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Guides on best headphones right now. Headphone guides here will give you a good idea about your top options. They cover many types including headphones (earbuds) for sports, noise-cancelling, gaming, wireless, and for a budget. We make sure they're updated regularly with the newest headphone models that best fit specific needs.

Best Audiophile Headphones

What are the top audiophile headphones everybody praises right now. If you want to start with your high-end audio journey, start with these cans.

| 8 min read

Best Headphones for Mixing

Mixing headphones often need to be different from regular studio headphones. Find what models are best suited for mixing and mastering.

| 6 min read

The Best Studio Headphones in 2020

Find out the most popular and proven studio headphones for professional or home workroom. Use the same headphones that pros use to create famous music.

| 7 min read

Best Gaming Earbuds in 2021

What are the best gaming earbuds for mobile gaming? Find the leading models that will upgrade your portable consoles to a new level.

| 6 min read

Best Wireless Headphones for TV

Find the best wireless headphones for TV that sound better than TV speakers. Also, learn what you need to use your Bluetooth headphones for watching TV.

| 6 min read