How To Wear Earbuds With Ear Hooks (Keep Your Earbuds in Place)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an accessory that would keep earbuds in the ears?

Thankfully, there are things called ear hooks and ear wings.

They often come with sports headphones that need extra stability.

But, not all earphones have ear hooks or wings. Many, like the Apple AirPods, don’t have them, which often makes them fall out.

However, you can still get aftermarket hooks with a universal design that fits many different earbuds.

Stability is absolutely crucial when you’re running or exercising.

The best way to tackle the problem is to use hooks and wings. These designs are common now, and more people are moving to in-ear headphones.

EarPods and AirPods have been one of the key reasons for this growth. They don’t come with wings or hooks, so people have made compatible versions.

What’s the difference between ear hooks and ear wings?

  • Ear wings sit inside the ear and conform to the shape of the inner ear
  • Ear hooks shape around the outer side of the ear to keep the headphones stable
Ear wings and ear hooks

Ear wings sit in the ear lobe while ear hooks go behind and over ears.

Key Features of Ear Hooks for Earbuds

What are the key features of ear hooks?

Should I buy ear hooks separately or buy a new pair of earbuds?

What should you look out for when you’re shopping for true wireless earbuds or other forms of wireless headphones?


The ear hooks need to be flexible enough to fit around ears of different shapes and sizes. It should be easy enough to get them around your ears.

The most common material is flexible silicone. Manufacturers are trying to make their ear hooks adjustable, so they’re suitable for everybody, to avoid needing different sizes.


As well as needing to be flexible, stability is key. They can’t keep falling off your ears otherwise, they are totally pointless. If you’re buying workout headphones or earbuds then stability is vital.

PowerBeats Pro have ear hooks and are one of the best for sports.

Beats PowerBeats Pro review

Also, rubbing can occur if they don’t sit in a stable position. This leads to the next issue…


Hard, chaffing materials and unstable fit can rub on the skin and cause discomfort. Also, if they’re too hard and tight, they’ll hurt over time.


The hooks need to stay attached to the headphones and stay strong enough, so they don’t fall apart or need replacing after a few weeks.

The pair of wireless earbuds may need to be replaced as the wings can’t always be bought separately.

How Much Ear Hooks and Wings Cost

Here’s a ballpark figure of how much ear hooks and ear wings cost.

Also, we’ve briefly looked at both buying the ear hooks separately and buying wireless in-ear headphones with hooks attached as part of the design.

Ear Hook/Wing Headphones

If you are looking to buy headphones that already have wings attached, there are a lot of choices.

  • You can find inexpensive wireless earbuds under $30 that have an ear hook design.
  • Mid-range is anywhere from $50 to $100.
  • At the top end of the market, you might be looking at spending $150-$250.

Our guide to the best ear hook headphone shows a number of models at different price ranges.

Buying Ear Hooks Separately

You can buy hooks for an existing pair of headphones. Also, you can buy replacement ear hooks for models that have them as part of the design.

There are many aftermarket hooks and wings for EarPods or AirPods. They tend to cost between $10 and $30. This is for a multipack.

Best Ear Hooks for Ear Buds

Below are our picks for the best ear hooks to buy for your wireless earbuds.

EarBuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks for AirPods

EarBuddyz 2.0 ear-wings

Compatible: AirPods, EarPods
Style: Ear wings
Material: Silicone

These are brilliant ear wings, sold to convert your Apple AirPods of EarPods to a winged design. They’re incredibly easy to attach, and the soft silicone design is comfortable. They’re very affordable and sold as a pack of 3 (6 wings in total) for extra value.

AhaStyle Ear Hooks for AirPods

Compatible: AirPods, EarPods
Style: Ear hooks
Material: Silicone

The AhaStyle AirPods are also suited for use with both AirPods and EarPods. The hooks come in two different sizes so you can use those best suited to you. They also have a smart design with noise isolation to keep the bass sounding clearer.

EARBUDi Ear Hooks for EarPods

Earbudi Ear Hooks

Compatible: EarPods
Style: Ear hooks
Material: Silicone

The EARBUDi hooks are bigger in design than many of the others. They loop around for extra stability and are suitable for people who need their ear hooks for exercise. The extra stability is handy. They do work with EarPods (wired) but not the wireless design, the AirPods. They’re also available in different colors.

Far End Gear BudLoks Earphone Sport Grips

Far End Gear BudLoks Earphone Sport Grips

Compatible: Universal (including EarPods)
Style: Ear hooks
Material: Silicone

These ear hooks are sold in three different sizes. They are compatible with other earbuds, too, but can be a bit hit and miss. They also offer a tight fit to stay in place, though they’re not the most comfortable. The BudLoks are sold in black or white designs.

Earhoox 2.0 – for Apple EarPods & AirPods

Earhoox 2.0

Compatible: AirPods, EarPods
Style: Ear hooks
Material: Silicone

Earhoox 2.0 are compatible with Apple earbuds (EarPods and AirPods). They fit either with ease and make them snugly fit within the ear. They’re very durable and also provide some extra isolation. This can improve the sound quality, though this is subjective.

How to Choose Ear Hooks for Earbuds

You need to decide what you are looking for from your buds. Do you need durable earbuds, stable to stand up to exercise? Do you need to avoid losing earbuds by keeping them tight to your ears?

Make sure the ear hooks you choose are suitable and compatible with your earphones. Be careful not to choose the wrong ones accidentally.

Some of the ear accessories claim to help sound isolation and assist the audio. This is a bonus feature, but the actual effects are minimal.

  • For earphones (classical earbuds) there’s not much you can do about noise isolation.
  • With in-ear earphones, you can always change the ear tips to properly-sized foam ones that fit in the ear canal tightly.

Apart from that, the main thing you should look for is stability and comfort.