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Best Black Friday Headphone Deals in 2019

Last updated: 10 months ago, Dec. 2. 2019
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    The best Black Friday discounts on headphones in 2019. New deals added all the time.

    Black Friday is over but you can still find Cyber Week deals.

    Here are Black Friday 2019 deals on headphones that are still available today.

    Black Friday 2019 is history, but many deals are still available.

    In this HeadphonesAddict’s roundup of the best Black Friday headphones deals we recommend only the best options.

    Whether you’re looking for Bluetooth, noise-cancelling, true wireless, workout or lightweight headphones, there’s a deal for you.

    Anyway, many brands have already revealed headphones on sale that might not be available tomorrow. Check them out.

    Table of Contents

      Best Black Friday Headphone Deals Right Now

      Noise Cancelling Deals

      Bose QuietComfort 35 II Rose Gold (20% off)

      Bose QuietComfort 35 II Rose Gold

      Save almost 20% on one of the best wireless noise-cancelling headphones. The color is definitely girly but looks good. So, it makes a great present for any female friend and family.

      You can save money on black and silver colors too, but only 20% off.

      Sony WH-CH700N Noise Cancelling (56% off)

      Sony WH-CH700N

      A great deal on another noise cancelling pair of wireless headphones. These Sony’s usually cost around $200 but you can get them under $100 if you buy them right now.

      Sennheiser HD 4.50 Noise Cancelling (60% off)

      Save $120 on this exclusive Amazon offer from Sennheiser. These are wireless and noise cancelling headphones that are 60% cheaper right now.

      Sony WH-BN900N ANC Extra Bass (40% off)

      Sony WH-XB900N

      A great pair of noise cancelling headphones for bassheads. These are over-ear wireless headphones but come with extra powerful bass. Save $100 if you get them now.


      Beats Studio3 Wireless (20% off)

      Beats Studio3 Wireless


      Popular Beats wireless over-ear headphones are 20% off right now. 22-hour battery life, active noise cancelling and Bluetooth connectivity.

      Sony WH1000XM3 (21% off)

      Sony WH1000XM3 noise cancelling headphones

      Sony WH1000XM3 are one of the best active noise cancelling headphones on the market. You can get them 21% off if you buy right now. It’s a great deal if you want ambient noise reduction.

      Jabra Elite 85H (17% off)


      Another pair of noise cancelling headphones with adaptive mode. They’re on sale right now with a 17% off deal.

      Cowin E7 (16% off)

      Cowin E7

      A chaper pair of noise cancelling headphones. It’s very popular for sturdy design and solid technology. You can save 16% if you buy now.

      Wireless Headphone Deals

      Skullcandy Crusher Wireless (46% off)

      Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

      For all bass lovers who want to feel the bass as well as hear it, these are for you. Skullcandy is known for massive bass and these wireless over-ear headphones that usually cost around $150, can be yours under $80. Don’t wait and grab your deal while it’s available.

      Bose SoundLink II (36% off)

      Bose SoundLink over-ear headphones

      Wireless over-ear headphones from Bose, without noise cancelling, but with Bluetooth connectivity, portable design, and Bose sound quality. You can save over 30% if you get them now.

      V-Moda Crossfade Wireless (12% off)

      Sturdy over-ear wireless headphones with strong bass. They look cool and offer a lot of comfort. While not a huge discount, if you’ve been eyeing the for a while, not it’s the time to get them.

      True Wireless Deals

      JBL Free X (50% off)

      JBL Free X

      True wireless headphones from JBL with 4-hour battery per charge and 20 more hours in the case. Great for sports and daily listening. Right now you can save $75 and get them for $75 which is half off.

      Beats PowerBeats Pro (20% off)

      Beats PowerBeats Pro

      Beats PowerBeats Pro deal offers 20% off right now which saves you $50. These sports true wireless earbuds offer fantastic battery life and a powerful, deep bass. They’re very suitable for all active people. Read full review.

      Jabra Elite Active 65t (26% off)

      Jabra Elite Active 65t

      One of the better true wireless headphones for sports are on sale right now. Get the Jabra Elite Active 65t for a 26% off right now.

      Skullcandy Sesh (50% off)

      Skullcandy Sesh Review

      These bassy true wireless earbuds on a budget are almost $30 cheaper right now. While these aren’t great at anything in particular due to their low price, they offer solid performance for the price. Read full review.

      Samsung Galaxy Buds (10% off)


      True wireless earbuds from Samsung, now 10% off. Minimalist design is an advantage for a lot of people who want wireless earphones that can stay hidden.

      Bose SoundSport Free (15% off)

      Bose SoundSport Free true wireless earbuds

      Slightly older model of sports true wireless earbuds, but still a solid choice. Right now these SoundSport wireless headphones can be yours for 15% cheaper.

      Wireless Earbud Deals

      BeatsX (20% off)


      Wireless in-ear headphones with a neckband design from Beats. That means you get deep, overpowering bass for 8 hours per charge. If you take advantage of the deal, you can get them for 20% less.

      Sony WI-XB400 Extra Bass (37% off)

      Sony WI-XB400

      Wireless earbuds with boosted bass and solid performance. Usually around $60, get them under $40 as an affordable present.

      iTeknic Wireless Earbuds (monster battery – 26% off)


      These wireless earbuds have a massive 24-hour battery. We tested it and they do last that long. Plus, they’re cheap, sound good and make for a great pair of secondary earbuds. Save 26% right now.

      Wired Headphone Deals

      Sony MDR1AM2 (34% off)

      Sony MDR1AM2

      Another great deal from Sony. These Hi-Fi wired headphones offer superb audio experience. Usually you can get them around $300, but now are $100 less.

      Philips SHP9500 (39% off)

      Philips SHP9500

      Wired headphones with comfortable over-ear design offer great sound quality for the price. Buy them now and you save $35 from the original $90 price.

      1MORE Triple Driver (20% off)

      1MORE E1001 Triple Driver

      Great wired in-ear headphones with 3 drivers that produce high sound quality above their price. Used to be $100, then lowered the price to around $70, now you can get them cheaper (10% off).

      What Will be the Best Headphone Discounts on Black Friday 2019?

      It’s hard to say right now (still a couple of weeks left). There’s some info on what headphones will be discounted no holidays, but you’ll see the best deals when they’re actually available.

      This is why we’re updating this Black Friday headphone guide daily, so you get the best deals when the day comes.

      What is Black Friday?

      Black Friday is an informal holiday the day after Thanksgiving (in America). The day is November 23rd. And what makes it the unofficial commercial holiday is that stores all over America offer promotional deals and discounts on everything you can imagine.

      It’s a big shopping holiday.

      Today, you can get discounts before and after the actual day. Usually, the deals start with November 1st and then continuing towards Cyber Monday.

      You can find deals over the weekend, from (Black) Friday to (Cyber) Monday as well, to keep people interested in spending more.

      What is Cyber Monday?

      Cyber Monday is a new marketing term coined in 2005 as the name for the Monday after Thanksgiving to persuade people to shop online. It happens 3 days after Black Friday on 26th November, and it’s one of the biggest shopping days in the year.

      What’s different is that it focuses on online deals.

      Basically, it prolongs the sales and makes more money for retailers (like Prime Day increases sales for Amazon in summer).

      Cyber Monday deals are often the same as they just prolong the discounts from previous campaigns.

      Why Should You Care About Black Friday?

      Well, if you want to get your hands on a new pair of headphones with a significant discount, then you should check the offers. On Black Friday day (it’s always on Friday) and before and after, retailers offer special deals on their wares, headphones included.

      It’s always smart to save some money by getting a nice discount. It’s one of the best ways to get more for your money.

      When Will the First Black Friday Offers Appear?

      Most and usually the best are on the actual Black Friday day on November 23rd.

      That said, you can find great deals sooner since retailers start their holiday season deals at the beginning of the month, so after November 1st.

      For this reason, we’re checking for new offers every day. So you get the latest and best and don’t miss on a good deal.

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      Black Friday sales

      Are All Black Friday Deals Good?

      Honestly, not really. Some brands increase their prices before the holidays so they can claim bigger discounts. So you’re getting the same discounts as during the year.

      But generally, most companies offer some kind of a deal, and you can even find amazing discounts if you dig deeper.

      You can easily find 50% off on high-end headphones (like the Sony noise-cancelling headphones a year ago) which can save you more than $100 per purchase.

      On big-ticket items you can save even more—like TVs and Cameras.

      Do Black Friday Deals Apply to Online Shopping, or are They Only Available in Physical Stores?

      Don’t worry. All Black Friday deals and discounts apply to online as well as physical stores. And on Cyber Monday—the first Monday after Thanksgiving—some deals are only available online. So, stay at home and click away, you’re not missing anything.

      You’ve probably seen the crazy videos from supermarkets where people literally fight for things to buy if the stock is low. Now, shopping doesn’t look like that in all brick-and-mortar stores, but it’s still crowded, and you run the risk of not being quick enough to get what you want.

      So if you want to avoid the crowds in stores and not waste time waiting in lines, “plug in your modem” and surf for the best bargains online.

      Online shopping is quicker and hassle-free, no competition from chaotic shoppers and you can do it all from the comforts of your couch.

      You can find more Black Friday shopping tips here.

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      Free shipping on black friday

      How is Shipping on Black Friday? (if you don’t want to wait)

      In truth, the waiting time for delivery on Black Friday is usually a bit longer.

      Sure they can promise same-day deliveries (like Amazon Prime on some products), but you can’t rely 100% on that promise.

      The usual policy most online retailers offer is free 2-day shipping. It means you get your item 2 working days after it’s been shipped (excluding weekends). In most cases, you wait between 2-3 days and less than a week.

      On holiday days, on the other hand, the postal services get swamped with deliveries because everybody has something to send or to be delivered.

      You should expect fast delivery (as usual), but in some cases might be 1-3 days late. That’s not so bad and definitely beats dealing with crowds and long waiting lines (for most people and if you already know what you want to buy).

      Who offers free 2-day shipping?

      • Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping all year round with no minimum order size. For non-Prime members, you get standard shipping—5 to 8 days—with a $25 minimum order to be eligible.
      • Walmart offers free 2-day shipping for orders over $35.
      • Target has free 2-day shipping without minimum order requirement.
      • Best Buy offers free shipping but only standard which is slower (wait a couple days more).

      Waiting for a new product that you’ve been wanting for so long is part of the fun. Patience helps with better mental health and personal development. You can read on the actual science behind here.

      If that’s not reason enough to exercise some patience, I don’t know what is.

      Back to deals

      Thank you for using HeadphonesAddict. Hopefully you found a good deal for yourself and saved lots of money. Happy Holidays!

      Disclosure: We might receive affiliate compensation if you purchase products via links on this page. In spite of that we do our best to tell the truth about every product and don’t favor any one brand or model.