many listeners.

      The sound quality isn’t high fidelity. However, for plenty of power at an affordable price range, consider the Skullcandy Sesh.

      The full Skullcandy Sesh review.

      8. KZ ATE – best cheap

      KZ ATE in-ear monitors

      The best cheap earbuds for bass

      The cheapest earbuds in our list are surprisingly good. If you’re looking for a bass-heavy sound for less than $20, check the KZ ATE earbuds.

      Read the KZ ATE full review.

      Connection: Wired 3.5mm
      AUX shape: L-shaped

      Why Buy These?

      These headphones offer a fairly rugged and lightweight design. They tick the basic boxes of portability without being easy to break.

      Designed with low frequencies in mind, these earbuds have a decent sub-bass response for most genres of music.

      Plus, they come with foam ear tips that offer a comfortable fit and superior noise isolation. They don’t block out all ambient sounds, but enough for you to focus on your music.

      The Bad

      As you would expect for the price, build quality and components aren’t the highest quality. The design and fit are a little clunky. You have to experiment to get the earbuds to sit correctly in your ear.

      No built-in microphone.

      The Sound

      In terms of the frequency range, these headphones outperform the price tag. They’re very bass-heavy, while still maintaining a clear sound across other frequencies.

      They won’t be used to produce any number one albums, but the KZ ATE are great for the bassheads on a budget.

      See the KZ ATE full review.

      Honorable Mentions

      Sony MDR-XB90EX – Monster sub-bass in wired in-ear headphones. Used to be a top pick for bassheads but now discontinued. If you can get them for a reasonable price, they’re a great option.

      Sony WF-1000XM3 – Not many true wireless headphones have reliable active noise cancellation. However, the Sony WF-1000XM3 buck the trend. The noise reduction features are great, and you can boost up the bass in the app (see price).

      Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo – If your playlist primarily consists of popular music genres like EDM or hip-hop, the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo are a bang for a buck (see price).

      Jabra Elite Active 75t – Great sports truly wireless earbuds with ergonomics, build quality, and bass-heavy Jabra sound in mind. You can further tweak your Jabra Elite Active 75t inside a companion app (see price).

      RHA T10i – Older wired model with metal housing that’s out of production (see price).

      Betron YSM1000 – Another cheap pair of earbuds with deep bass. They cost under $20 and have a metal housing with robust design (see price).

      Pump Audio V2 – They are an older model that’s hard to get today, still great bass headphones with punchy lows.

      Are you a runner? Get top runner headphones here.
      Top budget headphones here (over-ear & on-ear).

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