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20+ Latest Amazon Music Statistics (2022)

Last updated: 9 months ago
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Learn fascinating Amazon Music statistics about:

  • Amazon Music market share and user count
  • Year-by-year user growth and estimates for total US users by the end of 2022
  • In which country is Amazon Music the most popular
  • How much Amazon Music pays to an artist on average

Also, did you know there are 4 different Amazon Music subscriptions? 

Learn more down below.

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Amazon Music Statistics (2023)

Key Amazon Music Statistics

  • Amazon Music streaming service had around 68,1 million users in Q2 2021.
  • Amazon Music has more than 48.3 million US listeners.
  • iPhone users in Great Britain spend the most money on Amazon Music out of all music streaming services.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited offers access to 90 million songs.

What is Amazon Music?

Evolution of Amazon Music

  1. In 2008, Amazon launched Amazon MP3, a digital music store for purchasing MP3 files to rival iTunes.
  2. Six years after, in 2014, Amazon started offering music streaming to Amazon Prime users without extra cost.
  3. In 2016, Amazon Prime music streaming formed a separate music service called Amazon Music Unlimited. Service is discounted for Prime users to this day.
  4. Today, Amazon Music is one of the biggest music streaming services, getting really close to Apple Music and YouTube Music in terms of market share.

What is the difference between all 4 Amazon Music versions?

Amazon Music Free works without entering your credit card info and is limited to a selected number of songs. You get to watch ads and have a limited number of skips.

Amazon Music Single-Device plan comes with Amazon’s Echo or Fire TV devices and only allows you to stream music via their smart speakers.

Price: $4.99 per month.

Amazon Music Prime comes with Prime membership at no extra cost, has unlimited skips, and is ad-free. However, you only get access to 2 million songs.

Price: $14.99 per month or $139 per year (the Prime membership cost).

Amazon Music Unlimited is the highest tier subscription with access to 90 million songs, HD and Ultra HD quality off-charge, Spatial Audio feature, and millions of podcasts.

Price: $8.99 per month for Prime members or $89 per year. Or $9.99 for non-Prime users.

Amazon Music is the third most subscribed music streaming service in the world.

Based on data from Q2 2021, Amazon Music has a 13% market share (MIDiA).

Amazon Music User Statistics

See the latest numbers on:

  • Amazon Music user count
  • Year-by-year user growth

Also, learn what drives the sales of Amazon Music subscriptions.

How many people use Amazon Music?

Amazon Music streaming service had around 68,1 million users in Q2 2021.

Amazon Music has more than 68,1 million users worldwide

The number was calculated from the market share graph published in MIDiA Research.

Amazon Music user growth

Amazon Music user count has risen by 104% from 2019 to 2020.

Based on Counterpoint research from Q1 2020, Amazon Music more than doubled its subscription count.

The 3-month free trial period of Amazon Music HD might’ve contributed to the increase in user count.

In 2020, Amazon Music more than doubled its user base in these countries:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • France
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Spain

Source: (Techcrunch)

Amazon Music’s estimated year by year growth in the US is 5.3% (Emarketer).

Amazon Music already has more than 48.3 million US listeners.

Amazon Music has over 48 Millon Users in the USA alone

In 2018, Amazon Music had 30.4 million US listeners (Statista).

YearAmazon Music listeners in the US
201724.5 million
201830.4 million
201936.3 million
202042.2 million
202148.1 million

Statista did the forecast based on user count growth from 2017 to 2020.

Amazon Music will have 52.6 million US users by the end of 2022.

This is an estimation based on 5.3% year-by-year growth (Emarketer).

Amazon Music usage

18% of Japanese users aged 30 to 39 use Amazon Music.

This is the data from a survey conducted in December 2020 (Statista 2).

Japanese males are more likely to use Amazon Music than females.

A survey from December 2020 took 2447 respondents.

Of them, around 20% of males confirmed they were using Amazon Music, whereas only about 13.5% of females said the same (Statista 3).

45% of all new UK users subscribed to Amazon Music in the last 3 months of 2021.

Nearly half of all new UK users subscribing to music streaming services have chosen Amazon Music.

They did so through Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Unlimited subscriptions, which offer discounted prices.

Spotify gained 21% of new UK subscribers in the same time period (Mediatel).

46% of US users who bought digital music or streaming service subscription have done so through Amazon Music.

The data represents the period of the last 12 months (Statista 4).

People buying Amazon Echo smart speakers are likely to subscribe to Amazon Music.

Likewise, growing Amazon Music subscriptions help Amazon boost the sales of Echo devices (SeekingAlpha).

Amazon Music was the second most used music streaming service in Spain in Q4 2021.

Amazon Music is the second most popular streaming service in Spain
  • That represents a 28% market share.

The biggest is Spotify, having close to 80% of all market share in Spain (Statista 5).

Amazon Music Revenue Statistics

Learn about monthly and yearly revenues from various countries.

Amazon Music earned a total of $27,62 million from Japanese customers in 2021.

From January 2021 to December 2021, monthly app revenue in Japan was steadily increasing, starting at $1.72 million (January) and reaching $2.78 million by the end of the year (Statista 6).

In Japan, Amazon Music is the second biggest music streaming service in terms of revenue.

Amazon Music is the second biggest music streaming service in Japan

It’s only bested by LINE Music, which generated $154 million in revenue in 2021 (Statista 7).

Amazon Music surpassed $50 million in revenue from App Store in March 2019.

  • That’s the total revenue from the App Store from the creation of Amazon Music to March 2019.

According to Sensor Tower’s estimates, from March 2018 to March 2019, iOS user spending increased by 572%.

In March 2018, iOS users spent $1.1 million, whereas, in March 2019, the number got around $7.4 million. That’s 6.7 times more (SensorTower).

iPhone users spend more money in Amazon Music

iPhone users in Great Britain spend the most money on Amazon Music out of all music streaming services.

Data from February 2022 suggests that Amazon Music generated $623 thousand in revenue from iPhones in Great Britain.

With over $413 thousand, YouTube Music had the second-biggest monthly revenue (Statista 8).

iPhone users in Italy spent close to $46 thousand in Amazon Music in February 2022.

That puts Amazon Music in second place, only bested by YouTube Music, which generated around $50 thousand in revenue (Statista 9).

iPhone users from Germany generated around $7.3 million in monthly revenue (February 2022) in the Amazon Music app.

Deezer was second with $1.8 million, followed by YouTube Music with $154 thousand (Statista 10).

Other Amazon Music Stats

Find out:

  • How many songs Amazon Music offers with various subscription plans
  • What streaming audio quality Amazon Music offers
  • How much it pays to artists per stream

How many songs does Amazon Music offer?

Amazon Music Unlimited offers access to 90 million songs.

Number of songs by music streaming services
  • 90 million songs Apple Music
  • 90 million songs Deezer
  • 90 million songs Amazon Music
  • 82 million songs Spotify
  • 80 million songs TIDAL
  • 60 million songs YouTube Music
  • 30 million songs Tencent Music
  • 10 million songs NetEase

That’s on par with Apple Music and Deezer. However, you only get access to a music library of 75 million songs in some regions.

Amazon Music is only available in 49 countries worldwide.

Amazon Music is only available in 49 countries

That’s far behind the competition like Apple Music, which provides its services in 167 countries.

And even within those 49 countries, not all can access Prime or Free subscriptions. Their only option is an Unlimited plan (Amazon 2).

How does Amazon Music compare to other streaming services?

Amazon Music Unlimited offers Hi-Fi sound quality without charging extra.

Apple Music is taking a similar approach, but its service isn’t operating yet.

Amazon Music provides 3 tiers of audio quality.

  • Standard: Lossy compressed audio (320kbps)
  • High definition: CD quality (850kbps)
  • Ultra High Definition: Master quality (3730kbps, 24-bit/192kHz)

Amazon Music doesn’t charge extra for its HD and Ultra HD service.

What are the most popular playlists on Amazon Music?

The most followed playlist on Amazon Music in the USA is “Country Heat.”

The second one is “Mellow 70’s Gold.”

The third is “All Hits.”

Source: Amazon

Amazon Music pays $0,004 on average per stream to an artist.

Streaming services pay per stream

That puts it neck to neck with Spotify and among the least-paying music streaming services.

In comparison, Napster pays $0,019 per stream, which is 4.75 times higher (Routenote 2).

In January 2021, 726 thousand Japanese users downloaded the Amazon Music app.

In December 2021, the app was downloaded “only” 489.800 times (Statista 11).

Amazon Music is Japan’s most popular music streaming app, with 6.42 million downloads in 2021.

Amazon Music is Japan's most downloaded streaming app

That’s followed by Spotify and Pokekara, both reaching over 5 million downloads in 2021 (Statista 12).

Amazon Music was the 5th most searched music streaming platform worldwide in 2020.

Most Searched Music Streaming Platform

Searches by music platform:

  1. Spotify 26 million
  2. Soundcloud 13.6 million
  3. YouTube Music 10.71 million
  4. Deezer 2.65 million
  5. Amazon Music 2.25 million
  6. Gaana 1.39 million
  7. iHeartRadio 1.25 million
  8. Apple Music 1.21 million
  9. Tidal 0.99 million
  10. Google Play Music 0.93 million

People searched for “Amazon Music” 2.25 million times per month on average.

Surprisingly, more people search for “Deezer” (2.65 million times) despite having more than 10 times lower market share compared to Amazon Music.

The most searched music streaming platform in 2020 was Spotify, with 26 million monthly searches (Statista 13).

Amazon spent $13 billion on TV shows, movies, and music content in 2021.

That’s 18% more compared to 2020 (Statista 14).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Amazon Music as good as Spotify?

In general, Amazon Music provides better sound quality, diverse subscription plans that cost less, and more music videos and live performances. On the other hand, Spotify offers better new music discovery and personalized playlists, is available in more countries, and doesn’t limit song collection when using an ad-supported version.



Amazon Music is another one of the major streaming services that don’t like talking about its stats in official reports.

Nevertheless, we hope we found all the interesting statistics and fun facts about the Amazon Music you were looking for.

Let us know if we missed any. Tell us what else you want to know about Amazon Music down in the comments.

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