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21+ Among Us Statistics of 2024: How Many People Play the Game?

Last updated: 11 months ago
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Among Us had around 80 million players in December 2022, half as much as in August of the same year. Does that indicate that “the best multiplayer game of 2020” is losing in popularity?

Search through the article to discover:

  • Among Us player count for every month
  • When was Among Us the most popular?
  • Who are the best and most popular Among Us players in the world?

Did you know 13-to-18-year-olds are the second biggest group of Among Us players? Learn which age group is the biggest.

Among Us statistics

Major Among Us Statistics

  • On average, Among Us still has more than 163 million monthly players, but the number is shrinking by 7.5% every month.
  • Among Us has more than 500 million downloads, and it was the most downloaded game in 2020.
  • 3.8 million was the highest number of concurrent Among Us players.
  • The majority of Among Us players are aged between 20 and 30.

How many people play Among Us?

How much money did Among Us made?

How many downloads does Among Us have?

How much people play Among Us?

How many people play Among Us?

Among Us had an average number of 163.5 million monthly active players in 2022.

This is many more players than World of Warcraft or even Minecraft ever had, and they’re among the most popular games on PC.

The Among Us user data is gathered from all major gaming platforms. Mobile gamers are keeping the game popular with high player counts, while desktop and console gamers are lagging behind.

MonthEstimated monthly
active players
January 202375.6 million
December 202280.1 million
November 2022101.8 million
October 2022112.5 million
September 2022152.6 million
August 2022160.9 million
July 2022178.1 million
June 2022179.9 million
May 2022186.9 million
April 2022189.1 million
March 2022195.6 million
February 2022207.6 million
January 2022217.1 million
December 2021218.1 million
November 2021218.4 million
October 2021213.7 million
September 2021244.4 million
August 2021245.7 million
July 2021248.1 million
June 2021247.2 million
May 2021246.9 million
April 2021244.2 million
March 2021242.2 million
February 2021233.2 million
January 2021220.9 million
December 2020211.2 million
November 2020177.2 million
October 2020142.1 million
September 2020140.5 million
August 2020136.1 million
July 2020131.8 million
June 2020129 million
May 2020114.6 million
April 2020118.5 million
March 2020118.4 million
February 2020113.2 million
January 2020107 million
December 201996.4 million
November 201986.8 million
October 201984.9 million
September 201980.1 million
August 201988.8 million
July 201977.3 million
June 201989.5 million
May 201995.6 million
April 2019100.9 million
March 201985.2 million
February 201984.3 million
January 201985.3 million

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Among Us player growth

After Among Us peaking between September 2020 and November 2020, the game is slowly but steadily losing monthly active players.

From January 2022 to December 2022, Among Us has been losing an average of 7.5% of monthly active players per month, with the highest 26.3% loss accruing between September 2022 and October 2022.

The data is calculated from the table above.

in %
January 2023-5.6%
December 2022-21.3%
November 2022-9.5%
October 2022-26.3%
September 2022-5.1%
August 2022-9.6%
July 2022-1%
June 2022-3.7%
May 2022-1.1%
April 2022-3.3%
March 2022-5.8%
February 2022-4.4%
January 2022-0.4%
December 2021-0.1%
November 2021+2.2%
October 2021-12.5%
September 2021-0.5%
August 2021-1%
July 2021+0.3%
June 2021+0.1%
May 2021+1.1%
April 2021+0.8%
March 2021+3.8%
February 2021+5.6%
January 2021+4.6%
December 2020+19.2%
November 2020+24.7%
October 2020+1.1%
September 2020+3.2%
August 2020+3.2%
July 2020+2.2%
June 2020+12.5%
May 2020-3.3%
April 2020+0.1%
March 2020+4.6%
February 2020+5.8%
January 2020+11%
December 2019+11%
November 2019+2.2%
October 2019+6%
September 2019-9.8%
August 2019+14.8
July 2019-13.6%
June 2019-6.3%
May 2019-5.2%
April 2019+18.4%
March 2019+1.1%
February 2019-1.2%
January 2019/

How much money did Among Us make?

As of June 15th, 2021, Among Us earned $86 million on mobile alone.

Among Us earned more than $86 million by 2021

The US players are responsible for $54.6 million, which represents 63.4% of total user spending.

The game generated $24.5 million in revenue by October 2020.

By dateCumulative revenue
June 2021$86 million
October 2020$24.5+ million
2019$3.2 million

Among Us gamers, PC represented only 3% of the entire community yet made up 64% of the total game’s revenue.

Because of the difference in monetization, PC players have to pay at least $4.99 to play the game, whereas it’s free to play for mobile users.

While the latter comes with ads, that doesn’t seem to bother gamers too much since many decide not to pay for a premium version.

Taking that 3%, a total number of downloads (500 million), and a 30/70 cut from digital store sellers into account, we can calculate that PC gamers brought in roughly .5 million in revenue just from game sales.


How much is Among Us worth?

An estimated Among Us net worth is between $40-$60 million, according to Gamers Gags.

(Gamers Gags)

Among Us is free for mobile but costs $4.99 on other gaming platforms.

You get the base game. There are also in-game purchases.


How many downloads does Among Us have?

The Among Us game has been downloaded more than 500 million times from 15th June 2018 to September 2022

Number of Among Us downloads

By June 15th, 2021, the game was downloaded 324 million times. US users alone downloaded the game more than 41 million times.

Peak global downloads occurred in October 2020, when the game was downloaded 7.3 million times.

By the end of 2020, the game had already generated 264 mobile downloads.

YearNumber of
September 2022500+ million
June 2021324 million
December 2020264 million (mobile)
(Pocketgamer, Google Play, Statista)

Among Us was the most downloaded mobile game in 2020.

The game clocked 264 million downloads worldwide and 41 million in the US.

That’s iOS and Android combined.


How many people play Among Us?

On average, there were around 7,291 Steam players playing Among Us in the last 12 months.

In the same month, the player count peaked at 10,901.

Among Us is still popular, but it isn’t nearly as popular as it was 2 years ago.

The table shows the average monthly player count on steam, as well as the highest number of concurrent players in a specific month (on Steam):

August 20226,23710,901
July 20226,86411,084
June 20226,89912,567
May 20226,10313,052
April 20226,63316,767
March 20225,45912,582
February 20226,95616,129
January 20229,46419,495
December 20218,76918,875
November 20219,49825,917
October 20216,36214,264
September 20216,92816,851
August 20218,61717,436
July 20218,55919,576
June 20219,60821,992
May 202111,34328,242
April 202119,74997,580
March 202116,490130,138
February 202124,48575,133
January 202142,007118,868
December 202066,538181,843
November 2020114,344336,108
October 2020176,454372,646
September 2020151,380438,524
August 202018,72073,159
July 20202,1066,771
June 20206162,848
May 20204891,234
April 2020321850
March 2020233711
February 2020220859
January 2020117271
December 201980192
November 201991262
October 2019101277
September 2019166431
August 2019226676
July 2019186556
June 201975209
May 2019829
April 2019726
March 2019425
February 2019526
January 2019537
December 2018217
November 2018219

The average playtime for Among Us is 1 hour and 48 minutes per session.

In total, the average playtime is 21 hours and 12 minutes.

recent playtime
1 hours 48 minutes
Total average
21 hours 12 minutes

Among Us concurrent players

3.8 million was the highest number of concurrent players in Among Us.

3.8 million is the record for the most concurrent players in Among Us

The game hit that number in the last week of September 2020, when the Among Us popularity exploded.

(Twitter, Screenrant)

Who’s the number one Among Us player?

American Twitch streamer “Trainwreckstv” is the top Among Us player, ranking 1st on Among Us tournament.

Top Among Us tournament earners:

Among Us
Prize money
(eSports Earnings)

Here are the most popular Among Us players:

Among Us
(TheGamer, BlueStacks, SportsRush)

Top Among Us streamers:

AK GameYouTube85,941356,000

Among Us player demographics

Average Among Us players are between 14 and 30 years old, according to Levvvel.

Most of them are aged 20 to 30, with the second biggest group aged 13 to 18.

Players younger than 13 or older than 30 are in the minority.

Age group
Majority of
Among Us
Between 20-30 years
group of
Among Us
Between 13-18 years
Minority of
Among Us
Below 13 & above 30 years

The highest percentage of Among Us players (36,56%) come from the US.

CountryShare of
Among Us

How many views Among Us have on Twitch?

Among Us Twitch viewership peaked in September 2020 with 204,634 average monthly viewers.

The number quickly lowered to 147,667 average monthly viewers in October 2020.

Now there are 6,058 avg. monthly viewers on Twitch.


The most channels playing Among Us in the last 365 days were English-speaking, followed by Spanish.

Number of

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Conclusion: Among Us Stats

These were the latest Among Us statistics and all you need to know about the popular title, crowned the best mobile game of 2020.

While it peaked back in October 2020 and is slowly but steadily losing players, monthly player numbers show that many are still revisiting the title.

Do you play, or have you played Among Us? What statistic have you found the most fascinating?

Please leave a comment down below.

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