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Best Cyber Monday 2018 Headphone Deals (discounts & sales)

Last updated: 9 months ago, Nov. 29. 2018
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    Find the best Cyber Monday deals on headphones in 2018.

    The guide will be updated for Cyber Week 2019 when the first deals come.

    It’s Cyber Monday week and here are the current Cyber Monday discounts and deals you can take advantage of.

    The holiday season is here, and consequently, companies are offering discounts and time-limited offers for their headphones.

    We’re updating the guide daily, so you can get your savings early (starting a couple days before the actual date).

    On Cyber Monday you’ll find all the best headphone deals for various categories, including gaming headphones, noise cancelling, in-ear, over-ear and so on.

    In the end, make sure to bookmark this page to get the best headphones deals before they’re gone.

    Table of Contents

      Best Cyber Monday Headphone Deals (at the moment)

      All of these headphones are on sale right now. If interested, check them out.

      Bose QuietComfort 25

      Bose QuietComfort 25

      This is an older model of noise-cancelling over-ear headphones that is wired and doesn’t have Bluetooth. Nonetheless, these are still one of the best ANC headphones today. And, right now, you can get them at a nice discount.

      Bose QuietComfort 35 II

      Bose QuietComfort 35

      The best noise-cancelling headphones from Bose to date.

      Beats Solo3 Wireless

      Beats Solo3 Wireless

      Popular wireless Beats on-ear headphones with  powerful bass sound.

      Bose SoundLink

      Bose SoundLink over-ear headphones

      These are Bluetooth over-ear headphones without active noise cancellation.

      Jabra Elite 65t

      Jabra Elite 65t

      One of the best rated true wireless headphones at the moment.

      Marshall Major III Bluetooth on-ear headphones

      Marshall Major III Bluetooth on-ear headphones

      Really cool wireless on-ear with a retro design and proven brand.

      Mpow Jaws gen. 3

      Mpow Jaws gen.3

      Affordable Bluetooth earbuds with a neckband design with strong battery life and solid microphone. It’s a great in-ear headset for everyday use. Right now, you can get a time limited deal on it. Check it out.

      Panasonic RP-HD605N Noise-Cancelling Headphones

      Panasonic RP-HD605N

      The Panasonic’s mid-range active noise cancelling headphones.

      Audio-Technica ATH-ANC700BT

      Audio-Technica noise canceling headphones with Bluetooth and over-ear design.

      Jabra Move Wireless – Bluetooth on-ear headphones

      Jabra Move Wireless

      Comfy, reliable and good sound wireless on-ear headphones for on the go use.

      Bose SoundSport Wireless – sports earbuds

      Bose SoundSport Wireless

      Arguably the most comfortable sports headphones today.

      Bose SoundSport – in-ear wired sports earbuds

      Bose SoundSport in-ear

      The go-to wired earbuds for working out from Bose.

      Monoprice 8323 – over-ear headphones

      Monoprice 8323 cheap under $30 headphones

      One of the best cheap over-ear headphones on the market right now.

      Monolith M560 planar-magnetic headphones

      Monolith M560 planar magnetic

      Massive planar-magnetic over-ear headphones for home listening.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      What is Cyber Monday?

      It’s a relatively new shopping holiday (since 2005) that follows Black Friday sales to prolong spending and increase revenues for retailers. I’m sorry the truth isn’t more romantic.

      But that’s how it is. It isn’t some old holiday where people come together to celebrate love and peace.

      It’s a day when online retailers offer additional discounts on various products to motivate people to spend more after the Black Friday and Thanksgiving shopping season.

      You can best take advantage of it by scouring the internet for discounts and special deals. You can find all kinds of products, including headphones.

      And if you’re planning on getting a new pair of headphones for these holidays, our Cyber Monday deals guide is a great start.

      When is Cyber Monday?

      It’s celebrated on the first Monday (November 26th) after the Black Friday which is a day after Thanksgiving.

      The dates can be different each year but always follows Thanksgiving and is celebrated on a Monday, hence the term “Cyber Monday.” It’s a part of so-called Cyber week.

      Why Care About Cyber Monday?

      If you like saving money and getting great discounts on your purchases than Cyber Monday is an excellent day to do exactly that.

      Everybody needs to buy some holiday gifts for family and friends, even if something small. And what best way to do it if not on a day when you can get significant discounts.

      In case you’re not a part of the consumer culture and don’t give presents for holidays then you don’t have to worry about it.

      Will Any Cyber Monday Deals be Unavailable on Black Friday (and vice versa)?

      It’s hard to 100% say what discounts and offers will be available on each day. But generally, Cyber Monday has its own unique deals that aren’t available on Black Friday as well as many that are just prolonged from the previous holiday.

      You should be on the lookout both days to get the best deal for yourself. If you do a lot of holiday shopping, you can save quite a hefty amount of money as discounts often range up to 30%, 40%, 50% and more.

      Interested in Black Friday deals?

      What Will the Best Cyber Monday Deals on Headphones Be?

      It’s hard to say before the actual day, but we’ll find all the great deals and let you know about them.

      We won’t be focusing only on high-end, expensive headphones but also include best value-for-money and budget headphones too.

      Hopefully, we find a great Cyber Monday deal on gaming headphones, noise-canceling headphones and wireless Bluetooth headphones. But it’s too soon to say anything specifically.

      It’s best to bookmark this page and visit it again on Cyber Monday.

      Back to deals

      Thank you for checking our Cyber Monday headphone guide.

      Please let us know what you think, did we miss some vital information? Make a comment below.