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10 Top Budget Headphone Brands for Cheapskates (New Data)

Last updated: 1 year ago
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These are the most-recommended budget headphone brands by the experts.

Soundcore is the #1 budget headphone brand, EarFun is #2, and Sony is #3. Find more below.

4 top budget headphone brands
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    Top Budget Headphone Brands

    Soundcore is the #1 most recommended brand for cheap, budget headphones.

    Soundcore by Anker logo

    But EarFun is the most recommended headphone brand for cheap, budget earbuds. So, if you’re buying in-ear headphones/earbuds, it’s worth checking out EarFun.

    Soundcore headphones and earbuds were recommended 26 times overall. EarFun came second with 20 mentions in mostly earbud guides. And Sony is 3rd with 15 recommendations.

    Here are the top 10 budget headphone brands according to the experts on the web:

    # of websites
    Headphones=recommendations in cheap headphone guides. Earbuds=recommendations in earbud guides.

    Check the bottom of the article for the full table where we included all the other brands mentioned.

    Methodology: How we decided which are the top cheap and budget headphone brands?

    We have tested hundreds of headphones so far and have a pretty good idea of what headphone brands are on top for cheap headphones. But more heads are better than one.

    So, we checked what brands other audio websites recommend in their cheap headphones buying guides.

    We collected the data from 28 different guides and marked how many times headphones from a brand were recommended. You can find all the data in the table at the bottom of the article.

    Comparison of Popular Budget/Cheap Headphone Brands

    1. Soundcore

    Anker Soundcore Life Q35 on the case
    Anker Soundcore Life Q35 over-ear headphones

    Soundcore by Anker has been the leader in value-for-money headphones for some time. They’re known for good sound and build quality for a reasonable price.

    Their models used to be cheaper, but today you can find the top tier headphones costing $150. Nonetheless, they’re still a great example of what great-value headphones should be.

    Check the Soundcore headphone reviews.

    Price range: $24 – $150


    • Better sound quality than the price suggests
    • Good build quality that compares to expensive brands
    • Ergonomic and comfortable design
    • Intuitive Soundcore app support
    • Lots of high-end features
    • They’ve gotten a bit more expensive
    • Sub-par active noise cancelling (ANC)

    2. EarFun

    EarFun Air Pro 2 on a rock
    EarFun Air Pro 2 true wireless earbuds

    EarFun headphones have won a couple of prominent awards for their design. They’re also gaining praise for their sound quality, which is among the best for budget-oriented headphones.

    They’re mainly focusing on true wireless earbuds and Bluetooth speakers. If you’re looking for true wireless earbuds that offer the most features and good audio quality, then look at EarFun earbuds.

    Price range: $30 – $80


    • Sound quality above their price point
    • Superb active noise cancelling (ANC) for the price
    • Lots of features
    • The EarFun app doesn’t support all models
    • No earcup headphones (over-ear, on-ear)

    3. Sony

    Sony doesn’t need an introduction. They’ve been a prominent player in the headphones market for some time.

    And while they are known for their flagship 1000XM models, they also offer quality budget headphones. Build quality is top-notch for most of their headphones, and that’s especially important in cheap headphones. You’ll just have to dig deeper to find them.

    Their older models are often discounted for ridiculously low prices, wireless under $20 and wired under $10. At the same time, they offer audiophile models costing upwards of $2000, though their consumer range tops at around $400.

    Check the Sony headphone reviews

    Price range: $17 -$400


    • A reputable audio company
    • High build quality
    • Lots of features with the app
    • Top-of-the-line active noise cancelling (ANC)
    • Cheap headphones don’t have the latest app features
    • Low-budget models are usually older

    Sony is also among the top headphone brands for bass.

    The Full List: Top Cheap Headphone Brands

    Here’s the full list of the budget brands:

    # of websites
    Cambridge Audio6336
    Google Pixel Buds5235
    Headphones=recommendations in cheap headphone guides. Earbuds=recommendations in earbud guides.

    We excluded the brands with less than 3 recommendations; otherwise, the list would be too long with 58 different brands.

    The brands that were excluded above but were recommended at least once:

    • Lypertek
    • Grado
    • Lindy
    • HyperX
    • Tribit
    • Apple
    • TOZO
    • Tranya
    • Huawei
    • Amazon Echo Buds
    • FiiO
    • Shure
    • Rode
    • Austrian Audio
    • Mpow
    • iFrogz
    • Corsair
    • JVC
    • Jaybird
    • Razer
    • Behringer
    • Status Audio
    • KRK
    • OneOdio
    • Philips
    • TaoTronics
    • Linsoul Tin
    • Samson
    • Monoprice
    • CCA
    • FIIL
    • Moondrop
    • Xiaomi
    • Nothing Ear
    • Asus
    • Samsung


    Which brand is the best for budget headphones?

    Soundcore is the best brand for budget headphones, according to experts. Soundcore headphones are the #1 most often recommended in buying guides of low-priced headphones.

    What brand is the best for cheap earbuds?

    The best brand for budget earbuds is EarFun. Their award-winning earbuds come with the latest technology, effective ANC, excellent sound quality and cost under $80.

    What are the cheapest quality headphones in the world?

    The cheapest quality headphones in the world come from Soundcore, EarFun, Sony, JLab, and Sennheiser. Their headphones and earbuds are consistently winning spots in online guides.

    Is JBL a good budget brand?

    JBL is a good brand for cheap, budget headphones. According to experts, it ranks #8 among the top budget headphone brands. Their headphones are regularly recommended as great value-for-money buys.

    Read more:


    The brands listed in this article have been recommended by experts as the best cheap options on the market. You can’t go wrong with the top 3.

    In conclusion, cheap headphones don’t have to be bad if you look at the right brands. When you consider audio quality, comfort, durability, and features, you can find cheap headphones that compare to more expensive alternatives.

    Now that you know which brands are the best for budget headphones. Do you agree with the expert opinion?

    And if you’re looking for quality low-priced headphones, check our guides:

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