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Ben Jacklin

Contributing Headphone Reviewer | Musician

Expertise: Sound Quality Analysis, Technical Specifications, Audio Engineering, Sound Production

Education: Qualification in Music Technology, plays a guitar and bass.


  • Ben has years of practical experience with studio headphones, enhanced by personal use in music creation and teaching instruments.
  • He has experience with different musical equipment, providing enriched practical knowledge of a seasoned musician.
  • Holds a music technology qualification, offering insights from the viewpoint of both a music creator and an audiophile.


Ben is armed with a qualification in music technology, bringing a deep understanding of sound from both the creator’s and the listener’s perspectives. His expertise is grounded in years of experience with studio headphones, which he has used extensively in his own musical pursuits and while teaching others the art of guitar and bass.

He has tested a wide array of musical equipment, infusing his reviews with the practical knowledge that comes from being a seasoned musician.


Ben has a qualification in music technology and is a musician. He plays and teaches guitar and bass.

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