The Best Headphone Brands – Poll – Vote now!

Vote for the best headphone brands!

We put together a list of all the popular headphone brands in a poll for you to vote on.

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    Did you ever wonder what are the best headphone brands according to the popular vote?

    We did and because we couldn’t find a good source or poll done by others we created one ourselves.

    We listed all the well known and even some less known headphone brands for you to vote on. Keep in mind these are not all the headphone brands since there are many more but we made our best effort to put in the more popular brands. (still quite a long list) If you think we forgot to include any, please let us know in the comments or contact us directly.

    1 vote per person. If you only want to see results scroll to the bottom.

    Listed in random order every time to stay objective.

    The List of Headphone Brands

    How do I vote?

    It’s very simple.

    • Select your favorite brand by clicking on the circle before the name.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the poll list.
    • Click on “Vote” button.
    • Done!

    Thank you for voting!