8 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $100

Last updated: 2 months ago, Nov. 5. 2020
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    Get the best true wireless earbuds under $100 that offer much more than their price suggests.

    Comparison: The Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $100

      RatingPriceBattery Life 

    Cambridge Audio Melomania 1
    best overall
    8 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $1004.1$1009h per charge
    45h in total
    1MORE Stylish
    8 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $1004.1$646h per charge
    30h in total
    Aukey Key Series T10
    best design
    8 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $1004.0$906h per charge
    24h in total
    Creative Outlier Gold
    best build
    8 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $1003.8$8114h per charge
    39h in total
    Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2
    best microphone
    8 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $1004.3$1007h per charge
    28h in total
    Aukey EP-N5
    best noise-cancelling
    8 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $1004.4$707.5h per charge
    35h in total
    Lypertek TEVI8 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $1004.3$9010h per charge
    70h in total
    1MORE ColorBuds8 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $1004.6$1006h per charge
    22h in total

    Not long ago, the only true wireless earbuds worth considering were the top premium models. Going cheap meant living with subpar sounding alternative, with even worse battery life. Fortunately, many things have changed in the past few years. You can now get excellent TWS earbuds under $100 price tag, that can easily compare with their wired siblings.

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      Why You Should Go True Wireless?

      You don’t need to bother with cables ever again except when charging them. Walking around without dangling wires gives you perfect freedom. Suddenly, you’re free to do so many things without worry about that annoying cable. You won’t want to go back.

      True wireless earbuds often come with new features, like Ambiental awareness, active noise-cancellation, and proximity sensors. There are far more pros than cons compared to wired solutions.

      And last but not least, sound quality has gone up exponentially in the past few years. While many true wireless earbuds under $100 don’t offer ANC and other fancy features from the best premium models, they can sometimes exceed the audio quality from products twice the price.

      We made a list of 8 best true wireless earbuds under $100 you can buy right now. They all offer unique features so that you can find the perfect TWS earbuds for your needs.

      What to Look in True Wireless Earbuds?

      Reliable connection

      Because you rely on radio waves to transmit the signal from a transmitting device to your earbuds, the connection needs to be reliable. While Bluetooth version 4.2 is still quite good, for better stability and range, try to pick earbuds with version 5.0. Better to be sure than to suffer random stutters.


      Try to look for earbuds with ergonomic design. You can also check reviews and forums to see what others say about your favorite true wireless earbuds. Since all the tech (chipset, battery, driver) is cramped inside the housing, it’s usually bigger and heavier. Therefore, comfort in in-ear headphones is crucial.


      Since you’re going wireless, you can do many more things than before, like working out and running. You want your earbuds to be at least sweat-resistant. The higher the IPX rating, the calmer you can be that water won’t cause any damage.


      You don’t have to give up on the sound just because you’re looking for earbuds under $100. You can get quality audio performance at this price. Specific buds can even outperform higher-priced models, giving you more enjoyable, and in some cases, more detailed sound.

      8 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $100

      1. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 – best overall

      Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 earbuds with case

      Having a long tradition of making great audio equipment, Cambridge Audio made excellent sounding best true wireless earbuds under $100.

      Type: True wireless
      Water-resistance: IPX5
      Battery life: 9 hours, 36 hours in the case
      Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

      Why Buy These?

      Melomania 1 comes packed inside a sleek charging case. Earbuds are made from hard plastic and rock a bullet-shape design. Despite that, they’re very comfortable to wear, causing no pressure points that could irritate your ears.

      If you need wireless earbuds for both music and workout, these can do it all. With an IPX5 rating, you don’t have to worry about sweat damage, and you can even take them outside on a rainy day.

      Earbuds boast an impressive battery life of 9 hours on a single charge, with an additional 36 hours inside a case. They also support aptX for better audio transmission.

      The Bad

      Micro-USB is a bit old by now. The fit isn’t the most stable during movement.

      The Sound

      You get very natural sound. All frequencies are nicely balanced to give you a very faithful music reproduction. These sound great for all music genres, but bassheads might be a bit disappointed.

      For under $100, these do a fantastic job at sounding good. If you need excellent sound quality, superb battery, and water-resistance on top of it, these are your best pick for your next true wireless earbuds.

      Check the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 review

      2. 1MORE Stylish – runner-up

      1More Stylish

      Wonderful-looking earbuds tuned by an award-winning sound engineer.

      Type: True wireless
      Water-resistance: n/a
      Battery life: 6 hours, 24 hours in the case
      Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

      Why Buy These?

      They come with AAC and aptX, which is excellent news for both iOS and Android users. As expected, there is no visible video lag, with stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection. You also get a 1MORE app where you can update firmware and tweak the EQ.

      Stylish buds provide excellent comfort while also grabbing your ears securely thanks to built-in ear flaps. You can also use them to work out. 1MORE says they can survive excess sweating, despite no official IPX rating for water-resistance.

      You’re getting decent battery life of 6 hours per single charge, with extra 24 hours with the case. Since the case is very compact, you can easily place it in your pocket.

      The Bad

      Passive noise isolation could be better since they’re in-ear headphones.

      Microphone quality is subpar.

      The Sound

      With titanium composite drivers tuned by Luca Bignardi, these produce a very entertaining sound that will please most casual listeners. It’s very bass-emphasized, with a slightly subdued treble. You can change the audio a bit inside the mobile app.

      1MORE Stylish are worthy of consideration if you enjoy a lot of bass, and you need comfortable in-ear headphones for everyday use.

      3. Aukey Key Series T10 – best design

      Aukey T10 buds

      Best true wireless earbuds for sports activities with award-winning design.

      Check our full Aukey Key Series T10 review

      Type: True wireless
      Water-resistance: IPX5
      Battery life: 6 hours, 18 hours in the case
      Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

      Why Buy These?

      While most other charging cases open up, here, you need to twist the lid to reveal the earbuds. The matte color finish complements well to the metallic ring around the physical button. T10 really do offer a premium user experience.

      You can wear these for hours on end without experiencing fatigue. Even though the buds are quite big, they don’t fall out easily, thanks to the ear fin design. You can choose from 3 different sizes of fins and tips.

      Battery life is also quite good, offering you around 6 hours of playtime, with another 18 hours stored inside the case. You can charge them either via USB-C or on a wireless charging station.

      The Bad

      There is no equalizer, so you have to be content with the audio you’re getting out of the box.

      The Sound

      Thankfully the sound quality is better than expected for TWS earbuds in this price range. They provide a balanced sound signature, without a bass boost. While this is good for home listening, sportspeople might want a bit more punch.

      Price has gone down quite a bit, making Aukey T10 an excellent pick.

      4. Creative Outlier Gold – best build

      Creative Outlier Gold true wireless earbuds

      Outstanding battery performance and build quality make these true wireless earbuds stand out.

      Type: True wireless
      Water-resistance: IPX5
      Battery life: 14 hours, 25 hours in the case
      Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

      Why Buy These?

      The most impressive thing about these is the battery life. You can listen to them for 14 hours on a single charge, making them top performers in their price range. You’re also getting another 25 hours from the chunky charging case made of aluminum.

      They’re equipped with IPX5, meaning you can wear these at the gym without a problem. Creative Outlier Gold also work well on Android and iOS devices (support for AAC and aptX codecs).

      Earbuds are very comfortable and stay securely inside your ears regardless of what you’re doing. To amplify the audio experience, there is a Super X-Fi app from where you can enable virtual surround sound.

      The Bad

      Super X-Fi audio options are somewhat limited.

      The Sound

      Small 5.6mm drivers can deliver a very balanced sound, without any frequency peaks or sibilance that might annoy you. However, if you like energetic sound, look elsewhere. These are overall smooth and better for casual listening rather than dancing around.

      If you crave a smooth, enjoyable sound quality, great battery, and durability, you should check Creative Outlier Gold in-ear headphones.

      5. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 – best microphone

      Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 true wireless earbuds

      A fantastic pick for users who take a lot of phone calls.

      Type: True wireless
      Water-resistance: IPX5
      Battery life: 7 hours, 21 hours in the case
      Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

      Why Buy These?

      Soundcore Liberty Air 2 should be on top of your list if you want great microphones. They come packed with 4 mics, which can catch your voice with great clarity, while also reducing plenty of background noise.

      You’re also getting tons of other useful features baked inside the mobile app. For example, a sensor for automatic pause, 22 EQ presets, and HearID. The latter measure your ears and create a custom tuning just for you.

      You also can’t be too disappointed with their battery, giving you around 7 hours of playtime. There is an additional 21 hours in the case, which supports quick and wireless charging if you need more.

      The Bad

      No multipoint support for those who want to connect Soundcore Liberty Air 2’s with multiple devices.

      The Sound

      Not the most accurate out there, but thankfully you can tweak the audio inside the app. As mentioned, you can choose from 22 EQ presets, as well as activating HearID. That way, you can make these earbuds perform just the way you like.

      While Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 are excellent at microphone quality, you can also appreciate their feature-packed app and great battery life.

      6. Aukey EP-N5 – best noise-cancelling

      Aukey EP-N5 inside the case

      AirPods Pro lookalike with excellent comfort and thick, punchy bass for much less money.

      Check our full Aukey EP-N5 review

      Type: True wireless
      Water-resistance: IPX5
      Battery life: 7.5 hours, 27.5 hours in the case
      Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

      Why Buy These?

      These are built well, with a design that is strikingly similar to Apple AirPods Pro. Even the fit is the same, with earbuds barely pushing inside the ear canal. While that makes them extremely comfortable, they lack in noise isolation.

      Fortunately, to compensate for the shallow fit, EP-N5 come with active noise-cancellation. It works decently at eliminating constant humming noises, but they’re not the best tool for blocking people’s speech.

      You can get through a day with a 7.5-hour battery without ANC. If you turn on ANC, playtime reduces to 5 hours, which is still very respectable.

      The Bad

      Microphone quality is quite bad, not suitable for frequent callers.

      The Sound

      These earbuds will surprise you with their bass quantity. They can pump some serious punch, making overall sound warm and full. Interestingly, the rest of the frequencies don’t suffer that much, remaining clean and smooth.

      Regardless of how similar they are to other in-ear headphones, these are quite impressive for their price. Aukey EP-N5 pack all necessary features to make them worthy of consideration.

      7. Lypertek TEVI

      Lypertek TEVI true wireless earbuds

      Incredible sound quality with a premium design.

      Type: True wireless
      Water-resistance: IPX7
      Battery life: 10 hours, 60 hours in the case
      Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

      Why Buy These?

      Their charging case looks very similar to what Sennheiser is offering in their Momentum True Wireless. It comes with a familiar fabric surrounding the case but in a slightly different shape. When you add earbuds made from rigid plastic and IPX7 water protection, their build quality exceeds their price tag.

      10-hour battery life is downward amazing, with incredible 60 hours left inside the charging case. They also offer quick charging (15 minutes add another 2 hours of playtime).

      To ensure a stable connection, there is Bluetooth 5.0 on board and aptX and AAC. You can also download a mobile app for firmware updates.

      The Bad

      Slight hissing when music is not playing.

      The Sound

      If you’re serious about neutral sound, these are among the best picks in the price range. You’re getting excellent definition across the board, with a slightly brighter treble to amplify the perception of clarity. If “out of the box sound” isn’t to your likings, you can change it inside the mobile app.

      Lypertek is clearly drawing inspiration from Sennheiser when making these in-ear headphones, and they did a fantastic job. They don’t have all the bells and whistles compared to more expensive models, but they offer the best sound quality.

      8. 1MORE ColorBuds

      1MORE ColorBuds true wireless earbuds

      One of the lightest true wireless earbuds for the best comfort.

      Type: True wireless
      Water-resistance: IPX5
      Battery life: 6 hours, 16 hours in the case
      Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

      Why Buy These?

      You get a bunch of ear tips and fins to find yourself a perfect fit. The latter is vital since the housing is so lightweight (4.1g) that you barely feel them in your ears.

      Because they provide such a comfortable fit, you can also use them for running or gym. These earbuds come equipped with IPX5, so you don’t have to worry if you sweat a lot.

      They come in many attractive colors and useful features. Apart from supporting aptX and AAC, there is also a play/pause feature and quick charging. Speaking of the battery, you can expect around 6 hours on a single charge, with extra 16 hours waiting inside a sleek charging case.

      The Bad

      The charging case feels a bit cheap and flimsy.

      The Sound

      These earbuds are also tuned by Luca Bignardi, an award-winning sound engineer. That means that what you’re getting is a balanced sound with a decent bass punch. They’re leaning more towards sounding HiFi. If you need something energetic, maybe look elsewhere.

      1MORE ColorBuds are modern-looking true wireless earbuds that come with excellent comfort, balanced tuning, and an affordable price.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Do All Earbuds Support Ambient Mode?

      Sadly, no. You have to look for a specific model to get this feature since it relies on software to work. However, the manufacturer may add it via a firmware update. But you shouldn’t count on that, especially if your earbuds are already one year old.

      Manufacturers use many different names for it, from “Transparency mode” to “Stay Aware”. They all work similarly by amplifying environmental sounds. That way, you don’t need to put earbuds out of your ears when talking to someone.

      Do True Wireless Earbuds Fall Out?

      True wireless earbuds are surprisingly stable. In most models, you can shake your head like crazy without them falling out. Manufacturers usually decide to make them very ergonomic, with more extended nozzles that go deeper inside your ear.

      Lots of true wireless earbuds also have different ear fins included inside the box. Those fins get stuck inside the outer ear, preventing earbuds from slowly sliding out.