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About Us

We’ve been testing headphones since 2015 (the year the website was born).

Since then, we have strived to be a guide to the world of headphones.

HeadphonesAddict is a small, independent website written by and for music lovers, audiophiles, and headphone fans. We strive to provide a free and nonpartisan opinion on modern consumer headphones.

We’re here for one reason. To help you find the best headphones for you (and fix any headphone problems you have).

Our mission: To simplify your search for the perfect headphones that offer everything you need. Headphones that sound how you like have the features you need and fit your budget.

Our goal is to give you reliable first-hand information on the latest headphones

Honestly, I cleaned up the table for this shot 🙂

We hate reading dozens of reviews just to get to the good stuff. It’s such a waste of time.

This is why we made this website. To make it easy to pick the best headphones. We want to be the friendly face that helps you navigate.

Watch our audio tests on YouTube.

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The Team

Matija Ferjan

Chief Editor | Audio Specialist – LinkedIn

Matija is a nerd by heart and loves audio technology in general. But also an expert at how to get good sound out of headphones. He’s a young audiophile with a great interest in high-quality sound. Apart from making reviews, he also takes care of all administration. Read more

Peter Susic, editor

Peter Susic

Seasoned Headphone Reviewer | Audio Specialist – LinkedIn

Peter is a multimedia engineer and tech enthusiast who loves to relax and enjoy music of the highest quality. He is on an endless quest to find the ultimate headphones to rule them all, sharing his findings in guides and reviews. Read more

Ben Jacklin

Ben Jacklin

Contributing Headphone Reviewer | Musician

Ben Jacklin is a musician playing 2 instruments, a guitar and a bass, which he also teaches to others. He has a qualification in music technology. During his work, he tests different musical equipment, which makes him a perfect source of expert advice. Read more

James Wasem

James Wasem

Past Contributor – LinkedIn

James is a sound geek but also a professional sound engineer with over 20 years of experience in the field. He designed many sound installations for churches and art theaters and a live video system for Radiohead. He also became an author. Find out more about it at

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What Do We Strive for?

We want to create a comprehensive overview of the headphone market. And then give you, the reader, all the information. So you know exactly what options you have and which best fit your needs.

We want you to find the exact headphones that will satisfy your needs and avoid bad choices.

How Do We Test?

Check a comprehensive article on how we test headphones. Each pair of headphones and earbuds undergo a series of tests with specialized equipment. This is how we create frequency graphs, ANC comparisons, noise isolation tests, battery life tests, etc.

After gathering the results, we rate them in each category compared to the industry standards and current trends.

Editor Peter Susic working hard in the office
Peter working hard at reviewing Apple AirPods Max

Find some of the tests on YouTube. We’ve made them as simple as possible to understand.

Principles We Follow When Writing Reviews

The truth is our main guidance. In our opinion, there are too many embellished and overstated reviews on the internet.

We are trying to avoid what other websites are doing. Often, we see mediocre headphones with high ratings.

We’re trying to be as objective as possible, and if sometimes the manufacturers don’t like our reviews, so be it.

Somebody might like bassy headphones and rate them as great sounding, but somebody else might like a neutral sound more. Our personal opinions are too subjective. That’s why we create audio tests. The tests give you a better perspective and make it easier for you to rate the sound.

See how we rank and score.

Why You Should Trust Us?

We are independent.

We are not affiliated with any of the big media corporations, which gives us an edge. We do not accept offers of “cooperation” or “special deals” for better reviews and exposure. There are many companies that do things like that.

Most of the time, we buy our own headphones for testing, just like regular consumers. In case we receive a sample, we write nothing but the truth and firmly refuse all attempts to “edit” things.

That’s why many of our reviews are more critical compared to other sources.

We follow specific guidelines.

  • We tell you about the disadvantages (all good products have problems).
  • We strive to make reviews easy to read and concise while covering all the questions.
  • Trying to avoid empty fluff and subjective opinions not based on data.
  • We never accept payments or compensation for reviews.
  • We’re 100% independent (no big company behind us telling us what to do and say).

Combining our data and experiences into one information-rich review is, in our opinion, the most objective way to review headphones and provide accurate information you can rely on.

Many of you have expressed thanks which we highly appreciate:

Being a small team is an advantage

There’s no big website or company behind us to tell us what to do and which headphones to promote. We’re a small group that does all the work ourselves.

Let’s be honest. A lot of the bigger websites aren’t objective in their reviews. They have relationships to uphold and shareholders to satisfy. They need to make bigger claims to sell more.

There’s none of that on our website. On the other hand (to be honest), we are a bit slower and less flashy. But at least you can trust us we’re doing it for the right reasons.

See our Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I persuade you to review our headphones?

You can’t.

We don’t accept any types of compensation or “bribes” for reviews.

We only review the headphones we want. And decide which ones based on our research and nothing else.

In case we want to review your model, we will contact you for possible samples.

You can still contact us and tell us more about your headphones, but there is no guarantee we’ll do the reviews.

How do we finance the website?

We finance all costs via affiliate commissions and ads at no additional cost to you.

How to Use This Website?

Everybody wants “the best,” but “best” might mean a lot of different things to different people. This is why we make different categories of guides. Check them out in the top menu.

Whether you’re looking for the best, the cheapest, the best value for money, or any other type of headphones, we have you covered.

Since there are hundreds of different headphones out there, it’s tough to make an educated buying decision alone. Hopefully, our reviews help you make the best choice.

How to Contact Us?

Please use the contact form. We’re always open to recommendations. (Spam emails are ignored).

US Phone number: +13023037578

US Address: 2093 Philadelphia Pike #8750, Claymont, DE 19703, United States