16 Best Headphones for Running Today (Upgrade Your Run Now)

Last updated: 3 weeks ago, Sep. 28. 2018
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    Here are the best headphones for running you can get right now.

    Comparison Table: Best Headphones for Running

    Best forPictureModelRating
    From 1-5
    (Xh)=battery life if wireless
    & Mic
    Do they have remote controls and microphone?

    Bose SoundSport Wireless
    BEST WIREDBose SoundSport Wired4.1$99.00
    BEST BEATSPowerBeats 3 Wireless3.5from $134.00
    BEST ON-EARMonster iSport Freedom
    Plantronics BackBeat Fit
    3.9from $109.99Bluetooth
    Aftershokz AS600SG
    (bone conduction)
    4.3from $92.22Bluetooth
    Shure SE2154.0$98.00WiredReview
    VALUE (on-ear)
    66 Audio BTS Pro3.8$80.44Bluetooth
    UNDER $100
    Sennheiser CX 685

    MEE Sport-Fi M6
    MEE AudioSport-Fi M63.8$ (<$30)Wired
    VALUE (on-ear)
    Philips ActionFit
    3.8Currently not availableWiredReview

    Origem HS-1
    BUDGET (on-ear)
    Koss SportaPro4.3$22.25WiredReview
    BUDGET (on-ear)
    Motorola S305Motorola S3053.8$59.99Bluetooth
    BEST WOMENYurbuds Inspire
    for Women
    Bluephonic Zone4.0$29.97Bluetooth

    Table of Contents

      Here you can find the reviews of wired and wireless running headphones.

      We picked among the small earbuds and bigger on-ear headphones that are most suitable for a modern runner.

      These are the most “running-friendly” headphones on the market whether you’re running outside in a heavy rain or just jogging inside on a treadmill.

      What Every Runner Should Know About Running Headphones

      Lightweight and durable, great for running - MEEletronics Sport-Fi M6

      Before you pick your headphones for running you have to know where you’ll be using them.

      If you run outside in all weather, even rain, you need good water-proof headphones.

      If you run inside on a treadmill you don’t really need extra water protection unless you sweat excessively.


      Stable fit is the most important thing when choosing running headphones. If they don’t stay in, you won’t be able to run with them. It’s simple as that.

      Because of fast movement big, heavy headphones aren’t really suitable for running. The most common sports headphones are small in-ear designs. They are lightweight and offer good stable fit.

      But in case you don’t like earbuds (IEMs) lightweight on-ear headphones are a good alternative.

      In any case, you need to pick a good fitting pair of headphones that don’t fall off even when soaked in sweat.


      Good comfort always plays a role with headphones.

      Irritating your ears with uncomfortable headphones isn’t fun. When you’re physically exerting yourself, the last thing you want is getting your ears rubbed the wrong way.

      Pick earbuds with many variations of ear tips so you can change them to best fit your ear size.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      Because exercise is a harsh environment for any headphones, you need well-built headphones that will last you at least a few months if not years.

      Strong cabling and impact resistant casing help with improving the lifetime of your headphones, but what’s even more important is sweat resistance.

      Check the most durable earbuds on the market right now.

      If you sweat heavily you need good built quality that won’t allow the moisture to get inside to the drivers. You don’t necessarily need certified sweat-resistant or water-proof headphones for that.

      Any regular but well-built headphones will resist the sweat your body produces, in fact, you can use most non-sweat-proof headphones in the rain as well.

      But if you sweat a lot and worry you’re going to ruin your headphones, take a pick from the many sweat-resistant headphones on the market. They can be very affordable and don’t lack the sound quality either.


      Some of you use your smartphones for your music and want a convenient way to change the songs and volume on the go.

      This is where the built-in or in-line controls come useful. There are many iPhone and Android-compatible headphones that will make controlling music much easier.

      Just make sure your phone is supported.


      Sound quality is actually not so important when running. You probably won’t be focusing on the details or lack thereof during a run. The brains are very busy with other things during exercise, like breathing and body coordination.

      On the other hand, you still want quality, engaging sound that will make you go the extra mile. A bass heavier sound signature is preferred by many people, but it really comes to a personal preference.

      The perfect running headphones are those that won’t have you worry about fit, discomfort, breaking the headphones or annoy you with horrible sound quality.

      There are many great picks on this page that do great in all these categories.

      Are Wireless Headphones the Best for Running?

      scissors cutting wiresSeriously, why do I need Bluetooth headphones if wired ones do the job just fine?

      Well, you don’t need them, many people use wired headphones for running just fine. But…

      … if you want that extra freedom and convenience, Bluetooth is a great technology.

      With wireless headphones, you’ll never have to deal with untangling the mysterious mess of wires before going running.

      There’s also less of a chance to damage the headphones beyond repair. With most headphones, if wires go, headphones go.

      Regular wired headphones aren’t bad at all, but only those who tried wireless know the difference.

      You feel free to do anything you want. You’re not limited by the wires or the audio player and don’t have to worry about it.

      Running, playing sports or working out while listening to music is just more comfortable.

      Best Earbuds for Running Reviews (IEMs)

      Bose SoundSport In-Ear (Top Pick)

      The best headphones for running you can get right now!

      Bose SoundSport In-Ear

      The new Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones aren’t the cheapest…

      …but still offer great value for money because no other headphones offer the same combination of features that are as perfect for running as these.

      The combination of stable fit, amazing comfort, sweat-proof design and strong bassy sound makes Bose SoundSport wired headphones the overall best running headphones, period.

      You get what you pay for and if you want something better to take along on your runs, this is it.

      Everything about these wired earbuds says “Runner earbuds!”


      • Great fit that doesn’t need adjusting
      • Amazing comfort even when running marathons
      • Sweatproof & water-resistant
      • Good environment awareness
      • Good value for money
      • Typical Bose sound signature with strong bass


      • Too much bass for audiophiles who want balanced sound



      The fit is great. The silicone ear tips (3 sizes) come with wings that keep the earbuds in your ears very effectively.

      You can easily run or sprint without having to adjust the fit. Once you put them in you’re good to go.

      The earbuds are a bit shallower than your average IEMs (in-ear monitors) so they don’t go that deep into your ears. This helps with environment awareness, the passive noise isolation isn’t very good so you can hear what is going on around you at all times.

      That’s perfect for runners who need to know what is going on around them, at least if you’re running outside and not on a treadmill.


      Bose is known for making very comfortable headphones and these are no different.

      In fact, for us, these are one of the most comfortable earbuds you can get right now.

      If you do marathons or long runs you know how important it is to have comfy headphones that don’t annoy you along the way.

      Running marathons is hard enough you don’t need to be bothered by irritated ears as well.

      The earbuds are very light and you will soon forget about wearing them altogether. The ear tips are made out of quality and soft silicone and feel good inside the ears.

      Overall, comfort is top notch which is perfect for running.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      Build quality is the only average feature of these earbuds. It’s not bad but isn’t great either.

      The earbuds are plastic with rubber protected wires. There is strain relief on all important parts, but we’ve seen better before.

      The 3.5mm plug-in is I shaped which isn’t optimal but does the job.

      While physical durability is about average, water and sweat resistance are better. They are completely sweatproof and can survive a downpour or two as well so no worries of getting caught in the rain.

      We wouldn’t wash them under running water but instead rather use a wet cloth to clean them.

      As long as you don’t throw them around or pull on them too hard, they should serve you for many years of your running career.


      There are 2 models available, the cheaper model doesn’t have an in-line remote or microphone, but the other model does.

      Just keep in mind to pick the right one depending on whether you use an iPhone or Android (Samsung, LG, HTC…) device.

      The remote controls are very intuitive and very soon you’ll be changing songs, adjusting volume and accepting calls without having to look at what you’re pressing.

      The microphone sound quality is also pretty good for an in-line mic. Your voice will be heard well and clearly.


      Sound quality doesn’t disappoint either, it is typical Bose sound signature, emphasized bass with clear mids and highs.

      While this may not be balanced audiophile signature it produces fun and dynamic sound that is perfect for running.

      Stronger bass gives good rhythm to your step and makes it easier to keep going. They are not bass cannons so bassheads might want more bass, but the bass is clearly emphasized.

      The clarity and details are better than average so you can easily enjoy all genres of music.

      Instrument separation is good, nothing that can compare to high-end audiophile IEMs, but good enough to be enjoyed even by a demanding user.

      Since these aren’t real IEMs but shallower, the microphonics is nonexistent. This means the cables don’t make noises if they’re flapping around when running. This is a very important thing for a runner.

      Overall, as long as you can enjoy stronger bass you’ll be very happy with how these sound.

      As the best wired running headphones, Bose SoundSport offer great comfort and fit, sweatproof design and good, bassy sound signature.


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      Shure SE215 (best sounding earbuds for running)

      Shure SE215 black earbuds for running

      Shure SE215 are one of the overall best earbuds on the market right now.

      They offer great durability, comfort and amazing sound quality that can compete with earbuds for $200 or even $300.

      They might not be dedicated sports headphones, but their great build quality is perfectly suitable for all types of sports as well.

      If you want to enjoy high-quality sound on your runs, these are the headphones to get.


      • Great, stable fit with memory wire
      • Nice selection of ear tips (plus nice carrying case)
      • Great passive noise isolation (with right ear tips)
      • One of the most durable earbuds on the market (with detachable cables)
      • Great fun sound with slightly stronger bass (audiophile approved)


      • Unusual design needs getting used to



      Because of their in-ear fit and memory wire, they stay in ears even during fast exercise, running with them is not a problem at all.

      You need to learn how to adjust the memory wire for proper fit, but once you do, it becomes a breeze.

      You can run, workout or do yoga, Shure SE215 won’t fall out.

      Noise isolation is superb, one of the best in class actually.

      Check the headphones with superb noise isolation.

      With the right ear tips, you get an air-tight seal that doesn’t let any noise in or out which makes them perfect for running in loud gyms or at home when you don’t want to bother other people with your music.

      On the other hand, situational awareness is pretty bad since you can’t hear anything, keep that in mind if you run outside.


      Comfort is greatly dependent on ear tips, but thankfully you get a nice selection to choose from in the original package. Shure Olives are a well-known type of ear tips that provide optimal comfort and isolation.

      Because they’re light you’ll barely feel them and this is pretty much the best comfort you can get from any IEMs (in-ear monitors).

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      The casing is made out of high-quality plastics, which saves on weight, but the great durability feature is detachable cables.

      It happens way too often the cables get damaged and then you have to throw away the headphones. With Shure SE215 you just replace the wires with new ones and you’re good to go.

      As long as you keep the drivers and its casing working, these earbuds will serve their purpose.

      While they don’t have any official sweat-protection these are more than suitable for running even outside. Some people report accidentally putting them in the washing machine and surviving.

      Build quality is top notch and if these earbuds die on you, all others would die too.


      Shure SE215 don’t have any in-line controls or microphone, but since they use detachable cables you can combine them with the cables that do have it. The cable with in-line controls and the mic is quite expensive, but you can combine it with all Shure earbuds.


      Sound quality is the biggest advantage of Shure SE215 over the competition. No earbuds have such a fun and engaging sound in this price range.

      The bass is slightly emphasized to give a good boost to every song, but it’s controlled and detailed.

      The mids are by far the biggest plus. Most earbuds have a problem with playing clear and rich middle ranges, but not SE215. Highs are also clean and detailed, don’t have much sibilance or harshness to them, they are just about right.

      This is the best sound you will get from $100 earbuds by our opinion.

      It’s fun and engaging, but balanced and detailed at the same time. It will bring a smile on your face.

      If you value high sound quality even during your runs, get the industry-leading Shure SE215 which will make you enjoy your music in high comfort anywhere you run.


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      Sennheiser CX 685

      Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas wired sports earbuds

      These are one of the many Sennheiser sports earbuds, in fact, they are one of the older models, but still the best option overall.

      The price is quite high and you’ll get better sound and accessories with Shure SE215 which aren’t that much more expensive.

      Click here for Shure SE215 review.

      What these have is great durability with water protection and super stable fit. They have one of the most stable fits of all sports in-ear headphones.


      • Super stable fit that never falls out
      • Good noise isolation, perfect for gym running, still good for outside
      • Comfortable for average runs (2hours+ becomes irritating)
      • Great durability, sweat-proof and water protected (can wash them)


      • Mediocre sound quality with somewhat lackluster bass
      • Bad microphonics (tuck the cables good to solve this)



      You don’t get as many ear tip options as with some other models, just the standard, small, medium and big sizes. But the lack of tip variety doesn’t diminish the stability of the fit.

      Once you put them on, it’s called “slide-to-fit”, the ear wings make sure the earbuds don’t fall out. It’s surprising how fast you can move without losing the fit.

      Sennheiser CX 685 really stay in your ears no matter what. In case you can’t find earbuds that will stay in you should try this model.

      Noise isolation is quite good, not as good as with Shure SE215, but good enough to use in gyms. Some outside noise still comes in which makes them useful for street running as well.


      The comfort is also very good. At about 2 hours of continuous use, you might experience some discomfort, but unless you’re a marathon runner 2 hours is plenty of time to run.

      There could be a better selection of ear tips to help with comfort, but it’s actually pretty good without that.

      They’re lightweight and the ear wings aren’t too strong or aggressive, but rather squishy.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      Build quality is very high. Sennheiser CX 685 were built for running and other exercise after all.

      Whole earbuds are sweat-proof and suitable for running in the rain. You can even clean them with some water to get the dirt off.

      The L-plug is strong enough to survive the harsh sports treatment, in general, these are durable sports earbuds perfect for running.


      There are no in-line controls or microphone, just the standard cable with a plug at the end.

      One thing we find missing is the chin slider, the small piece of plastic that helps with cable control. It’s a bit funny how sports earbuds like these don’t have a chin slider, that small thing is usually very useful.


      Sound quality isn’t anything special and is probably the biggest disadvantage compared to the alternatives.

      The range most lacking is bass, it isn’t as deep as with other running earbuds and since most people want good tempo setting bass this is a bit of problem.

      The truth is, the strength of bass greatly depends on air-tight fit and if you don’t have it you lose almost all low frequencies. The bass is still there, but more refined and clean so it doesn’t overpower other frequencies.

      If you enjoy bass-light music during your runs, these will be perfect, but for anything bass dependent like dubstep and hip hop, MEEletronics Sport-Fi M6 have deeper bass while costing a lot less.

      For other great bassy earbuds, check this article.

      Highs and mids are clear and generally better than your average earbuds, but can’t compare to Shure SE215.

      Microphonics is quite bad as well, you’ll hear the sound of cables rubbing against your clothes. This is annoying for some people, so use a tight fitting top to tuck in the cables which more or less solves the problem.

      Overall the sound is mediocre and won’t give the bass oomph most people like, but it’s better than regular Apple earbuds for example.

      If you value stable fit and great water protection above everything else, Sennheiser CX 685 are a good choice for you.


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      Yurbuds Inspire 100 Women’s

      Yurbuds Inspire 100 pink earbuds for women

      Yurbuds Inspire 100 for women are designed by JBL specifically for smaller ears, plus you can get them in cute colors just for girls.

      There is also regular, version with man-friendly colors as well, click here for regular black earbuds.

      Yurbuds Inspire are one of those budget running headphones you almost can’t go wrong with. They have great, stable fit are comfortable and you can get them for little money.


      • Designed specifically for women (bigger version exists too)
      • Great fit that never falls out
      • Sweat-proof & water-resistant, good durability overall
      • Very comfortable even for long runs
      • Affordable and good value for money
      • Good sound quality for the price, better than most earbuds in the same category


      • Sound can’t compare to better headphones
      • No carrying bag



      With their “twistlock” technology Yurbuds has created a new way to insert earbuds. You do basically exactly what it says, you twist and lock it in your ear canals.

      Once you get used to it, it works like a charm and the buds really stay in.

      You can easily use them for running, yoga or any other exercise, without worrying about them falling out, it won’t happen.

      The design is made in a way that lets in environment noise so these don’t have much noise isolation. The reason they’re made like that is because they are meant to be used outside on the streets where you have to hear your surrounding for safety reasons.

      So if you need good noise isolation to avoid the loud gym music, these might not be best for you.


      They are very comfortable. They’re smaller than the regular Yurbuds Inspire 100 so if you have smaller ears you should try these.

      The special ear tips are soft and comfortable to wear for hours, but there are still some women who report having problems with getting a comfortable fit.

      In case you have very small ears you might have a problem with fitting these too, but then again no other in-ear headphones will fit you.

      You shouldn’t worry too much about fit though, as this is a very popular product that is comfortably used by many women.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      Yurbuds Inspire 100 for women are also completely sweat-proof and water resistant for those of you who sweat heavily or enjoy running in the rain.

      Build quality is good. It could use better quality materials and some weak point reliefs but they seem to last quite a while for most people.

      You don’t get any carrying bag in the box so keep in mind to get one to ensure maximum life expectancy. If you just put them in pockets it’s more likely they’ll break or suddenly stop working.

      Overall durability is very good for a budget product like this.


      There are no controls or microphone to use during runs. For the low price you’re paying, you’re going to have a difficult time finding similar earbuds with in-line controls or microphone. Well, take a lot at MEEletronics Sport-Fi M6P.


      Sound quality is good, nothing special and definitely can’t compare to Shure SE215, but it’s good enough to enjoy during runs.

      The bass is strong enough to give you the right tempo but won’t make your ears explode.

      Generally, they sound good for the price, definitely better than most earbuds priced at the same value.

      If you’re looking for some stylish, smaller running earbuds that are perfect for women, offer great fit, comfort, and good durability, get Yurbuds Inspire 100.


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      For top noise cancelling headphones click here.

      Origem HS-1

      Origem HS-1 featured

      Price: $33.99

      The Origem HS-1 are wireless in-ear headphones with a sporty fit and great water-protection.

      Should You Buy These:

      If you’re looking for inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds that have a suitable fit for running, check these out. With the price under $40, they are one of the most affordable wireless earbuds for running.

      The Good

      You get everything more premium headphones offer. A marvelous battery with up to 10 hours of playtime, a mic for calls, remote control for easy control of music and a durable design that fits well.

      Add to this a nice selection of ear tips—you even get memory foam tips—that make the comfort even better. Origem HS-1 are great cheap wireless earbuds, but aren’t without faults, more on this below.

      The Bad

      The first thing you’ll notice is their big size. The earbuds are sticking out of your ears quite a bit which might be a concern for some people.

      Also, the Bluetooth connection tends to distort when you put a wall in between the headphones and your smartphone. Keep your device close to you to solve this problem easily.

      The Sound

      It’s a good thing sound quality doesn’t disappoint. For a budget product, they sound well. They are loud and have emphasized bass and highs (V-shaped sound) that is perfect for EDM, Hip-Hop and other modern music. aptX support is present too.

      The Verdict

      For great value-for-money running headphones with Bluetooth, stable fit, microphone and water-protection, Origem HS-1 is your best choice.

      Read the full Origem HS-1 review.

      Main Specs

      Type: In-ear
      Connection: Wireless (Bluetooth)
      Water-protection: IPX7


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      MEEletronics Sport-Fi M6

      MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6

      MEEletronics Audio Sport-Fi M6 are the best budget earbuds for running right now.

      Note, there are better sounding, better built and probably even more comfortable earbuds out there, but you can’t get all of this together for such a cheap price.

      If you’re an average runner and just want to bring some music along with you without spending a lot of money, this is the right choice for you.

      In fact, this is one of the most popular earbuds on the market to date because people aren’t using them just for sports but for everyday use as well.

      There has been a newer model released, MEEletronics M7P, which is almost identical, but it costs about 2 times the price. In case you’re ok with spending more for a slightly better comfort M7P is a great choice. Click here for MEEletronics M7P.


      • Great fit with memory ear hooks, perfect for running
      • Nice accessories (6 pairs of ear tips, carrying bag, shirt clip)
      • Water and sweat resistant (IPX5 rated)
      • Overall good durability
      • Very affordable
      • Great value for money
      • Fun, energetic sound with good bass


      • Budget model, you can find better for more money



      MEEletronics M6 Ear Tips

      The fit is very stable once you adjust the memory ear hooks. It needs some getting used to and in the beginning, it might be annoying putting them on, but once you get used to it, it’s just like putting other headphones on.

      In the package, you get a nice selection of ear tips to choose from, 6 in fact. Try them all and see how the sound and noise isolation change.

      In general sound isolation is good, nothing spectacular, but good enough for exercising in a loud gym.

      At the same time, you can lower noise isolation by picking smaller, less tight fitting ear tips for outside running. You do have to hear what is going on around you if you run outside on traffic busy streets.


      Comfort is very good, the 6 different ear tips help with that, but you can also get Comply tips for absolute comfort and noise isolation if that is what you want.

      For running purposes, the ear tips you get are going to be good enough for most people.

      The memory ear hooks are a bit softer and need some molding, but once in position don’t create any discomfort even during fast movement.

      After a while, you’ll forget you’re wearing them and just focus on running.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      MEEletronics Sport-Fi M6 are IPX5 water and sweat resistant meaning you can easily use them in the rain and the sweat your body produces won’t be any problem at all.

      In fact, even regular, well-built headphones offer good protection against sweat on their own.

      Some things have been improved over the older M6 model. The wires are thin but have a nice layer of strong rubber that inspires confidence. All the weak points are strengthened, the Y splitter is not plastic and the I plug-in has been replaced with a more durable L-plug.

      Overall these sports earbuds are very durable and perfect for running in all conditions.

      Do noise cancelling headphones for kids exist?


      There are 2 models to choose from. The regular M6 doesn’t have any controls or microphone, but for a few bucks more you can get the M6P version with in-line controls and microphone.

      Another thing worth mentioning is a nice hard carrying case that fits in any small pocket or gym bag. To round up all the accessories you also get a shirt clip which can be very useful for running.

      For budget running in-ear headphones, you’re getting a lot of nice and useful accessories.


      The sound is probably the best feature of MEEletronics Sport-Fi M6.

      They have a bassy sound signature, but the bass is controlled, pretty clear and it doesn’t overpower other ranges.

      Mids and highs come to life as well, highs are a bit harsh sometimes but they aren’t too annoying.

      To get that deep, tempo setting bass, you need to get an air tight seal, test the ear tips that best suit you. In case you don’t want strong bass, you can easily just pick other, looser ear tips and you’ll get a more balanced sound.

      The microphonics is almost non-existent and the wires don’t make any noises when rubbed against your clothes.

      If you like fun and warm sound with stronger bass these earbuds are perfect for you.

      Overall, if you’re looking for dedicated running headphones with great sound, durability, fit, and comfort, which are suitable for all conditions, all for a dirt cheap price, MEEletronics Sport-Fi M6 are your best choice.


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      Best Headphones for Running Reviews (On-ear)

      Philips ActionFit SHQ5200

      Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 orange on-ear headphones for running

      For those of you who don’t like earbuds or can’t seem to keep them in during your runs, you can try with on-ear headphones.

      Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 are one of these rare sports on-ear headphones that do a good job at it.


      • Good, snug fit that doesn’t fall off (unless you have a small head)
      • Comfortable, light design with washable ear pads
      • Sweat & rain proof for all sports conditions
      • Good, bass-heavy sound


      • The headband doesn’t inspire confidence
      • Expensive compared to earbuds


      The fit is pretty good and the headphones will stay on for most people, but if you have a really small head you should probably look for earbuds instead.

      The headband is pretty tight and with the help of silicone headband you can keep them on even if you’re bald.

      In general, they stay on well enough to exercise with them with the occasional adjustment.

      Noise isolation is non-existent. These headphones leak a lot of sound and let in all the surrounding noise as well.

      This is good when you want to have good environmental awareness, but pretty bad if you use them in gyms with other people around.


      The headphones are light to the point you’ll forget you’re wearing them. The fabric on-ear pads are soft and comfortable and you can take them off and wash them if they get soaked in sweat.

      If you’re used to wearing on-ear headphones these are very comfortable, but just like all on-ear models, they start to hurt after a few hours.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones look very cheap and nobody will guess they cost as much as they do.

      The plastic isn’t top quality and the headband makes cracking noises, but they seem to do pretty well in real life.

      They are sweat-proof and rain-proof so you can easily use them in any outside weather. The cables are reinforced with Kevlar and because they are so light they don’t get damaged if you accidentally drop them on the floor.

      All in all, these are well designed for sports even if they don’t promise much just looking at them.


      They have no in-line controls or any microphone for making calls. They are the standard, headphones with a plug-in at the end. The cables aren’t detachable (but you do get an extension) so you can’t combine it with in-line mic cable either.


      The sound is pretty good. It has nice, strong bass to give you the right rhythm while other ranges aren’t too overpowered.

      Of course, the sound can’t compare to high-end over-ear headphones, but compared to other sports models, it’s pretty good.

      As long as you don’t turn up the volume too high you will enjoy a bass-heavy, but a clean sound that is easy to run to.

      Microphonics isn’t an issue so you can easily wear these any way you want without getting the annoying “cable noise”.

      All in all, if you’re looking for good running on-ear headphones Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 are a great choice.


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      Koss Sportapro (best value for money on-ear running headphones)

      Koss SportaPro black on-ear exercise headphones

      Koss SportaPro are the best bang for your buck if you’re looking for sports on-ear headphones and don’t mind the retro design.

      Great sound quality with amazing comfort makes them perfect for all types of activity.

      If the price of around $20 is still too much for you, you can check Koss KSC75 which are a similar design, but even cheaper.


      • Very stable fit, perfect for running
      • Comfortable due to their ultra-light design
      • Cheap
      • Best value for money on-ear headphones
      • Amazing sound quality with strong bass


      • Not the most durable



      Because of their lightweight nature, you will barely feel them and for the same reason, they won’t move on your head even during fast running.

      Keeping them on is very easy so these are suitable for working out in the gym or doing yoga. Adjust the flexible headband to your head size and you’re good to go.

      Because they are an open design they have almost no noise isolation. If you’ll turn up the volume you leak quite a lot of sound so keep that in mind when using them with others around.

      At the same time, bad noise isolation helps with environmental awareness in case you run in urban areas where you have to watch out for the cars and pedestrians.


      Koss SportaPro are very comfortable headphones. The reason is their ultra-light design that really doesn’t have the weight to put any pressure on your ears.

      The on-ear pads are soft and make sure your ears don’t come in contact with drivers. You can wear them behind the neck too if you find that more comfortable.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      The plastics are pretty cheap and don’t offer the best durability. This is probably the only disadvantage of Koss SportaPro.

      It’s a good thing they are so cheap and when they break on you, you can simply buy new ones for less than $20. In fact, with such a low price durability stops being an issue, because if you get 1 year out of them this will be money well spent.

      They don’t have any special sweat protection like other sports headphones, these are just regular plastic and metal headphones. They can survive some sweat, of course, just don’t drench them in water.


      They don’t have any controls, just the regular cable with a plug at the end. Hey, these are a budget model after all.

      Koss has made a special version of these headphones with the mute button, but they are very hard to get nowadays and probably cost a lot more.


      Sound quality is what makes these a great choice for sports. The bass is strong, but controlled and punchy and gives a good rhythm.

      The highs and mids are clear and detailed and together with great bass response make for an amazing sound that is perfect for sports.

      You can make these headphones very loud with just your smartphone or MP3 player to overpower all the environment noise if that’s what you want.

      The cables aren’t making any noises or distorting the sound when touching the clothes, so this is another plus.

      Overall, if you don’t mind the retro look, Koss SportaPro have stable and comfortable fit with amazing sound that will make you enjoy every ran mile.


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      Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Running Reviews (wireless in-ear)

      Bose SoundSport Wireless In-Ear Headphones (best Bluetooth headphones for running)

      Bose Soundsport Wireless - The Most Comfortable Sports Earbuds

      Bose SoundSport wireless headphones are the best Bluetooth headphones for running right now.

      They offer a rich audio experience in a comfortable package that is perfect for runners.

      These high-ranking workout earbuds provide hours of quality listening time that is true to the Bose name and quality.


      • Very comfortable and stay in place well
      • Signature Bose sound quality with good bass
      • 3 sizes of soft StayHear + ear tips


      • Large earbud case sticks out from ear
      • Max volume is ok, but not the best
      • Button feedback on the controller is not great

      What’s in the Box?

      • Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds
      • StayHear + silicone eartips (three sizes)
      • USB charging cable
      • Carrying case with clip


      StayHear + eartips from Bose offer some of the most comfortable options available, making these earbuds great for long runs.

      The earbud casing is larger than some other brands, but the StayHear + eartips keep the earbuds in place and secure during your most active workouts.

      Wearing a winter cap can be an issue, as the earbuds do stick out more than other earbud designs.


      Bose is known for good comfort and this is what makes them one of the best headphones for running.

      The Bose SoundSport wireless earbuds are very comfortable, even with their larger earbud size.

      You can easily wear these for several hours of running, in the gym, commuting, or around the house.

      The in-line controls are very light and a clothing clip is included so they don’t pull too hard on one side.

      Overall, these are definitely one of the most comfortable earbuds for running.

      Durability (Sweat-Resistance)

      These wireless earbuds offer a decent amount of moisture and sweat resistance, but they are not perfectly sweat-proof.

      The in-line controls have good moisture resistance as well, but be careful not to press too hard on the power button, as this can cause cracking to occur.

      A nice zippered carrying case with a spring clip is useful for keeping the Bose SoundSport wireless earbuds protected when not in use.

      The plastic earbud housing is robust enough for most users, but they can break with too much sideways pressure on the two halves of the case.


      The in-line controls are contoured for a good fit with the cable around your neck.

      The power button is a bit smaller than the volume up/down buttons and it can be a little harder to press.

      There is not a lot of tactile response on the buttons, so it can be challenging to feel if a button has been pressed or not, which could lead to the next issue.

      A common complaint with the controls is that the plastic for the buttons is susceptible to cracking, primarily from pressing too hard.

      Talkback quality for the built-in microphone on the Bose SoundSport wireless earbuds is good, allowing for clear phone calls with minimal background noise.

      6-hours of battery life is ok, but it isn’t the best. A 15-minute charge will deliver 1-hour of playback time.

      Bluetooth range and connectivity are good and NFC pairing works well.


      One of the biggest reasons to get these earbuds is the excellent sound quality.

      The sound signature is not necessarily audiophile quality or flat, but it doesn’t overcompensate with too much emphasis on the bass.

      Lows are warm yet powerful.

      The mids are presented evenly and openly, without generating too much presence.

      Highs are reasonably balanced, but higher volume levels can cause them to seem shrill or tinny in the upper end.

      These earbuds provide a little bit of passive noise isolation, but they will not block out a lot of ambient noise.

      If you’re a fan of Bose quality, then the Bose SoundSport wireless earbuds are worth checking out. With a comfortable and secure fit, solid audio quality, and a lightweight design, you can easily enjoy long runs with plenty of great sound.


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      PowerBeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones


      Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless

      If you are a basshead that loves to run, then the Powerbeats3 Bluetooth earbuds are for you.

      These earbuds feature a comfortable fit with secure ear hooks, and there is plenty of volume to keep you energized on your run.


      • Lots of volume
      • Perfect for bassheads
      • Secure ear hook design for running
      • Best in class battery life (~12 hours)


      • Not the best for moisture or sweat resistance
      • The included carrying case is cheap, not as good as the previous version
      • Separate power button might be confusing at first


      What’s in the Box?

      • Beats PowerBeats3 wireless earbuds
      • 4 eartip sizes
      • USB charging cable
      • Carrying case
      • Quick start guide
      • Warranty card


      When it comes to running, you don’t want your earbuds falling out, moving around, or loose cables getting caught up in clothing.

      The Powerbeats3 fit snug and stay in place with their Secure Fit ear-hook design.

      With four different eartip sizes to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding a comfortable fit, but you can also upgrade to premium eartips if you need to.

      The ear-hook design can be a challenge for some users when first using the earbuds, but they are easy to put on and take off when you get used to it.


      The Powerbeats3 wireless earbuds are very comfortable and can easily be worn for long runs and workouts.

      The various silicone eartips are soft and comfortable for just about every ear size.

      The cable connecting the two earbuds is worn down and around the back of your neck, and a sliding cinch keeps it out of the way when running and working out.

      The Powerbeats3 ear-hooks provide a secure fit without being too tight or causing any painful pressure points.

      Durability (Sweat-Resistance)

      The overall physical build quality and assembly of the Beats Powerbeats3 earbuds is good, but there are some issues worth noting.

      Sweat and moisture resistance is generally good for the earbuds, but the in-line controls are the weak link in this category.

      The controls can get damp and work intermittently or fail altogether in extreme cases.

      Bluetooth range and connectivity are good, and pairing with Apple devices is very easy with the included W1 chip.

      Battery life is very good, providing up to 12-hours of playback time and 1-hour of use on a quick 5-minute charge.

      If you experience an issue with recharging the Powerbeats3, you may need to reset or update the earbuds to fix this minor technical issue.


      A 3-button in-line control allows for volume up/down and multi-function playback control.

      The power button is sort of tucked away on the control section, so it can be hard to find at first if you aren’t used to this particular design.

      Beats include a talkback mic within the in-line controller that works reasonably well, but it isn’t super crisp on the receiving end.

      As noted earlier, the biggest issue with the controls is a lower than average moisture resistance.


      Beats Powerbeats3 wireless in-ear headphones are perfect for bassheads.

      They deliver powerful low-frequency performance and plenty of volume.

      Beats headphones tend to sound great for musical genres like pop, hip-hop, EDM, and these earbuds are no different, though they work well for other genres too.

      The larger drivers in the Powerbeats3 allow for a wide dynamic range, and the sound quality stays intact at loud volume levels.

      These aren’t going to be great for an audiophile, but the highs and mids are reasonably well balanced with the deep bass, providing good vocal clarity.

      Overall sound quality is punchy, clear, and lively.

      With a long battery life and great sound, the Beats Powerbeats3 wireless earbuds are definitely worth checking out if you need a comfortable and powerful set of wireless earbuds for your next run.


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      Plantronics BackBeat Fit (best value for money Bluetooth running headphones)

      Plantronics BackBeat Fit

      Plantronics BackBeat Fit are one of the most popular wireless, sports headphones.

      They are great for running, lifting weights, CrossFit or other exercises.

      The combination of stable and comfortable fit with great durability persuaded a lot of people to choose Plantronics especially considering their price which makes them the best bang for your buck in sports Bluetooth category.

      They’re also one of the best wireless workout headphones, if you lift weights or do yoga, they are perfect.


      • Very stable fit, behind-the-neck headband
      • Ultra-light, comfortable design
      • Very durable, perfect for all sports (IPX7 water-proof)
      • Good battery life at 8 hours per charge
      • Very good value for money, best in category


      • The sound is only average, lacking deep bass (but good enough for sports use)


      BackBeat Fit have to be worn behind-the-neck but this doesn’t affect the stability of the fit. Its ear hook design does more than stellar job at keeping the earbuds in your ears.

      You can easily use them during the most aggressive workouts, sprints or even yoga without worrying about losing a good fit.

      These are proper sports headphones and stay in even if you’re sweating heavily.

      Noise isn’t well isolated, Plantronics wanted to create headphones with good environment awareness and these are exactly that.

      You need to hear the sounds around for safety purposes.


      Because of their ultra-lightweight design, you’ll mostly forget you’re wearing them. The earbuds are unobtrusive and don’t rub against your skin. The headband behind the neck doesn’t touch the skin like, with some other similar headphones, all in all, Plantronics BackBeat Fit are very comfortable.

      You only have to learn how to put them on properly, getting comfortable and stable fit is a little tricky in the beginning, but after a few uses, you’ll be a pro at it.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      The entire Bluetooth headset is made out of light rubbery, plastics which is flexible enough to survive the usual sports use.

      They are protected against sweat and water with nano coating which gives them IPX7 certified.

      This is better sweat and water protection than most sports headphones have, so you can easily use these in rain and even wash them under water if they get dirty.

      There are no visible weak points as it’s one headband and if you take good care of these, they should serve you for years.


      They come with on-headband controls on both sides. You can control calls, songs, volume and of course turning them on or off.

      Controls need some getting used to because they are positioned in an unusual way, but this stops being a nuisance very soon.

      It comes with a soft carrying bag that you can also use as an armband where you put your music device (smartphone or Bluetooth MP3).


      Plantronics BackBeat Fit are compatible with all Bluetooth devices. Most of you will probably use them with your phone, iPhone, and Android phones are perfectly compatible and if you download their app it will notify you about new firmware updates.

      The range of Bluetooth connection is pretty good, but you can expect at least the standard 30ft while with some other devices you can use them up to 50ft close.

      The battery offers from 6-8 hours of use, depending on how loud you play it or how many phone calls you make. Just playing music it will last for 8 hefty hours which is plenty of time for running even the longest marathons.


      Sound quality isn’t as amazing as the rest of the features but does the job well. These are Bluetooth sports earbuds so you can’t really expect Hi-Fi sound quality.

      The bass isn’t as deep as with alternatives, probably because of the air-passing fit and if you get it air-tight you should get much better bass, but know that you lose on situational awareness.

      While highs and mids aren’t the crispest or detailed, you can make them very loud which comes useful in loud gyms.

      If you want a pair of durable and comfortable Bluetooth headphones with good sound that have been proven over and again in harsh sports environment, get Plantronics BakcBeat Fit.


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      Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Wireless (Bone Conduction)

      AfterShokz TREKZ

      If you need to be aware of your surroundings or can’t find earbuds that fit your ears, the Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium wireless headphones might be just right for you.

      The unique bone conducting technology delivers quality sound without obstructing your ears, and the headband design provides a secure fit for runners.


      • Great for ambient noise monitoring
      • Unique bone conductive technology
      • Secure fit for running
      • Clear vocals, perfect for audiobooks & podcasts
      • 2-year warranty


      • Bass response is not the best
      • Weak plastic joints near headband
      • Minor temple fatigue possible near earphones
      • Cheekbone tickling at high volume levels

      What’s in the Box?

      • Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium headphones
      • Carrying case
      • USB charging cable
      • Ear plugs
      • FitBands
      • 2-year warranty card


      These headphones are designed to wrap around the back of your head with a thin titanium band supporting the plastic drivers that rest just in front of the ears.

      Having headphone drivers in front of your ears may seem strange at first, but the inner ear hears a full range of frequencies through the bone conductivity.

      Long hair can easily cover the rear headband, but bulky or high collars can sometimes interfere with the headband.

      Adjustable FitBands are provided to assist with various fitting needs, but it can take some time to get the best fit for your head, so take your time.


      The Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium headphones are great for those that can’t seem to get a good or secure fit with traditional earbuds.

      The titanium headband allows for a secure fit without clamping too tight.

      There are two sizes available – standard and mini, so be sure to get the size that is best suited for your head.

      Since the drivers rest just below temples, there can be some upper cheekbone tickling and slight temple fatigue if listening to high volume levels for a long time.

      Of course, ear canal or outer ear fatigue is not a problem with this design.

      Another advantage of this design is that you can easily listen to your surroundings and carry on conversations while listening to music.

      This isn’t the best headphone design if you wear glasses or sunglasses with thicker earpieces.

      Durability (Sweat-Resistance)

      Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium wireless headphones are designed to IP55 standards and are certified for good moisture and sweat resistance.

      The titanium bar around the back of the head is durable and flexible, but the connections to the plastic earphone drivers are susceptible to cracking.

      In really hot environments, the adhesive between the earphone seams can loosen and allow the clamshells to move or become detached.

      Overall, the headband design holds up well to average user requirements and Aftershokz provides excellent customer service with a 2-year warranty.


      All controls are located on the earphones and the headband.

      A multi-function button is located on the left earphone, with the power and volume buttons located on the headband just behind the right earphone.

      There is no support for previous track selection.

      The rechargeable battery provides about 6-hours of playback time and Bluetooth pairing is easy to do following the instructions.


      You won’t audibly hear much sound from the Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium headphones because they rely on bone conduction to transmit sound.

      This allows your ears to be open and alert for ambient sounds around you like traffic, people talking, etc.

      Aftershokz’s PremiumPitch+ technology provides a good dynamic audio range and reasonably strong bass, although bassheads and audiophiles will be disappointed.

      High frequencies and mid tones are very clear and present, making these headphones great for listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

      Lows and low-mids are smooth, but you won’t hear the immersive bass qualities that you get with standard headphones and high-performance earbuds.

      The bone conduction design allows you to easily monitor the ambient sound around you, or even use earplugs to block out noise completely and just listen to music.

      These headphones aren’t for everyone, but if you need good ambient noise awareness and a good sounding alternative to traditional earbuds or headphones, then the Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium wireless headphones are a great choice to try out on your next run or workout.


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      Bluephonic Zone (best budget Bluetooth headphones for running)

      Bluephonic Zone

      Here are great budget Bluetooth headphones perfect for running.

      Bluephonic Zone, previously named Treblab XR100, are very affordable wireless earbuds that offer a lot of value to a runner.

      With great comfort, fit, battery life and sound you have to check them out if you’re on the lookout for some Bluetooth sports headphones.


      • Very stable fit
      • Great comfort even for long runs
      • Durable, sweatproof design
      • Good battery, up to 8h
      • Very affordable
      • Great value for money
      • Good sound quality, stronger bass (aptX)


      • Require aptX music device to sound good
      • Higher-end products are still better



      With big ear hooks, similar to Powerbeats 2, the fit is very stable. You can run, jump, sprint or do gymnastics, these earbuds will stay in and not move.

      This is crucially important if you’re working out or running.

      Noise isolation is about average for in-ear monitors, which means it’s pretty good in general. You will still be able to hear some background noise, but the most annoying noise will be isolated.

      If you want more environmental awareness when running outside you can always put on smaller ear tips which will let in more noise. Keep in mind you also lose some bass by doing that.


      Comfort is top notch as well. They’re lightweight and with a nice selection of ear tips, you’re sure to find a comfy fit.

      You get 6 different pairs of ear tips, 3 sizes of regular, silicone tips and 3 sizes of foam tips.

      They are suitable for long runs, even marathons because they’re easy to forget about and don’t irritate the ears.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      Durability is good as well, sure, they are made out of plastic, but it’s high-quality plastics with good built quality. Add in sweatproof design and it’s very easy to understand why these are so popular among sportspeople.

      The wires are rubbery, flat and flexible enough to be folded into any shape.

      As long as you don’t dip them into water or step on them they will serve you for a long time.

      You get 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty meaning if there is anything wrong with earbuds when you buy them you get a new pair. Not exactly lifetime-sweatproof-guarantee, but better than nothing.


      The built-in controls which are positioned on both sides of earbuds are intuitive and big enough to press even for people with big fingers.

      You can control songs (next/previous), pause, change volume and accept/hang-up calls.

      In the package you also get a nice, sturdy, carrying case with a zipper and a charge cable. You can put all of the things inside for protection.

      Bluephonic Zone also have a built-in noise-cancelling microphone (CVC6). Keep in mind only the microphone is noise cancelling and not the earbuds.

      The mic sound quality is good enough to make calls in a normal environment, but don’t expect to make clear calls in loud places. For the price you’re paying, it’s better than expected.


      Bluetooth 4.1 has the average range of about 30ft (10m) which shortens with more obstacles in between. Since you’ll be mostly using these for running or sports you can either keep your phone next to you in a pocket or if you’re running inside on a treadmill, keep it somewhere near in the gym.

      The connection stays stable most of the time and you won’t experience major problems with it. Frequent Bluetooth disconnects can be very annoying, thankfully Bluephonic Zone don’t suffer from it.

      The battery is also solid at 9 hours of playtime per full charge (2 hours). This is plenty of time even for marathon runners. Average marathon runner finishes in under 5 hours.


      The sound is good too. You won’t experience audiophile sonic fidelity since these are Bluetooth headphones, but they’re better than average.

      They support aptX which really helps with improving the sound quality over Bluetooth, make sure to use aptX enabled music device as well.

      Remember that none of the iPhones have aptX, even some new Android phones lack it too. Check if your phone has it before getting them.

      The sound quality difference is very noticeable without aptX and you will be disappointed if you don’t use it.

      Overall sound signature is definitely emphasizing bass more than middle or high ranges. The bass has a nice thump to it without overpowering other ranges.

      The mids and highs still come out clear and detailed. Instrument separation is also surprisingly good for such an affordable product. You’ll be able to distinguish different instrument better than with average headphones.

      Microphonics is not a problem since these are wireless headphones.

      The sound quality might not be completely the same as with higher-end sports headphones, but it’s very close.

      If you’re looking for affordable, Bluetooth earbuds with great fit, comfort, durability, sweatproof design that also sound good (stronger bass), you must get Bluephonic Zone.


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      Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running Reviews (wireless on-ear)

      Monster iSport Freedom (best on-ear headphones for running)

      Monster iSport Freedom

      Monster iSport Freedom are the best Bluetooth on-ear headphones for running, if only you’re willing to pay the price.

      They are a great combination of everything you’d expect from high-end sports headphones and if you’re looking for the best of the best, get them.

      The price of around $200 is pretty steep, but no headphones in category come close to their performance in real life. You’re paying money for a high-quality product and not just high expenses for marketing (like with some other companies…).


      • Tight and stable fit, great for running
      • Light, but sturdy and flexible design
      • Sweat and water-proof; can wash under water
      • Good battery life at 20 hours per charge
      • Good, balanced sound quality


      • Pricey
      • Sound can’t compare to audiophile headphones



      The headband is tight enough to keep the headphones on in all situations. You can be running, lifting weight or doing the most impossible yoga position, these headphones will stay on.

      Usually, noise isolation isn’t so good with on-ear headphones, but these Monster headphones do a surprisingly good job at it.

      There’s almost no sound leakage, probably because of the rubbery ear pads that stick to your head like glue and don’t let anyone else enjoy your music.

      At the same time, they let in some ambient noise, even though they are noise cancelling. You won’t hear people breathing nearby on a treadmill, but if they shout you’ll hear it.

      This makes them great for the gym or outside running as they offer a good combination of minimal sound leakage with some situational awareness.


      The rubbery ear pads offer good tight fit but are also comfortable. The soft cushions help fighting discomfort, but just like with all on-ear headphones, after a few hours you’re bound to feel some irritation.

      In case you don’t need headphones for 2-3 hours straight, they’ll be as comfortable as any other, but for longer wearing, get running earbuds.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      Monster iSport Freedom are made out of flexible, rubbery plastics. They are very durable and you can easily treat them less than decently. If they fall on the floor or you drop them in the puddle, they are probably going to survive without issues.

      While they don’t feel so durable once you take them out of the box, they actually have long survivability even in the harshest sports environment.

      The headphones are sweat and water-proof, in fact, you can wash them under water when they get dirty. This makes them great for “heavy-sweaters” or running in the rain.

      These are truly tough sports headphones.

      What is the best iPod for swimming? Find the answer.


      The controls are positioned on the side of an ear cup, like with most Bluetooth headphones. They are big enough to control even if you have big fingers.

      Making calls is easy and most people won’t know you’re using headphones to talk to them.

      The headphones fold for easy storage and with them, you get a soft pouch to put them in. The pouch won’t give much protection against physical abuse, but at least you can protect them from some dust (not that you would need to do that).


      It uses a standard Bluetooth connection that works without disconnections up to the range of 30ft. You can connect them to any Bluetooth device and connecting is as easy as pressing a button.

      The battery offers good 20 hours of playtime on one charge. This is more than enough time for most runners and enough even for long marathons.

      Additionally, they support aptX and ACC so you can get the best sound quality over Bluetooth.


      Sound doesn’t disappoint either. It’s not on par with other $200 audiophile headphones, but it’s good compared to the sound of other headphones for exercise.

      It has the right balance of highs, mids, and bass and while bassheads won’t be too ecstatic, it still has a nice bass punch to it, just enough to get you going harder on the run.

      Additionally, headphones can be driven loudly with your smartphone or Bluetooth MP3 player so you can easily overpower environment noises if you want to.

      For running sound quality is more than enough and you’ll be more than happy with it anywhere you run.

      For the best of the best you can get from Bluetooth on-ear sports headphones, get Monster iSport Freedom and you can stop searching for running headphones for at least a few years.


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      66 Audio BTS Pro


      66 Audio BTS Pro

      66 Audio BTS+ are very popular Bluetooth on-ear headphones that many use for sports as well.

      Price: $80.44

      They are now dedicated sports headphones because of their stable fit and good durability, they’re more than suitable for running or working out.


      • Stable fit with ear hook headband
      • Comfortable due to their light weight
      • Affordable, good value for money
      • aptX support, noise cancelling microphone
      • Awesome battery life with up to 40 hours per charge
      • Good, balanced sound for all genres of music (not bass heavy)


      • Sound can’t compare to high-end headphones


      They are worn behind the neck and made stable by ear hooks which are a part of the design. Because they’re so lightweight they don’t bounce or demand to readjust all the time.

      Once you put them on, they will more or less stay that way. Of course, if you do fast acrobatics they might move, but for most sports, they fit great.

      The on-ear design isn’t very good at noise isolation so these headphones leak sound in and out for better environmental awareness.


      As said earlier, they are very light and because of that you barely feel them on your head. Most running headphones are usually light because this helps with comfort and keeping them on your head.

      Anyways, because of the on-ear design, they do get a bit uncomfortable after a few hours. The headphones put pressure on ear lobes and after a while this becomes irritating. For long-term exercise, you should probably look at earbuds instead.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      66 Audio BTS Pro are made out of sturdy plastics. They aren’t water or sweat-proof but don’t seem to get damaged by sweat quickly, just don’t wash them under water.

      They are pretty cheap for Bluetooth headphones so you can’t expect awesome durability if you want maximum protection from sweat look at Monster iSport Freedom.

      For running on a treadmill or outside, these wireless headphones fare well even though they don’t have sweat protection.


      On the right ear cup, there are nice, bug buttons with which you control the music and calls. You can change songs, volume or take calls when connected to your phone. Controls are very easy to get used to and work well.

      The sound quality of calls is good, it uses noise cancelling technology (cVc), and most people won’t know you’re talking with a headset.

      Looking for the best noise cancelling earbuds?

      The soft pouch for carrying the headphones isn’t going to protect the headphones from much harm because it’s so soft, but it’s nice to have it to organize things.


      They are compatible with all Bluetooth devices and keep the connection up to standard 30ft without any walls blocking the signal.

      What makes these headphones really impressive is their super long battery life. On one charge you will get up to 40 hours of playtime, which is far more than any of the premium earbuds can offer.

      40 hours is probably enough for many workouts and if you tend to forget to charge the battery this is very helpful. iOS devices are compatible with battery level indicator which is a nice touch but would be nice if it worked on Android as well.

      Additionally, the 66 Audio BTS Pro have aptX support for best wireless sound quality.


      The sound is actually pretty good, it can’t really compare to high-end audiophile headphones, but you’re getting better sound than with most Bluetooth sports headphones.

      The highs, mids, and lows are balanced and no range overpowers others, so bass isn’t very strong and these headphones definitely aren’t suited for bassheads. It’s fun and easy to listen to nonetheless.

      To enjoy your music in clarity and detail or listen to your audio books, these headphones are perfect for that.

      If you’re looking for Bluetooth on-ear headphones for running, 66 Audio BTS Pro offer everything a runner needs for under $100, which makes them a popular choice by many.


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      Motorola S305

      Motorola S305 are the budget version of Bluetooth on-ear headphones for running. If you’re short on cash and want a cheap solution these headphones are for you.

      The price of around $20 is really cheap, but you actually get quite good headphones for it.


      • Pretty stable fit, good for running
      • Lightweight design is comfortable for long wearing
      • Very cheap, great value for money
      • Good battery at 6.5 hours per charge
      • Better sound quality than most $20 headphones


      • A budget model that isn’t great at anything
      • Cheap build quality
      • The fit is unstable for anything more than running


      With the headband design that uses ear hooks to stabilize the fit, they do pretty well. For running they will stay on without budging, but if you intend to use them for working out and possibly moving your head in a fast manner, these will probably lose the fit or even fall off.

      Running is safe because you’re not really moving your head that much, but once you start bench pressing or doing yoga things get unstable.

      The on-ear design doesn’t offer very good noise isolation, so generally, you’ll hear other people around you and they will hear your music.

      This is good for running outside, but a bit annoying if you run in a gym with others around.


      The headphones are comfortable to wear, they might not be the most comfortable headphones ever made, but because of their lightweight design you barely feel them on.

      It should be noted these aren’t sports headphones, but just a regular Bluetooth headset intended for music and making calls. You can easily wear them for hours without discomfort, just don’t expect them to “melt” on your head like some over-ear headphones.

      Durability (Sweat-resistance)

      Build quality isn’t the best, but this isn’t surprising as Motorola S305 only cost about $20.

      They feel cheap once you touch them with your hands and these won’t be able to endure a lot of physical abuse. You get what you pay for they say and this shows in durability.

      Sweat protection wasn’t applied and don’t expect the headphones to survive for long if you sweat a lot or use them in rain. Moisture will kill them rather quickly.

      In any case, if you take decent care of them, aren’t sweating excessively all the time, these should last you long enough to justify their price.

      What are the top-rated headphones for swimming?


      The controls and microphone work well and the call quality is high enough to converse in a normal fashion. In fact, this headset was probably intended for making calls so the microphone quality is very good.

      The buttons are easy to remember and soon you’ll know exactly what to press to change the songs or volume.

      You don’t get a carrying bag for them or any other nice accessory, but for the price that’s ok.


      Motorola S305 use standard Bluetooth technology so you can expect up to 30ft of wireless connectivity, after which distortion will occur.

      The battery is good for such a low budget product. You’ll get up to 6.5 hours per charge which is plenty of time for running. Just remember to charge them after use.


      Sound quality is better than what you’d expect from such tiny Bluetooth headphones.

      It has a rather balanced sound, though bass is more prominent than other ranges. It’s not enough to make a basshead happy. While the sound isn’t anything special, it’s good enough for running.

      Compared to other Bluetooth headphones on this list these don’t sound so good, but for $20 you’ll be surprised how good they actually are.

      In any case, if you’re looking for the cheapest running headphones with Bluetooth, get Motorola S305 and enjoy some tunes on the go.



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