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Last updated: 2 years ago, Sep. 18. 2017
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    One of the more popular wireless gaming headsets on the market that is now an older model but still good value.

    “There is a newer model, Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless which is an improvement over this model, but costs more money.

    Like most wireless headsets this one is still a bit more expensive than most wired models, but compared to other wireless headsets for gaming, it’s one of the cheapest ones.

    Don’t let the low price fool you, this is one superb gaming headset.

    Compatibility (Microphone)

    Unfortunately, it is fully compatible only with Windows. But without the 7.1 Surround Sound, you can still use it with Mac and PS4 in stereo mode, both sound and microphone will work.

    You can connect the gaming headset with USB adapter or with the recharging station.

    The microphone is equally good. It features a reliable noise canceling mic that works as advertised. Noise canceling is good and you can easily use the headset in noisier environments.

    There are of course rare instances when the software for the headset stops working properly, in this case, microphone issues are common.

    Truth be told, the accompanied software just isn’t that good, but thankfully you don’t have to use it for the headphones and microphone to both work.


    The battery holds for about 10 hours per charge which is more than enough for most people. In case you run out of battery you can still use it while charging it with wire.

    Compared to other wireless headsets for games, the 10 hours battery life is very good for a cheaper headset like Logitech G930.

    Connecting is easy and really seems to work quickly and reliably without many disconnects in crucial moments. Connection holds for about 40ft, depending on the obstacles in between.

    Logitech uses its own 2.5GHz wireless technology that is supposedly up to 38% faster than Bluetooth.

    This “super” technology is hard to prove in real life, but wireless connection works like expected most of the time. Disconnections are rare and sound is clean without any hiss.


    The only problem seems to be durability. Some parts of this gaming headset seem to deteriorate and you have to be careful not to damage them. In any case, spare parts are available for little money if anything happens.

    The plastic design looks good enough out of the box, but over time some models start to develop cracks that eventually result in a broken headset.

    Keep in mind that durability isn’t top notch but as long as you don’t abuse it, this gaming headset should serve you for at least a few years.

    The closed-back design offers good noise isolation. Meaning the environment noise won’t bother you with your games and movies, while the headphones still leak some sound you’re listening to, but not too badly.


    While these headphones might have an unusual rectangular shape they are amazingly comfortable. Made from soft fabric and light plastics, you can wear them for very long without irritating your ears.

    The ear pads are made out of soft, pleather cushions that don’t put a lot of pressure around your ears. The headband extends nicely and can fit any adult head size.

    Generally, comfort is superb, something you’d expect from a more expensive gaming headset.


    40mm drivers produce virtual 7.1 Surround Sound that will let you know where your enemy is before you see them. Press the button for Surround Sound and soundstage magically widens. It does a pretty decent job.

    Since these headphones where made with gaming in mind you’ll hear the difference between regular headphones and detailed positional audio from Logitech G930.

    Overall sound quality can be compared to gaming headsets for $200 or even $300, yet still lacking some detail and finesse to compete with audiophile headphones.

    The highs and mids are detailed and clear, bass can be adjusted to the strength you like, from bass heavy to more balanced.

    You can easily use this Logitech gaming headset for music as well if you’re not expecting sonic perfection.

    Logitech G930 wireless gaming headset still offers a lot for the price. It has good wireless connection and battery, good microphone, amazing comfort and sound quality that won’t leave you disappointed.


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