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How To Fix Beats PowerBeats Pro Not Working in 5 Simple Steps

Last updated: 3 months ago
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Here are simple tricks to troubleshoot and fix common issues with Beats PowerBeats Pro not working:

  • Why won’t PowerBeats Pro (launched on May 10, 2019) turn on or off?
  • Why is one PowerBeats Pro earbud not charging?
  • Why is the PowerBeats Pro volume not working?
  • How to reset PowerBeats Pro?
  • How to connect PowerBeats Pro?
  • How to update PowerBeats Pro firmware?
  • And more…

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Beats PowerBeats Pro review

Reasons Why Beats PowerBeats Pro Aren’t Working

Here are possible issues you can encounter using Beats PowerBeats Pro. Click on the problem you have to jump to the solution:

You will also learn other helpful things, such as:

How To Reset Beats PowerBeats Pro?

So simple, yet so powerful.

Many problems, especially those related to connection stutters, are solved by simply resetting your earbuds.

Here’s how you reset PowerBeats Pro:

  1. Put both earbuds in the charging case and leave the lid open.
  2. Press the System button in the middle of the case and hold it for 15 seconds or until you see the small LED flash red and white.
Beats PowerBeats Pro in charging case
  1. Release the button and wait until the LED only flashes white. That indicates that the earbuds are in pairing mode.
  2. Hold them close to your smartphone. Learn how to pair Beats PowerBeats Pro to your smartphone.

Resetting the earbuds wipes the data on paired devices, so you have to re-pair them to your Bluetooth devices again.

Unable to reset?

Your PowerBeats Pro earbuds don’t want to reset?

Usually, the main reason is a poor connection with the pins on one of the earbuds.

  • Try pressing down the problematic earbuds to ensure they’re connected with the pins while performing the reset.

However, if the pins don’t connect at all, even if you press the PowerBeats Pro down, there’s not much you can do. Send them to repair and save yourself additional frustration.

Beats PowerBeats Pro placed in the case

How To Pair Beats PowerBeats Pro?

Since PowerBeats Pro are an Apple product, they behave differently around different operating systems (iOS & Android).

This is how you pair them:

How To Pair PowerBeats Pro to an iPhone?

Due to the H1 chip inside, the PowerBeats Pro pairing process is super easy:

  1. Open the charging case with both earbuds inside. Keep the case near your iPhone.
  2. You’ll see a pop-up message with an animation of the earbuds. Tap “Connect.”

The best thing about iOS and H1/W1 chips is that the earbuds automatically switch connections between all devices that use your Apple account.

How To Pair PowerBeats Pro to an Android Phone?

Usually, this involved a few more steps than on iOS. Thankfully, using the Beats app, you can have a similar pairing experience to Apple users.

This is how you pair them without the app:

  1. Open the lid and check if the LED is blinking white. Don’t hold the System button for too long since you will completely reset the earbuds.
  2. Go into a Bluetooth menu and search for new devices. PowerBeats Pro should be one of those devices.

This is how to pair them with the Beats app:

  1. First, download the Beats app from the Google Play store.
  2. Open the app and give it all the necessary permissions. You must have the “Location” turned on.
  3. Open the lid of the charging case. After, the pop-up message should appear, asking you to “Connect.”
Connect Beats to the app

How To Connect PowerBeats Pro to an Apple Watch?

If you own an Apple Watch, you probably also own an iPhone or another Apple gadget.

Apple Watch on a MacBook
Beats headphones paired to your MacBook will also automatically pair to your Apple Watch.

Let’s say you want to pair PowerBeats Pro directly to your Apple Watch. The process is similar to the one on a smartphone.

  1. Open the charging case lid and see that the white LED is blinking.
  2. On the Apple Watch, go into Settings > Bluetooth.
  3. Under “Devices,” you should see the “PowerBeats Pro.” Tap on it to pair.

As mentioned in the “how to pair to iPhone” steps, if PowerBeats Pro are paired with your iPhone, they will automatically pair to your Apple Watch.

Why Beats PowerBeats Pro Won’t Turn On or Off?

This might seem like a scary problem to have, but often, there’s a simple solution for it. Try these troubleshooting tips.

Inspect If Earbuds are Charged

Having an empty battery in earbuds or charging case happens more often than you think.

Plug the case into the power socket to see if it’s charging.

Reset The Earbuds

Place both earbuds in the case and hold down the System button for 15 seconds or until you see the LED flashing red.

Learn the full step-by-step procedure in the reset PowerBeats Pro category.

Beats PowerBeats Pro in case

Leave Them For a Few Days

Some users report that leaving the earbuds in peace for a couple of days can resolve the issue.

  • One user said he had trouble turning the earbuds on, so he left them in the case for 2 days without touching them. After that, he tried again, and lo and behold, the earbuds turned on.
  • A second user left them out of frustration, thinking they’re never going to work again, only to find out they turned back on after 2 weeks.

Earbuds Might’ve Malfunctioned

Of course, there’s always a chance the earbuds simply died. Electronics usually stop working right after you try to turn them on.

In that case, if they’re still under warranty, send them to Apple for repairs.

Why Is One PowerBeats Pro Earbud Not Charging?

This is the most common issue with Beats PowerBeats Pro. Inside the app, one earbud reports 100%, while the other earbud is at 0%.

Let’s take a look at all the troubleshooting steps.

Is the Case Charging as Well?

It could be that the case has an empty battery or that the charging cable is faulty.

  1. Plug the case into the power wall outlet, and check if the small LED indicator light is on.
  2. If not, try plugging into a different power source or change the cable and a power brick altogether.
  • If the LED isn’t shining, the PowerBeats Pro charging case might be broken.
  • If the LED light is on and the earbud is still not charging, move to the next step.

Is There Dirt on Charging Contacts?

Inspect the charging pins inside the case and the contacts on the earbuds.

Beats PowerBeats Pro charging pins

If you see dirt or debris that could interfere with the connection, clean them off:

  1. First, use a clean brush (like a toothbrush) to clean off larger debris.
Cleaning case with brush
  1. Use a slightly wet a cotton swab with cleaning alcohol (70% or above).
  2. Gently brush the pins inside the case and on the earbuds. Let them dry before inserting the buds back into the case.
Cleaning charging case

If you’re in a hurry, you can simply use a towel to brush off the dirt.

Cleaning case with cloth

Reset Both Earbuds

Maybe only one earbud is acting weird and needs a complete software reset.

This is how you reset your Beats PowerBeats Pro.

Check for Firmware Updates

It could be that your earbuds have a bug. Updating to the latest firmware could remove it.

See how to update the firmware below.

If the same problem persists, we’ve found some DIY solutions that might be worth a try.

Wet the Pins

  • Wet the charging pins by licking a finger and applying saliva to the contacts.

If the pins between the earbuds and the charging case aren’t touching, the saliva will act as a conductor of electricity.

Apparently, that did the trick for some, but we don’t advise you to do that. Liquids and electricity never mix well.

Apply Pieces of Foam

If earbuds struggle to connect to the charging pins, try this:

Put small pieces of foam on the top inside part of the charging case lid (see image below). The foam will push the earbuds down and connect them to the pins.

Here’s what some users did:

Beats foam pieces YT screenshot
Source: YouTube
  1. Cut 2 small pieces of foam a few millimeters thick.
  1. Install them inside the charging case, on the lid above the earbuds. Use a simple tape and not a super glue. That way, you can simply take the foam off without leaving a residue.

The foam will push the earbuds further into the pins and establish a connection.

Still No Luck?

Then either the case or the earbud is faulty, and you should send it for repairs.

As mentioned, Beats PowerBeats Pro are notorious for their charging problems. It’s so severe that Apple faces a class-action lawsuit due to poor design that led to this problem.

It’s our understanding that due to the design flaw, there’s a minimal tolerance between the charging pins on the buds and the case. Any earbud that’s slightly off tolerance can have a poor connection with the pins.

Why Is Beats PowerBeats Pro Volume Not Working?

Reasons for volume not working include software bugs, physical pieces of dirt being stuck under the volume rocker, and an actual malfunction.

Follow the fixes below.

Beats PowerBeats Pro earbuds volume rocker

Reset Your Earbuds

It could be that a random bug is preventing your earbuds from recognizing button controls. Resetting earbuds may help restore them to their previous state.

Learn how to reset your Beats PowerBeats Pro.

Check For Firmware Updates

There’s a possibility that the firmware update scrambled the code and caused the earbuds to act funny. For example, that’s what happened when users updated to firmware version iOS 13.1.1.

Keep an eye on notifications suggesting there’s an update available for your PowerBeats Pro.

  • For iOS users, updates are installed automatically in the background.
  • Android users have to install the Beats app on their smartphones and wait for a notification about the update.

Check For Dirt

Beats PowerBeats Pro use physical buttons. So, it’s possible that a small particle is preventing you from fully pressing the button. Therefore, earbuds don’t register your command.

  1. Inspect the volume rocker to see if there are any particles stuck in between the button and the housing.
  2. If you see it, grab a toothbrush and try scraping out the dirt.

Send Earbuds For Repairs

Of course, there’s always a chance earbuds might malfunction. Maybe the contacts on the logic board failed, or water somehow entered the internals.

Best to leave professional repairmen to investigate the matter. See how to send Beats PowerBeats Pro for repairs.

Why Beats PowerBeats Pro Won’t Connect?

A persistent issue of one of the earbuds not connecting or stuttering while listening to music.

Here are a few tips that can fix the PowerBeats Pro problem:

Reset The Earbuds

Resetting will return earbuds to their factory settings, erasing any bugs that are causing connection problems.

Jump to how to reset Beats PowerBeats Pro.

Turn Off Automatic Ear Detection

Sometimes, built-in features interfere with music playback. Other users suggest that turning off the automatic play/pause sensor solved the issue.

On iOS devices:

  1. Go into Settings and select Bluetooth.
  2. Next to the PowerBeats Pro, press on the “I” icon.
  3. Find the Automatic Ear Detection toggle and switch if off.
Apple AirPods Max settings on iPad
On Apple AirPods Max, it says “Automatic Head Detection.”

On Android devices:

  1. Download the Beats app and connect it with your earbuds.
  2. In the settings app, find the “Automatic Ear Detection” toggle and switch it off.

Update The Firmware

Software bugs are a known suspect for earbuds acting strange, from worse sound quality, no charging, and connection stutters. Therefore, updating to the latest version of the firmware is a possible solution.

  • iOS users will get all firmware updates automatically.
  • Android device users have to download the Beats app and wait for a notification about a new update.

Reset Bluetooth Module (For macOS Users)

Connection issues can also occur on computers.

Continuing with the idea of a software bug causing the problem, try resetting the Bluetooth module.

  1. Go into System Preferences > Bluetooth settings and check the “Show Bluetooth in menu bar.” A Bluetooth icon should appear in your menu bar on top of the screen.
  2. Hold both the Shift and Option keys and click on the Bluetooth icon.
  3. Hover over “Debug” and select “Reset the Bluetooth module.”
  4. Afterward, restart your computer.

Update Bluetooth Driver (For Windows Users)

On the other hand, Windows users can’t simply reset the module. However, they can try to update the drivers or roll it back to the previous version.

  1. Open a search bar and type “Computer Management.”
Check Bluetooth drivers part 1
  1. Click on “Device Manager,” find Bluetooth and click the arrow on the left.
Check Bluetooth drivers part 2
  1. Right-click on the device and select “Update driver.”
Check Bluetooth drivers part 3
  1. Select “Automatically search for drivers.”
Check Bluetooth drivers part 4

Restore The Previous Driver (For Windows Users)

If your problems started after a Windows update, your new drivers might be faulty.

  1. Open a search bar and type “Computer Management.”
Check Bluetooth drivers part 1
  1. Click on “Device Manager,” find Bluetooth and click on the arrow on the left.
Check Bluetooth drivers part 2
  1. Right-click on the device and select “Properties.”
Check Bluetooth drivers part 3.5
  1. In the “Driver” tab, select “Roll Back Driver.”
Check Bluetooth drivers part 5

Avoid Places With Lots of Wireless Connections

While Bluetooth is pretty robust, the audio can still stutter if many other devices use wireless connections.

  • For example, if you’re also using a Bluetooth computer mouse or have other people next to you using wireless headphones.
  • Too many Wi-Fi connections can also hurt since both technologies work at 2.4GHz.
  • Make sure you keep your audio source near you. If you’re walking around the house with your smartphone left in your room, it’s possible you might experience stutters.

A long solution from the web:

  1. Unpair the buds and place them in the charging case. Close the lid.
  2. Turn the Bluetooth off on your smartphone.
  3. Open the charging case and connect them to your laptop. Don’t use them for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Then, pair them back to your smartphone.

To some, that has resolved the issue.

How To Update the Firmware on Beats PowerBeats Pro?

Companies seek bugs and errors that have escaped their testing and correct them in the form of updates. The solution to your problem may lie in the next update.

How to Update PowerBeats Pro on iOS?

iOS updates are installed automatically and in the background. You can’t force them manually.

  1. Simply pair your PowerBeats Pro to an iOS device and make sure to enable an internet connection.
  2. After about 15 minutes, any potential updates should be already installed.

How to Update PowerBeats Pro on Android?

  1. First, download the Beats app for your Android smartphone.
  2. Open the app and pair it with your Beats PowerBeats Pro.
  3. Wait for a notification about the firmware update.

Like with iOS, you can’t manually initiate a search for a new firmware update. However, at least with Android, you get asked if you want to update.

What About Beats Updater?

Beats Updater was a computer app used to update Beats headphones’ firmware.

However, it’s officially retired, and you can no longer download it from the official website.

Beats Updater has gone mobile

What’s the Beats PowerBeats Warranty & How to Contact Apple?

What if, after all those tips, problems keep persisting? You should strongly consider turning to Apple for repairs.

If earbuds are still in warranty (which usually lasts for 1 year after the purchase), it’s always better to consult with Apple to see if they know what’s wrong.

First, check if your Beats PowerBeats Pro are still under warranty.

  • Beats (Apple) warranty in USA, UK, and ASIA lasts 1 year after purchase unless you paid for an extended warranty.
  • Beats (Apple) warranty in EUROPE is a mixed bag since some stores offer 1 year, while others offer 2 years (as required by EU law).

Visit a Retailer

If you purchased the PowerBeats Pro in a store, take the receipt as proof of purchase and visit them. A retailer should recognize the problem and send the earbuds for repair.

Contact Apple Support Directly

You can arrange a repair online with a few clicks.

  1. Go to Apple’s website. Click on “Support.”
  2. Scroll down and click on “Apple Repair.” Direct link to the Apple page.
  3. Scroll down again and click on “Start a repair request.”
Apple third page
  1. Under “See all products,” click on “Choose a product.”
Apple fourth page
  1. Select “Beats by Dre.”
Apple fifth page

From there, you can choose between 2 options:

  • “Bring in for a Repair” finds Authorized Service Providers near you. There, you can drop your earbuds for repairs.
  • Or you can call User Support and arrange a repair from there.
Apple sixth page

However, you have to be aware that sometimes Apple doesn’t want to repair the faulty product. So, you have to be persistent and keep trying.

Otherwise, you might have to consider third-party repair.


Let us know in the comments if any of our tips helped with your problem.

No product is perfect. Sometimes, earbuds work perfectly until the end, whereas sometimes, you experience problems after a few days of use.

In the case of PowerBeats Pro, users have many problems. As mentioned, Apple faces a class-action lawsuit over the charging issues.

However, while that doesn’t mean that everyone will get full refunds for faulty Apple products, it will most certainly affect Apple’s design choices in the future.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is one side of my Beats PowerBeats Pro not working?

1. Maybe one earbud is not charging correctly. 2. You might have connection issues (see fix). 3. Or an actual malfunction. Try resetting the earbuds first to see if it helps. Otherwise, check tips and solutions described in our article.

Do Beats have a lifetime warranty?

No, you only get a 1 to 2-year warranty on Beats products. You can extend the coverage when buying from a retailer.

How do you reset Beats wireless headphones?

Every headphone uses a different chain of commands to reset itself. In the case of Beats PowerBeats Pro: 1. Place them in the case with an opened lid. 2. Hold the System button on the case for 15 seconds until you see the red LED turning white. 3. You’re good to go.

What do LED colors on the Beats PowerBeats Pro case mean?

White: flash white means earbuds are in pairing mode, whereas solid white indicates buds are fully charged.
Red: the battery life is getting below 40%. If the LED light flashes red, try resetting them.

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