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10 Best Workout Earbuds (That Stick in Ears) in 2024

Last updated: 5 months ago
12 min read

After testing 193 headphones, here are the best workout earbuds that:

  • Stick in ears like glue during a workout
  • Sound better than most
  • Pack lots of useful features
  • Resist water like champs

Let’s dig in:

We test and evaluate headphones using a standardized 9-point methodology. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more.

Read more Price Water protection Connection Battery (charging) Mic & Controls
Jaybird Vista 2 Best overall
Jaybird Vista 2 small image
Under $200
Bluetooth 5.0
8 hours, 16h in case (USB-C & Qi Wireless)
Under $160
Bluetooth 5.2
8 hours, 22h in case (USB-C & Qi Wireless)
Beats Fit Pro Best Beats
Beats Fit Pro
Under $200
Bluetooth 5.0 & H1 chip
6 hours, 18h in case (USB-C)
Bose Sport Earbuds Best Bose
Bose Sport Earbuds true wireless earbuds
Under $170
Bluetooth 5.1
5 hours, 10h in case (USB-C)
Under $250
Bluetooth 5.0 & H1 chip
11 hours, 24h in case (Lightning)
Sony WF-1000XM5 Best Sony
Sony WF-1000XM5 small image
Under $250
Bluetooth 5.3
6 hours, 16h in case (USB-C & Qi wireless)
Under $100
Bluetooth 5.0
7 hours, 14h in case (USB-C)
1MORE ComfoBuds Mini Best under $100
1MORE ComfoBuds Mini small
Under $100
Bluetooth 5.2
5 hours, 18h in case (USB-C & Qi Wireless)
Anker Soundcore Life A1 Best under $50
Anker Soundcore Life A1
Under $50
Bluetooth 5.0
9 hours, 15h in case (USB-C & Qi wireless)
TOZO OpenReal Best open-ear
TOZO OpenReal small image
Under $50
Bluetooth 5.3
12 hours (proprietary charger)
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    Earbuds on our list are evaluated based on 9 key factors (Sonic9Score). Find the details in our testing and ranking methodology. The main criteria we looked at to pick the recommendations are stability of fit during movement, sound quality, and resistance to sweat.

    Wirelsss workout earbuds are compact and the most convenient solution for active people who want to listen to music in a gym. You’ll find top options for lifting weights and working out.

    Our recommendations on the list have all the features you need for working out, like a stable fit when exercising, water protection against sweat and rain, and an enjoyable sound with strong bass.

    If you want workout headphones, check this guide. We also have guides on the best running earbuds and over-ear headphones for running.

    LAST UPDATE: We added newer models relevant in 2024.

    What to Look For in Workout Earbuds?

    Features that are not important for daily listening BUT are important for working out and exercising:

    • A stable fit: Good workout earbuds stay in the ears, no matter how much you shake your head. Winged and hooked designs are the best. Earbuds are usually better for vigorous workouts than bigger headphones due to better stability.
    • Sound quality: While audio quality isn’t the most important for working out, you want clear music with strong bass when lifting weights.
    • Durability: When you’re in a gym, earbuds can fall on the floor, get squashed in your gym bag, or die due to sweat exposure. Getting sturdy, sweatproof earbuds is the way to go.
    • Noise isolation: You want to block out ambient noise if you’re in a noisy gym. However, if you need to hear the background noise for safety, get earbuds with Ambient sound mode support.
    • Battery life: Most wireless earbuds last long enough to last a couple of workouts. And some also come with quick charging and Qi wireless charging features.
    • Waterproof protection: Exercising means sweating. IPX waterproof rating tells how much water earbuds can handle. IPX4 and upwards are sweat-resistant.

    Best Workout Earbuds

    1st-place Best Earbuds for Working Out

    1. Jaybird Vista 2

    Jaybird Vista 2 on the ground

    Jaybird Vista 2 are the best workout earbuds we’ve tested. They sound excellent and stick in the ears like glue – Jaybird Vista 2 review.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: 6mm
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz
    Type: True wireless | Battery life: 8h + 16h in case | Wireless range: 33ft (10m) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: 2h + quick charge – USB-C & Qi wireless charging | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: IP68 (IP54 on case) | Features: Ambient mode, mono mode, EQ
    • Great sound for all music genres you can fully customize with EQ & presets
    • They stay comfy and stable in your ears during activity, even when sweaty
    • Can easily survive dust AND water, even submerging
    • 8-hour+ battery provides convenience without worrying about charging
    • Fully customize the earbuds to fit your needs in the companion app
    • Removes background noise with ANC so you can focus on the workout
    • Occasional connection stutters
    • Annoying errors during firmware updates

    The new version of Jaybird flagship wireless earbuds now offer many more features, from Qi-charging to ANC.

    Check the Jaybird Vista 2 sound test:

    Jaybird Vista 2 Sound Quality Test – HeadphonesAddict

    Right out of the box, they’re smooth and easy to listen to. By changing the EQ inside the app, you can make them either more lively and energetic or bring them to almost neutral levels.

    Vista 2 are premium-feeling in-ear sport earbuds. The silicone ear tips have fins that add extra security during movement.

    Despite the not-so-tight seal, they isolate reasonably well and have a comfortable fit for long workout sessions.

    You can continuously monitor the 8-hour battery life with your phone. Turning on ANC reduces the playtime to 6 hours per charge. The charging case gives another 16 hours of juice.

    Vista 2 have a water-resistant rating of IP68 and military-standard MIL-STD-810G, which makes them shockproof. This year, Jaybird even protected the charging case with an IP54 rating.

    These are fantastic for all types of activity and working out inside or outside.

    2. Jabra Elite 7 Active

    2nd-place Runner-up Workout Earbuds
    Jabra Elite 7 Active

    Balanced workout earbuds with ergonomic, comfy design.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.2
    Driver size icon Driver size: 6mm dynamic
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz
    Type: True wireless | Battery life: 8h + 22h in case | Wireless range: 33ft (10m) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: 2.5h + quick charge – USB-C + Qi wireless charging | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: IP57 | Features: SAATI Acoustex mesh, PeakStop, app
    • Natural sound that sound good for all music genres
    • Comfortable fit you can wear for hours
    • Decent ANC that removes background noise
    • Feature-rich app with EQ, control customization and more
    • Wind hurts the ANC
    • Not the most secure fit out there

    The Elite 7 Active have a large selection of features, from ANC, ambient sound mode, and custom EQ.

    They have a well-balanced sound with an almost neutral sound signature. That is great for audio purists who want rich sound, but sportspeople might want a bit more oomph.

    Thankfully, you can add the bass (or completely change the sound) inside the Jabra app, which also offers other great features.

    You can customize music playback controls, adjust ANC and HearThrough feature, find the lost buds, and more.

    Much like their predecessor, Jabra Elite Active 75t, these also rely on ergonomic design to keep them in place. They also share similar features.

    The wireless earbuds pack a good battery life of 8 hours per charge, with another 22 hours inside the charging case. The latter supports Qi wireless, fast charging, and USB-C.

    3. Beats Fit Pro

    trophy Best Beats Earbuds
    Beats Fit Pro

    The best earbuds from Beats for working out.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: 9.5mm
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: n/a
    Type: True wireless | Battery life: 6h + 18h in case | Wireless range: 33ft (10m) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: Quick charge – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: IPX4 | Features: ANC, ear fins, H1 chip, Spatial Audio
    • Fun sound with a good bass punch
    • Comfortable & stable fit: Suitable for sports and activity
    • Good ANC performance that removes background noise
    • Apple's Spatial Audio that recreates a life-like listening experience
    • Many features not supported on Android
    • No Qi wireless charging

    The Fit Pro are one of the latest and completely redesigned Beats earbuds with active noise cancelation and a companion app for Android users.

    With Beats Fit Pro, you get somewhat bright-sounding wireless earbuds with an Adaptive EQ feature. The latter ensures a more consistent listening experience for all users.

    The wireless earbuds pack an H1 chip for seamless connectivity with Apple devices, and other exciting features, like Spatial Audio and head tracking (works with Apple Music). To get the most out of them on Android devices, they come with a Beats app.

    These are essentially the Beats Studio Buds with ear fins. Fins are soft and latch into your earlobes, keeping earbuds from falling out.

    Furthermore, they have ANC for reducing external sounds, Transparency mode, and an IPX4 rating.

    4. Bose Sport Earbuds

    trophy Best Bose Earbuds For Sports
    Bose Sport Earbuds on a rock

    These are the best Bose workout earbuds with a stable fit and punchy sound – Bose Sport Earbuds review.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.1
    Driver size icon Driver size: n/a
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: n/a
    Type: True wireless | Battery life: 5h + 10h in case | Wireless range: 30ft (9m) | Noise cancelling: / | Charging: 2h + Quick charge – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes, built-in | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water-resistance: IPX4 | Features: Auto pause/play, ear fins
    • Exceptional fit and comfort
    • Great audio quality with controlled bass
    • Massive soundstage (for an in-ear headphone)
    • Sweatproof housing with an IPX4 rating
    • Support for Bluetooth 5.1
    • Good passive noise isolation
    • A barebones mobile application without EQ
    • Somewhat average battery life
    • Lack of extra customizations

    Bose knows how to make a punchy yet well-balanced sound profile that makes gym-goers happy. While the whole frequency spectrum is clean and detailed, the controlled bass stands out.

    Thanks to big wing fins that latch into your ears, Bose Sport Earbuds provide great stability. It’s worth noting they’re on the bulky side, which can produce wind noise.

    They’re comfortable to wear. StayHear Max ear tips rest in front of the ear canal, and while that hurts noise isolation, you can wear these for hours without noticing them.

    Sweat is completely harmless due to an IPX4 rating, whereas Bluetooth 5.1 ensures optimal connection quality.

    Earbuds can also connect with a companion app that, after some firmware updates, received features like volume adjustment. It’s worth noting that the wireless earbuds have a relatively shorter battery life compared to other pairs. The details are in the review.

    5. Beats PowerBeats Pro

    trophy Best for Bass
    Beats PowerBeats Pro workout earbuds outside

    If you want powerful bass, Beats PowerBeats Pro are the best sports earbuds we’ve tested – Beats PowerBeats Pro review.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: 12mm
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: n/a
    Type:: In-ear | Battery Life: 11h + 24h in case | Range: 33ft – 10m | Noise cancelling: No | Charging: Under 1h + quick charge – Lightning | Mic & controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: IPX4 | Features: Ear hooks, H1 chip, volume controls on both sides
    • Deep, punchy bass that energizes music (V-shaped signature)
    • Great battery life with quick charging (we got over 11 hours out of them)
    • Perfect stability for working out
    • High build-quality and nice materials
    • Sweatproof, but can’t be submerged
    • Ear hooks rub against skin
    • Pricey
    • No way to turn them off without the charging case

    Beats made superb workout earbuds with over-ear hooks that sound great, provide outstanding stability, and have an H1 chip for iPhone users.

    Unboxing video of Beats PowerBeats Pro:

    Beats PowerBeats Pro – Unboxing in 2 Minutes

    The bass-forward sound is controlled and makes your favorite tunes enjoyable. The midrange is slightly reduced, while the treble shows a significant amount of sparkle.

    Construction on these is of high quality. Housing is made from hard plastic, with a matte black finish and ear hook design. The latter work exceptionally well at providing stability, even during jumping jacks, no matter the ear shape.

    While you can’t wash them under a tap, they have no problem with excess sweat (IPX4 certification makes them sweatproof).

    Even if your workout routines are long, PowerBeats Pro come with an impressive battery life of 11 hours per charge.

    To make their longevity even better, you get an additional 24 hours inside the case, while the wireless earbuds themselves can quick charge.

    6. Sony WF-1000XM5

    trophy Best Sounding
    Sony WF-1000XM5 buds on table

    The best wireless workout earbuds from Sony with excellent sound quality and stability – Sony WF-1000XM5 review.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.3
    Driver size icon Driver size: 8.4mm dynamic
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 20-40.000Hz (with LDAC)
    Type: True wireless | Battery life: 6h + 16h in case (with ANC) | Wireless range: 35 feet (10.6 meters) | Noise cancelling: Yes, hybrid | Charging: 1.5h – quick charge – USB-C & Qi wireless | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC, LDAC, LC3 | Water resistance: IPX4 | Features: Multipoint, app, equalizer, spatial audio
    • Unmatched audiophile-grade sound quality
    • Comfiest & most stable Sony earbuds to date
    • Incredible passive noise isolation that even blocks rumble
    • Negligible sound leakage at max volumes
    • Good active noise cancellation…
    • … but not even close of being class-leading
    • Terrible call quality in noisier environments
    • Protective mesh is built into ear tips, not into earbuds' nozzle
    • Too many features wants your personal data

    Sony WF-1000XM5 are premium earbuds that are also suitable for sports activities such as workouts.

    Check the Sony WF-1000XM5 sound test:

    Sony WF-1000XM5 Sound Quality Test – HeadphonesAddict

    In-app equalizer offers flexibility, so you can make your Sony WF-1000XM5 sound balanced or super bassy. Regardless of what you do, expect audiophile-quality sound. You even get support for 360 Reality Audio.

    While premium earbuds aren’t the first earbuds that come to mind for working out, the WF-1000XM5 have everything necessary. The new design provides excellent comfort, while the new hybrid ear tips ensure a rock-steady grip.

    Furthermore, earbuds have an IPX4 rating, which is enough to protect them against sweat. Ensure to use stock ear tips since the latter uses a protective mesh (the nozzle lacks the mesh).

    Active noise cancellation can easily block bus noise on your way to the gym, while amazing passive isolation isolates you from others who work out. Battery life should last you around 6 hours with ANC enabled.

    7. JBL Reflect Mini NC

    dollar Best Under $100
    JBL Reflect Mini NC earbuds

    The best wireless workout earbuds under $100 – JBL Reflect Mini NC review.

    Great JBL workout earbuds that not only provide excellent stability but durability as well.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.1
    Driver size icon Driver size: 6mm
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz
    Type: True wireless | Battery life: 7h + 14h in case | Wireless range: 33ft (10m) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: 2h – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: IPX7 | Features: Ambient Aware, TalkThru, mono mode, EQ
    • Excellent sound quality (after EQ)
    • Great stability during workouts
    • Comfortable fit
    • Stable Bluetooth 5.1 connection
    • Companion app with custom EQ
    • Durable build with an IPX7 rating
    • Poor active noise cancellation performance
    • Control customization could be better

    Check the JBL Reflect Mini NC sound test:

    JBL Reflect Mini NC Sound Quality Test – HeadphonesAddict

    JBL Reflect Mini NC have a very exciting sound, with punchy bass and sparkly treble. You can change the sound to your liking inside the JBL Headphones app.

    The latter allows you to customize controls and toggle between ambient sound mode and ANC.

    Unfortunately, the latter isn’t going to mute loud gym noises since it’s hardly working. At least you get up to seven hours long battery life, suitable for lengthy indoor and outdoor workouts.

    Furthermore, Reflect Mini NC excel at providing excellent stability and a high level of durability.

    Firstly, the earpiece sits in your ears thanks to multiple sizes of large ear fins. And secondly, they boast an IPX7 rating, making them fully submersible.

    8. 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini

    anc Most Comfortable & Stable Under $100
    1MORE ComfoBuds Mini on a rock

    Great earbuds for exercise with ANC on a budget – 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini review.

    in stock
    2 new from $79.99
    2 used from $63.99
    as of June 13, 2024 3:48 am
    out of stock
    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.2
    Driver size icon Driver size: 7mm dynamic
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: n/a
    Type: True wireless | Battery life: 5h + 18h in case (with ANC) | Wireless range: 45 feet (13.7 meters) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: 1.5h + quick charge – USB-C & Qi wireless | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: IPX5 | Features: App, SoundID, ANC
    • Balanced sound signature
    • Outstanding comfort
    • Stable fit
    • Feature-packed app
    • Great ANC & transparency mode performance
    • Showerproof IPX5 rating
    • ANC changes the sound for the worse
    • No custom EQ
    • Earbuds occasionally stop working
    • Minor audio lag in videos

    Check the 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini sound test:

    1MORE ComfoBuds Mini Sound Quality Test – HeadphonesAddict

    The sound signature of the ComfoBuds Mini isn’t the punchiest out there, but the overall balanced and clear sound should pump you up with extra energy during workouts.

    Earbuds sport an ergonomic design that prevents them from falling out during intense exercises. Also, they’re very comfortable and non-protruding, suitable for running and cycling, as well.

    Moreover, buds are rated for IPX5, ensuring sweat can do them no harm. Since they’re so small and lightweight, earbuds shouldn’t break if they fall on the floor.

    If you work out in a loud gym, ComfoBuds Mini also come with excellent active noise cancellation. Just be aware that it also makes the sound slightly worse.

    9. Anker Soundcore Life A1

    dollar Best Under $50
    Anker Soundcore Life A1 review

    The best true wireless in-ears under $50 for working out – Anker Soundcore Life A1 review.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: 8mm dynamic
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz
    Type: True wireless | Battery life: 9h + 26h in case | Wireless range: 60ft (18.2m) | Noise cancelling: No | Charging: Quick charging – USB-C & Qi charging | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: IPX7 | Features: EQ presets, ear fins
    • Good sound quality
    • Fantastic comfort & stability
    • Reliable Bluetooth connection
    • Great battery life (more than 8h per charge)
    • Usable physical controls with 3 EQ profiles
    • Okay passive noise isolation
    • Some audio delay when watching videos

    Anker Soundcore Life A1 are great true wireless earbuds for a workout due to their secure fit, good noise isolation, and enjoyable sound (for cheap buds).

    Check the Anker Soundcore Life A1 sound test:

    Anker Soundcore Life A1 Sound Quality Test – HeadphonesAddict

    Soundcore Life A1 are V-shaped earbuds with great sound and a nicely balanced midrange. You can switch between 3 EQ listening modes to boost or reduce the bass. However, there isn’t a big difference.

    Earbuds fit comfortably, thanks to the ergonomic design. Moreover, despite using physical buttons, the latter aren’t annoying to use and offer all the essential commands. Even for summoning Google Assistant for hands-free operation.

    Buds securely latch onto your ears with the help of ear wings, so you can rest assured they aren’t going to fall out during a workout.

    A high IPX7 rating makes them fully waterproof and more than capable of surviving the sweatiest workouts.

    Another important factor is the battery life, which lasts for more than 8 hours on a single charge. The case holds another 26 hours and supports Qi wireless charging.

    10. TOZO OpenReal

    earbud Best Open-Ear
    TOZO OpenReal on head

    If you prefer to keep your ears open to the environment, the TOZO OpenReal are the best open sports earbuds we’ve tesed. – TOZO OpenReal review.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.3
    Driver size icon Driver size: 16.2mm dynamic
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: n/a
    Type: Air-conduction | Battery life: 12 hours | Wireless range: 65 feet (20 meters) | Noise cancelling: No | Charging: Quick charge – Proprietary charger | Mic & Controls: Yes (physical & touch) | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: IPX8 | Features: Custom EQ
    • Incredibly natural tuning, especially after EQ
    • Ergonomic design for rock-solid stability
    • Comfortable to wear & compatible with bike helmets
    • Good battery duration of 12 hours per charge
    • Exceptional Bluetooth indoor range of 65 feet
    • Annoying proprietary charger with weak magnets
    • No support for Bluetooth multipoint or Game mode

    If you don’t like traditional Bluetooth earbuds, you might want to check out air-conduction technology instead.

    If you want workout buds that provide good sound and full awareness, OpenReal are a fantastic affordable choice. They don’t have that much bass, but you get excellent midrange and treble clarity without annoying sibilance.

    The speakers hang in front of your ear canals so you can hear everything around you. That might not be the best pick for loud gyms, but if you’re exercising alone or outdoors, it’s a good feature to have.

    Earbuds have an IPX8 rating, so you can easily wash the sweat off after every workout. You can even swim with them, although the Bluetooth doesn’t work underwater.

    Battery life lasts around 12 hours per charge, which is plenty enough for a few days of intense workouts.

    Find more affordable buds in our best cheap earbuds guide.

    Other Models to Consider

    Jaybird Vista

    Jaybird Vista true wireless earbuds on a rock

    Compared to the new ones (Vista 2), some useful features are missing. However, due to their much lower price tag, they’re still a compelling buy. You still get excellent comfort, stability, and ruggedness on top of a feature-rich app.

    Jaybird Vista review

    Jabra Elite Active 75t

    Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds in box

    For the longest time, they were among our top picks for workout buds. They provide a high IP57 water and dust resistance rating, an ambient sound mode for awareness so you can hear traffic, and plenty of extra features inside the Jabra app.

    Jabra Elite Active 75t review

    Jaybird X4

    Jaybird X4 wireless earbuds

    These are an older model with a cable between the two earbuds. They’re lightweight and a good pair for anyone who wants that extra layer of control via an EQ app. Sound is a key feature as you can adjust it extensively.

    Jaybird X4 review

    Apple AirPods Pro

    AirPods Pro out of case

    While the Pros aren’t the most suitable gym earbuds out there, it’s trendy among Apple users (due to the H1 chip). AirPods Pro charge wirelessly or via Lightning cable, have a sweat resistance rating, stable Bluetooth connection, Transparency mode, and offer excellent call quality.

    Apple AirPods Pro review

    JBL Under Armour Flash X

    JBL Under Armour Flash X

    Durable sport earbuds are one of the most important workout essentials. These are built rock-solid with an IPX7 rating, making them water and sweat-resistant.

    Check UE Flash X price

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

    Not really true wireless sports earbuds, but a great pick nevertheless. Just be aware that they work best on Galaxy phones while lacking some features on iOS devices. If you want to leave your ears open to hear the ambient noise, grab Samsung Galaxy Buds Live instead. They both have great microphone quality.

    Check Galaxy Buds Pro price

    Skullcandy Indy ANC

    Skullcandy Indy ANC earbuds and the case

    The most expensive buds this brand has to offer, with a pretty bass-heavy sound and support for the Skullcandy app. They provide ANC, awareness mode, and some EQ settings.

    Skullcandy Indy ANC review


    How We Test

    Each pair of earbuds is objectively tested by our measuring rig and tried by an expert. Combined, we get the best idea of how certain earbuds perform in real life.

    When testing workout earbuds, we focused on categories important for working out. For example, with our head-shaking and running tests, we determine how stable the earbuds are when moving and working out. This gives us a good idea of how suitable they are for activity in general.

    We evaluate sound quality by measuring their frequency response, which tells us the balance between bass, vocals, and treble. If earbuds are water-resistant, we expose them to different levels of water (depending on their protection). If they’re sweatproof, we sprinkle them with water. If they’re fully waterproof, we dip them in water.

    Read more on our testing and scoring methodology here.

    How to Choose Earbuds for Working Out For You

    There’s no way someone can recommend one set of earbuds for everyone. You need to consider your needs before you can make this decision.

    What is Your Type of Earbuds?

    Earbuds are better than headphones for working out.

    • In-ear earphones are lightweight and fit great.
    • On-ears are the smaller type of “normal” headphones, but they aren’t suitable for fast movement. Also, ear cushions make your ears sweat more.
    • Over-ear headphones aren’t good for intensive exercise because they tend to slip off. They can be great for active noise canceling, and they can provide a full sound, but earbuds are usually far more convenient for exercise.

    Earbuds are smaller, can comfortably fit with a wing or hook design, and aren’t likely to get in the way. Get more info on the subject of earbuds vs. headphones.

    Where Are You Working Out?

    You can exercise in different places. Where you work out the most impacts what features you want:

    • If you exercise in a noisy gym, think about background noise isolation.
    • If you exercise somewhere where there’s traffic, you need to hear it. So, go for situational awareness instead of background noise isolation. For instance, open-ear and bone conduction headphones that don’t block your ears and Ambient sound mode let you be aware of your surroundings.
    • If you exercise outside, even in the rain, fully waterproof earbuds are a must.
    • If you’re running, get the best fit possible with ear wings and ear hooks. It’s more likely earbuds fall off during a jog than when lifting weights.

    Wireless or Wired?

    The cable often gets in the way, even in wired workout headphones. If you’re using equipment in the gym, this can be particularly annoying. Many people like to tuck their wires under their clothes, but this can cause chafing.

    Instead of wireless earbuds, which don’t have a cable leading to the device, you can opt for true wireless buds (TWS).

    What is Your Budget?

    You don’t have to buy the top workout buds, which are usually the most expensive options on the market. You can often get a great pair for a lower price.

    Here’s a general price range to consider:

    • $100-$300: high-end earbuds, wireless and true wireless
    • $50-$100: mid-range where you can expect better value for money but fewer features and customization
    • Under $50: low-end sports earbuds that come with basic features

    Understanding IPX Water Protection Ratings

    Check the infographic below or read our article for a full Ingres Protection explanation.

      IPX rating - infographic

    Why Trust HeadphonesAddict?

    At HeadphonesAddict, we provide honest headphone tests through a rigorous methodology and a transparent process. See how we test here. We put a lot of effort into personally testing and measuring each pair so we can make educated recommendations.

    More reasons to trust us:

    • We test headphones ourselves on 9 key points (less for wired models).
    • We measure frequency responses, ANC, passive isolation, battery life, and compare EQ presets.
    • We don’t take money for tests and reviews.
    • We don’t delete or edit “bad reviews.” Even when brands ask us to. If the headphones sound bad or have other faults, we tell you without embellishment.

    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I keep earbuds from falling out?

    Make sure they’re on the correct side (left and right orientation). Try out different ear tips and stabilizing ear hooks. Ear hygiene also interferes with an airtight seal. Earwax and sweat can make the ear canal slippery, so make sure you clean it regularly. Find all the answers on how to keep earbuds from falling out.

    Can you shower with wireless earbuds?

    You can shower with wireless earbuds that have at least an IPX6 rating. They can resist a shower or heavy rain. But not all earbuds are made to use in water. If you want to use earbuds in water, pick headphones for swimming instead. They’re specially designed to keep the water out while retaining decent sound quality.

    Can I work out with AirPods?

    It depends. While regular Apple AirPods don’t offer any water protection whatsoever, AirPods Pro have an IP rating of IPX4. That means they’re sweat-resistant and can survive sweaty workouts and light splashes of water. Keep in mind that Apple AirPods Pro can lose grip once you get sweaty, so they might accidentally fall out of your ears.

    What are the most comfortable workout earbuds?

    Some of the most comfortable workout earbuds are from Bose, Jabra, and Jaybird.
    Look for ergonomically shaped earbuds with ear wings for better stability.

    Why do earbuds always fall out?

    Many things can cause earbuds to fall out. You might be using the wrong ear tip size, have earbuds with a non-ergonomic design, or might have too much earwax in your ears.
    Sometimes, the actual ear tips become slippery when sweaty, like in the case of Apple AirPods Pro.

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