The 7 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds under $50

Last updated: 3 weeks ago, Jul. 16. 2020
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    Introducing the best Bluetooth earbuds under 50 dollars, you can buy today.

    Comparison – Best Wireless Earbuds under $50

    TypeMic & Controls

    Jlab Audio Jbuds Air
    best overall
    More info
    $505.5 hours
    15h in the charging case
    True wireless
    Treblab xFit
    More info
    $405 hours
    25h in the charging case
    IPX6True wireless
    Soundcore Liberty Neo4.3
    More info
    $505 hours
    15h in the charging case
    IPX7True wireless
    TaoTronics SoundLiberty 774.4
    More info
    $505 hours
    15h in the charging case
    IPX7True wireless
    Skullcandy Sesh4.0
    More info
    $503 hours
    7h in charging case
    True wireless
    Sony with MDR-XB50BS
    bassy Sony buds
    More info
    $508.5 hoursIPX4wireless earbuds
    Aukey Key Series B603.9
    More info
    $408 hoursIPX6wireless earbuds

    When it comes to wireless in-ear headphones, $50 isn’t a lot of money. It’s kind of a low price, but since the technology has been getting cheaper, you can still get decent Bluetooth earphones.

    It’s true that most major headphone brands don’t offer wireless Bluetooth earbuds under $50, but there are plenty less known brands that do.

    Keep in mind that you can’t expect sonic fidelity and ultimate durability since these are the cheapest headphones with Bluetooth.

    Though, you can expect to get great value for money regarding functionality, decent battery life, and pleasant audio quality.

    We did our best to find top-rated models that have wireless Bluetooth technology and a pleasant sound for less than 50 bucks. There are a couple of really good ones here, check them out below.

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      Best Bluetooth Earbuds under 50 Dollars

      #1 – best overall: Jlab Audio Jbuds Air

      Jlab Audio Jbuds Air


      The best overall wireless earbuds under $50. They have a comfortable, true wireless design and a long battery life.

      Battery life: 5.5 hours + 15h in the charging case
      Bluetooth version: 5.0
      Type: True wireless
      Water protection: IP55 (IPX5)

      Read the full review.

      Key Features

      If you are looking for true wireless functionality on a budget, these cheap wireless headphones are a clear winner. They offer quality sound at a low price point.

      The true wireless earbuds come with three sets of ear tips and one set of fins to ensure a comfortable fit.

      Like a lot of true wireless earbuds, these use a charging case to enhance battery life. You can get 5.5 hours of continuous use, and a further 15 hours by charging in the case.

      IP55 moisture resistance means they are good for exercise and can handle a bit of sweat or rain. Jbuds Air easily cope with an active lifestyle.

      These earbuds come with a microphone. However, making calls is a bit of a weakness. Sometimes, you might experience an annoying echo. The volume also dips when taking calls.

      The Sound

      Jbuds Air true wireless earbuds give a high level of audio fidelity for the price. You’ll struggle to find better frequency response and clarity for under $50.

      The Jlab Audio Jbuds Air are proof you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good set of true wireless earbuds.

      Read the full review.

      #2 – runner-up: Treblab xFit

      Treblab xFit TWS earbuds

      The Treblab xFit is our runner-up to the Jbuds Air. These earbuds have some similar features, with a charging case to extend the battery life and a focus on the water resistance.

      Battery life: 5 hours + 25h in the charging case
      Bluetooth version: 5.0
      Type: True wireless
      Water protection: IPX6

      Key Features

      These headphones are easily confused with our best overall pick, the Jbuds Air. They have a similar true wireless design. At a glance, they even look alike.

      The Treblab xFit is a good choice for the gym or other exercise. They have IPX6 water resistance, and 3 sets of silicone eartips for a comfortable fit.

      You can wash them under tap water but don’t submerge them. For the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones go here.

      The neodymium driver gives plenty of power, and noise isolating design is great for use in a loud environment like the gym. You can get 5 hours of use, and five further charges in the case.

      Nonetheless, the stability of the fit isn’t as good as with the Jlabs. You have to readjust them from time to time.

      The Sound

      The neodymium driver makes for a louder, clear sound with a bit of punch in the bass frequencies and clear mids and highs.

      For power and clarity on a budget, the Treblab xFit are particularly good for the gym.

      Read the Treblab xFit review.

      #3 – Soundcore Liberty Neo

      Soundcore Liberty Neo

      Soundcore is a brand by Anker, who specializes in good quality audio gear at a cheap price. The Soundcore Liberty Neo provide a strong bass response in true wireless design.

      Battery life: 5 hours + 15h in the charging case
      Bluetooth version: 5.0
      Type: True wireless
      Water protection: IPX7

      Key Features

      The earbuds have clear and quality sound with a small emphasis on bass. They have a unique graphene driver design that gives more power.

      The IPX7 water protection means they’re fully waterproof, and you can also wear them in rainy and sweaty conditions.

      Moreover, Soundcore’s proprietary technology for comfy fit is called Grip Fit. It creates a solid seal in the ear when you insert and twist the buds. It keeps them secure for working out.

      The battery life is okay, with 5 hours in the earbuds and 3 extra charges in the case though it’s a bit less than some other brands.

      The Sound

      The BassUp technology is proprietary to Soundcore and supposedly provides over 40% more bass. So, these have deeper bass, which makes popular music more fun, but colors it unnaturally.

      For deep bass in premium wireless headphones, check the Beats PowerBeats Pro.

      The clever graphene drivers in the Soundcore Liberty Neo provide power and bass in a lightweight package.

      Read the Soundcore Liberty Neo review.

      #4 – TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77

      TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77

      Another great true wireless design, with strong water resistance (IPX7), sporty fit, and 5-hour battery life.

      Battery life: 5 hours + 15h in the charging case
      Bluetooth version: 5.0
      Type: True wireless
      Water protection: IPX7

      Key Features

      The TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77 provides listeners with a good set of features at a very reasonable price. They are true wireless, with instant pairing and quick and easy controls on the earbuds themselves. You can control volume and skip tracks on either earbud.

      The fit is comfortable. You can choose either a single or twin mode. So, you can use only one of the earbuds if needed. IPX7 water-resistant design protects against rain, sweat, and even short submersion underwater.

      If you need wireless earbuds to make phone calls, these may not be the best. The built-in mic is somewhat unclear.

      The Sound

      The sound is certainly good for the price point. With PEEK + PU high fidelity 6mm dynamic drivers, you get better sound quality than you’d expect for the price point.

      For a clear, wide frequency response and plenty of audio power in a low profile package, the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77 are a good choice.

      Read the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77 review here.

      #5 – for Skullcandy fans: Skullcandy Sesh

      Skullcandy Sesh earphones

      Skullcandy’s lightest true wireless earbuds offer a good level of audio clarity and portability at a reasonable price tag, with the bass boost Skullcandy fans tend to love.

      Battery life: 3 hours + 7h in charging case
      Bluetooth version: 5.0
      Type: True wireless
      Water protection: IP55

      Key Features

      The Sesh earbuds offer true wireless buds with a lightweight design. They’re fairly comfortable and easy to use.

      You can change the volume and track on the earbuds with simple built-in control buttons. The IP55 rating makes these sweat-resistant, so you can wear them to the gym or for running.

      But with under $50 price, they had to cut some corners.

      The battery life is one potential let down. 3 hours is a shorter battery than most alternatives, though the charging case increases it to 10 hours altogether.

      The Sound

      Finally, the cheap earbuds from Skullcandy have boosted bass audio quality and plenty of volume. They can get so loud it’s unhealthy for ears.

      For a simple Skullcandy design and enjoyable, powerful, punchy bass, the Skullcandy Sesh are worth considering.

      Read the Skullcandy Sesh review.

      #6 – bassy Sony buds: Sony with MDR-XB50BS

      Sony XB50BS Extra Bass

      Sony is an electronics powerhouse, and this wireless option is a good choice for people who want the extra bass.

      Battery life: 8.5 hours
      Type: wireless earbuds
      Water protection: IPX4
      Key Features

      The MDR-XB50BS earbuds have a wireless neckband design. They come with Extra Bass features, which means they’re tuned for deep and powerful lows.

      The design is subtle and available in multiple colors.

      For use outside or in rainy conditions, the earbuds have IPX4 protection. This means they can handle a bit of sweat and rain, but can’t be submerged.

      Moreover, battery life is 8.5 hours per charge, which is more than most true wireless earbuds. And there’s also an inbuilt microphone, for making phone calls on the go.

      The Sound

      The enhanced bass and a wide frequency response starting at just 4 Hz give these headphones a bassy sound, great for dance music or heavier genres.

      For Sony quality earbuds with a bass-frequency boost, the MDR-XB50BS are a great option under $50.

      #7 – Aukey Key Series B60

      Aukey B60 in carrying case

      The B60 earbuds are versatile wireless earbuds. They have a slight bass boost, IPX6 water resistance, a decent battery life, and better awareness, which makes them great for running.

      Battery life: 8 hours
      Bluetooth version: 5.0
      Type: wireless earbuds
      Water protection: IPX6

      Key Features

      The B60 earbuds have a clever magnetic design. Separate the buds to power them on and join them together for turn off. There’s an in-line control module too, so you can take phone calls, change songs and volume.

      The IPX6 resistance is great for workouts and can withstand sweat or heavy rain. You can definitely use them outdoors.

      Thanks to a shallower design, they don’t isolate you from your environment. So, you get a better awareness of your surroundings.

      8 hours of battery life is pretty good, and the quick charge function gives 80 minutes of listening from a 10-minute charge. The USB-C connectivity is the latest standard.

      The earbuds are pretty comfy, with two pairs of ear tips with hooks. Though there are only small and medium options, so if you have large ears, you may struggle.

      On the other hand, better awareness won’t come handy in a loud gym where you want to block the noise.

      The Sound

      The B60 model gives a solid audio response for the price range, with crisp highs and a slight low-frequency boost. Though a lot of it is lost due to the shallow fit, so you end up with a more balanced signature.

      Though not audiophile quality, the Aukey Key Series B60 earphones provide clear audio and a V-shaped sound pattern. Great for listening to popular music.

      Read the Aukey B60 review.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Are Cheap Wireless Earbuds Good?

      Compared to high-end, cheap wireless in-ear headphones usually come with older technology that is commonly available but lack any proprietary features. Nonetheless, basic Bluetooth technology is so advanced that you get a good user experience for very little money. You can expect decent performance for an average user.

      $150 earbuds might come with app support, better battery life, and more attention to details, but they aren’t 3 times better.

      If you want good Bluetooth earbuds that don’t have to be the best to save some money, then these are a great option.

      Why You Must Get a Good Seal? (and How to Get it)

      There are many reasons why it’s critical you get a tight seal:

      • Better bass response. For strong lows you need an airtight fit otherwise all that sound goes out of the ear, and you don’t hear it.
      • More accurate audio experience. To hear all the sounds in clarity and detail, you need the least amount of audio pollutants. Pollutants like the noises created near you that don’t come from the earphones. You want a direct connection from the driver to your eardrums.
      • Better noise isolation. This one is self-explanatory. A good seal blocks more ambient noise and leaks less sound which makes for a more private experience. You don’t bother others, and others don’t bother you.

      When you don’t get a secure fit, you will complain about the lack of bass, volume, and noise isolation which are all necessary for a pleasant audio experience.

      How to get an airtight seal?

      The goal is to find the right eartips for your ear canals. There are many different designs and materials. Silicone ear tips are most common and are usually come together with all in-ear headphones.

      Better and more expensive are the memory foam tips that provide better comfort and passive noise isolation. Unfortunately, they cost more money and only come inside the package of selected (usually more premium) earphones.

      Find the best noise isolating headphones.

      What’s Important for Safety

      To use any headphones safely, you need to use the right volume. Listening to high volume damages your hearing over time. The injury comes gradually and is almost impossible to detect.

      To avoid hearing damage, you should strive to listen at around 50% volume. If you go over, try to keep it short. You can read more on how to avoid hearing damage here.

      What Devices Support My Bluetooth Earbuds?

      All Bluetooth enabled devices should work with your wireless earphones. This includes:

      • All iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Like iPhones, Samsung, LG, HTC, Google Pixel, etc.
      • Most laptops of later generations (that come with Bluetooth support, check your own to be sure)
      • Bluetooth MP3 players (MP4)

      Unfortunately, stationary PCs usually don’t support it. But you can get a Bluetooth adapter and install it.

      Of course, the music will only be played if your BT device actually gives out an audio output.

      Does a Battery Lose Capacity Over Time?

      Yes, unfortunately, the technology inside the batteries isn’t built to work forever. The capacity and thus playtime on a single charge diminish over time.

      The older your wireless earbuds, more likely the battery has lost original capacity and will hold a shorter charge.

      However, there’s not much you can do about it. Enjoy your Bluetooth headphones while they last and when they die, just accept the fact you’ll have to buy new ones.



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