13 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Right Now

Last updated: 4 months ago, Jul. 9. 2020
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    Cut the wires with one of the top wireless gaming headsets.

    Comparison of The Best Wireless Gaming Headsets in 2020

      RatingPriceBatteryCompatibilityVirtual surround sound

    SteelSeries Arctis 7
    best overall
    More info
    under $13024hPC & Mac
    PS3 & PS4
    Xbox 360
    Xbox One
    HyperX Cloud Flight
    best battery life
    More info
    under $13030hPC & Mac
    LucidSound LS41
    best for consoles
    More info
    under $20020hPS4 & Mac
    Xbox One
    Nintendo Switch
    Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless
    great comfort & looks
    More info
    under $17014h(USB adapter)
    PS4, PC
    SteelSeries Arctis PRO Wireless
    best high end
    More info
    under $33020hPS4
    Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL
    best microphone
    More info
    under $25015hPC
    Logitech G533 Wireless
    best value Logitech

    More info
    under $13015hPC
    Corsair HS70 Pro
    best value Corsair
    More info
    under $16016hPS4
    SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless
    best for Switch/Android

    More info
    under $8020hPS4
    Nintendo Switch
    Audeze Mobius
    best gaming planar magnetic
    More info
    under $40010hPC
    Nintendo Switch
    Logitech G9354.0
    More info
    under $2008h with RGB on
    12 with RGB off
    Astro Gaming A50

    More info
    under $30018hPC & Mac
    Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450
    More info
    under $19012-15hPC

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      Imagine freely getting a drink from a fridge, walking around with your gaming headset while chatting with your friends, and listening to the game.

      There are no wires to limit you. You can get up and walk around at any time, without having to take off your headphones.

      The freedom that a cordless headset brings is a major upgrade to your game-playing experience.

      But wireless gaming headsets for PS4, PC, and Xbox are often overpriced.

      They suffer from connection problems and come with disappointing sound quality.

      If you pick the wrong one, you’ll get nothing but a headache.

      For this reason, we made a list of the best wireless gaming headsets that won’t disappoint you. These are the best money can buy right now. Check the list below.

      Best Wireless Gaming Headsets

      1. SteelSeries Arctis 7 – best overall

      SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

      The best wireless gaming headset for most people

      A robust frame and comfortable features complement the overall quality sound and electronic performance, making the Arctis 7 one of the best wireless gaming headsets.

      SteelSeries Arctis series won the Red Dot Design Award in 2017. This tells a lot about the quality of this wireless gaming headset.

      Battery life: 24 hours
      Compatibility: (USB dongle) PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, VR, Mobile
      Virtual surround sound: Yes, DTS Headphone:X 2.0

      What Makes It Good?

      Arctis 7 sleek design is minimal yet timeless. The lightweight steel alloy headband is very durable and stylish. The Arctis 7 is trimmed with a comfortable and breathable AirWeave” fabric that is suitable for long “ass-kicking” sessions.

      Controls are located on the earcups for volume up/down and mic mute, and the red illumination on the boom mic turns off when it is muted.

      The Bad

      Earcups are rather shallow.

      The Sound

      40mm speaker drivers are producing a very balanced sound signature. While the Arctis 7 is certainly not an audiophile-quality set of headphones, it does provide a reasonably wide soundstage with a decent dynamic range.

      The optional SteelSeries Engine 3 software allows you to save audio presets and other custom sound settings.

      The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a lag-free wireless headset, a winner when it comes to style, build quality, and general comfort. With a clear microphone, great sound quality, and robust contemporary design, this headset provides the most value for your money right now.

      More: Check out the top wireless earbuds on the market right now.

      2. HyperX Cloud Flight – best battery life

      HyperX Cloud Flight wireless gaming headset

      The best wireless gaming headset with a massive battery capacity

      Quality and a comfortable cordless headset with a great battery. These are available at a reasonable price, too.

      Check the HyperX Cloud review.

      Battery life: 30 hours
      Compatibility: (USB dongle) PC, Mac, PS4
      Virtual surround sound: No

      What Makes It Good?

      These headphones are a good choice for the money. They aren’t super cheap, but they have plenty of features for the price and an impressive battery.

      The battery can last 30 hours if you don’t use the built-in LED lights. You can turn them off in the beginning. Charging is simple with a micro USB cable.

      The boom mic is detachable. It’s good quality and great for Skype calls or even streaming. If you don’t want to chat, just disconnect it.

      You can also mute it with a tap on the left earcup.

      The Bad

      There’s no support for USB audio, so you can’t use them with the Xbox as it doesn’t have support for 3.5mm cables.

      The Sound

      The sound features a V-Shaped signature. It emphasizes the lows and highs for a better audio experience while playing games. You can hear the rumble and bass very well.

      For a long battery performance and a sound that is more than good enough for casual gamers, the HyperX Cloud Flight could be a good call.

      Read the full review.

      See the top wireless headsets for PlayStation.

      3. LucidSound LS41 – best for consoles

      LucidSound LX41

      Best wireless gaming headsets for all consoles (PS4, Xbox One and Switch)

      These powerful and well-built headphones make a great choice for playing games on consoles. They have a great surround audio capability and sturdy design.

      Battery life: 20 hours
      Compatibility: (base station) PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac,
      Virtual surround sound: Yes, 7.1

      What Makes It Good?

      These headphones have plenty of power. The 50mm drivers allow for loud listening and great bass response. This is combined with detailed surround audio to give you an amazing immersive feel.

      You’re looking at over 20 hours of battery life, which is plenty of time for console playing.

      The noise-canceling microphone is good quality, and there’s a removable boom mic. It has monitoring, so if you want, you can hear your own voice.

      The rigid design and metal frame are impressive. They’re a bit heavier than some other models but very sturdy. The headphones also have easy controls on them.

      The Bad

      These headphones are a bit heavier than some options. Over time they can become less comfortable.

      If you want to play far away from the adapter, it may start to lose connection.

      The Sound

      As well as the surround audio, there is a brilliant EQ function. You can make changes to suit the game you are playing. The 50mm drivers give plenty of power and volume.

      If you want compatibility with lots of consoles, and sturdy, rugged headphones with metal construction, consider the LucidSound LS41.

      4. Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless – great comfort & looks

      Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless

      A great set of headphones for comfort, looks, and haptics

      A comfy feel combined with 7.1 surround sound and even haptic feedback, great for immersive gameplay.

      Battery life: 14 hours
      Compatibility: (USB dongle) PS4, PC
      Virtual surround sound: Yes, THX Spatial 7.1

      What Makes It Good?

      The first thing you notice using these headphones is comfort. They are padded and even have a cooling gel to keep you comfortable during use.

      Haptic technology gives an immersive feel. Vibrations make you feel like you’re really in the game. Combined with 7.1 virtual surround, this is an immersive headset from a popular gamer brand.

      The auto-adjusting headband offers even more comfort, and they fit the size of your head with ease.


      Though it can work with Xbox One, this needs an adapter to make it wired. This defeats the purpose for many people.

      The battery capacity advertised is maybe a bit misleading. It is hard to receive 10-14 hours out of these headphones especially at high volumes and with haptics.

      The Sound

      The sound is very cinematic. Haptic vibrations and an EQ curve to suit bass make it good for immersive games. The fidelity is fine for most users.

      If you are on PS4 or PC and want an amazing level of immersion, the Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless might be your answer.

      5. SteelSeries Arctis PRO Wireless – best high end

      SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

      Best high-end wireless gaming headphones

      Ready to splash out for some great Hi-Res audio fidelity and high-quality headphones? The SteelSeries Arctis PRO Wireless is extremely crisp and clear.

      Battery life: 20 hours
      Compatibility: PS4, PC
      Virtual surround sound: Yes, 7.1

      What Makes it Good?

      DTS Headphone:X v2.0 surround audio is one of the key points of these headphones. This is combined with an ultra-high quality of sound provided by 2.4G cordless lossless audio.

      The battery is great, and the fact that this has a dual radio -frequency connection makes it very reliable for long use without dropping out. Also, the two batteries are swappable. Charge one while you use the other.

      ClearCast microphone provides excellent voice clarity through the mic.  Though, the sound is the number one feature of the Arctis PRO.

      The Bad

      These headphones might be a bit pricey for some people. They also are not designed for use with the Xbox One.

      See best Xbox wireless headsets here.

      The Sound

      The sound is where they really win through, both the clarity of listening and the microphone. They cover a full frequency range and deliver lossless sonic fidelity.

      For audiophiles who don’t mind spending a little more, think about the Arctis PRO.

      6. Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL – best microphone

      Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL wireless gaming headset


      Best microphone in the wireless gaming headset

      This headset builds upon the Audio Technica’s most popular model, the ATH-M50x, and it offers great sound performance with a quality microphone.

      Battery life: 15 hours
      Compatibility: PC
      Virtual surround sound: Yes, 7.1

      What Makes It Good?

      This premium gaming headset is built from quality materials, such as hard plastic and lots of metal, especially in the headband, which has a very stylish, industrial look. Despite the use of metal components, these are very flexible and can withstand years of abuse.

      ATH-G1WL have thick memory foam pads covered with a mix of pleather and breathable fabric, which prevents excessive sweating.

      15 hours of battery life is nothing special nowadays, but it should be long enough for casual gamers.

      The Bad

      No 3.5mm jack if the battery dies.

      The Sound

      The 45mm driver can display an impressive bass rumble, even better than the M50x’s. It’s somewhat boomy but in a good way. The treble is also very clean and precise, giving away the quiet footsteps of your enemies. They also support the 7.1 surround sound feature.

      You don’t need separate headphones for gaming and music since Audio Technica ATH-G1WL’s are great at both.

      Best Budget Wireless Gaming Headsets (all under $100)

      7. Logitech G533 Wireless – best value Logitech

      Logitech G533 Wireless

      We think this is the best wireless gaming headset under $100

      The Logitech G533 Wireless DTS 7.1 gaming headset provides a great mix of features, comfort, and value.

      Battery life: 15 hours
      Compatibility: PC
      Virtual surround sound: Yes, DTS Headphones:X

      What Makes It Good?

      The optional Logitech Gaming Software works great for enhancing the EQ settings, engaging the DTS 7.1 surround mode, and monitoring the battery capacity. With a 15-hour battery, you can use these for your longest on-screen marathons.

      The headband and weight distribution is well balanced to provide a comfortable fit without being too tight or clamping too hard. Soft earpads and gentle headband pressure make these great headphones if you wear glasses.

      The breathable sports-mesh earcup padding is not super plush, but it is comfortable, plus it has the added benefit of being removed for cleaning.

      The Bad

      Some users have reported some quality control issues.

      The Sound

      ProG drivers deliver an extra-wide soundstage with simulated DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround, which is great for experiencing rich digital environments, especially 1st person games. The bass can be perceived as a little weak initially, but it is easily fixable and customized with the Logitech Gaming Software.

      If you play games primarily on a PC, then the Logitech G533 Wireless DTS 7.1 gaming headset is an excellent choice for game-playing marathons that can benefit from a wide soundstage and simulated surround audio.

      Find more PC gaming headsets.

      8. Corsair HS70 Pro – best value Corsair

      Corsair HS70 Pro

      An alternative model under $100

      If you’re on a budget, but still want surround sound and a good mic, you might consider this Corsair option.

      Battery life: 16 hours
      Compatibility: PS4, PC
      Virtual surround sound: Yes, 7.1

      What Makes it Good?

      In spite of the price tag, the audio is definitely good quality, and the features aren’t overly compromised.

      16 hours of battery is plenty for most people. They’ve got lots of power provided by 50mm drivers. The microphone included is omnidirectional, and good enough for casual gamers.

      As it’s made by Corsair, you can use the Corsair iCUE software to make changes to the music settings (EQ).

      The Bad

      Though the headphones are adjustable, they aren’t the comfiest on the list. The padding could be a bit better.

      The surround feature is okay, but nowhere near as good as some of the other virtual surrounds.

      The Sound

      The sound is not ultra-high fidelity, but the frequency response is good, and there is plenty of power, great for most casual gamers.

      For great features on a budget, consider the Corsair HS70 Pro.

      9. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless – best for Switch/Android

      SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

      Best wireless headset for Switch or Android

      Lots of the top wireless headsets for gaming aren’t compatible with Nintendo Switch or Android Devices, that’s where the Arctis 1 comes in.

      Battery life: 20 hours
      Compatibility: PS4, PC, Switch, Android,
      Virtual surround sound: No

      What Makes it Good?

      The compatibility with Switch and Android is not the only good feature. You can use a USB-C dongle to connect to the Switch or other devices.

      The headband is steel reinforced for good durability, these can take some punishment.

      You can also rest assured of the power. They even have the same driver as their more expensive siblings. 50mm drivers give a fair punch with plenty of volume.

      Controls on the headphones are easy to use, with no complex settings. You’re looking at 20-hour battery which is also a plus point.

      The Bad

      The microphone is not the best quality. No virtual surround sound.

      The Sound

      The sound is not elite, but it is good enough for casual gamers, and there’s plenty of power. You can hear the rumble on the virtual battlefield.

      Just don’t expect the same immersive experience as you’d experience with surround audio.

      For a good set of wireless headsets on a budget, and to use with your Nintendo Switch or Android device, choose the SteelSeries Arctis 1.

      10. Audeze Mobius – best gaming planar magnetic

      Audeze Mobius wireless gaming headset

      Best planar magnetic gaming headset

      Audeze is mostly known for their fabulous handmade audiophile headphones. Mobius are their first step into the wireless gaming world, and the feedback from the community is very positive.

      Battery life: 10 hours
      Compatibility: PC, Switch, Mobile (PS4 and Xbox One can only be used via 3.5mm jack)
      Virtual surround sound: Yes

      What Makes It Good?

      Mobius are equipped with a 3D surround system by Waves Nx, which tracks your head’s movement to give you better spatial awareness.

      These can be connected via USB-C cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. They support both AAC and LDAC audio codecs, which is excellent for gamers who appreciate the lossless sound quality.

      Even the most comfortable pads can become stiff after a few years of use. That is why the memory foam pads on Mobius are replaceable.

      The Bad

      Battery life tops at 10 hours, which is underwhelming. Thankfully you can still use them when they’re charging via USB-C.

      The Sound

      Planar magnetic drivers are known to produce close to zero distortion and very detailed sound. Mobius are amazing when it comes to listening to music and playing games, giving you incredible details throughout the frequency range.

      They are quite pricey, but they can offer you the best experience in both gaming and music listening.

      Honorable Mentions

      11. Logitech G935: They’re big, comfy, and have a bunch of customizable buttons. Lets not forget the RGB lightning and DTS Headphones:X 2.0 surround feature.

      12. Astro Gaming A50: A more expensive cordless headset that comes with it’s own stand, but also dubious build quality.

      13. Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450: These offers a very good battery, good build design, easy setup and decent sound quality which make it one of the best gaming headsets for the price.

      Are Wireless Headphones Good for Gaming?

      Cordless headsets are almost as good as wired in all categories and perfectly suited for a modern gamer. In some cases, like console game playing, they’re the preferred type.

      But before getting a wireless gaming headset, you have to know how it compares to wired headsets.

      Best wireless gaming headset - Arctis 7 Wireless


      The obvious benefit of wire-free experience is freedom and comfort since you’re not bound by the cord connected to your gaming machine.

      Easily change the position on your couch while playing your favorite game or quickly visit the bathroom without having to put down your headphones. It’s liberating and very easy to accustomed to.

      Too often it happens that you forget you’re wearing headphones and accidentally pull the cables and damage them. It’s annoying.

      On the other hand, wireless headphones aren’t perfect and come with their disadvantages.

      You Need to Charge Them

      Since playing sessions are often hours long, you’ll most likely need to recharge your headphones every few days, which is a nuisance if nothing else.

      And if you forget to fill them up in between, you’re stuck with now a wired headset (most come with the wired AUX plug).

      Not to mention the battery will eventually die or become less effective, emptying faster than usual. You have to consider their shorter lifetime.

      Are They Laggy?

      The common misconception is that all cordless headphones have “laggy” sound delivery.

      While Bluetooth and other wireless technologies might not be as fast as cable, the difference is so small it won’t bother you.

      Modern technology is almost as fast as cable, and there is no difference in sensed sound speed.

      Gaming headphones usually use different radio frequency transmission that’s faster than Bluetooth. So, lag is a non-issue.

      You Have to Pay More

      Because a cordless headset includes a battery and additional electronic circuitry for the cordless technology, it costs more money.

      You can buy a flagship, wired gaming headset for less than $100, but a solid wireless model will usually cost you a bit more.

      Sound Quality is Lower

      It is generally true audio quality suffers when it’s digitalized and compressed for transmission over the air.

      Thankfully, the newest cordless models come with efficient compression algorithms that make the sonic quality difference inaudible by a regular gamer.

      To hear the minor differences in quality, you have to have a trained ear of an audiophile.

      If you haven’t tested dozens of high-end headphones but just want to enjoy your headphones with games, music, and movies like most people, then cordless headsets won’t disappoint you.