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The Best Headphone Websites + Poll

Last updated: 2 years ago
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Here are the best websites about headphones to check.

We couldn’t find a good list of websites that focus on headphones, so we made one ourselves.

Plus, don’t forget to vote for your favorite website below.

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    What’s the Best Website About Headphones – Poll

    You can pick top 3.

    Most Popular Headphone Websites

    …apart from our humble HeadphonesAddict 🙂

    What Hi-Fi

    WhatHiFi website

    It’s a website of an important printed audio magazine. You can still subscribe to it to get their monthly magazine delivered to your doors. They focus on everything related to audio, including headphones, with a bit more focus on Hi-Fi or higher-end models. It’s part of a major corporation Future plc which owns multiple websites.


    Rtings website

    A Canadian company from Montreal that initially started with reviewing TVs. Today they’re testing televisions, monitors, mice & keyboards, headphones, and even vacuum cleaners and blenders. You can get access to their full test results if you join their “insider access” membership for a fee.


    SoundGuys website

    The audio department of a major publication Android Authority. They focus mostly on headphones and speakers. You can find a wide selection of headphone reviews for all budgets. And, if you’re lucky you can even win a free pair of headphones from their giveaway.


    CNET website

    CNET is a major generalist tech website. They cover everything tech-related you can imagine. For that reason they might not be the best for an opinion about headphones, but some of their reviews and guides are solid.

    Apart from tech reviews, they cover news, how-to guides, cars, health and even personal finance. They’re a part of A Red Ventures Company that also owns other sites like: Lonely Planet, Healthline, and others.


    TechRadar website is another website under the wing of Future plc corporation. They are a general technology website that has many different editors. They cover everything from consumer electronics, software, news, tech services, and more.

    Tom’s Guide

    Tom's Guide website

    Here’s another Future plc corporation website, Tom’s Guide used to be independent but now they’re run by the same people that handle many different tech-related websites. You can see they have basically the same design as TechRadar. You can find information on consumer electronics, like headphones, phones, laptops, TVs and more.


    PCGamer website

    Like the name of the website suggests, this one is all about PC gaming. It’s true they mostly cover game reviews and gaming hardware like keyboards, mice, and PC components but also PC gaming headsets. It’s also a part of the Future plc corporation.


    T3 website

    This is another general tech and lifestyle website with many different topics. Among them are headphones as well. But you’ll also find information on smart home items, fitness, fashion, and outdoor living. It’s more of a general website that’s a part of Future plc corporation.


    Head-Fi header

    Head-fi is the forum for real audiophiles. There is so much information packed on this website you can be reading for days.

    The forum has every imaginable topic you can think of with lots of knowledgeable members. It’s the go-to forum for new and senior audiophiles.

    But they often talk about higher-end headphones. So if you’re looking for information on cheaper, consumer models, they’re not the best source.

    Reddit – r/headphones

    Reddit r/headphones header

    A popular subreddit with almost 500k members. You can get advice on basically everything related to headphones. From what to buy, what are the best setups and technical problems.

    With lots of members you’re bound to find something useful. header is primarily a headphone vendor that also does their own reviews.

    You can  compare the frequency response of different headphones by model. This is a nice feature if you want to compare different headphones without actually trying them on.

    While they focus on high-end models you can find a lot of golden nuggets of information not available elsewhere.


    Audiocheck header

    Audiocheck is a simple website that helps you test your headphones.

    Just by listening to the sounds they provide you can benchmark your headphones for any discrepancies and errors in their behavior. This is a great and simple way to test your headphones and your audio environment. Very useful!

    1. Although I agree with you that Bose QC25 is a nice noise cancelling set of headphones, the problem with even these headphones stays that they cancel effectively continuous sounds (predictible sounds, one could say), but NOT sudden, unpredictible or unexpected sounds as: the sounds of playing or crying kids. When I listen to music in my back yard I can clearly hear the yelling kids some houses/gardens away from me. During a demonstration of the Bose QC 25 in a shop, I could clearly hear and understand wha the seller was saying to me, while I had the phones switched to on.
      Travelling in a car or a plane or train… great noise cancelling!
      So I doubt if the active noise cancelling will cancell the bird chirping you mention in the review; I think this can only be the effect of the passive noise isolation of the ear cups.


      1. If the bird chirping is loud and consistent then the headphones will cancel some of it out, if it’s random then they won’t, it’s a limit of the technology but Bose has the best ANC out there at the moment.


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