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40+ Spotify Statistics: Users, Revenue, Market Share, Songs (2022)

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Founded in 2006 and launched in 2008, Spotify is the biggest and most influential music streaming service that has changed the music industry forever.

Learn fascinating facts behind Spotify demographics, revenue and user numbers, and operation.

Do you know how many artists, out of 11 million on Spotify, earn more than $5 million per year?

Find the answer in the article below. Hint: not many.

Spotify app on mobile

Spotify Statistics (2022)

How many people use Spotify?

Spotify users vs. Apple Music users

Spotify revenue

Spotify profit

How much is Spotify worth?

How many songs are on Spotify?

Spotify Statistics (2022)

  • Spotify has 422 million monthly active, 182 million paying, and 252 million ad-supported users.
  • 39% of all premium users come from Europe.
  • Spotify holds 31% of global music streaming market share, with its closest contender Apple Music holding 15%.
  • Spotify earned $9.67 billion in revenue in 2021, out of which $2.59 billion represents the company’s gross profit.
  • Spotify’s value dropped from $44.83 billion in Q4 2021 to $20.9 billion in Q1 2022, representing a 53.4% decrease.
  • On average, people spend 1.22 hours (or 1h 13min) per day listening to Spotify.

How many people use Spotify? (Free users)

Spotify has roughly 252 million free monthly users as of Q1 2022.

By the end of 2021, there were 236 million ad-supported users.

Number of ad-supported Spotify users per year

Here’s a table of the number of free Spotify users per year and their growth:

YearNumber of free
Spotify users
Q1 2022252 million+6.8%
Q4 2021236 million+18.6%
Q4 2020199 million+30.1%
Q4 2019153 million+31.9%
Q4 2018116 million+28.9%
Q4 201790 million+9.8%
Q1 201782 million

How many people have Spotify premium?

Spotify has 182 million premium subscribers as of Q1 2022.

That’s 2 million more compared to Q4 2021, despite Spotify dropping its service in Russia and Joe Rogan’s controversial podcasts (Variety).

Premium Spotify users per year

Here’s a table of premium Spotify users per year:

YearNumber of premium
Spotify users
Q1 2022182 million+1.1%
Q4 2021180 million+16.1%
Q4 2020155 million+25%
Q4 2019124 million+29.2%
Q4 201896 million+35.2%
Q4 201771 million+47.9%
Q4 201648 million+71.4%
Q4 201528 million
(Spotify) (Spotify 2)

Europeans and North Americans represent 68% of all premium Spotify users.

39% of all Spotify users are Europeans, which means that the EU is Spotify’s biggest market.

(Spotify 3)

How many people use Spotify in the US?

There were 44.7 million Spotify Premium users in the US in 2021.

By the end of 2022, there will be at least 47.4 million American Spotify users.

Premium Spotify users in the US per year

Here’s a table of the premium Spotify users in the US:

YearNumber of premium
Spotify users in the US
49.5 million+4.4%
47.4 million+6%
202144.7 million+10.9%
202040.3 million+21.4%
201933.2 million+28.7%
201825.8 million

In 2021, there were 41.5 million free Spotify users in the US.

By the end of 2022, there will be around 45.4 million free Spotify users in the US.

Number of ad-supported US Spotify users per year

We tabled free US Spotify users per year:

YearNumber of ad-supported
Spotify users in the US
48 million+5.7%
45.4 million+9.4%
202141.5 million+9.5%
202037.9 million+13.5%
201933.4 million+22.3%
201827.3 million

American Spotify users represented 30% of the total Spotify user base in 2021.

The US user base grew by 5% between 2020-2021.

YearGlobal share of American
Spotify users

How many monthly active users does Spotify have?

Spotify currently has 422 million monthly active users.

That includes ad-supported and premium users.

Number of monthly active Spotify users per year

Here’s a table of Spotify’s monthly active users per year:

YearNumber of Spotify
monthly active users
Q1 2022422 million+3.9%
2021406 million+17.7%
2020345 million+27.3%
2019271 million+30.9%
2018207 million+29.4%
2017160 million+29
2016124 million+36.3%
201591 million
(Spotify) (Spotify 2)

Spotify users by country

Europe has the largest share of premium (39%) and monthly active (33%) Spotify users as of Q1 2022.

Followed by North America’s share of 29% premium and 23% monthly active users.

Monthly active users include both premium and free users.

Share of premium/ad-supported Spotify users by region

Share of premium and free Spotify users by region:

RegionShare of
premium users
Share of monthly
active users
North America29%23%
Latin America21%22%
Rest of World11%23%
(Spotify 3)

Spotify user market share in 2021, by region.

RegionShare of
premium users
Share of monthly
active users
North America29%24%
Latin America20%22%
Rest of World11%20%
(Spotify 4)

Spotify user market share in 2020, by region.

RegionShare of
premium users
Share of monthly
active users
North America29%24%
Latin America21%22%
Rest of World11%19%
(Spotify 5)

What is Spotify’s biggest demographic?

Spotify is the most popular among the 25-34 age group (29%) as of 2018.

Based on Verto’s research, the second largest is the 18-24 age group (26%).

Here’s a table of Spotify popularity by age group:

Age groupPopularity
(Statista 2)

Spotify users by gender

In 2018, 56% of Spotify users were men.

Women represent the remaining 44%.

(Statista 2)

How many countries have Spotify?

Spotify is supported in 236 countries worldwide.

(Spotify 6)

Or in 183 markets.

(Spotify 7)

Spotify users vs. Apple Music users

Spotify has 182 million paid users, whereas Apple Music has 78.6 million.

The Apple Music user data is calculated from the market share data from June 2021. Find more at Apple Music statistics.


Subscriber count comparison between Spotify and Apple Music:

Paying Spotify vs. Apple Music users per year

Here’s a table of Spotify vs. Apple Music subscriber numbers per year:

Q1 2022182 million/
2021180 million78.6 million
2020155 million72 million
2019124 million60 million
201896 million41 million
201771 million28 million
201648 million19 million
201528 million/
(Spotify) (Spotify 2) (MIDiA) (Statista 3)

In June 2021, Spotify held 31% of the market share, whereas Apple Music held 15%.


Spotify podcast listeners vs. Apple Music podcast listeners

With 28.3 million, Spotify had more podcast listeners in the US than Apple’s 28.1 million in February 2021.

It’s expected that Spotify will have 32.5 million American listeners by the end of 2022, whereas Apple will only have 28.5 million.

In 2020, Spotify had fewer listeners at 19.9 million, while Apple had 27.8 million. From the data we can assume Spotify is gaining new podcast listeners faster.

Spotify vs. Apple Music podcast listeners per year

Here’s a table of Spotify vs. Apple Music podcast listeners per year:

YearSpotify’s podcast
listeners in the US
Apple’s podcast
listeners in the US
Q4 2022
32.5 million28.5 million
February 202128.3 million28.1 million
202019.9 million27.8 million
(eMarketer 2)

In total, there were 117.8 million podcast listeners in the US in 2021.

In 2020, the number was 107 million.

(eMarketer 3)

How many podcasts are on Spotify?

There are more than 4 million podcasts on Spotify as of Q1 2022.

Number of podcasters on Spotify per year

Check the table of the number and growth of podcasters on Spotify per year:

Quarter of
the year
Number of podcasters
on Spotify
Q4 20213.6 million+12.5%
Q3 20213.2 million+10.3%
Q2 20212.9 million+11.5%
Q1 20212.6 million+18.2%
Q4 20202.2 million+15.8%
Q3 20201.9 million+26.7%
Q2 20201.5 million+50%
Q1 20201 million+42.8%
Q4 2019700,000

Spotify revenue

Spotify earned $9.67 billion in the calendar year (CY) 2021.

In Q1 2022, Spotify earned $2.66 billion, which is almost as much as 2016’s entire revenue.

Spotify revenue per year
CY= calendar year

Here’s a table of Spotify revenue per year:

Q1 2022$2.66 billion/
CY 2021$9.67 billion+22.4%
CY 2020$7.9 billion+16.9%
CY 2019$6.76 billion+28.8%
CY 2018$5.25 billion+28.3%
CY 2017$4.09 billion+38.6%
CY 2016$2.95 billion+52.1%
CY 2015$1.94 billion
(Spotify) (Statista 4)

Spotify’s revenue comparison between premium and ad-supported users.

Premium vs. free users: Spotify revenue per year

Comparison table of Spotify revenue from premium users vs. free users (per year):

YearRevenue from
premium users
Revenue from
free users
Q1 2022$2.38 billion$282 million
CY 2021$8.45 billion$1.21 billion
CY 2020$7.14 billion$745 million
CY 2019$6.08 billion$678 million
CY 2018$4.72 billion$542 million
CY 2017$3.67 billion$416 million

Music streaming revenue reached $16.9 billion in 2021, with Spotify earning the largest sum out of all streaming services.

(Spotify 8)

Approximately 1040 artists on Spotify generated $1 million in 2021.

In 2020, 860 artists managed to generate over one million in earnings.

YearNumber of artists generating
more than $1 million on Spotify
20211,040 artists
2020860 artists
2019720 artists
2018590 artists
2017460 artists
(Spotify 8)

Exactly 450 artists generated over $2 million on Spotify in 2021.

That’s a 110% increase compared to 2020.

Furthermore, 130 artists generated $5 million, representing a 160% increase compared to 2020.

Revenue generated by artists in 2021 on Spotify:

Number of artists
Over $5 million130 artists
Over $2 million450 artists
Over $1 million1040 artists
Over $10,00052,600 artists
(Spotify 8)

Spotify profit

Spotify generated a gross profit of $2.59 billion in CY 2021.

In Q1 2022, the company profited $671 million, compared to $575 million in Q1 2021.

Spotify gross profit per year

Here’s a table of Spotify gross profit per year:

gross profit
Q1 2022$671 million/
CY 2021$2.59 billion+28.8%
CY 2020$2.01 billion+16.9%
CY 2019$1.72 billion+27.4%
CY 2018$1.35 billion+59%
CY 2017$849 million

How much is Spotify worth?

Spotify is worth $20.9 billion as of July 2022.

That makes it the 807th most valuable company in the world, with a share price of $108.46.

However, that’s more than a 50% drop in the company’s value compared to Q4 2021, when Spotify was valued at $44.83 billion.

The current value is the lowest since September 2019, when Spotify was valued at $19.9 billion.

Spotify company value per year

See the Spotify market value and growth in the table below:

Quarter of
the year
Q1 2022$20.9 billion-53.4%
Q4 2021$44.83 billion-24.8%
Q4 2020$59.66 billion+116.4%
Q4 2019$27.57 billion+34.3%
Q4 2018$20.53 billion

Spotify market share

Spotify’s market share was valued at 31% in Q2 2021.

In Q1 2021, the share was slightly bigger at 32%. Interestingly, Spotify’s market share shrinks each year by a few percent.

Spotify global market share

Here’s a table of Spotify’s market share per year:

Quarter of
the year
market share
Q2 202131%
Q1 202132%
Q2 202033%
Q2 201934%
Q4 201836.2%
Q2 201836%
Q4 201735.8%
Q2 201736%
Q4 201643%
Q4 201541.2%
(MIB) (MIDiA 2) (MIDiA 3) (MIDiA 4) (Seeking Alpha)

How many songs are on Spotify?

Spotify has 82 million songs in its catalog.

That’s 8 million fewer songs than Amazon Music, Deezer, and Apple Music.

(Spotify 7)

The number of songs compared between the most popular streaming services.

Of course, the number of available songs can change based on region (copyright restrictions).

Learn more about streaming services in our music streaming statistics article.

Number of songs by music streaming services

See the table about the number of songs available in each streaming service:

Streaming serviceNumber of songs
in the catalog
Apple Music90 million
Deezer90 million
Amazon Music90 million
Spotify82 million
YouTube Music60 million
Yandex40 million
Tencent Music30 million
NetEase10 million
(Official data)

What’s Spotify’s number 1 song?

The number one most streamed song of 2021 was “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo.

Year#1 charting song
on Spotify
2021“drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo
2020“Blinding Lights” by Weeknd
2019“Senorita” by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes
2018“God’s Plan” by Drake
2017“Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran
2016“One Dance” by Drake (feat. Wizkid and Kyla)
2015“Lean On” by Major Lazer (feat. Mø)

How many artists are on Spotify?

Spotify had 11 million creators on its platform by the end of 2021.

Spotify hosts more than 11 million creators


In 2020, almost 80% of artists had less than 50 monthly listeners.

By the end of 2020, Spotify had 8 million artists, meaning that 80% equals 6.3 million artists. 

Only around 1.73 million artists had more than 50 monthly listeners.

Based on the Music Business Worldwide research, 67% of all artists on the platform released less than 10 tracks.


Most popular artists on Spotify of all time.

ArtistNumber of streams
Drake46.8 billion
Bad Bunny36.4 billion
Ed Sheeran36 billion
The Weeknd31.8 billion
Ariana Grande30.8 billion
Justin Bieber30.4 billion
Taylor Swift29.1 billion
Eminem28.5 billion
Post Malone28 billion
BTS25.7 billion

Most followed artists on Spotify in 2022.

ArtistNumber of followers
on Spotify
Ed Sheeran92.1 million
Ariana Grande75.6 million
Drake60.7 million
Billie Eilish56.7 million
Justin Bieber56.3 million
Eminem52 million
Taylor Swift48.8 million
Rihanna47 million
BTS45.3 million
Bad Bunny43.3 million
(RouteNote 2)

Artists with the most monthly listeners on Spotify in 2022.

ArtistMonthly listeners
on Spotify
Ed Sheeran80.7 million
The Weeknd75.6 million
Justin Bieber73.3 million
Harry Styles72 million
Dua Lipa71.7 million
Drake66.6 million
Bad Bunny62.3 million
Doja Cat59.6 million
Taylor Swift57.1 million
Calvin Harris55.5 million
(RouteNote 3)

What are the average minutes listened on Spotify?

On average, Spotify users spent 26,637 minutes listening to music in 2021.

That equals 443.95 hours per year, 37 hours per month, 8.54 hours per week, and 1.22 hours per day.

The 35-44 age group listened to Spotify the most, with 1.31 hours per day in 2021.


How much does Spotify pay for 100,000 streams?

Spotify pays roughly $437 per 100,000 music streams.

That’s an estimation based on figures from the US.


Streaming services pay per stream
(RouteNote 4)

An artist earns per stream between $0.001 and $0.008.

Final earnings are based on how long the stream was, from which country it came, and whether it came from paid or free account.


How many downloads does the Spotify app have?

Spotify has more than one billion downloads in the Google Play Store.

(Play Store)

There’s no official data on App Store downloads, only that the app already has more than 22.4 million ratings.

(App Store)

Around 10.86 people downloaded the Spotify app from Play Store in February 2022 alone.

On App Store, Spotify generated 3.6 million downloads in February 2022.

(Statista 5) (Statista 6)

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These were the latest Spotify stats and facts.

Spotify is still, even after all controversies (artist not happy with the payment, Joe Rogan podcasts), the biggest and most popular music streaming platform that keeps on growing.

However, while its subscriber count and revenue are increasing, the company’s value is decreasing.

Hope you’ve learned something new. Have we missed anything? What streaming service are you using and why?

Please let us know down in the comments.

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