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8 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under $100

Last updated: 3 months ago
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Here are the best noise cancelling headphones under $100 you can get today. We tested their ANC (see tests) and examined audio quality, comfort, battery life, mic clarity, and more.

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Rating Price Battery Connection Mic & Controls More info
Under $80
60 hours (ANC off)
Bluetooth 5.0 & 3.5mm
OneOdio A30 Runner-up
OneOdio A30
Under $70
25 hours (ANC off)
Bluetooth 5.0 & 3.5mm
Treblab Z2 Best for sports
Treblab Z2 wireless headphones
Under $90
35 hours (ANC off)
Bluetooth 5.0 & 3.5mm
1MORE SonoFlow Great value
1MORE SonoFlow
Under $100
60+ hours (ANC on)
Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.5mm
Edifier W240TN Best true wireless for ANC
Edifier W240TN
Under $80
7 hours + 14h in case (ANC off)
Bluetooth 5.0
EarFun Free Pro 2 True wireless alternative
EarFun Free Pro 2
Under $80
5 hours + 20h in case (ANC on)
Bluetooth 5.2
Panasonic RP-HTX90N Best design
Panasonic RP-HTX90N wireless noise-cancelling headphones
Under $80
24 hours (ANC off)
Bluetooth 4.2 & 3.5mm port
Under $50
30 hours (ANC on)
Bluetooth 5.0 & 3.5mm
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    You can stop your search for the best noise-canceling headphones under 100 dollars now. We’ve scoured all the available resources to come up with this list of the best ones.

    You may have been perusing the internet, getting sucked into the vortex of YouTube, and forgetting what you were looking for. Your search is over.

    We also don’t like to spend ridiculous amounts of money on best headphones, so we made this guide.

    Here are the best quality ANC cans your money can buy – and it’s not always about the fancy brand names.


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    Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under $100

    1. Anker Soundcore Life Q30

    1st-place BEST ANC HEADPHONES UNDER $100
    Anker Soundcore Life Q30 in a bush

    Anker Life Q30 are the best noise cancelling headphones under $100 with app support.

    Anker Soundcore Life Q30 review

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: 40mm
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 16-40.000Hz
    Type: Over-ear | Battery life: 60h (40h with ANC) | Wireless range: 65ft (20m) | Noise cancelling: Yes, hybrid | Charging: 2h + Quick charge – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: No | Features: ANC, ambient mode, multipoint, mobile app with EQ, NFC
    • Excellent sound quality (after EQ)
    • Great ANC with 3 modes
    • Comfortable fit
    • Companion app with EQ
    • Outstanding battery life
    • The bass isn't very fast
    • Looks bulky on your head

    Hear the Anker Soundcore Life Q30 ANC Test:

    Anker Soundcore Life Q30 ANC Test – HeadphonesAddict

    Bass lovers can enjoy a powerful bass impact with overall natural tonality in the mid-range and treble.

    In-app EQ customization, you can bring their audio quality to an almost neutral sound. That brings out even more detail in your favorite tunes, which start to sound great.

    There are 3 different ANC modes, each made for a specific occasion. In general, the active noise-cancelling performance is outstanding, especially in the price range. It can rival the likes of Sony WH-1000XM4 and Bose 700.

    These wireless headphones support multipoint, which is useful if you use multiple devices at home.

    They’re also very comfortable to wear for long listening sessions and boast impressive 60 hours of playback (fast charging adds 4 hours in 5 minutes of charging). If they run dry, you can still use them with an audio cable.

    2. OneOdio A30

    OneOdio A30 on a branch

    Active noise cancelling was once a domain of the more expensive headphones. Thanks to audio brands like OneOdio, you can get a good ANC performance at the $60 price point.

    OneOdio A30 review

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: 40mm dynamic
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz
    Type: Over-ear | Battery life: 25h (ANC off), 15h (ANC on) | Wireless range: 33ft (10m) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: 2.5h – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: None | Features: Foldable & rotatable cups, AUX port
    • Great, clean sound
    • Excellent call quality
    • Good comfort & fit
    • Decent ANC performance
    • Foldable & rotatable earcups
    • Sibilance can get annoying
    • Not fully over-ear earpads
    • Hissing noise when you enable ANC

    Hear the OneOdio A30 ANC Test:

    OneOdio A30 ANC Test – HeadphonesAddict

    If you like a punchier, V-shaped sound signature, leave noise canceling off. Otherwise, enabling active noise cancelling flattens the bass and makes the response much clearer. Although, some might find it a bit too bright or possibly sibilant.

    Nevertheless, these are surely the best ANC headphones for sound quality at this price point.

    As for noise cancellation, the A30 can reduce a fair amount of background noise. As with most budget headphones, these, too, work best with lower frequencies.

    Over-ears are made well and have a generous amount of padding. That comes in handy since they tend to sit on your ears instead of around them.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that these noise-canceling headphones are a great choice for voice calls. Mics can capture your voice clearer than more expensive headphones.


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    3. Treblab Z2

    Treblab Z2 ANC headphones

    Treblab Z2 budget headphones have a lot going on, from punchy sound, sweat resistance, and noise-canceling technology, all for a reasonably low price.

    Treblab Z2 review

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: 40mm
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz
    Type: Over-ear | Battery life: 35h (ANC on), 20h+ (ANC off) | Wireless range: 33ft (10m) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: 3h – Micro-USB | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX | Water resistance: IPX4 | Features: ANC, 3.5mm port, multipo supportint
    • Comfortable, plush earpads
    • Great noise isolation
    • Good build quality
    • IPX4 water-protection
    • Great sound performance
    • Hard carrying case
    • 35-hour battery life
    • Micro-USB port
    • Average ANC performance
    • Earpads get a bit sweaty

    Turn ANC off and the sound profile gets quite bass-heavy, suitable for hip hop, EDM, etc. While it can be enjoyable to most people, not everyone will like the bass covering all the fine details.

    On the other hand, when noise canceling is on, the audio quality gets cleaner and tighter, but the bass is almost gone.

    Expect around 35 hours of battery life (20 hours with ANC), while it takes 3 hours for a full charge (sadly still uses Micro-USB charging cable).

    Active noise reduction depth, on top of already good passive isolation, is pretty good and it makes sure you don’t have to live with ambient noise around you. It does a decent job eliminating air conditioning and other constant noises.

    Fit is also above-average. They’re IPX4 water-resistant, similar to some of the best workout headphones. The build is easily comparable to more expensive models.

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    4. 1MORE SonoFlow

    1MORE SonoFlow headphones

    1MORE is known for making one of the best in-ear monitors. The SonoFlow are a fine example they can also make excellent noise cancelling headphones.

    1MORE SonoFlow review

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: 40mm dynamic
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 20-40.000Hz
    Type: Over-ear | Battery life: 60h (with ANC) | Wireless range: 50 feet (15.2 m) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: 80min + quick charge – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC, LDAC | Water resistance: None | Features: App, ANC, ambient sound mode, multipoint
    • Great sound quality (especially after EQ)
    • Comfortable fit with soft pleather earpads
    • Exceptional battery life (up to 50h with ANC)
    • Robust Bluetooth connection with an LDAC audio codec
    • Hard-shell carrying case for improved protection
    • Decent active noise cancelling performance
    • Bright and thinny transparency mode
    • Bloated, muddy sound when in wired mode

    Even by default, 1MORE SonoFlow sound close to natural, with just a tiny boost in bass and a peak at 8 kHz.

    Thankfully, the 1MORE Music app offers fully custom EQ, which makes the sound much closer to reference tuning (you can find our EQ settings in the full review).

    Of course, headphones can also reduce outside noise with pretty good results. However, they aren’t as good as some competitors like Anker.

    One thing worth noting is that to ensure the best sound quality, you have to enable ANC. While that means more battery drain, fear not since headphones last more than 60 hours with noise cancelling.

    To safely store them during long travels, headphones come with a hard-shell carrying case.

    5. Edifier W240TN

    true-wireless BEST TRUE WIRELESS FOR ANC UNDER $100
    Edifier W240TN on a tree

    Little wireless earbuds with 2 dynamic drivers in each earbuds, and the best option for noise-canceling under $100.

    Edifier W240TN review

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.3
    Driver size icon Driver size: 10mm woofer + 6mm tweeter
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz
    Type: True wireless | Battery life: 7h + 14h in case | Wireless range: 40 feet (12.1m) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: Quick charge – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC | Water resistance: IP55 | Features: ANC, app, Game mode, EQ
    • Great sound quality (after EQing)
    • Comfortable & stable fit for long listening sessions
    • ANC and Transparency mode performance rivals the best
    • Solid build quality with an IP55 rating
    • Edifier app packed with features and customizations
    • Average battery life of 6+ hours per charge with ANC
    • ANC makes the sound noticeably bright and thin
    • Mediocre indoor Bluetooth range of around 40 feet

    Hear the Edifier W240TN ANC Test:

    Edifier W240TN ANC Test – HeadphonesAddict

    Edifier earbuds have a great sound out of the box, but it can be further improved using a custom EQ. That way, you can make the 2 dynamic drivers inside the buds sound even more natural.

    On top of great sound, you also get excellent active noise cancellation. It works almost as good as the premium Sony WF-1000XM4, which cost nearly 3 times as much.

    Furthermore, they have a fuller-sounding transparency mode as Sony’s, although not as good as Apple AirPods Pro. However, for the price of $80, that’s still high praise.

    Similar to the Sony earbuds, the transparency mode has 7 different intensities you can choose from.

    Also, check the best bass earbuds to satisfy your basshead needs.

    6. EarFun Free Pro 2

    EarFun Free Pro 2 buds and case

    Yet another company that likes to make products with a superb value in mind. The Free Pro 2 are their take on budget noise-canceling earbuds.

    EarFun Free Pro 2 review

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.2
    Driver size icon Driver size: 6mm
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: n/a
    Type: True wireless | Battery life: 5h + 20h in case (with ANC on) | Wireless range: 50ft (15m) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: 2h + quick charge – USB-C & Qi wireless charging | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: IPX5 | Features: ANC, ambient sound mode, low latency
    • Fun, dynamic sound with good detail
    • Very comfortable & lightweight
    • Smaller case with Qi wireless charging
    • Strong Bluetooth connection
    • Great active noise cancellation (for the price)
    • Included swab for cleaning the earbuds
    • Earbuds easily lose seal, affecting bass performance
    • Less battery life compared to previous generation
    • Slighty too aggressive noise reduction for voice calls

    Hear the EarFun Free Pro 2 ANC Test:

    EarFun Free Pro 2 ANC Test – HeadphonesAddict

    The sound is a tad too bassy if you look for neutrality. On the other hand, earbuds are also very energetic and punchy, pleasing most casual listeners. They also don’t distort at high volumes.

    The Free Pro 2 uses the latest noise-canceling chip with surprising results.

    They can block environmental noises to a similar degree as more premium models like Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2. However, the ambient sound mode could work a bit better.

    These earbuds offer a pretty solid Bluetooth connection with up to 65 feet of range. That makes it easier if you like walking around the house listening to music. They support SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs.

    Moreso, earbuds are sweat-resistant and incredibly comfortable to wear. Due to their minimalist aesthetic, they weigh only 4 grams and don’t create any pressure point. However, they don’t have a very tight seal.

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    7. Panasonic RP-HTX90N

    Panasonic RP-HTX90N wireless noise-cancelling headphones

    Great-looking wireless headphones that take you back to the previous century.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 4.2
    Driver size icon Driver size: 40mm
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 8-25.000Hz (with cord) / 20-20.000Hz (over BT)
    Type: Over-ear | Battery life: 24h (15h with ANC) | Wireless range: 33ft (10m) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: 4h + quick charge – Micro-USB | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC | Water resistance: No | Features: 3.5mm port
    • Intimate, detailed sound
    • Comfortable ear pads
    • Cool, retro design
    • Solid noise cancellation
    • Only SBC Bluetooth codec

    These can be somewhat intimate sounding and bright, but with good detail retrieval.

    While the bass is a bit shy at first, you can bring it up with a simple click of the “Bass Enhancer” button. Upon doing so, the low-end wakes up and starts to rattle your skull.

    Design-wise, RP-HTX90N noise-canceling headphones look very retro. Each ear cup has thick earpad padding, which ensures excellent comfort. Fit is also quite okay but don’t you expect to exercise with these.

    The ANC works respectably. While it can’t reach the likes of Sony WH-1000XM4, they’re still impressive at canceling out lower-frequency sounds.

    8. Aukey EP-N12

    Aukey EP-N12 Bluetooth headphones

    A comfortable pair of budget noise-cancelling headphones under $100.

    Aukey EP-N12 review

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: n/a
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: n/a
    Type: Over-ear | Battery life: 40h | Wireless range: 33ft (10m) | Noise cancelling: Yes | Charging: USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Water resistance: None | Features: 3.5m port
    • Good sound (via AUX port)
    • Comfortable design
    • Foldable & rotatable earcups
    • Good build quality
    • Decent ANC performance
    • Great battery life (up to 30h)
    • Subpar sound quality in Bluetooth mode

    Aukey EP-N12 noise cancellation headphones have 2 different sounds. With ANC, they sound very bassy. But if you use them as wired headphones through a headphone jack, they closely resemble the tuning of the Sennheiser HD 650.

    Regarding noise cancellation, the EP-N12 will get rid of most low-end hum, like engine noises. Of course, blocking human speech is still too challenging for cheaper headphones.

    Frequent commuters will appreciate good quality build with sufficiently padded ear pads and lightweight construction. You can fold and store them in the included carrying pouch.

    They have a good battery life that can last up to 40 hours on a single charge if you don’t use ANC. Otherwise, expect more around 30 hours of playtime or less.

    Honorable Mentions

    Anker Soundcore Life Q20

    Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Bluetooth headphones

    These ANC cans’ low frequency sounds great. Punchy, deep bass makes the sound very warm. Thankfully, they can also block the outside noise with the help of noise cancelation, helping you to focus better on music.

    Moreover, the battery is nothing short of brilliant. You can squeeze 60 hours of playtime out of these.

    Check Life Q20 price

    iTeknic IK-BH005

    iTeknic IK BH005 ANC headphones

    The IK-BH005 over-ear headphones are a great commuting companion, offering quality noise cancellation that blocks around 80% of ambient sound and a sleek, foldable design.

    iTeknic IK-BH005 review

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What does an active noise-canceling headphone do?

    An ANC headset has a tiny microphone in the actual headset that measures ambient sound (plane engine noise, air conditioners, etc.).

    Then the electronics inside produce a reverse sound, send it to the drivers, which can reduce background noise.

    Can you sleep with active noise cancelling headphones?

    In short, yes. If you also have a snoring significant other, you can also use the headphones to make snoring less annoying (but aren’t comfy).

    We suggest that you combine ANC with playing white noise (ocean sounds, nature sounds, etc.). There’re many options to choose from that can help you get some sleep.

    Can noise-cancelling headphones damage your hearing?

    No, they can actually protect your hearing from plane noise that can eventually damage your hearing. However, if you’re blasting super loud music through your headphones, then the answer is yes.

    Read more about safe headphone use.

    Why are noise-cancelling headphones so expensive?

    Noise-canceling headphones require a dedicated chip that accepts the audio from microphones and converts it into an opposite signal. The better chip, the more effectively it can reduce background noise.

    That’s why affordable noise-cancelling headphones can’t quite compete with premium ones. And, of course, additional hardware does bring up the overall cost.

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