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Beats PowerBeats Pro vs. Jabra Elite Active 75t

Last updated: 4 years ago
7 min read

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Comparison of Beats PowerBeats Pro vs. Jabra Elite Active 75t

Beats PowerBeats Pro vs Jabra Elite Active 75t earphones

If you’re looking for versatile sports headphones with rich features and equalization, get the Jabra Elite Active 75t.

If you want superior stability and monster battery life with powerful bass, get the Beats PowerBeats Pro.

You might be wondering which wireless earbuds are better for you. In this comparison we’re going to compare both in all categories, so you know exactly what to expect.

Both the Jabra Elite Active 75t and PowerBeats Pro are top-notch workout headphones with many best-in-class features.

But some differences we point at below will make your decision easier.

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    Quick Comparison

    Both models:

    • Have a bass emphasized sound quality
    • Are great for working out and other activity
    • Have a high build quality with top-end materials
    • Built-in physical buttons with full control

    Beats Powerbeats Pro

    Beats PowerBeats Pro

    More stable for vigorous exercise thanks to ear hooks but are less comfortable

    Good passive isolation

    Better Bluetooth connection

    11h / charge + 24h in case

    IPX4 – sweatproof

    H1 chip for seamless pairing (on iOS)

    V-shaped sound with powerful bass

    Are arguably cooler and more stylish (if that’s important to you)

    Beats PowerBeats Pro review

    Jabra Elite Active 75t

    Jabra Elite Active 75t

    Are more comfortable due to smaller and more ergonomic design

    Better noise isolation & HearThrough ambient mode

    Reliable Bluetooth connectivity

    7.5h / charge + 20h in case

    IP57 – waterproof

    Customization app with powerful EQ

    Fun, bassy sound with good extension

    Are slightly cheaper around MSRP $200, compared to MSRP $250 for PowerBeats Pro

    Jabra Elite Active 75t review


    Beats PowerBeats Pro Jabra Elite Active 75t
    Type: In-ear In-ear
    Connection: Wireless Wireless
    Back-design: Closed-back Closed-back
    Driver size: 12mm 6mm
    Frequency range: n/a 20Hz – 20,000Hz
    Impedance: n/a n/a
    Weight: 22g both buds 12g both buds, 35g case
    Cable length: n/a Charging cable 30cm
    Microphone & controls: Built-in Built-in
    Water-protection: IPX4 (sweatproof) IP57 (IPX7 – waterproof)
    Bluetooth: version 5.0 + H1 chip version 5.0
    Battery life: 11h per charge 7h per charge
    Charging time: 1h full charge – 5min for 1.5h 2h20min full charge -15min for 1h
    Active noise-cancelling: No No
    Charging cable: Lightning to USB USB-C to USB
    Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC SBC, mSBC, CVSD, AAC
    Wireless range: 33ft (10m) 33ft (10m)
    Type: Built-in mic Built-in 4-microphone system
    Mic design: n/a n/a
    Mutable: No Yes

    What’s in the Box?

    Beats PowerBeats Pro

    Beats PowerBeats Pro – Unboxing in 2 Minutes

    Jabra Elite Active 75t


    Both come with similar contents:

    • True wireless earbuds
    • Charging case
    • Jabra: 3 pairs of silicone eartips (S, M, L), PowerBeats Pro: 4 pairs of silicone eartips (S, M, L, 1 double-flange)
    • Jabra: USB-C charging cable, PowerBeats Pro: Lightning charging cable
    • User manual

    Comfort & Fit

    Generally, the Elite Active 75t are more comfortable even after prolonged use, while PowerBeats Pro stick on the ears better during movement.

    Elite Active 75t have a similar design to the previous version that does an excellent job of staying inside your ears once you “twist” them in.

    They stay comfortable for longer and are less irritating.

    But comfort comes at a price. After some time of moving or talking, the buds slowly lose the fit, and you feel the urge of readjusting them. If you don’t, they eventually fall out. PowerBeats Pro don’t do that.

    PowerBeats Pro have a slightly different design with ear hooks. They provide uncompromising stability even in the most extreme situations.

    But the design isn’t as ergonomic and tends to create slight irritation over time, though it isn’t deal-breaking.

    The end of the earbud rubs against your skin and slowly builds up the tension. Thankfully, they don’t get painful, but you do feel them a bit.

    It’s a decision between superior stability or comfort. Plus, if you wear a helmet, the ear hooks might be in the way.

    Noise Isolation

    Both are in-ear headphones with superb noise isolation, but the Elite Active 75t come with a HearThrough mode for when you need awareness.

    The Jabra have an advantage in this regard. They have an additional feature PowerBeats don’t have.

    It’s called HearThrough mode, and what it does is basically record the ambient noise with microphones and send it to your ears. That way, you can always hear an incoming car on the road.

    It’s especially useful for city runners and cyclists who need to stay safe. You can also use it when talking to people around you without taking the wireless earbuds off.

    The only problem with the HearThrough mode is that it amplifies wind noise. That’s good to know if strong winds are common in your area.

    Otherwise, both have better than average passive noise isolation, so you can block the outside world and focus on your routine.


    PowerBeats Pro win in this regard. While the Jabra’s Bluetooth is average with 33ft (10m) range, you can expect slightly better performance from the Beats.

    Beats PowerBeats Pro vs Jabra EliteActive 75t wireless earbuds
    Beats offer better Bluetooth performance.

    The first difference is the range over 1 wall. The Elite Active 75t work reliably at a shorter distance than PowerBeats Pro which work normally at max range.

    Both PowerBeats Pro and Elite Active 75t support AAC Bluetooth codec. It’s the go-to codec for iOS devices and offers superior audio and performance.

    Both true wireless earbuds lose the signal over 2 walls. And are generally suitable for watching videos without delay.

    But the Elite Active 75t aren’t completely without advantages. They come with the Multipoint feature. You can connect to 2 devices at the same time, which Apple’s H1 chip doesn’t support.


    PowerBeats Pro are the clear winner in battery life with over 11 hours per charge. The Elite Active 75t still offer a solid 7 hours.

    The Beats have the best-in-class battery life over 11 hours in our test, though they officially provide around 9 hours.

    Both come with quick charging capability:

    • Beats give 1.5 hours for a 5-minute charge (Lightning cable)
    • 75ts offer 1 hour for a 15-minute charge 8 (USB-C cable)

    The charging case provides over 20 hours of additional power in both models. Still, the PowerBeats Pro charging case is much larger. In fact, it’s annoyingly big, and it’s harder to pack into a pants pocket.

    Beats PowerBeats Pro vs Jabra Elite Active 75t charging case
    Beats have a considerably better battery life with over 11h.

    Nonetheless, the Beats are superior in every regard. They charge faster and last longer.

    Though 7 hours isn’t remotely bad for Jabra, it’s plenty of battery life for even the most eager gym junkies.


    Jabra Elite Active 75t come with IP57 protection, which makes them dustproof and waterproof. In contrast, the PowerBeats Pro are only sweatproof with IPX4.

    Jabra’s are the clear winner in protection against dust and water. Their IP57 means max protection against small particles (dust) and water (equivalent to IPX7). You can even submerge them in water but the Bluetooth won’t work.

    The Beats are underwhelming in this regard with mere IPX4, which makes them water-resistant but not waterproof. You can use them in the rain, splash some water on them, or expose them to sweat.

    It’s enough for most active people but not good enough for more demanding sports. You have to be a bit more careful.

    Nonetheless, both use quality materials with a nice finish and feel.

    The only complaint we have is that the PowerBeats Pro charging case feels a bit cheap. The materials and build quality just aren’t the same, and considering the price, they should pay more attention to it.

    Having problems? Here’s how to fix Beats PowerBeats Pro

    Beats PowerBeats Pro vs Jabra Elite Active 75t wet


    You get more features with the Jabra Elite Active 75t, though PowerBeats Pro still satisfy all the expectations.

    First, let’s talk about features both models have:

    • You can make clear phone calls and are among the best earbuds with microphone
    • Control music with built-in physical buttons including; play/pause, volume, song selection, accept/reject calls, call a voice assistant
    • Auto-pause feature when you take one earbud off

    Now the Differences

    Elite Active 75t have app support, you can download it for free – Sound+ on iOS and Android.

    With it, you can equalize music, create different custom presets, adjust microphone settings, and more. See the full 75t review for more info.

    The app gives you the power to change the sound signature to your liking, which is a big bonus. PowerBeats Pro don’t have this.

    The one thing Jabra’s don’t offer is using either earbud in mono mode. Only the right one works, while both can be used as a headset with the Beats.

    In the end, the app does offer more flexibility and control over your totally wireless earbuds. However, for sports use, both offer a quality user experience.


    Both models have a bassy sound signature with powerful lows, but there are a couple of differences.

    Since these are workout wireless earbuds, bass is what most people are looking for, and that is what you get.

    PowerBeats Pro have the typical Beats sound quality with strong, deep bass that overshadows other ranges. They’re clearly colored in one direction, and that’s exactly what a lot of people want.

    They’re great for modern bassy music like hip hop and dance, which relish in a good beat.

    And over recent years, Beats sound quality has been getting better. No more of that muddy bass that made you think you’re listening to cheap headphones. The bass is controlled and punchy, a real joy to listen to.

    On the other hand, the Elite Active 75t also emphasizes bass, but you also get the option of equalizing inside the Jabra Sound+ app.

    If bassy signatures aren’t your thing, you can tone it down and boost some other range until it sounds good to you. You can save presets for different genres of music and activate it when suitable.

    This makes them flexible for more people and especially those who appreciate a more balanced sound.

    But one thing Jabras are worse at is the soundstage. Sure, in-ear headphones come with smaller soundstage in general, but it’s especially tiny with the 75t. It might not be a huge difference, but it’s there.

    Both can get painfully loud, but you can EQ Jabras while the Beats offer the same bass-emphasized sound forever.

    Should You Get Beats PowerBeats Pro vs. Jabra Elite Active 75t?

    Beats PowerBeats Pro vs Jabra Elite Active 75t

    The differences are small but relevant.

    In case you’re looking for versatile, “can-do-it-all” wireless earbuds, then the Elite Active 75t are the better choice.

    With full dust and water protection, you can expose them to more dangerous situations. They work well with Android and iOS with good app support.

    You can use them for cycling, running, or any other activity where you need good awareness.

    But if you know you’ll use the earphones in a loud gym where you don’t care for the HearThrough mode, and you like the bassy Beats audio, then getting the PowerBeats Pro makes more sense.

    They work better with iPhones due to H1 chip synergies. The real difference in audio quality due to the H1 chip is debatable though technically better. But if you’re an avid iPhone owner and you like the brand, that’s something to consider too. Plus, they (arguably) make you look cooler.

    The price might be a concern too. Jabra’s cost around $200 MSRP while you have to pay $50 more for the Beats. Both belong in the high-end price category for workout models.

    That’s it for the PowerBeats Pro vs. Jabra Elite Active 75t comparison. Did we forget to mention something? Let us know what you’d like us to compare in the comments.

    Review of Jabra Elite Active 75t

    Review of Beats PowerBeats Pro

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