The Best Headphones Under $100

Last updated: 2 months ago, Jan. 24. 2020
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    The best headphones under $100 (over-ear & on-ear) you can get right now.

    Comparison – Best Headphones Under $100

    From 1-5
    Price TypeConnection 
    Sennheiser HD280PRO
    best overall
    3.9under $100Over-ear
    Audio-Technica ATH-M40x
    best balanced
    4.4under $100Over-ear
    Sennheiser HD 4.40
    best wireless
    4.0under $100Over-ear
    & wired
    House of Marley
    Positive Vibration XL

    runner-up wireless
    n/aunder $100Over-ear
    & wired
    TaoTronics TT-BH22
    best noise-cancelling
    4.3under $100Over-ear
    & wired
    Marshall Major III Bluetooth
    best wireless on-ear
    4.3under $100On-ear
    & wired
    Grado SR80e Prestige Series
    best on-ear
    4.3under $100On-ear
    Sony MDR-7506
    best classic
    4.6under $80Over-ear
    Status Audio CB-1
    best studio
    4.3under $80Over-ear
    Sennheiser HD 559
    best open-back
    4.4under $100Over-ear

    After looking at 32 different headphones in the under $100 price bracket, here are the best of the best you should check out.

    Here you’re going to find top-rated over-ear and on-ear headphones in the $50-$100 range.

    For earbuds and other budgets, check the links below.

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      The best Bluetooth headphones under $100
      The best earbuds under $100
      The best wireless earbuds under $100
      The best noise cancelling headphones under $100

      Best Headphones under 100$ – Reviews

      Here are the best headphones under 100$. Actually, we picked the top over-ear and on-ear models in the $50-$100 range. For earbuds go here.

      1. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO (new model)

      Sennheiser HD280PRO (new model)

      best over-ear headphones under $100

      Type: Over-ear
      Back design: Closed-back
      Connection: Wired, 3.5mm
      Foldable: Yes

      Sennheiser HD 280 PRO (new model) are the best over-ear headphones you can get right now in our opinion.

      A great combination of sound quality, comfort and durability is everything you can expect from a pair of headphones.

      This wired model is the best choice for anybody looking for over-ear headphones under $100.

      There’s a lot of expensive headphones that are better but for the sub-$100 price, you’ll have a hard time finding them.

      HD 280 PRO are comfortable with big over-ear ear cups. The ear pads are made from soft faux leather and offer little resistance. The clamping force is just right too.

      Another great feature is their passive noise isolation, it’s very good since these can be used for audio professionals as well.

      The build quality is solid. Plastic is of high quality and inspires confidence. Good durability is just what you’d expect from Sennheiser.

      They might not look fancy as some alternatives but if performance is more important to you these should be your top choice in under $100 category.

      Sound quality is great too. The balanced sound signature is perfect for audio professionals who need a more accurate sound reproduction or user who like natural sound. But if you’re a bass head you should pass.

      Click here for full Sennheiser HD 280 PRO review.

      2. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

      Audio-Technica ATH M40x

      best balanced headphones under $100

      Type: Over-ear
      Back design: Closed-back
      Connection: Wired, 3.5mm
      Foldable: Yes

      A favorite among many audiophiles on a budget. These are an equally good choice as the HD 280 PRO.

      If you’re looking for a pair of headphones under $100 that is great for all music genres, look no further.

      This “smaller sibling” of M50x more than delivers.

      These Japanese headphones deliver a lot of value in an over-ear and closed-back design.

      The comfort might be below average in the beginning but only until the foam ear pads adapt to your head shape. These are comfortable headphones, you just won’t feel it in the beginning.

      Passive noise isolation is above average as well. Since these were developed for studios among other uses, they have very good noise isolation.

      They remove a lot of ambient noise so you can simply enjoy the music.

      Durability isn’t bad either. Mostly plastic design with metal parts can fold but that’s also their only weak point. You need to be a bit more careful with the hinges but apart from that, these are solid. Also, the wires are detachable and easily replaceable when need be.

      Sound quality is the best thing with M40x. The overall sound signature is balanced but with a punchy, deep and accurate bass. Get a headphone amp and make them even more fun to listen to. They’re perfect for all music, especially if you use some equalizing.

      Click here for full Audio-Technica M40x review.

      3. Sennheiser HD 4.40

      Sennheiser HD 4.40 Bluetooth headphones

      best wireless Bluetooth headphones under $100

      Sennheiser’s brand has been going strong since 1945, they make loads of headphones, and these are an affordable, reliable option.

      Type: Over-ear
      Back design: Closed-back
      Connection: Wireless Bluetooth 4.0
      Foldable: Yes
      Battery life: 25 hours

      Sennheiser rarely makes poor headphones. The HD 4.40 model has a lot of the hallmarks of top Sennheiser’s. Their brilliant proprietary drivers deliver power and audio clarity.

      They’re convenient headphones. They are lightweight at under 300 grams in weight. Reliable 4.0 Bluetooth and a folding headband make this a good option for use on-the-go. Not to mention the 25-hour battery life.

      A closed-back design means good noise isolation, but they don’t have noise-cancelling capabilities.

      Good long-term comfort comes from the soft leatherette ear cup padding.

      These can be used wired or wireless, but in wired mode, the inbuilt controls don’t work.

      Also, the lightweight design means some flimsy plastic is used in the construction. That said, they’re not flimsy headphones.

      The frequency response is brilliant, and the proprietary Sennheiser drivers are great for the price. If you want a balanced sound, without any boosts to bass or other frequencies, the Sennheiser HD 4.40 are your top choice.

      4. House of Marley Positive Vibration XL

      House of Marley Positive Vibration XL black

      runner-up portable wireless Bluetooth headphones under $100

      Type: Over-ear
      Back design: Closed-back
      Connection: Wireless – Bluetooth 5.0 & wired 3.5mm
      Foldable: Yes

      In case you’re looking for the latest technology in wireless headphones and great sound quality for all music genres, then you have to check the Positive Vibration XL (review).

      These House of Marley headphones are made of recycled materials and even have wooden emblems, for better sustainability.

      And the Eco-friendly design doesn’t hurt durability. The wireless over-ear headphones are sturdy and give an impression they cost much more money.

      You can fold them to take with you and, if you empty the 24-hour battery, you can plug in the AUX cable and use them as wired headphones.

      Also, you can controls music with big built-in buttons and make phone calls with a microphone (in a quiet room).

      They stay comfortable for hours with thick ear pads and fabric headband cushion (with one concern).

      Due to smaller earcups, people with big ears might find them less comfortable. Still, they fit regular adult ears fine.

      On top of that, the audio quality is superb. It has a beautifully balanced signature that doesn’t mask vocals or emphasize bass. The signing is always well heard and animated. Bass gets punchy and rumbling, but not overpowering.

      Positive Vibration XL headphones are great for all music genres while feeling high-quality and don’t cost an arm and a leg. What’s not to like?

      Click here for the full House of Marley Positive Vibration XL review.

      5. TaoTronics TT-BH22 – Noise Cancelling Headphones

      TaoTronics TT-BH22 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

      best noise-cancelling headphones under $100

      Type: Over-ear
      Back design: Closed-back
      Connection: Wireless Bluetooth
      Foldable: Yes
      Battery life: 25 hours

      For the best noise cancelling wireless Bluetooth headphones under $100, you can’t go wrong with TaoTronics TT-BH22.

      It’s hard to get solid noise-canceling headphones for less than $100, but this model comes pretty darn close. It can compare to much more expensive ANC headphones and offers excellent value-for-money.

      With great features like foldable design, built-in mic and remote controls, reliable wireless Bluetooth connectivity, solid battery life and effective noise cancellation TaoTronics TT-BH22 stand among the best ANC headphones at this price range.

      The earpads are soft from the get-go and thus comfortable for hours on end. Now, the ear cups aren’t the biggest but should fit most adult ears (the same size as CB3 Hush).

      You can comfortably wear them for hours on a long flight.

      Passive noise isolation is good. Combine that with noise cancellation, and you almost won’t hear the ambient noise around you.

      It isn’t as effective as with Bose QuietComfort 35, but close enough considering the price.

      Durability won’t disappoint either. All the joints seem to be well made, and its foldable design doesn’t seem to have any obvious weak points.

      It’s a flexible design that doesn’t show its budget price.

      With Bluetooth connectivity and up to 25 hours of playtime, it’s easy to say goodbye to wires. A wired mode is still an option if you want to.

      But unfortunately, during charging, you can’t use them, not for music or phone calls.

      With all the mentioned features you also get satisfactory sound quality. It’s slightly bass emphasized, but that’s actually what most people like.

      Click here for full TaoTronics TT-BH22 review.

      6. Marshall Major III Bluetooth

      Marshall Major III Bluetooth on-ear headphones

      best wireless on-ear headphones under $100

      Marshall is known for their guitar amps and speakers. Now they make headphones too, and the Marshall Major III are superb on-ear headphones with style.

      Type: On-ear
      Back design: Closed-back
      Connection: Wireless Bluetooth (wired option available)
      Foldable: Yes
      Battery life: 30 hours

      There are Bluetooth and wired versions of the headphones. The Bluetooth ones are often just over $100 but sometimes dip under $100.

      They have a comfortable padded design. The ear cups feel natural on your ears. This means you can listen longer, and make good use of the 30-hour battery.

      You can take calls with a built-in microphone. Another great feature is the AUX output. You can plug other headphones in, so two people can listen at once without sharing the headphones.

      Some of the bass frequencies can be a bit muddy. The controls for answering calls are a bit awkward and flimsy.

      The sound is as good as you’d expect from the Marshall brand. The bass is boosted though not the clearest, but the mids and highs are very clear and crisp.

      For plenty of power, comfort, and style, consider the on-ear Marshall Major III.

      7. Grado SR80e Prestige Series

      Grado SR80e

      best on-ear headphones under $100

      Type: On-ear
      Back design: Closed-back
      Connection: Wired, 3.5mm
      Foldable: No

      These are the best wired on-ear headphones under $100 and with plenty of classic style.

      The classic wired on-ear headphones with a following. That’s what this almost a classic model has become in a short amount of time.

      If you know headphones you’ve probably seen quite a few of them on the streets. They have a classic but cool design that’s hard to miss.

      The on-ear pads are soft enough to be comfortable for hours though not as comfortable as over-ear headphones. The headband is very simple with minimal cushioning. With time, in many hours of continuous use, you might get to feel some discomfort.

      Since these are open-back headphones they basically have no noise isolation. You can hear all the surrounding noise and others can’t hear your music. This might be a bad thing for some people, but it all makes a change with sound quality.

      Build quality is good. Nothing spectacular but more than justifies the price and you can expect many years of use out of them.

      Grado SR80e are classic wired on-ear headphones without any features or gimmicks, but they do sound great.

      The open-back design creates great soundstage. That’s the feeling of spacious sound coming from all directions. Otherwise, a balanced sound signature is suitable for all music genres which makes them very versatile.

      Click here for full Grado SR80e review.

      8. Sony MDR-7506

      Sony MDR 5706

      best classic headphones under $100

      Type: Over-ear
      Back design: Closed-back
      Connection: Wired, 3.5mm
      Foldable: Yes

      The best classic professional headphones under $100.

      If you don’t mind the outdated, vintage design than the Sony MDR 7506 are one of the best over-ear headphones in sub-$100 price range.

      Because they’re so lightweight they’re very comfortable. You’ll barely feel them on your ears. The ear pads aren’t the thickest but do a good job at comfort and noise isolation.

      Passive noise isolation is above average. The closed-back design helps these studio headphones to do their job well. Listen and monitor the sound without distractions.

      The build quality is solid too. These foldable headphones might not have the modern weak point fortifications but should serve you long enough to justify the price. The only bad thing is that they don’t have detachable cables.

      The coiled cable itself is very long so might be only useful for studio or home use, not so much on the go. The cables end with 3.5mm AUX plug but you can also use the 6.3mm adapter if you want.

      The sound quality is where the MDR 7506 shine. The sound signature is very neutral and balanced.

      You’ll hear the music the way it’s supposed to sound while still enjoying its clarity and detail. A great choice for any professional or casual listener.

      Click here for full Sony MDR 7506 review.

      9. Status Audio CB-1

      Status Audio CB-1

      best studio headphones under $100

      Type: Over-ear
      Back design: Closed-back
      Connection: Wired, 3.5mm
      Foldable: Yes

      Great modern studio headphones under $100.

      While professional studio headphones usually cost more than $100 they don’t have to. If you’re just starting your professional audio career and need some affordable gear, the Status Audio CB-1 are a great choice.

      These foldable headphones are big and bulky but also very comfortable. Their deep ear cushions fit even the biggest ears. You can easily wear them for hours without discomfort.

      Noise isolation is good due to closed-back design and tight fitting ear pads. After all, these are studio headphones where distractions are unacceptable.

      If you can forgive their average durability and take better care of them you’ll get a great piece of equipment you can work or have fun with. The cables are detachable but the structure is rather average.

      The sound reproduction is very accurate and flat. The flat/balanced sound signature is perfect for any kind of audio work. These are great DJ headphones. But can also be a lot of fun for regular music listening.

      Click here for full Status Audio CB-1 review.

      10. Sennheiser HD 559

      Sennheiser HD 559

      best open-back headphones under $100

      Type: Over-ear
      Back design: Open-back
      Connection: Wired, 3.5mm
      Foldable: Yes

      The best open-back, over-ear headphones under $100.

      Open-back headphones aren’t as popular as closed-back because of their noise leak. But if you use them in a controlled environment, like at home, they are great for music listening.

      If you’re looking for some high-quality home headphones that don’t break the bank than Sennheiser HD 559 are a great choice.

      The big and plush ear pads are very comfy and can be replaced if need be. The clamping force isn’t too tight and you can easily enjoy listening to your favorite music for hours.

      Since these are open-back, noise isolation isn’t very good. These headphones leak sound and let ambient sound in but that’s their whole design because it helps with sound quality.

      The build quality is solid like you’d expect from Sennheiser. The plastic is quality and doesn’t break easily though you can find better build headphones out there.

      The only annoying thing with these is that they only come with 6.3mm jack and no the smaller, and more popular, 3.5mm. plus, there’s no adapter included so you’ll have to get it yourself.

      But the audio quality is great. The really nice balance of bass, mids, and treble with great soundstage. Listening to HD 559 is very enjoyable even for a more demanding user.

      If you take all things into consideration Sennheiser HD 559 are, without a doubt, one of the best open-back headphones under $100.

      Click here for full Sennheiser HD 559 review.

      Honorable Mentions

      Philips SHP9500 (check price): These are a great pair of wired over-ear headphones with open back design. They used to cost over $100 but are cheaper now. Fantastic for home listening.


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