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Discover the pinnacle of sound with over-ear headphones. From noise-cancelling marvels full of bells and whistles to studio-grade fidelity, our expert guides ensure you find headphones that are perfect for extended listening sessions and an immersive audio experience.

Sennheiser HD 559

Sennheiser HD 559 Review

Affordable open-back headphones for entry-audiophiles from Sennheiser. An entry-level audiophile option like the Sennheiser HD 559…
Status Audio CB-1

Status Audio CB-1 Review

Great studio headphones for an up-and-coming audio professionals. Studio engineers and recording artists should definitely check…
Sony MDR 7506

Sony MDR-7506 Review

Amazing classic studio headphones under $100. A favorite in studios around the world, Sony MDR-7506 professional…