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48+ iPhone Users & Sales Statistics (New Data 2024)

Last updated: 11 months ago
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There are almost 1.6 billion iPhone users worldwide, and the number keeps growing.

iPhone sales bring around half of Apple’s revenue, with the United States being the biggest market.

Find more:

  • How many iPhone models were among the top 10 selling smartphones?
  • Which iPhone is the third most sold phone in history?

Get your answer and other fascinating iPhone facts down below.

iPhone in hands

How many people use iPhones

Percentage of iPhone users in the US

How many iPhones have been sold

What was iPhone’s revenue per year

How many iPhones are there in the world

Apple App Store downloads (per year)

There have been 13 iPhone series that have made Apple the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world if we look at sales.

iPhone Statistics (Top Picks)

  • There are almost 1.6 billion users of iPhones in the world.
  • 124.7 million iPhone users are in the US alone.
  • iPhones have a 23% global market share, with a bigger 46.9% market share in the US.
  • Apple shipped 224.7 million iPhones globally in 2022, 13.2 million less than in 2021.
  • Apple earned $197 billion from selling iPhones in 2021, which represents 52.1% of the total company’s revenue.
  • iPhone 6 sold 222.4 million units and is the third most successful phone in terms of sales in history.
  • Seven iPhones were among the top 10 best-selling smartphones of 2021.

How Many People Use iPhones?

  • Almost 1.6 billion people use iPhones in 2023.

In 2020, the number of iPhone users worldwide reached 1 billion for the first time. Today, it’s closing towards 2 billion if the trend continues.

Here’s a breakdown of how many people use iPhones:

YearNumber of active
iPhone users worldwide
20231.74 billion (estimate)
20221.57 billion
20211.2 billion
20201 billion
2019948 million
2018888 million
2017814 million
2016710 million
2015569 million
2014442 million
2013329 million
2012206 million
2011115 million
201060 million
200928 million
200811 million
(Above Avalon)

What country has the most iPhone users?

Japan has the most iPhone users per region (70%).

It’s followed by North America (US & Canada) with 56%, and Sweden with 54%.

CountryPercentage of
iPhone users
(Finances Online)

Bangladesh and Madagascar have the least number of iPhone users.

iPhone mobile phone users only represent 1% in those two countries.

CountryPercentage of
iPhone users
(Finances Online)

As of 2017, there are fewer new iPhone users compared to iPhone upgraders.

iPhone upgrader is someone who already owned an iPhone and upgraded to a new model.

Less people decide to switch to iPhone compared to the years before 2017. Now the majority of iPhones represent previous owners who wish to upgrade.

(Above Avalon)

How many Americans use iPhones?

There are 124.7 million iPhone users in the US in 2022.

In 2021, 116.3 million Americans had an iPhone. In 2020, that number was 113.5 million.

YearNumber of iPhone
users in the US
2022124.7 million
2021116.3 million
2020113.5 million
(Statista) (eMarketer)

How many UK iPhone users are there?

In the UK, there are 19.7 million iPhone users.

There are 19.7 million users in the UK

However, Android smartphones are still in the lead, representing 28.9 million users.

Meaning Apple has a 40.4% market share in the UK, whereas Android has a 59.4% share.


iPhone Market Share

  • Apple’s iPhone global market share was 23% in Q4 2022.
Quarter of the yeariPhone’s global market share
Q4 202223%
Q3 202216%
Q2 202216%
Q1 202218%
Q4 202122%
Q3 202114%
Q2 202115%
Q1 202117%
Q4 202021%
Q3 202011%
Q2 202014%
Q1 202014%
Q4 201918%
Q3 201912%
Q2 201910%
Q1 201912%
(Counterpoint 2)

iPhone market share in China?

Apple iPhone’s market share in China was 16% in 2021.

That represents 47% year-on-year growth.

In Q4 2021, the total market share was 23% (with a 32% year-on-year growth rate).

How many Chinese have iPhones?

Around 107 million Chinese use iPhones, that’s more than 73.7 million in 2020.

Here’s a table of smartphone market share in China in 2021 & 2020:

BrandMarket share
in Q4 2022
Market share
in 2021
Market share
in 2020
(Counterpoint, Counterpoint 11)

Percentage of iPhone users in the US

48.7% of smartphone users in the US had an iPhone in 2022.

The market share is slowly but constantly rising.

YearPercentage of US users
(Statista 2)

iPhone vs. Android market share

Apple’s iPhone has 23% of the global market share, whereas the remaining belongs to Android and other small mobile operating systems.

(Counterpoint 2)

How many people have iPhones vs. Android?

In the US, more people (51.4%) used Apple iOS than Android smartphones in November 2022.

However, the market share gap isn’t that big, with Android following right behind with a 48.2% share.

Apple iPhone market share in the US:

Quarter of the yeariOS smartphone
US market share
November 202251.4%
June 202252.7%
January 202251.2%
November 202151.9%
May 202152%
January 202152.4%
November 202049.6%
May 202052.4%
September 201947.4%
(Statista 10)

Around 50% of smartphones shipped in the US in Q3 2022 were iPhones.

Here is an updated table of the iPhone’s shipments market share in the US:

Quarter of the yeariPhone shipments
market share in the US
Q3 202250%
Q2 202248%
Q1 202250%
Q4 202156%
Q3 202147%
Q2 202153%
Q1 202155%
Q4 202065%
Q3 202040%
Q2 202046%
Q1 202046%
Q4 201949%
Q3 201942%
Q2 201941%
Q1 201939%
(Counterpoint 12)

Markets with the smallest iOS smartphone share are Asia, Africa, and South America.

RegioniPhone market share
South America10%

iPhone Demographic Statistics

  • Females represent 51% of iPhone users in 2019.

The remaining 49% are men.

(Statista 3)

Most common iPhone user age group

44% of iPhone users in 2019 came from the 16-24 age group.

Around 30% of users in the same group prefer Android.

(Statista 4)

Approximately 30% of iPhone users in the US also own an Apple Watch.

(Counterpoint 8)

Here are more Apple Watch statistics.

How Many iPhones Have Been Sold So Far?

  • The estimates are that more than 2.4 billion iPhones have been sold since the release and up to 2023.

Apple shipped 70 million iPhones in Q4 2022.

That’s 11.9 million less than in Q4 2021 (81.9 million) and in Q4 2020 (81.9 million). In Q1 2022, Apple shipped only 59 million units.

Ever since 2011, the huge increase in Q4 of every year is common for Apple.

Quarter of the yearShipped iPhonesGlobal smartphone
shipment share
Q4 202270 million23%
Q3 202249.2 million16%
Q2 202246.5 million16%
Q1 202259.0 million18%
Q4 202181.9 million22%
Q3 202148.0 million14%
Q2 202148.9 million15%
Q1 202159.5 million17%
Q4 202081.9 million21%
Q3 202041.7 million11%
Q2 202037.5 million14%
Q1 202040.0 million14%
Q4 201972.3 million18%
Q3 201944.8 million12%
Q2 201936.5 million10%
Q1 201942.0 million12%
Q4 201865.9 million17%
Q3 201846.9 million12%
Q2 201841.3 million11%
Q1 201852.2 million14%
Q4 201777.3 million18%
Q3 201746.7 million12%
Q2 201741.0 million11%
Q1 201750.8 million14%
(Counterpoint 2)

iPhone shipments

In 2022, 224.7 million units of iPhones were shipped globally.

There are 19.7 million users in the UK

That is 13.2 million units less compared to the record number of iPhone shipments for Apple in 2021.

YeariPhones shipped globallyDifference
2022224.7 million-5.5%
2021237.9 million+18.3%
2020201.1 million+2.8%
2019195.6 million-5.1%
2018206.2 million-4.4%
2017215.8 million+0.3%
2016215.2 million-7%
2015231.5 million+20.2%
2014192.6 million+25.5%
2013153.4 million+12.9%
2012135.8 million+46%
201193 million+95.8%
201047.5 million+90.7%
200924.9 million+90.1%
200813.1 million+254%
20073.7 million/
(Counterpoint 3)

Apple plans to produce 220 million iPhones in 2022.


iPhone Revenue

What was iPhone revenue per year?

Apple earned $196.3 billion in 2022 from iPhone sales.

Revenue from iPhone sales per year

That means Apple earned exactly the same from iPhone sales as in 2021.

YearRevenue from iPhone salesDifference
2022$196.3 billion-0.3%
2021$197 billion+34.9%
2020$146 billion+0.7%
2019$145 billion-7%
2018$156 billion+4.7%
2017$149 billion/
(Counterpoint 4, Counterpoint 9)

Apple has sold 1.5 billion iPhones since its introduction in 2007.

In Q4 2022, Apple made $42.63 billion in revenue from selling iPhones.

(Statista 6)

Apple predicts $4 billion to $8 billion lesser sales in Q1 2022 due to epidemic lockdowns on production lines in China.

(Bloomberg 2)

Read similar data on AirPods revenue.

What percentage of Apple’s revenue come from iPhone sales?

iPhone sales represented 49.8% of total Apple’s revenue in 2022.

YearApple revenueiPhone sales
Percentage of
Apple’s revenue
from iPhone’s sales
2022$394.33 billion$196.3 billion49.8%
2021$378.35 billion$197 billion52.1%
2020$294.13 billion$146 billion49.6%
2019$267.68 billion$145 billion54.2%
2018$261.61 billion$156 billion59.6%
2017$239.17 billion$149 billion62.3%
(Macrotrends) (Counterpoint 4)

iPhone sales by model – What are the top-selling iPhone models?

iPhone 6 is the best-selling Apple smartphone, with 222.4 million units sold.

iPhone 6 is the best selling iPhone of all time with over 222 million units sold

It’s also the third best-selling smartphone of all time.

The next is the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, with 174.1 million units sold.

(TheStreet) (Telegraph)

RankingiPhone modelUnits sold
1.iPhone 6 & 6 Plus222.4 million
2.iPhone 6S & 6S Plus174.1 million
3.iPhone 5S164.5 million
4.iPhone 7159.9 million
5.iPhone 11 (all versions)159.2 million
6.iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR151.1 million
7.iPhone 5146.2 million
8.iPhone 8 & 8 Plus124.7 million
(TheStreet) (Telegraph) (Wikipedia)

iPhone’s average selling price in the US

iPhone’s expected average selling price in the US is $944.

In 2020, the average selling price was $809.

YeariPhone’s average
selling price in the US
Q4 2022 (forecast)$944
Q4 2021$873
(Financial Times)

On the other hand, the average global selling price is $825, which is 14% higher than a year before.

(Counterpoint 4)

How Many iPhones are There in the World?

  • From 2007 to 2018, Apple sold 2.2 billion iPhones worldwide.
Apple sold more than 2.2 billion iPhones worldwide

Since Apple doesn’t share its sales numbers anymore, there’s no official data after 2018.


What percentage of phones are iPhones?

iPhones hold 23% of the global market share as of Q4 2022.

(Counterpoint 2)

What are the best-selling smartphones in 2022?

5 out of 10 best-selling smartphones in April 2022 globally were iPhones.

Apple iPhone 13 was the best-selling smartphone in April 2022. It now has a 5.5% market share.

RankingSmartphone modelMarket share in April 2022
1.iPhone 135.5%
2.iPhone 13 Pro Max3.4%
3.iPhone 13 Pro1.8%
4.iPhone 121.6%
5.Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G1.5%
6.Samsung Galaxy A131.4%
7.iPhone SE 20221.4%
8.Samsung Galaxy A03 Core1.4%
9.Samsung Galaxy A53 5G1.3%
10.Redmi Note 11 LTE1.3%
(Counterpoint 5)

Apple held the largest global smartphone market share in Q4 2020.

Smartphone market share in Q4 2020:

BrandMarket share in Q4 2020Market share in Q1 2020
(Finances Online)

Do People Buy More iPhones or Android Smartphones?

  • Android smartphones are still more popular worldwide.

However, in some markets like the US, iPhones already represent the majority of smartphone purchases.


  • Apple iPhone leads in premium smartphone market.

60% of all premium smartphone purchases in 2021 are iPhones.

Premium brand20202021Q2 2022
(Couterpoint 6, Counterpoint 10)

iOS market share vs. Android market share worldwide

iOS holds a 27.63% global market share in January 2023, compared to Android’s 71.74%.

Here’s a table of mobile operating system market share in January 2023:

Mobile operating systemGlobal market share
Samsung OS0.35%

In Europe, iOS has a 35.87% share, while Android has a 63.58% share.

Mobile operating systemEU market share
Samsung OS0.5%

iOS market share vs. Android market share in the US

iOS is the leading OS in the US, representing 57.78% of the market in January 2023.

Android owns 41.84% of the market, with only 0.36% representing alternative operating systems.

Mobile operating systemUS market share
Samsung OS0.28%

iOS covers 54.1% of the North American market, whereas Android has 45.6% of the market.

Mobile operating systemNorth American market share
Samsung OS0.31%

What version of iOS is most used right now?

31.19% of global users have iOS 16.1, while only 19.91% have (currently) the latest version, 16.2.

The data is from January 2023, so the numbers might be different.

iOS versionPeople using
the version globally
In the USIn EUIn Asia
iOS 16.219.91%21.94%20.53%17.3%
iOS 16.131.19%36.4%33.47%23.5%
iOS 1611.38%10.63%13.39%10.58%
iOS 15.76.05%4.01%5.61%8.52%
iOS 15.612.08%13.2%11.63%11.24%
iOS 15.53%2.48%2.6%3.96%
(Statcounter 2)

How many Apple users have an iPhone?

While there are no exact Apple user numbers, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook claims there are over 2 billion active Apple devices worldwide in Q1 2023.

In 2022, there were 1.57 billion active iPhones.

Not all Apple devices are iPhones; under devices, we count Apple Watches and iPads.

(MacRumors 2, Apple)

Apple App Store Downloads

  • In 2022, 32.6 billion apps were installed on iOS devices worldwide.

That represents a 0.9% increase in downloads over 2021.

Throughout 2022, Google Play accounted for 125.9 billion downloads, 93.3 billion more than App Store.

Combining downloads from Apple with Android devices from the same time period, that’s 36.5 billion downloads.

Here’s the number of apps downloaded from the App Store, by year:

YearNumber of downloads
from App Store
202232.6 billion+0.9%
202132.3 billion-6.1%
202034.4 billion+12%
201930.7 billion+3.7%
201829.6 billion+6.5%
201727.8 billion+6.9%
201626 billion/
(Sensor Tower, Sensor Tower 3, Sensor Tower 4, Sensor Tower 5)
  • The first quarter of 2022 also saw the record in-app spending, with global numbers reaching $32.5 billion.
Annual spending in the App Store per year

Users spent $21.8 billion (a 5.8% increase over last year) in the App Store, whereas Google Play users spent $10.7 billion (-8.5% decrease over the previous year).

In Q1 2021, App Store users spent $20.6 billion, whereas Google Play users spent $11.7 billion.

Comparing the App Store and Google Play users, those using Apple are willing to spend much more.

YearAmount spent
in App Store
2021$85.1 billion
2020$72.3 billion
2019$55.5 billion
2018$46.6 billion
(Sensor Tower)

Most downloaded iPhone app

Worldwide, WhatsApp Messenger was the most downloaded app for iPhone in February 2022, generating 10.2 million downloads.

Wordle was the close second with 10.18 million downloads.

(Statista 7)

Wordle! was the most downloaded app for iPhone in the US in February 2022, accounting for 6.5 million downloads.

The second one was TikTok, with 4.4 million downloads.

(Statista 7)

Most popular iPhone apps worldwide in 2022, by revenue.

AppApp’s revenue
TikTok$37.66 million
Tinder$23.68 million
Honor of Kings$22.27 million
Uma Musume
Pretty Derby
$19.56 million
Game for Peace$18.49 million
Genshin Impact$17.64 million
Monster Strike$16.59 million
Dragon Ball Z
Dokkan Battle
$15.90 million
Roblox$15.49 million
Disney+$14.9 million
(Statista 8)

iOS users downloaded 2.1 billion gaming apps in Q3 2022, the same exact number of downloads as in Q3 2021.

Likewise, Google Play users downloaded 11.6 billion gaming apps in Q3 2022 and Q3 2021.

DownloadsQ3 2022Q1 2022Q1 2021
App Store2.1 billion2.3 billion2.3 billion
Google Play11.6 billion12.1 billion11.8 billion
(Sensor Tower, Sensor Tower 2)

App Store users spent $12.9 billion on gaming apps in Q1 2022.

That’s a -2.3% decrease over the last year.

On the other hand, Google Play users spent $8.1 billion (an -13.8 decrease over the last year).

In-app spendingQ3 2022Q1 2022Q1 2021
App Store$11.9 billion$12.9 billion$13.2 billion
Google Play$7.4 billion$8.1 billion$9.4 billion
(Sensor Tower, Sensor Tower 2)

What country is the largest iOS market for apps?

The United States are the biggest iOS app market in terms of downloads.

63% of all app downloads in the US (App Store and Google Play combined) come from App Store.

The second biggest market for iOS apps is Japan, with 61% of downloads coming from the App Store in 2019.

Followed by the UK, where iOS app downloads represent 50% of all app downloads.

In other countries, Google Play downloads are still prevalent.


Here’s a table of App Store vs. Google Play downloads per country:

CountryDownloads from
App Store
Downloads from
Google Play
United States63%37%
United Kingdom50%50%

Most downloaded iOS apps rankings 2022

TikTok was the most downloaded app on the App Store in Q4 2022.

7.VooV Meeting
8.Google Maps
(Sensor Tower 5)

Top-grossing apps in the App Store in Q3 2022.

8.HBO Max
9.QQ Music
10.LINE Manga
(Sensor Tower 2)

Most downloaded gaming app in the App Store in Q4 2022.

1.Subway Surfers
4.Egg Party
5.PUBG: Mobile
6.FIFA Mobile
7.Stumble Guys
9.Call of Duty: Mobile
(Sensor Tower 5)

Top-grossing gaming apps in the App Store in Q3 2022.

1.Honor of Kings
2.PUBG Mobile
3.Genshin Impact
4.Candy Crush Saga
5.Diablo Immortal
7.3 Kingdoms Tactics
8.Fate/Grand Order
9.Fantasy WW Journey
10.Uma Musume
(Sensor Tower 2)

The first iPhone was launched in 2007.

It came in 4GB and 8GB versions. Next year’s iPhone 3G already offered 16GB storage capacity.

YeariPhones released
2008iPhone 3G
2009iPhone 3GS
2010iPhone 4
2011iPhone 4S
2012iPhone 5
2013iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C
2014iPhone 6, 6+
2015iPhone 6S, 6S+
2016iPhone 7, 7+
2017iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X
2018iPhone XS, XS Max, XR
2019iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
2020iPhone 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max
2021iPhone 13 Mini, 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max
2022iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max

Read more:


iPhone sales represent around half of Apple’s revenue, and Apple is making sure it’s doing well, reaching into new regions to grow its market share even further.

With more than 1.6 billion iPhone users worldwide, you can be sure to see some even more fascinating facts and iPhone stats about Apple’s smartphone.

Do you have an iPhone? Will you keep using iPhones or have you tried switching to Android?

Let us know down in the comments.

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  1. These statistics are so inaccurate xD Are they from 2010 or what? “Percentage of iPhone users in Poland = 2%” ? I live in Poland and I would say 40%


    1. Hi Jacob,

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      Since globablly iPhone has 23% market share, the odds of your estimate being correct is pretty low.


  2. Hi Matija,

    Then bloomberg is wrong too. I live in Poland and you or bloomshit will not tell me how many people use iPhones here xD Poland iPhone users percentage is about 11-13 %. Check stats on other webpages if you don’t believe me 😉


    1. This is Bloomberg data, so you should take the issue up with them.
      Besides, your personal experience or opinion is not data.
      I understand you want a higher percentage of iPhone users for Poland, but changing data based on opinion would be disingenius.


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