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iClever IC-HS25 (Meow Lollipop) Review

Last updated: 3 months ago
9 min read
iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop cat-ear headphones

iClever IC-HS25 are cute headphones for kids and toddlers who love cat ears and want to look cool in front of their friends. They’re also relatively safe regarding max loudness but lack a built-in microphone and an even quieter volume limit (like 75 dBA).

We test and evaluate headphones using a standardized 9-point methodology. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more.

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Our Conclusion

iClever IC-HS25 (or iClever Meow Lollipop) are definitely the cutest of them all. They come in pink and purple colors with stars and extra kitten stickers to beautify the exterior.

Most importantly, the cat ears light up, shining solid or blinking in red, blue, and green at different speeds. Of course, headphones’ maximum loudness is also limited to 85 dBA, but more on loudness measurements later.

iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop in hands
If your kid is into cute thing, he/she will love the iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop cat ear headphones.

Furthermore, a wired connection can be a bonus, as some parents are concerned about Bluetooth radiation exposure. You can learn more about that in our in-depth article.

While cute and all, these headphones lack a few essential features that would make them more versatile, like a quieter 75 dBA mode and a built-in microphone for video calls and homeschooling.

Can you forget the lack of those features at $20, or should you get something else instead? Let’s go in-depth and compare them to competitors.

Pros & Cons

  • Balanced & smooth sound by default
  • Cat ears iluminate & flash in RGB colors
  • Braided cable adds extra protection
  • Pretty accurate 85 dBA volume limiters (for music)
  • No inline microphone
  • Cat ears easily break after a headband twist

Compare to similar headphones

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Sound rating 3.5
Comfort & fit rating 4.0
Durability rating 2.0
Features rating 3.0
Noise isolation rating 2.5
Value rating 3.0
Sonic9Score 3.9
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Sonic9Score 3.4
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CONTENTS (show more)

    Our Analysis and Test Results

    iClever IC-HS25 performed pretty well in our tests, most notably in frequency response and maximum loudness tests. While slightly louder than advertised, they’re still safe for kids to listen to, even though we would prefer to see a 75 dBA mode, too.

    On the other hand, the noise isolation tests confirmed that on-ear headphones simply aren’t cut for blocking outside sounds.


    Star Rating
    3.5 Almost Great

    iClever IC-HS25 have a very balanced sound signature with slightly bright vocals, but they never verge on the sibilance. They’re great for listening to all music genres.

    Key points:

    • Balanced response means that all sounds are similarly loud and free of harshness.
    • Detail retrieval is low, but that’s expected for the price. Kids also don’t care about that.
    • Measured music loudness is generally in line with the advertised 85 dBA, but it can sometimes peak over.

    Bass: Balanced and pleasantly controlled

    The bass response on these headphones and the iClever BTH18 is completely opposite. The latter often muddies due to excessive power, whereas the IC-HS25 stays balanced and natural.

    A slight boost adds some warmth to the sound, which, in combination with a smooth treble, creates a pleasant listening experience.

    The lack of boost also contributes to better control when music gets a bit wild. So, if your kid is into rock music, he’ll love these headphones.

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop headphones
    When connecting to most modern gadgets, you’ll probably need to get a 3.5mm audio adapter.

    Midrange: Lush and a bit bright

    The midrange is also balanced, with instruments having the lushest tone. Even electric guitars sound natural and never too harsh.

    Vocals, too, sound relatively natural, but just a tad bright. However, that never results in harshness or sibilance.

    Treble: Smooth and lovely

    Treble is smooth as butter, and cymbals produce a lovely shimmer when listening to more relaxing, jazzy songs. The air and resolution are missing, but that really doesn’t matter at this price.

    At least you get a decently wide soundstage (how far out of your head you hear sounds playing).

    Sound comparison

    My conclusion

    iClever IC-HS25 boast a pleasant sound that makes them versatile for casual use and for practicing songs to play on instruments (if your kid goes into music school).

    Volume limiter performance

    iClever IC-HS25 only arrive with an 85 dBA volume limiter. That’s a standard loudness limit for kid’s headphones, but since these headphones are targeting young kids, we would love to see 75 dBA mode, too.

    Nevertheless, as with all headphones for kids, we tested the IC-HS25 to see how accurate the manufacturer’s claims about maximum loudness are. After all, it’s vital to protect your child’s hearing.

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop testing on minidsp
    Testing iClever IC-HS25 on our MiniDSP measuring rig.

    For our test, we used:

    • Loudness-calibrated MiniDSP E.A.R.S measuring rig
    • Samsung USB-C audio dongle

    For audio, we used:

    • White noise, as it consists of all audible frequencies playing simultaneously, which reveals potential frequency peaks and exposes overall max loudness.
    • “Baby Shark” by Pinkfong is an example of music kids might listen to. We measured the loudness at the loudest point in the song.

    Volume limiter results

    Based on our measurements, iClever IC-HS25 are a few dB louder than advertised. Target loudness is surpassed by 7.1 dBA when playing white noise and by 3.1 dBA when playing music.

    max loudness
    85 dBA
    max loudness
    (White Noise)
    91.1 dBA
    max loudness
    88.1 dBA

    However, on a positive note, when observing the loudness meter during the “Baby Shark” song, the average loudness stays between 85-86 dBA.

    In conclusion, these headphones are relatively safe for listening to music. But if possible, keep the volume below 90% to stay below 80 dBA for even safer listening.

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop 85dB mode white noise
    Maximum loudness measurement during “white noise” test.
    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop 85dB mode music test
    Maximum loudness measurement during “music” test.

    Comfort & Fit

    Star Rating
    4.0 Great

    iClever IC-HS25 stay fixed on your kid’s head regardless of how much they’re running around. However, they might cause some earlobe pain after a while due to their on-ear design.

    Headphones have on-ear earpads, which means they rest on top of the earlobes. Thanks to slightly more generous foam padding than the competition, they’re pretty comfy at first.

    However, after a few minutes, you already start noticing some pressure. After half an hour or so, the pressure might evolve into an ache. Note that this is a shortcoming of all on-ear headphones.

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop iClever headphones
    Ear pad size comparison between iClever IC-HS25 (top), BTH18 (right), and BTH22 (left).

    Fortunately, slight discomfort is good, as it forces kids to pause their listening session, letting ears rest for a bit and protecting their hearing at the same time. It’s also helpful it that means they spend less time using tech gadgets.

    One thing worth mentioning is that the iClever IC-HS25 follow the RoHS safety standard, which means they don’t contain hazardous materials that could harm people, especially children.

    Conversely, faux leather ear pads are permanently attached to the frame and cannot be washed when they become dirty or sweaty. Learn how to keep your headphones clean, even if you can’t remove earpads.

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop earpad lip
    The unfortunate ear pad lip that I can’t put back into place.

    Moving to stability, headphones remain stable on your child’s head regardless of what they’re doing due to a decent clamping force.

    During my head-shaking test, my headphones didn’t budge when shaking left and right, with minimal movements when rapidly nodding up and down. The only thing that would push them down would be if the cable got stuck. More on that under durability.

    Compared to other similar models

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop are comfier than most competitors in their price range, like BuddyPhones School+ or Play+, although even their comfort doesn’t last very long.


    Star Rating
    2.0 Adequate

    iClever IC-HS25 can survive a bit of rough handling, but cable and screwed-on cat ears make them less resistant to twisting and pulling. There’s also no sweat resistance or the option to remove earpads.

    The longevity of the IC-HS25 is a bit mixed. While most headphones for kids are made of flexible plastic, these ones have a few features that make them extra vulnerable.

    Housing materialPlastic, matte finish
    Earpad materialFaux leather
    Regular foam
    Official water resistanceNone
    Official dust resistanceNone

    Note that I’m only stating these potential durability issues, as I know kids can be a bit rough with items. These issues aren’t as severe when headphones are used in a normal way.

    • First, they have a cable, which is susceptible to damage when pulled or excessively twisted. Fortunately, it is braided for extra tear protection and has strain relief on both ends.
    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop braided cable
    The attached cable has a braided exterior for extra durability.
    • Second, the cat ears are permanently attached to the headband with screws. While the headband is flexible like any other kids’ headphone, the cat ears aren’t. I managed to break one of the screws while twisting the headband, and I can’t put the ears back in place.
    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop broken ear
    During twisting, one cat’s ear simply popped open.
    • Third, they lack an IP rating, even for sweat resistance. Kids can be clumsy, spilling liquid on the headphones. Without any water resistance, that would easily damage them.
    • Lastly, faux leather ear pads aren’t removable or washable. They seem permanently attached to the ear cup, but only partially, as you can still pull some of the pleather lip out. However, you can’t put it back into the seam, so the lip stays out indefinitely (see the image above).

    How do they feel in my hands?

    iClever IC-HS25 feel like most headphones for small kids, meaning they’re very lightweight and entirely made of plastic. Headphones can also fold but lack a carrying pouch for some extra scratch protection during storage.

    Considering my concerns above, they probably won’t last long unless you’ve taught your kid how to handle items with care. Then, the longevity shouldn’t be that problematic.

    Durability comparison

    While using similarly flexible plastic as any other children’s headphones, the iClever IC-HS25’s weak spot is their cat ears. Consequently, they’re less durable than the competition.


    Star Rating
    3.0 Good

    iClever IC-HS25’s most notable features are the flashing cat ears and the 85 dBA volume limiter. Sadly, they don’t have an inline microphone, making them less versatile than other kids’ headphones.

    Feature-wise, iClever IC-HS25 are all about the flashy design and just a little about safety.

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop folded
    Headphones can fold but don’t arrive with a carry pouch.

    For safety, headphones have an 85 dBA volume limiter, which is pretty accurate during music listening (see our test results above). I would love to see an additional 75dB limiter, but for $20, that’s good enough.

    Cat ears

    Headphones have two flashing cat ears attached to the headband. They’re powered by user-replaceable batteries that are already installed in the ears.

    A piece of plastic prevents them from making contact to ensure they don’t arrive empty. You can easily pull the plastic flap from the ears without opening the battery cover. Note that you don’t need to pull both plastic flaps (each ear has its battery) for LED effects to work.

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop LED button battery flap
    A plastic flap that you need to pull to “activate” the batteries, next to an ON/OFF switch for illuminated cat ears (left).

    Speaking about effects, you get 3 “RGB” modes:

    • Solid RGB
    • Slowly blinking RGB
    • Rapidly blinking RGB

    You control the modes by clicking the switch behind one of the cat ears. The ears use standard CR2032 3V batteries that you can buy in any store.

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop inserted battery
    To open the battery compartment, you need a tiny star-shaped screwdriver.

    Kitten stickers

    The packaging includes a set of stickers depicting a cartoonish kitten in various situations, such as playing a guitar, going to school, eating a lollipop, and so on.

    Kids can use them to decorate headphones or other things, like their school books or furniture. The possibilities are endless.

    No built-in microphone

    Built-in or inline microphone is useful, especially if your kid is frequently homeschooling or has audio or video chats with friends.

    Nowadays, where you can use built-in mics from a laptop or tablet, not having a separate mic in your headphones isn’t such a big deal.

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop microphone
    BuddyPhones Explore+, iClever IC-HS25 near competitor, have a detachable cable with an inline microphone.

    However, it is a problem if you only have a stationary PC. In that case, you would need to buy a separate microphone. Instead of that extra expense, buying different headphones with a mic is probably better.

    Features rating comparison

    Noise Isolation

    Star Rating
    2.5 Average

    iClever IC-HS25 have a decent passive noise isolation, but due to the on-ear fit, don’t expect to completely isolate the outside noise. Also, they emit some sound leakage, so you’ll hear what your kid is listening to.

    Measured average noise isolation12,2 dBA

    Passive noise isolation can only be decent when using an on-ear design. Since ear pads don’t cover the entire earlobes, you get a looser seal, and the noise passes through the gaps between the ears and pads.

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop Passive isolation measurement

    However, that is fine when using headphones at home. Weaker isolation is also helpful, as your kid can more easily hear you when you call his name. It also increases awareness of nearby dangers like passing cars.

    Here’s a table of how effective is iClever IC-HS25’s passive noise isolation at blocking specific frequencies:

    FrequencyNoise reduction
    dB SPL
    Noise reduction
    dBA (A-weighted)
    100 Hz0 dB-19,1 dBA
    200 Hz+2,2 dB-8,6 dBA
    400 Hz+2,1 dB-2,7 dBA
    600 Hz8,7 dB6,5 dBA
    1 kHz14 dB14 dBA
    2 kHz15,1 dB16,3 dBA
    4 kHz30,2 dB31,2 dBA
    6 kHz21,6 dB21,7 dBA
    10 kHz17,3 dB14,8 dBA
    15 kHz23,5 dB17,5 dBA
    Average/12,2 dBA
    A-weighted values from the International standard IEC 61672:2003

    How severe is sound leakage?

    Sound leakage is quite noticeable when listening to headphones at around 90% volume. That’s because of the weaker seal and thinner plastic walls of the ear cups.

    Therefore, expect to hear a little bit of what your kid is listening to. Fortunately, it isn’t nearly as loud as if your kid were using laptop or tablet speakers.

    Noise isolation rating comparison with other models

    Should You Get iClever IC-HS25?

    Star Rating
    3.0 Good

    iClever IC-HS25 are fun and cute headphones with a pretty accurate volume limiter, but their questionable longevity slightly lowers their overall value despite costing only $20.

    Pros & Cons

    • Balanced & smooth sound by default
    • Cat ears iluminate & flash in RGB colors
    • Braided cable adds extra protection
    • Pretty accurate 85 dBA volume limiters (for music)
    • No inline microphone
    • Cat ears easily break after a headband twist
    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop brand stickers
    Headphones arrive with 6 cute stickers.

    Who are these best for…

    • Energetic kids who like kittens and would love to have cute cat-ear headphones.

    Who should avoid them…

    • Kids who might be a bit more aggressive with toys or often spill liquids on stuff.
    • Kids who need an all-in-one package for music, studying, and homeschooling.

    How do iClever IC-HS25 compare to the competition?

    • iClever IC-HS25 are definitely cuter than their competitors.
    • Their cat ears can light up and flash in RGB colors, whereas most competitors seem to have static ears without LED effects.
    • The sound is quite balanced, which is not often the case in budget headphones, especially those meant for kids.
    • Unlike most other kids’ headphones, these lack a built-in or inline microphone.
    • Cat ears make them less flexible than headphones without ears.

    Here’s their value rating compared to similar alternatives:

    Are they worth the price?

    At merely $20 (calculated from the Australian Amazon website listing), these headphones are definitely worth the price if you already have a device with a built-in microphone. Otherwise, you’re better off buying a similarly priced alternative.

    iClever IC-HS25 alternatives

    BuddyPhones School+

    BuddyPhones School+ on a laptop

    Brighter-sounding on-ear headphones for children with an equal 85dB limit yet no flashy RGB. Instead, they offer stickers to tape all over the frame and ear cups.

    Most importantly, they have a boom mic for clear phone calls and removable and washable ear pads. The cable is also detachable.

    BuddyPhones School+ review

    BuddyPhones Play+

    BuddyPhones Play+ on a desk

    Slightly more expensive but also more fun-sounding on-ear headphones with 3 volume limiters (75dB, 85dB, and 94dB).

    Instead of wires, they use Bluetooth connectivity and have a built-in microphone for calls. Like with School+, they have stickers for some additional customizability.

    BuddyPhones Play+ review

    What’s in the Box?

    iClever IC-HS25 Meow Lollipop accessories
    • iClever IC-HS25 wireless headphones
    • Two (installed) CR2032 3V batteries
    • Stickers
    • User manual


    Type: On-ear
    Connection: Wired – 3.5mm
    Back design: Closed-back
    Drivers: 40mm dynamic
    Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz
    Impedance: 32 ohms
    Weight: 5.57 ounces (158 grams)
    Mic & Controls: No
    Water resistance: None
    Battery life: n/a
    Charging time: n/a
    Active noise cancelling: No
    Bluetooth codecs: n/a
    Wireless range: n/a
    Microphone: None

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