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Kids Headphones

Our top selection of kid-friendly headphones blends safety with fun. We use specialized testing equipment to ensure volume limiters are effective. Safe, durable, and volume-limited, our experts provide picks that protect young ears. Find the perfect pair for study or play at any budget.

iClever BTH22 with fishes

iClever BTH22 Review

iClever BTH22 are good in some areas but dissapoint in others. It all comes down whether…
iClever BTH18 on a desk

iClever BTH18 Review

iClever BTH18 are cool-looking and comfortable headphones for kids with slightly too loud volume limiters.
BuddyPhones POP Fun headphones for kids

BuddyPhones POP Fun Review

Fantastic Bluetooth headphones for kids with balanced yet warm sound and very accurate volume limiters for…
BuddyPhones Play+ on a plush toy

BuddyPhones Play+ Review

BuddyPhones Play+ are so far the best budget headphones for kids. For only $50, you get…
Puro Sound Labs PuroPro controls & ports

Puro Sound Labs PuroPro Review

Puro Sound Labs PuroPro are premium volume-limiting headphones with all the bells and whistles, aimed towards…
BuddyPhones School+ on a laptop

BuddyPhones School+ Review

BuddyPhones School+ are a great budget pick that makes your kid's voice sound crystal clear during…
BuddyPhones Explore+ on a blanket

BuddyPhones Explore+ Review

Affordable headphones for kids with all the features necessary to ensure a safe and carefree listening…