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Bass Battle: The Top Headphone Brands for Bass Lovers

Last updated: 12 months ago
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We looked at the top buying guides on bass headphones and earbuds. Here are the headphone brands most often recommended.

The #2 headphone brand for bass is Sennheiser, #3 is Skullcandy. See the #1 below. 🙂

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    Top Headphone Brands for Bass

    Sony is the #1 most recommended headphone brand for bass online.

    With quite an advantage, Sony headphones were mentioned 38 times on 20 different websites. The second-ranking brand Sennheiser is mentioned 23 times on 14 websites.

    5 headphone brands stand out from the crowd with double-digit mentions:

    • Sony
    • Sennheiser
    • Anker
    • Skullcandy
    • Beats by Dre

    Below is the table with the top 10 bass headphone brands:

    RankBrandOverallBest list
    # of
    #5Beats by Dre1716111
    The top 10 headphone brands for bass. Find the rest in the full table below.

    The average top 10 bass headphone brand has 15.3 mentions on 9.7 websites. This way, we can see the top 5 are indeed preferred by most experts.

    Many websites list the headphones in the “best list” and “honorable mentions.” So, we decided to mark it down to get a clear picture. A brand’s recommendation on the main best list is worth more than an honorable mention.

    Anker headphones were most often listed under the honorable mentions of all brands. They were an honorable mention 4 times and on the best list 14 times.

    Methodology: How we decided which headphone brands are the best for bass

    While we test many headphones ourselves and could name the top brands by opinion, we wanted to be objective.

    So, we decided to gather some data. We looked at all popular buying guides on bass headphones and bass earbuds that were up to date. We found 23. Then marked down how many times and on how many websites headphones of a specific brand were recommended.

    Below is the rest of the list of the headphone brands often recommended for bassy headphones and bassy earbuds.

    The remaining of the bass brands ranker under #10:

    Meze 33/3
    Campfire Audio3212
    Bang & Olufsen22/2
    Bowers & Wilkins22/2
    Apple AirPods22/1
    Status Audio11/1
    Soul Emotion11/1
    Bluedio 11/1
    These are headphone brands mentioned in bass buying guides from #11 and under.

    Are Sony Extra Bass headphones any good?

    Sony Extra Bass headphones are among the best and most often recommended headphones for bassheads. Though today there is a limited choice of Extra Bass models.

    Thankfully, with the Headphones Connect app, you can get a similar bassy sound from any wireless Sony headphones. With the app, you can equalize (EQ) the sound to your liking, including boosting bass.

    Is Bose the best for bass?

    Bose headphones and earbuds are not the best for bass but are often recommended among the top bass headphones. Though Bose isn’t ranking close to the top ranking at #9. It was recommended on only 4 websites which is below average (9.7) for the top 10.

    In conclusion, Bose is known for tight, punchy bass but isn’t the most powerful.

    Do Bose earbuds have good bass?

    Bose earbuds have a similar sound signature to headphones. With a tight, punchy bass but lack in bass quantity and quality compared to the higher-ranked brands.

    Do Beats have the best bass?

    Beats by Dre logo

    Beats by Dre headphones are the #5 most often recommended headphones for bass according to experts Ranking in the top 5 makes them one of the best brands for bassheads.

    Their deep, powerful low-end has been a trademark feature since the beginning and is loved by many. If you’re looking to get a pair and want deep bass, you’ll make a good choice.

    What is Skullcandy’s Crusher Evo sensory bass?

    Skullcandy Crusher Evo sensory bass is a feature that makes headphones physically vibrate in synchrony with the music’s bass. You can feel it. That’s why it’s called “sensory bass.”

    It amplifies the sensation of low-frequencies. Strong low-frequencies create vibration naturally, and “sensory bass” amplifies it. In effect, you get vibrating headphones; some people love it, and some hate it.

    Are Fostex headphones good for bass?

    Fostex headphones are often considered true “bass cannons in audiophile forums.” The only bad thing is that they’re super expensive and out of reach for a regular user. Often a pair of Fostex headphones cost over $1000.

    If you’re willing to spend that kind of money on a pair of headphones, then Fostex is one of the “fancy” brands you should look into.

    How Does Bass Compare Between Brands

    Here are general comparisons of the popular headphone brands in terms of bass quality.

    JBL logo

    JBL vs. Bose, which has better bass?

    JBL and Bose rank among the top 10 bassy brands, ranking #8 and #9, respectively. Though JBL is slightly more popular among bassheads, their headphones and earbuds get better scores for bass. Bose headphones have many other qualities, like comfort and durability, but if you’re strictly looking for bass, pick JBL.

    Quick comparison of JBL and Bose:


    • JBL headphones have more bass


    • Better build quality
    • More comfortable
    • More features
    • Better active noise cancelling (ANC)

    Sennheiser vs. Beats

    Sennheiser and Beats headphones are often recommended for bass, ranking #2 and #5. Sennheiser is known for punchy, deep bass that you can adjust in the app. While Beats headphones come with powerful bass out of the box. That you can’t change it with EQ.

    Sennheiser offers more sound signatures or profiles, including bass-heavy. Beats have only 1 setting, heavy bass all the way.

    A quick comparison of Sennheiser and Beats by Dre:


    • Can EQ the sound in the app
    • Esteemed audio brand

    Beats by Dre

    • Bass all the way
    • Popular and recognizable design

    Which has more bass, Bose or Beats?

    Beats headphones generally have more bass than Bose. Both brands are known for strong low frequencies ranking in the top 10. If you’re looking for more bass, choose Beats. If you want equalization (EQ) to adjust sound, choose Bose.

    Buying guides recommend Beats headphones more than twice as often as Bose. And Bose is only recommended on 4 different websites, which is the lowest in the top 10 spots.

    Look at Bose headphones if you care about other features, like customization and comfort.

    Quick comparison of Bose and Beats by Dre:


    • More features
    • App has EQ
    • Better ANC
    • Renown for comfort

    Beats by Dre

    • Strong, deep bass in all headphones
    • Popular brands with a cool factor

    Are AirPods a good brand for bass?

    AirPods generally aren’t among the best bass earbuds and headphones. Only 1 website listed AirPods in their bass headphone guide. That said, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max have better low-frequency response than regular AirPods.


    Is JBL better than Beats by Dre?

    According to data, beats by Dre headphones are a better choice for powerful bass. JBL headphones follow closely but aren’t as bass-heavy and not equally cool.

    Is Sony better than Bose?

    According to expert opinion, Sony is a better brand for bass headphones than Bose. 20 different websites recommended Sony headphones, while only 4 recommended Bose.

    Read more:


    Which headphone brands are the best for bass? The results above are based on popular opinion and might not be the best for you. There are many audiophile, lesser-known brands that have powerful bass sound. But those are found deep in forum pages and usually aren’t the best choice for a regular user.

    For most people looking for bass sticking with the top headphone brands above is a solid choice. If you’re buying, check the guides on bass headphones and bass earbuds.

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