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Discover the pinnacle of sound with over-ear headphones. From noise-cancelling marvels full of bells and whistles to studio-grade fidelity, our expert guides ensure you find headphones that are perfect for extended listening sessions and an immersive audio experience.

EarFun Wave Pro folded

EarFun Wave Pro Review

EarFun Wave Pro seem to have it all wrapped in an affordable package. But they might…
SoundPEATS Space holding in hand

SoundPEATS Space Review

SoundPEATS Space offer a fantastic value for the price, although there are some features that should…
Edifier W820NB Plus headphones

Edifier W820NB Plus Review

Edifier WH820NB Plus are excellent for music listening but not so much for blocking outside noise.
1MORE SonoFlow headphones

1MORE SonoFlow Review

1MORE SonoFlow are a natural-sounding headphones under $100 that should be on every music lover's radar.
Treblab Z7 Pro with the case

Treblab Z7 Pro Review

A good pair of ANC headphones with a smooth sound, IPX4 rating, and useful accessories and…
Sony WH-CH710N thumbnail

Sony WH-CH710N Review

Comfortable over-ear with a good ANC and excellent battery, but disappointing sound.
Puro Sound Labs PuroPro controls & ports

Puro Sound Labs PuroPro Review

Puro Sound Labs PuroPro are premium volume-limiting headphones with all the bells and whistles, aimed towards…