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13 Best Sport Headphones – For Working Out, Running, Swimming and More

Last updated: 3 weeks ago, Aug. 29. 2019
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    Finding good sports headphones takes more than going with the “top” brands. Check our guide to see what we’re talking about.

    Comparison of Sport Headphones

    TypeMic & Controls
    Elite Active 65t

    best true wireless
    More info
    under $200IPX6
    5 hours
    true wireless
    Jaybird X4
    best sound
    More info
    under $100IPX78 hours

    best bone conduction
    More info
    under $160IPX7
    8 hours
    bone conduction
    BackBeat FIT 500

    best on-ear
    More info
    under $80sweatproof18 hours
    Key Series T10

    best affordable TWS
    More info
    under $120IPX57 hours
    true wireless
    Key Series B80

    great value
    More info
    under $100IPX68 hours
    BackBeat FIT 350

    best value
    More info
    under $80IPX56 hours

    66 Audio BTS Pro

    great on-ear
    More info
    under $80sweatproof40 hours

    SwimBuds Flip

    best for swimming
    More info
    under $40IPX8n/a
    Key Series B60

    best affordable
    More info
    under $60IPX68 hours
    Bose SoundSport
    best wired
    More info
    under $50IPX4n/a
    Bluetooth Earbuds

    best battery
    More info
    under $20IPX724 hours
    SoundBuds Slim+

    best cheap
    More info
    under $30IPX710 hours

    If you are looking for headphones for rigorous physical activity and sports, there is specific criteria to consider.

    It isn’t just a case of finding a set of cans which sounds good. You need to think about other aspects of the design.

    • Will headphones get in the way of your sports activity?
    • Do you need to be able to still hear what is going on around you?
    • How are sports headphones made to stand up to all that movement and activity?

    We’ve explored the best sport headphones in this guide, as well as providing information on how you can choose the right model for you.

    Table of Contents


      Best Workout Headphones for Gym

      Top Headphones for Running

      Best Swimming Headphones

      Types of Sports Headphones

      There are many types of headphones on the market. Some are sports types, suited to wearing during exercise, and others are absolutely not.

      What are some of the types of sports headphones?

      In-Ear Headphones

      In-ear designs (or earbuds) are probably the most common when it comes to sports headphones. They sit inside the ear canal and make for good workout headphones, assuming they stay in place.

      The best in-ear options come with either “wings” or “hooks” which sit inside the ear or around the outside in order to stay stable and in-place.

      Plantronics earbuds with ear hooks and ear wings

      An example of ear wings and ear hooks.

      You can get in-ear headphones with noise isolation, but some allow you to hear the environment around you too.

      Small and compact designs are often what you’re looking to prioritize when you are playing sports. Earbuds which sit inside the ear rather than being big and bulky can be a subtle and lightweight accessory which is less likely to annoy you.

      On-Ear Headphones

      As you may have guessed, this design sits on the ear itself, with smaller, padded earcups.

      These allow more external sound in and will do very little to block out the noise of a gym, for instance.

      Also, it is hard to find on-ear headphones which sit stable on the ears. The shape can make it hard for them to stay in place.

      Though there are some solid on-ear headphones built for sports, they usually come with some sort of hook to keep them in place, and they’re not the most common type.

      Over-Ear Headphones

      Over-ear headphones are commonly the type you would associate with recording studios, music production, and listening at home. These are the larger style design which sits over your whole ear.

      This design has some benefits. Often, it is far easier to block out external sound with over-ear options. If you look for active noise cancelling headphones, they will often be over-ear designs.

      But over-ear headphones have their downsides for exercise and sports.

      They’re big and bulky, can get in the way, and often fall off.

      The only time you should pick over-ears for sports is if you lift weights in a calm manner or spend hours on a stationary bike.

      For every activity that requires faster movement, the size of big headphones will cause problems.

      Wired vs. Wireless

      This is a decision you will need to make when buying a pair of headphones, whether for sports or otherwise.

      Wired headphones aren’t a problem if you are sitting down and listening, but they can get in the way during sports. Wired headphones can be annoying and can even cause problems.

      Traditional “wireless” headphones do not have a wire connecting to the device. But they’re likely to have wires which connect the two earpieces together.

      There is another design, popularized by the Apple Ear Pods. This design is called “true wireless.”

      Apple AirPods true wireless earbuds

      Apple AirPods were one of the first true wireless earbuds.

      These earbuds sit in the ear independently and don’t need to be physically connected.

      Which design you opt for will come down to personal preference, but wireless are definitely recommended for sports over wired (for the vast majority of activities).

      Nonetheless, wireless earbuds have their downsides.

      • You will need to consider battery life and Bluetooth connection and pay extra for good capability in these areas.
      • Wireless earbuds tend to cost more than wired options as they are more expensive to manufacture.
      • They require frequent charging, which can be a hassle.

      Different Levels of Water Protection

      Make sure to choose the IPX best suited for your needs.

      IPX rating - infographic

      What Features Make Sport Headphones?

      Naturally, there are certain features to look for in sports headphones. A quick overview of the essential features should include:

      • Water resistance. If your sport is played outdoors, then you will want your headphones to be able to stand up to rain.
      • Battery life. If you’ve gone for wireless headphones, long battery life will help, especially with sports played over long times like trail cycling.
      • Stability. Earbuds constantly falling out is infuriating and defeats the purpose.
      • Durability. You want to wear your pair of headphones and stay confident they won’t break. Sports can be strenuous, and you need a sturdy option.

      How to Choose Sport Headphones

      You need to think about what features and headphones functionality are best for your needs before purchase.

      Ask yourself where you plan to use the headphones, how long they need to be used for, and what features you prefer.

      Are Wires an Option?

      It is recommended in a lot of scenarios that you get wires out of the way.

      In some sports, you may get away with wearing wired earbuds. But think about how strenuous the activity is and whether the wires are likely to be a hindrance.

      Imagine wearing headphones with wires during tennis practice; they’re going to get in the way.

      We usually recommend in-ear earbuds, which are wireless or true wireless options during exercise. They are far better suited for activity. Just make sure you get a reliable battery life and Bluetooth.

      The Environment Conditions

      Think about where your sport is taking place.

      • If you are running, do you need running headphones which are suitable for outdoor use, or just running inside on a treadmill.
      • When considering headphones for swimming, need the highest levels of water protection (IPX7+) and need to stay on during an underwater dive (IPX explained).
      • If you’re running outside in the city, consider awareness. Being aware of your surrounding can save you from accidents. Get open headphones or earphones with a shallower fit that let in more ambient noise.

      Things to Avoid When Buying Sport Headphones

      There are likely to be a lot of options which suit your needs. Vitally, you need to know what to avoid when choosing sport headphones for your needs:

      • Don’t buy headphones which struggle to stay stable over the ears. Many on-ear and over-ear headphones are examples of this.
      • Avoid earbuds which don’t have water resistance, especially if exercising outdoors.
      • Dismiss wireless headphones with low battery life. It will only drive you mad.
      • Stay away from sports headphones with obvious durability issues and bad user reports.
      • Make sure they sound good. You don’t want headphones which aren’t up to the job in terms of audio fidelity.

      Best Sport Headphones

      1. Jabra Elite Active 65t (best overall)

      Jabra Elite Active 65t

      Best overall workout earbuds for all sports

      True wireless earbuds are trendy for workouts, and having the freedom from wires is very appealing for every active person.

      Type: True wireless
      Water-protection: IPX6 waterproof
      Battery life: Up to 5 hours (10 hours of battery included in case)

      Why Buy These?

      For a workout without wires, the Jabra Elite Active 65t earphones are the go-to choice of many dedicated athletes.

      Not only they have wonderful sound quality; they stay put as well (comfortably).

      These have multiple tips which mold and conform to your ear shape. They’re far less likely to fall out even during rigorous exercise.

      The battery life is 5 hours long, but the charging case, which is included holds enough power to give another 10 hours of music.

      Plus, IPX6 rating for water resistance makes these good workout headphones that stand up to the outdoor elements or heavy sweat.

      And you also get a fitness tracker with the app. What more do you want?

      The Bad

      Though these have a microphone and the ability to make phone calls, as well as Siri and other voice controls, it’s not a high-quality mic. It’s hard to hold a phone conversation in the gym.

      The Sound

      We can’t really fault the sound of these earbuds. They have a wide frequency response and high fidelity audio.

      The bass is deep and punchy but not overpowering. The highs are clear, and vocals come out beautifully. And, you can adjust all the range with an EQ app.

      For true wireless sport headphones, these have one of the best sound options.

      For true wireless earbuds that are sturdy and sound excellent, we recommend the Jabra Elite Active 65t.

      2. Jaybird X4 (best EQ)

      Jaybird X4 wireless sports earbuds

      The best sports headphones with sound equalization

      If you love that extra bit of control that an EQ can give, these wireless buds could be great for you. You can match your music genres to different EQ settings for listening pleasure.

      Read the full Jaybird X4 review.

      Type: in-ear
      Connection: Bluetooth
      Water-protection: IPX7 (fully waterproof)
      Battery life: Up to 8 hours

      Why Buy These?

      With a great noise-isolating design, the X4 earphones are a better option than the Tarah, which are another model within the brand’s range. The X4 come with better battery life and design while costing almost the same.

      You can use the app EQ (equalization) to give your music a bass boost or change the sound signature to your preference. There are many presets to choose from that offer you virtually unlimited options.

      They have an 8-hour battery life, which is decent, but the charger itself is proprietary, which can be an annoyance.

      For a comfy fit, the earbuds have Comply Ultra memory foam tips. These adjust their shape to fit in ears with the warmth of your ear canals.

      Also, they’ve got IPX7 protection that’s perfect for sports (can be submerged).

      The Bad

      One area which lets these earbuds down is the build quality. It’s below average, and while we didn’t find any faults with them during our testing, there are more negative reports about durability than usual.

      Jaybird offers a warranty which you should take advantage of if you find your X4s to kick the bucket.

      Also, the charging cable is specific to the brand, meaning an extra proprietary cable to use.

      The Sound

      The sound is excellent with wide frequency response, and the extra bonus of an EQ app will satisfy even the more demanding users.

      You can make them bass-heavy or flatten them out to a natural-sounding signature. It’s simple to use with a smartphone app, and you can even create custom presets for yourself.

      For the best sound in corded Bluetooth sports earbuds, consider the Jaybird X4.

      There is more info in the full Jaybird X4 review.

      3. AfterShokz Aeropex (best bone conduction)

      AfterShokz Aeropex

      Best bone conduction sport headphones

      Bone conduction headphones offer a different way to listen to music and keep the ear canals open to hearing your surroundings.

      Read the full AfterShokz Aeropex review.

      Type: Bone conduction
      Connection: Bluetooth
      Water-protection: IP67 (fully waterproof)
      Battery life: Up to 8 hours

      Why Buy These?

      Bone conduction headphones have given us a new option. The AfterShokz Aeropex vibrate the sound through bones rather than into the ear canal.

      The main advantage of these headphones is unobstructed hearing and perfect awareness of your surroundings.

      The brand has a number of patents for bone conduction technology. PremiumPitch 2+ is one of the upgraded tech features which improved the bass to cut through better.

      Moreover, the lightweight (26g) and titanium headband make for a super comfortable fit that’s suitable for all kinds of exercise.

      The Bad

      You can feel the vibrations and not everyone like it. Sound quality isn’t as good as with conventional headphones.

      The Sound

      The sound fidelity is wonderful, and the technology which boosts the bass makes these the best bone conduction headphones yet.

      There are no bone-conducting alternatives with better sound than these. All that said, compared to regular headphones, it still lacks a bit of bass and clarity in highs.

      For the top choice of headphones with perfect awareness, get the AfterShokz Aeropex that are a favorite among many elite athletes.

      Check the full Aeropex review.

      4. Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500 (best on-ear)

      Plantronics BackBeat Fit 500

      Best on-ear sports headphones

      On-ear sports headphones aren’t always the most stable choice. However, these offer a brilliant sports solution for those who like the feel of on-ears.

      Type: On-ear
      Connection: Bluetooth
      Water-protection: Sweat resistant with P2i nano-coating
      Battery life: Up to 18 hours

      Why Buy These?

      The Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500 have comfort on their side. Memory foam earpads and headband give a cushy feeling.

      Though some people don’t enjoy on-ear headphones for sports and exercise, these have been built for being active. There’s P2i coating which also resists moisture, both sweat, and rainy conditions.

      Plus, the battery life is very better than with earbuds at 18 hours.

      For less strenuous exercise and sports without a lot of head movement, these are great.

      The Bad

      Bluetooth issues sometimes occur; these headphones can forget connections, so you have to restart the connection process.

      Also, on-ear options don’t have the same stability. If your head moves fast during sports, they may fall off.

      The Sound

      The sound is of good quality without being amazing. The power and frequency response of these gym headphones are definitely above average and more than adequate for most active users.

      The bass is punchy enough to give you a good rhythm and keep you pumped for more.

      If on-ear is your preference, your answer is the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500.

      5. Aukey Key Series T10 (affordable true wireless)

      Aukey Key Series T10

      Best affordable true wireless headphones for sports

      True wireless earbuds can be convenient and are popular sports headphones. However, they can be pricey. In contrast, this is an affordable option with excellent features.

      Type: true wireless
      Connection: Bluetooth
      Water-protection: IPX5 waterproof
      Battery life: Up to 7 hours (charging case can increase this to 24 hours)

      Why Buy These?

      The cost of around $100 is a huge plus point, but there’s plenty on offer with these earbuds besides the price benefits.

      It charges using a USB-C charger, and there is also a charging case which can turn the overall battery life from 7 into 24 hours.

      You can control the true wireless earphones while playing sports or running by tapping the earpieces.

      A built-in mic allows you to make phone calls, and stability wings in different sizes make sure they stay put throughout the exercise.

      The Bad

      The main downside is the fact that the controls (tapping on the earpieces) can be a little awkward. Some users have also reported patchy connection to Bluetooth.

      The Sound

      For the price point, the sound quality is perfectly acceptable, and the bass frequencies are particularly strong.

      The audio quality is geared towards sports use, which means lower frequencies (bass) is more prominent.

      For affordable true wireless earbuds for sports, opt for the Aukey Key Series T10.


      6. Aukey Key Series B80 (best under $100)

      Aukey Key Series B80

      Best sport headphones under $100

      A $100 budget should be plenty for a good set of wireless workout headphones. The Aukey B80 model proves this is the case.

      Read the full Aukey B80 review.

      Type: In-ear (with ear hooks)
      Connection: Bluetooth
      Water-protection: IPX6 – waterproof
      Battery life: Up to 8 hours

      Why Buy These?

      These earbuds have been created for exercise, and are good for the gym and sports as well as training outdoors.

      The stability is provided by ear hooks which keep things steady. Also, memory foam ear tips give extra comfort and comfort to your ear canal perfectly.

      Though not noise-canceling, they are noise isolating and do a decent job of blocking a lot of background noise.

      An 8-hour battery life is solid, and 10-minutes of USB-C charging gives you 2-hours of listening time if you need to quick charge.

      IPX6 protection is pretty standard and gives rain and sweat protection. You can even wash them under tap water.

      The Bad

      The only criticism we have is that they generate a silent white noise when active. It’s only audible at really low volumes.

      The Sound

      The price isn’t the only thing to like. The sound is balanced, and the dual driver design means there’s a little extra volume and power.

      The bass isn’t overpowering but still gets punchy and gives rhythm to the music. It’s suitable for all genres.

      For affordable wireless fitness earbuds that won’t break the bank, consider the Aukey Key Series B80.

      Find more in the full Aukey B80 review.

      7. Plantronics BackBeat FIT 350 (best value)

      Plantronics BackBeat FIT 350

      Best value sports headphones

      Another great option from Plantronics offers excellent value-for-money and clear audio as well as in-ear stability.

      Read the full Plantronics BackBeat FIT 350 review.

      Type: In-ear
      Connection: Bluetooth
      Water-protection: IPX5 – waterproof
      Battery life: Up to 6 hours

      Why Buy These?

      First Plantronics BackBeat FIT were very popular due to a great fit, dependability, and enjoyable sound.

      And while some other new BackBeat models aren’t as good, the 350 prove to be the winners.

      These are surprisingly comfortable even though they come with ear hooks. They keep them in place, and you manage the wires with a clip.

      6 hours of battery life is about average for the price, but the 15-minute quick charge is very useful. It should be enough for most runs or training.

      Plus, in-line controls allow you to take calls and change volume or change tracks.

      The Bad

      Some cable noise is audible if they come into contact with your skin.

      The Bluetooth is also not as reliable as with some competing models and might occasionally distort.

      The Sound

      A little bass boost gives these earbuds a nice sound, and the frequency response is great, especially at a price. They perform best at higher volumes.

      Overall, it’s more of a balanced sound signature that will be preferred by most people. No equalization is possible, though it would be nice.

      For a great value set of Bluetooth earbuds with a lot of reliable features, you might want to look into the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 350.

      Get more info in our full BackBeat FIT 250 review here.

      8. 66 Audio BTS Pro (great on-ear)

      66 Audio BTS Pro

      Runner-up on-ear sports headphones

      These on-ear headphones come with ear hooks and stay on the ears during exercise, whereas a lot of others would fail.

      Type: On-ear
      Connection: Bluetooth
      Water-protection: Sweatproof
      Battery life: Up to 40 hours

      Why Buy These?

      Some people don’t like the feel of in-ear headphones, and these can be a great alternative. The ear-hook design means they stay stable, and memory foam gives them an extra layer of comfort.

      They are sweatproof and can be used in a variety of sports situations, but don’t wash them under water.

      If you are in an environment where it’s important to hear ambient noise, then these are suitable. They aren’t the best at noise isolation, and aren’t noise-canceling headphones either. You’ll hear more of your surroundings.

      The battery life is amazing, with up to 40 hours. More than one day of battery life is incredible. These headphones also have a custom EQ app for altering the sound.

      The Bad

      Since they don’t come with high water protection, you won’t be able to wash them, plus harsh sports conditions might break them.

      The Sound

      The sound is very well-balanced and comes with wider soundstage than with in-ear earbuds.

      The EQ app offers plenty of options to customize the audio to your preferences.

      If you want on-ear headphones which stay in place even during vigorous exercise, go for the 66 Audio BTS Pro.

      9. SwimBuds Flip + iPod Shuffle by Underwater Audio (best for swimming)

      iPod Underwater Audio Swimbuds Flip


      Best headphones combo for swimming

      If you’re into swimming and water sports, you will need a specifically built set of headphones which can go fully underwater. These are your best option.

      Type: In-ear
      Connection: Wired – 3.5mm
      Water-protection: IPX 8 submersible
      Battery life: n/a

      Why Buy These?

      Though not relevant for those who aren’t exercising in water, these can be an amazingly useful design for underwater.

      They are totally submersible and connect via a golden cable to a waterproof iPod shuffle. You can go up to 10 feet deep without worries.

      The Swimbuds, as the name suggests, are specifically designed for swimming and come with 11 pairs of eartips, so you can choose the right size for you.

      This combo of waterproof headphones and the iPod is the most popular among serious swimmers who want to listen to music in the pool.

      The Bad

      The extra waterproof capabilities come at a price. It’s quite hefty compared to non-swimming alternatives.

      The Sound

      The sound is respectable. Clarity is often hard to achieve underwater, and volume is vital. These have plenty of power so you can hear among the underwater noises.

      Just don’t expect sonic fidelity, as it’s quite a feat to listen to music under water.

      If you need to exercise underwater and are a regular swimmer, there’s no beating the SwimBuds and iPod Shuffle combo.

      Most Affordable Sport Headphones

      10. Aukey Key Series B60 (best affordable)

      Aukey Key Series B60

      Best affordable wireless sports headphones

      Aukey has made a couple of quality headphones for a fair price lately. The B60 are one of them, with solid sports performance and best for runners who need better awareness.

      Read the full Aukey B60 review.

      Type: In-ear
      Connection: Bluetooth
      Water-protection: IPX6 – waterproof
      Battery life: Up to 8 hours

      Why Buy These?

      The features for the price are great. They come with two different sized eartips, which have a shallower fit to allow more background noise in.

      You can hear more ambient sound, which is bad for loud gyms but great for outdoor runners.

      A 10-minute charge for 1 hour of use is useful for the forgetful, and the IPX6 certification means they offer plenty of protection against water.

      The Bad

      The shallow fit isn’t perfect for some people. If you have an unusual shape of ears, you may struggle with comfort.

      The Sound

      Though it’s not up there with the very best headphones out there, these do outperform the price point with good audio clarity.

      It’s clear and distortion-free, but the bass is a bit lacking. Due to shallow fit, the lows just don’t come out as strongly.

      For a great affordable in-ear option, consider the Aukey Key Series B60.

      Get more info in the full Aukey B60 review.

      11. Bose SoundSport (best wired)

      Bose SoundSport Wired workout headphones

      Best wired sport headphones

      If you are satisfied with wired headphones for your sporting needs, your best option is the Bose SoundSport, built for sports and athletics.

      Type: In-ear
      Connection: Wired – 3.5mm
      Water-protection: Sweatproof
      Battery life: n/a

      Why Buy These?

      These are sweatproof headphones and have a clever, comfortable design. In-line controls and microphone are included, and these earbuds generally offer plenty of good features as well as great sound.

      They are lightweight, and the way the design curves in your ear keeps them very stable. There are also 3 pairs of tips with ear wings to help them to stay in place.

      But due to the proprietary Bose ear tips which don’t go as deep into the ear canal, the noise isolation isn’t so effective. Nonetheless, this gives you better awareness of your surroundings.

      The Bad

      Wired headphones are not perfect and can rub on your skin during a workout or get in the way.

      Unfortunately, a lot of sound can leak out of these, and there is not much isolation. If you’re playing sports with others, they may hear your earbuds.

      The Sound

      Bose has a reputation for great sound, and they’ve earned it. These have a good frequency response and crisp highs as well as full, well-rounded bass. It’s typical Bose audio quality.

      If you want wired sport headphones, SoundSport Wired are good-quality earbuds from a top brand.

      12. iTeknic BH001 (best battery)

      The longest battery sport earbuds

      If you’re looking for monster battery life in affordable, quality earbuds, these could be your answer.

      Read the full iTeknic BH001 review.

      Type: In-ear
      Connection: Bluetooth
      Water-protection: IPX7 – fully waterproof
      Battery life: Up to 24 hours

      Why Buy These?

      The number one feature of these cheaper workout headphones is the battery life — an incredible 24 hours of listening time.

      It might be hard to believe, but we tested it ourselves, and we really did get 1-day of music on 1 charge (full review).

      Reliable Bluetooth and reasonable stability make these a good option, though they can sometimes fall out of the ears due to larger casing.

      IPX7 protection means you can wear these in all conditions. They make good running headphones due to the fact they can be worn for an extended time and in the rain.

      The Bad

      The fidelity of the audio is not as good as some of the other choices, but this is natural when you think about the price point of these earbuds.

      The fit isn’t top-notch, it can get uncomfortable over long spells.

      The Sound

      The sound is respectable without being spectacular. It is more than good enough for most non-audiophiles and has a decent frequency response with a little boost in bass frequencies.

      Overall, for the cheap price and monstrous battery, iTeknic wireless earbuds have a lot to offer.

      You can read more about the battery in our full review.

      13. Anker SoundBuds Slim+ (best cheap)

      Anker SoundBuds Slim+

      Best cheap option for sport earbuds

      If you need a pair of cheap headphones for sports that can still do the job, the Anker SoundBuds are for you.

      Read the full SoundBuds review.

      Type: In-ear
      Connection: Bluetooth
      Water-protection: IPX7 – fully waterproof
      Battery life: Up to 10 hours

      Why Buy These?

      Though they’re a very cheap option, there’s plenty to like including IPX7 water resistance and ear wings to keep these headphones in place.

      Anker’s SoundBuds Slim+ have a microphone, and in-line volume controls, so you can make or receive calls.

      Ear wings help with stability even during rigorous exercise and generally do a good job.

      A lot of the features are similar to models far more expensive, including impressive 10-hour battery life. That’s plenty of technology above their price tag.

      The Bad

      The bass frequencies can be a bit empty, especially when listening to certain styles of music. Also, we’d say that these earbuds could benefit from more reliable Bluetooth.

      The Sound

      It’s not perfect, these are definitely budget headphones, and you can hear it. But we’d say these wireless earbuds outperform the cheap price with a decent sound quality that won’t disappoint an average user.

      If you’re looking for a dirt-cheap option, the Anker SoundBuds Slim+ are a great option.

      Find out more about the SoundBuds in the full review.

      Honorable Mentions

      Bose SoundSport Pulse – slightly outdated but still solid.

      Jaybird Tarah –  Cost almost the same as X4 but have worse battery life and more basic eartips.

      VAVA Moov 28 – Cheap waterproof wireless earbuds, a good alternative.

      Senso Bluetooth earbuds – Ear hook earbuds with Bluetooth that are popular because of their dirt-cheap price.