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TOZO HT2 (Upgraded Edition) Review

Last updated: 5 months ago
14 min read
TOZO HT2 pressing buttons

TOZO HT2 are surprisingly competent, affordable Bluetooth headphones ideal for students and commuters. However, their budget price shows in the design and technical audio performance.

We test and evaluate headphones using a standardized 9-point methodology. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more.

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  • List price (MSRP): $49.99
  • Manufacturer: TOZO

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Our Conclusion

It’s impressive how much the new TOZO HT2 have to offer. For the price of $50 (or even less if you use frequent coupon offers on Amazon), you get:

On top of that, headphones have good audio quality. It needs some EQ tweaks but it sounds pretty natural in the end.

Furthermore, ANC is even stronger than in competitors from SoundPEATS and Edifier. Even their ambient sound mode is the most natural out of the three.

So, where’s the catch? Well, the sound could use better technical performance, and earcups feel somewhat stiff, whereas users with smaller heads might not fit them comfortably.

Check our 9 test categories below to see what else we liked and disliked about the new TOZO HT2 and whether you should get them or not.

Pros & Cons:

  • Excellent sound quality for a budget price
  • Decent build quality with soft pleather earpads
  • Comfy & stable thanks to high clamping force
  • Good active & passive noise isolation performance
  • Good battery life of 29.5 hours per charge
  • No carrying pouch included in the box
  • Might not fix smaller heads & feel uncomfortable on bigger ones
  • Underwhelming call quality with muffled speech
TOZO HT2 bass vent
Bass vents on top of the ear cups prevent bass bloatedness and ensure a deeper response.

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Bluetooth rating 4.0
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CONTENTS (show more)

    Our Analysis and Test Results

    Headphones feel and sound better than what their price suggests. They measure decently but can sound better after a few tweaking inside custom EQ.

    Their hybrid active noise cancellation is also better than expected, while their 29.5h battery could be even better if they wouldn’t shut off after reaching 30% charge.

    On the other hand, the ambient sound mode could boost ambiance more naturally. Call quality also fails to impress, even when talking in quieter places. Although taking price into consideration, TOZO had to cut corners somewhere.

    TOZO HT2 wearing pressing button
    Me wearing TOZO HT2 and using the front “ANC modes” button.


    Star Rating
    3.5 Almost Great

    TOZO HT2 sound excessively boomy out of the box, but that’s easily fixed in the app. However, while you can make them sound balanced, they lack the technical abilities to make you truly enjoy genres like rock or metal.

    Key points:

    • Very punchy, deep bass response
    • Pleasant midrange (after changing EQ settings)
    • Airy treble but with occasionally splashy cymbals (not too bad)

    TOZO HT2 A/B sound test

    Hear the difference between reference and TOZO HT2 sound:

    TOZO HT2 Sound Quality Test – HeadphonesAddict

    The HT2 headphones don’t sound very promising on the first try due to overly boomy bass and dark mids. But once you connect them with the app and apply EQ helps tremendously.

    Custom tuning makes their sound signature more balanced and enjoyable for wider music genres. However, tuning can only do so much before driver quality starts showing its limits.

    Bass: Bass overload

    Low frequencies on TOZO HT2 are out of this world. Perfect for bassheads. They aren’t quite on par with Skullcandy Crusher ANC 2, but the sub-bass rumble and bass kick slam from the 40mm dynamic driver can smack your ears out of nowhere.

    If you’re into rap, trap, or hip-hop music, you’ll probably enjoy this kind of deep bass response. However, if you listen to anything else, you’ll quickly discover that the bass is masking details.

    Reducing low-end makes you hear some more nuances in the lows, like bass guitar plucks. However, the bass is the least controlled and detailed of all frequency regions.

    Kicks produce a thump rather than a tactile kick, which makes it less suited to fast-paced drumming during some rock or metal songs. Even pop songs like “Super Bass” by Nicky Minaj could use more control.

    That said, considering the price, it’s hard to complain.

    TOZO HT2 frequency response

    TOZO HT2 ANC ON vs OFF comparison
    The key difference is that the sound with ANC OFF is more balanced in the midrange.

    P.S. Measurements don’t show the accurate bass response, as earpads struggle to create a good seal around our MiniDSP HEARS (this issue is absent when using them in real life).

    Midrange: Pleasant surprise

    Midrange frequencies are rather dark by default. But by reducing the bass and bumping up the 3.2kHz frequency band, you can make them sound quite natural.

    Instruments sound especially well. Electric guitars have a lively, gritty performance, just as they should.

    Acoustic string instruments are also worth mentioning. “Private Investigations” by Dire Straits sounds incredibly well for such affordable headphones.

    Of course, tuning isn’t pitch-perfect, as female vocals sometimes sound inconsistent. Some tones are normal, whereas others might sound overpowering.

    TOZO HT2 Custom EQ & Presets – HeadphonesAddict

    Treble: Good texture & air

    High frequencies aren’t overpowering, despite a slight boost around 8.6kHz, although reducing that helps a little to calm down higher notes of the vocals.

    Cymbals have a decent texture and sound quite lovely for headphones under $50. Even the song “The Big Money” by Rush, which is treble intense, sounds good without experiencing fatigue.

    On some occasions, though, cymbals can sound a bit splashy, like during “On Every Street”, another Dire Straits song. However, I’m really nitpicking now.

    TOZO HT2 on head
    TOZO HT2 primarily focus on bass, while treble takes a backseat (is slightly quieter).

    The soundstage is small but doesn’t feel claustrophobic. Instruments and voices are pushed slightly out of your head. However, compared to SoundPEATS Space, the latter have a noticeably wider stage.

    The imaging is pretty accurate but becomes a bit blurry near the center channel. On the other hand, headphones have good instrument separation, so you don’t notice the blurry center imaging as much.

    Sound comparison

    My conclusion

    While I might’ve sounded harsh, I enjoyed the listening experience on TOZO HT2. Of course, they aren’t replacing more expensive headphones at $100, but for $50, they’re a steal!

    HT2 are perfect for anyone who likes bass oomph but also cares about music sounding natural. And for anyone who likes to save some money.

    How do TOZO HT2 sound in wired mode?

    TOZO HT2 supposedly support Hi-Res audio when using them in wired mode. However, the sound is the complete opposite of the one in Bluetooth mode.

    As you can see from the graph, there’s a hump in the upper bass, mudding the midrange, which itself is recessed.

    Combined with lower treble quantity you get incoherent sound in wired mode.

    It seems that the HT2 heavily rely on DSP audio corrections to sound as it should.

    TOZO HT2 wired vs Bluetooth comparison
    Even the treble gets recessed when using the included 3.5mm cable connection. Not recommended.

    Comfort & Fit

    Star Rating
    4.0 Great

    TOZO HT2 are plush from all sides and lightweight but sport a rather rigid frame and clamping force, which might feel tight for users with bigger heads. At least the clamping force ensures excellent stability.

    Headphones have a generous amount of everything. Starting with earpads, made of protein leather that feels soft to the touch. In combination with memory foam, they’re also quite plush.

    Thickness and size are on point, as you don’t feel like your ears are squeezing or touching the inside of the ear cup. That said, they barely fit my ears, so your experience might vary (I have medium-sized ears).

    TOZO HT2 side view
    Earpads are plush enough to dampen the strong clamping force.

    On the other hand, there are 2 problematic things. The first is the clamping force, which provides excellent stability (more on that later) but also squeezes your head.

    That isn’t too problematic for me as my ears fit the ear pads, and the plushness helps ease the pressure. However, if the pads touch your earlobes, you might start feeling ache after some time.

    The second thing is the size, which is tailored towards medium-sized heads. They fit mine perfectly and I only have to adjust the adjustable headband by a notch.

    TOZO HT2 headband extender
    Numbers help you adjust to your exact size every time you store or lend them to a friend.

    That means that headphones won’t fit users with smaller heads. In contrast, due to high clamp force, they might be uncomfortable for big-headed users.

    Moving to stability, they hold to your head quite solid. Even vigorous shaking doesn’t make them fly off your ears. Meaning you could use them during exercises. Just note that pleather earpads get very warm due to the lack of breathability.

    Compared to other similar models

    TOZO HT2 are among the comfiest and the most stable headphones under $50, matching the BuddyPhones Play (although these are headphones for kids, so maybe not the best comparison).

    See comfort ratings of similar products we reviewed:


    Star Rating
    3.0 Good

    TOZO HT2 are well-made for the price, using decent quality plastic, soft protein leather, and memory foam. They can even fold but lack a pouch for storage and an IP rating for gym-goers.

    Housing materialPlastic, aluminum
    in a headband
    Earpad materialFaux leather
    Official water resistanceNone
    Official dust resistanceNone

    Build quality in budget headphones has improved over the last years, and TOZO HT2 are a clear example of that.

    While sporting a rather basic design, they’re made of decent-feeling plastic and a good amount of padding. The latter uses protein leather, which feels much better than straight plastic (like in the Samson SR850).

    TOZO HT2 right earcup
    Wearing side indicators are located inside the ear cup and on the folding mechanism.

    A minor complaint would be the lack of ear pad replaceability. Sure, these are inexpensive headphones, but throwing away the entire product because of the worn-out pads isn’t sustainable (see how to clean them to extend their life).

    As mentioned, the entire frame is made of plastic except for the headband extender, which is aluminum. The latter gives some more rigidity, which you need since headphones lack protective accessories.

    The packaging lacks a carrying case, which is understandable for the price. However, there’s also no pouch, which would at least prevent scratches and make headphones easier to find in the backpack.

    TOZO HT2 foldable
    Headphones have a foldable design, which makes them more space-efficient for transportation.

    Consequently, you must buy a third-party pouch or a case to ensure safer transportation. TOZO definitely thought of that since it made them foldable.

    Another understandable thing is the lack of an IP rating. However, it would be nice if TOZO included it next time, as the HT2 are great for sportspeople due to their stability.

    Are they suitable for…

    • Wearing in the rain: Not recommended to use in the rain (no official IP rating)
    • Running & exercising outside: Somewhat suitable
    • Sweating: Somewhat suitable (no official sweat resistance)
    • Dipping underwater: Not suitable
    Wearing in light rain
    Not suitable
    Wearing in heavy rainNot suitable
    Dipping underwaterNot suitable

    Durability comparison

    In their price range, the HT2 are built better than most over-ear headphones. The only products that are built even better (far more flexible and with removable/washable earpads) are the ones meant for kids.


    Star Rating
    3.5 Almost Great

    TOZO HT2 let you enjoy long listening sessions thanks to 29.5 hours of playtime with ANC enabled. That makes them suitable for users who often forget to charge their wireless gadgets, albeit TOZO promised even more.

    Tested battery life (ANC on)29 hours 35 minutes
    Official battery life (ANC on)40 hours
    Difference10h 25min (+35.1%)
    Quick chargingYes
    Qi wireless chargingNo

    TOZO HT2 battery comparison:

    TOZO HT2 comparison of battery

    TOZO HT2 are a bit strange when it comes to battery duration. I left them playing music with ANC enabled and got:

    • 29 hours and 35 minutes on a single charge.

    However, since that’s noticeably lower than the promised 40 hours of playtime, I turned them ON again and continued with the test.

    In Bluetooth settings, it showed that the headphones still have 30% remaining battery. I managed to play for another 16 minutes when they shut OFF again.

    After another 4 intervals, I reached the battery life of 30 hours and 54 minutes, with Bluetooth settings claiming there’s still 20% of battery inside the headphones. Nonetheless, I decided to end my test here.

    TOZO HT2 battery percentage
    Headphones refuse to play music normally after the battery drops below 30%.

    Despite the fact that I could squeeze in another hour or two of playtime, the constant turning OFF and ON is simply too annoying. TOZO should seriously release an update to postpone headphones shutting OFF with 30% battery remaining.

    Fortunately, headphones supposedly support fast charging, although TOZO doesn’t say how rapidly it charges the battery. From experience, it takes roughly 2 hours to go from 0% to 100%.

    Here’s the battery rating comparison with similar headphones:


    Star Rating
    4.0 Great

    TOZO HT2 give a lot for the money, including customizable EQ, a bunch of ANC modes, a “soothing sounds” section, and even the new “Community” tab. Sadly, the call quality could be better.

    It’s so nice to see the amount of features you get for $50 (they often sell for even less). Let’s name them all:

    TOZO HT2 app first page
    This is what the first page of the TOZO app looks like.

    Some things are missing, like Game mode, Bluetooth multipoint, and control customization. However, TOZO had to cut corners somewhere.

    Speaking of controls, you can control everything using the 3 physical buttons below the right earcup. There’s a dedicated button for:

    • Power ON/OFF & play/pause
    • Volume rocker
    • Switching ANC modes
    TOZO HT2 buttons
    All buttons and ports are located on the right ear cup.

    The ANC mode button is placed toward the front of the cup, while the power button is located toward the back.

    That is a slightly unergonomic position. I often accidentally press one of those buttons while adjusting the headphones or placing them on my head.

    TOZO HT2 pressing power button
    Buttons are nice and clicky, so we never missed a command. They’re just easy to accidentally press when adjusting the headphones.

    Custom EQ & presets

    TOZO apps offer its standard customizable EQ and a wide variety of EQ presets (or EQ modes or sound profiles, whatever you call them).

    They’re pretty good, so I encourage you to explore them. They could be a good starting point for adding your custom equalization. Learn how to master equalization.

    I also made my own EQ, trying to make the sound as natural as possible without hurting details and lowering the bass too much. See the image below. Feel free to adjust it further to match your taste.

    TOZO HT2 custom EQ
    My custom equalizer settings for the HT2. Try to get the “waves” as close to mine.

    The equalizer consists of 10 frequency bands and +/-5dB adjustments. Sadly, you don’t see the precise number when adjusting, so try to get the same “waves” as I did.

    Soothing sounds

    Soothing or relaxing sounds are there to help you relax, focus on your work, or help you fall asleep. Tracks vary in length, with some clocking from under 60 seconds to more than 5 minutes.

    You can choose from different genres:

    • Soothing
    • Relax
    • Hypnotic
    • Absolute
    TOZO T20 soothing sounds

    Tracks are recorded very well and are indeed very soothing. They also play nicely when you set them in a loop (no obvious and distracting cuts). You can even set a timer to stop the playback to a maximum of 60 minutes.

    However, as with other TOZO headphones, the “issue” of track availability continues, as you still can’t listen to all of them. They load but refuse to play. It could be a bug or a regional limitation (which is strange since these or TOZO’s tracks).


    TOZO added the Community tab after the last app update. It is essentially a private social media inside the app, very reminiscent of Instagram.

    You can post images, like other posts, and follow other TOZO users. I’m unsure if this feature will catch steam, but as of right now, it’s laggy and needs some polish.

    TOZO HT2 community
    TOZO “Community” looks very similar to Instagram, with posts that are mostly unrelated to headphones.

    Microphone quality is underwhelming

    TOZO HT2 call quality is quite muffled, even when speaking someplace quiet. At least it doesn’t get worse when there’s a lot of background noise.

    TOZO HT2 microphone test: (no noise test from 0:00-0:21, with background noise test from O:22-0:49)

    Making calls with TOZO HT2 yields underwhelming results. The built-in microphone struggles to capture your voice clearly, so you sound very muffled.

    The ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology probably works all the time (it doesn’t get triggered by loud noise), which would explain this performance.

    Especially since you don’t hear the audible transition when introducing loud background sounds (as you can hear in the recording above). With other headphones, you clearly hear when the noise reduction kicks in.

    TOZO HT2 charging port buttons
    Headphones use multiple microphones to capture outside noise and isolate your voice.

    Fortunately, that means the voice quality remains unchanged regardless of the situation. However, I still recommend that you only use the HT2 for quick and non-business calls.

    Features rating comparison

    For such affordable headphones, HT2 provide everything that a normal user needs and even more. Here’s how other headphones under $50 compare to them:

    Noise Isolation

    Star Rating
    3.5 Almost Great

    TOZO HT2 boast a fairly good passive isolation that kicks off at 250Hz and is most effective at reducing high frequencies. But lows remain intact, so you still need ANC for complete noise reduction.

    Measured average noise isolation17,47 dBA

    HT2 headphones have a pretty standard passive noise isolation performance. They leave the bass frequencies intact while slowly reducing more noise from 250Hz and up.

    It’s worth noting that they do a much better job than SoundPEATS Space and Edifier W820NB Plus, which tend to boost upper-bass frequencies rather than reduce them.

    TOZO HT2 Passive isolation measurement
    Passive isolation starts becoming effective from 300Hz and up, so they’re good for loud noises but not for low-frequency rumble.

    On the other hand, the TOZO HT2 don’t reduce noise nearly as much as the Sony WH-1000XM5, which are much more effective in the midrange.

    As you can see from the graph, the noise reduction becomes most noticeable in the midrange and upper part of the frequency spectrum.

    Consequently, while headphones block a good amount of high-pitch noises, they only slightly silence the speech. Unfortunately, even hybrid active noise cancellation doesn’t help much with that, but more on that later.

    Here’s a table of how effective is TOZO HT2’s passive noise isolation at blocking specific frequencies:

    FrequencyNoise reduction
    dB SPL
    Noise reduction
    dBA (A-weighted)
    100 Hz0 dB-19.1 dBA
    200 Hz1,2 dB-9,6 dBA
    400 Hz6,2 dB1,4 dBA
    600 Hz8,7 dB6,5 dBA
    1 kHz13 dB13 dBA
    2 kHz29,6 dB30,8 dBA
    4 kHz33,7 dB34,7 dBA
    6 kHz36,2 dB36,3 dBA
    10 kHz33,3 dB30,8 dBA
    15 kHz27,2 dB21,2 dBA
    Average17,47 dBA
    A-weighted values from the International standard IEC 61672:2003

    How is the sound leakage?

    Sound leakage is moderately severe. This means that, on public transport, others shouldn’t hear much of what you’re listening to unless you’re listening at really high volumes.

    On the flip side, keep the volume low in a library or other quiet places, especially if you have other people around you.

    Noise isolation rating comparison with other models

    Noise Cancelling

    Star Rating
    3.5 Almost Great

    TOZO HT2 boast a respectable active noise cancelling performance for their affordable price. They’re suitable for commuters, especially combined with natural-sounding ambient sound mode.

    Measured average noise reduction with ANC on22,03 dBA

    TOZO HT2 active noise cancelling test:

    TOZO HT2 ANC Test – HeadphonesAddict

    Considering the price, the HT2 are surprisingly good at cancelling noise. They can cancel a fair amount of outside noise, with consistent bass and higher frequency reduction performance.

    Using the default (strongest) setting, their ANC performance beats the competitive Edifier W820NB Plus and even Skullcandy Crusher ANC 2.

    TOZO HT2 ANC modes comparison
    The blue line is the actual noise, whereas other lines show how each ANC setting reduces the actual noise.

    Low-frequency performance is also better than in the SoundPEATS Space, although the latter are much better in the midrange.

    This is also one of the sore points for the HT2, as the poor noise cancelation means you’ll hear speech more clearly.

    Besides the default “Noise Cancelling”, TOZO HT2 offer 3 other ANC modes:

    • Leisure mode: Cancels the least low frequencies.
    • Reduce Wind Noise mode: Cancels equally as many sub-bass frequencies as default mode but quickly reduces its power by letting through a low of midrange and speech frequencies.
    • Adaptive mode: Consistently cancels 1-2dB less noise than the default option.

    Here’s the table with TOZO HT2 ANC test results:

    FrequencyNoise cancelling
    dB SPL
    Noise cancelling
    dBA (A-weighted)
    100 Hz22,7 dB3,6 dBA
    200 Hz27,2 dB16,4 dBA
    400 Hz25,3 dB20,5 dBA
    600 Hz13,3 dB11,1 dBA
    1 kHz17,3 dB17,3 dBA
    2 kHz33,1 dB34,3 dBA
    4 kHz31,5 dB32,5 dBA
    6 kHz34,2 dB34,3 dBA
    10 kHz32,4 dB29,9 dBA
    15 kHz26,4 dB20,4 dBA
    Average22,03 dBA
    A-weighted values from the International standard IEC 61672:2003

    Ambient sound mode performance

    Ambient sound mode (or Transparency, as TOZO calls it) is excellent. Midrange frequencies could use some boost, but for the most part, outside sounds sound pretty natural.

    Moreover, when using the feature, you don’t hear any static noise or other humming sounds, which is a huge plus.

    TOZO HT2 Ambient sound mode measurement
    Transparency mode is quite close to the actual ambient noise and extends well into the highs, making the sound slightly muted but still natural.


    Star Rating
    4.0 Great

    TOZO HT2 have a superb indoor Bluetooth range of over 65 feet and a solid close-range connection. However, they lack multipoint support and have a high latency of 230ms.

    Bluetooth version5.3
    Bluetooth range
    (no obstructions)
    Bluetooth range
    through a wall
    65ft (19.8m)
    Audio latency
    (audio delay)

    If you want a stable and far-reaching Bluetooth connection, TOZO HT2 are the headphones to get. Using Bluetooth 5.3, you shouldn’t get any stutters during regular everyday use.

    Furthermore, the headphones performed outstandingly in our indoor Bluetooth range test. By walking across the house and passing several brick walls, TOZO HT2 managed to last:

    • More than 65 feet (19.8 meters). They could’ve worked even farther but we already reached the other side of the house.

    This is the best indoor Bluetooth range result since we’re making this test. They beat other strong competitors like TrueFree F1 and Apple AirPods Max.

    Unfortunately, TOZO had to keep the price down and exclude the Bluetooth multipoint support.

    TOZO HT2 placing on head
    If indoor range is over 65 feet, the outdoor range is well beyond 200 feet.

    How to pair TOZO HT2?

    1. Upon turning them ON for the first time, headphones jump right into the pairing mode.
    2. To connect them to a different device, you can either:
      • Turn them ON by holding the Power button until you hear a beeping sound, and the LED starts blinking.
      • Turn them ON normally while disabling Bluetooth from all devices you’ve already connected to. When headphones don’t connect after a few seconds, they go into pairing mode automatically.

    Here’s how you pair TOZO earbuds to any device you want.

    What Bluetooth codecs do they use?

    TOZO HT2 use SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs, a standard selection in most headphones. Both Android and iOS use AAC by default, which is fine.

    Due to the price and quality of components, you wouldn’t benefit from using higher-quality codecs. 

    Is there any audio lag?

    Video latencyNot visible (Social media)
    Visible (YouTube)
    Game latency230ms
    Game mode latencyNo Game Mode

    The audio lag in these headphones is strange. It’s unnoticeable when watching videos on social media (Instagram), but you see a distracting delay when watching YouTube.

    Furthermore, the delay is 230ms when playing games, which is unplayable or at least distracting, even if you play more casual games.

    TOZO HT2 mobile gaming
    I might be smiling, but the gaming experience on TOZO HT2 is far from enjoyable.

    Bluetooth rating comparison

    Should You Get TOZO HT2?

    Star Rating
    5.0 Perfect

    Despite a few shortcomings, for less than $50, TOZO HT2 ooze value. They have great sound quality for the price, good build quality, and pretty effective noise cancellation.

    Pros & Cons:

    • Balanced sound suitable for all music
    • Comfortable & stable fit, even for exercising
    • Battery life of 5.5 hours per charge (with ANC)
    • Lots of extra features (for Samsung device users)
    • Sensitive to liquids (despite IPX2 rating)
    • Noise cancelling performance could be better

    Who these are best for:

    • Students who wish to spend less and look for the best price-to-performance deal.
    • Money-cautious users who commute or travel a lot.
    • Users who seek natural sound in an all-day comfort.
    • Gym-goers who like to have lots of bass in their music and are used to over-ear headphones (are familiar with the heat from unbreathable earpads).

    Who should avoid them:

    • Mobile games, as the audio latency is overly high.
    • Office workers who look for ANC headphones to reduce people’s speech.

    How do TOZO HT2 compare to the competition?

    • TOZO HT2 sound more natural than other Bluetooth headphones at $50.
    • They’re also far better at cancelling out noise than most headphones under $100.
    • HT2s are equally as comfy but more stable than some of the competitors.
    • Bluetooth range of over 65 feet isn’t only better than the competition but also better than all Bluetooth headphones that we’ve tested.
    • Microphone quality is worse than some of the competitors.
    • Audio latency is also among the most noticeable ones among the competition.
    • Battery life of 29.5 hours is good but most competitors can play music for slightly longer.

    Are they worth the price?

    TOZO HT2 are far from perfect, but when you consider their $50 price point (you get them for $40 on Amazon when using a coupon), you simply cannot deny their value.

    Due to their good sound, effective active noise cancelling, app support, and good build, I have no problems recommending them.

    Check their latest price below:

    TOZO HT2 alternatives

    Anker Soundcore Life Q30

    Anker Soundcore Life Q30 in a bush

    For a little bit more, you get a slightly livelier audio that can sound natural after an extensive EQ. Comfort is similar, but the HT2 look sleeker.

    ANC is also better on the HT2 side, while the battery life goes to the Q30 with more than 44 hours of playtime (with ANC).

    Anker Soundcore Life Q30 review

    SoundPEATS Space

    SoundPEATS Space holding in hand

    The Space have more relaxed treble frequencies and a wider soundstage. Both can sound natural after some EQ tweaks.

    Noise cancelling is slightly better on the Space, which reduce more speech. They also have a better battery life of 65 hours per charge (with active noise cancelling).

    SoundPEATS Space review

    What’s in the Box?

    TOZO HT2 accessories
    • TOZO HT2 Bluetooth wireless headphones
    • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
    • 3.5mm to 3.5mm (3-pole) audio cable
    • User manual


    Type: Over-ear
    Connection: Bluetooth 5.3
    Back design: Closed-back
    Drivers: 40mm dynamic
    Frequency range: 16-41.100Hz (in wired mode)
    Impedance: n/a
    Weight: 8.98 ounces (254.5 grams)
    Mic & Controls: Yes
    Water resistance: None
    Battery life: 29.5 hours
    Charging time: 2h – Quick charge – USB-C
    Active noise cancelling: Yes, hybrid
    Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC
    Wireless range: 65+ feet (19.8 meters)
    Microphone: Tri-Mic ENC call noise reduction

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