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HBO Max Subscriber Numbers (Fresh Data)

Last updated: 1 year ago
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HBO Max (with HBO & Discovery+ services) had 96.1 million subscribers, quickly gaining popularity among video streaming services.

Learn exactly:

  • How many subscribers has HBO Max had throughout the years, and how fast are the numbers growing
  • How much does HBO Max earn each quarter & how it compares to Netflix
  • HBO Max user demographics

Did you know the HBO Max mobile app had the biggest market share among all video streaming apps?

Find out exactly how big is the app’s share down below.

HBO Max subscriber numbers

HBO Max growth

HBO Max subscribers vs. Netflix

HBO revenue

HBO net worth

HBO Max demographics

HBO Max Statistics

  • HBO Max (along with HBO and Discovery+) had 96.1 million subscribers globally in Q4 2022, with 54.6 million coming from the US.
  • HBO Max has a 14% market share size in the US, a 1% less than Disney+.
  • The reported revenues in Q4 2022 were $11.01 billion, which is almost $1.2 billion more than in Q3 2022.
  • Warner Bros. is currently worth $27.54 billion, which is 51.8% less compared to the $57.2 billion value in March 2022.
  • Most visitors are males between 25 and 34 years old and come from the US.

HBO Max subscriber numbers

  • The number of global HBO Max and HBO subscribers reached $96.1 million in Q4 2022.

Warner Bros. reports its subscriber numbers by combining Discovery+, HBO and HBO Max users.

The subscriber count ends in Q3 2020, which also represents the start of HBO Max. Furthermore, after Q2 2022, the subscriber count also includes Discovery+ subscribers)

HBO Max subscriber count

The table shows worldwide, domestic (US), and international (non-US) HBO and HBO Max subscriber numbers:

of the year
Total worldwide
US subscribersInternational
Q4 202296.1 million54.6 million41.5 million
Q3 202294.9 million53.5 million41.4 million
Q2 202292.1 million53 million39.1 million
Q1 202276.8 million48.6 million28.2 million
Q4 202173.8 million46.8 million27 million
Q3 202169.4 million45.2 million24.2 million
Q2 202167.5 million47 million20.5 million
Q1 202164 million44.2 million19.8 million
Q4 202061 million41 million20 million
Q3 202057 million38 million19 million
(Warner Bros, AT&T)

HBO Max US market share

  • HBO Max had a 14% market share in the US in Q4 2022.

It now has a 1% lower share than Disney+. Interestingly, Netflix lost its dominance for the first time in many years, being overtaken by Prime Video.

Here’s how the market share in the US changed between Q4 2022 and Q2 2021:

Q4 2022Q3 2022Q2 2022Q1 2022Q4 2021Q3 2021Q2 2021
HBO Max14%15%15%14%12%10%/
Apple TV+6%7%6%5%5%4%/
(MPN, CCN, EMH, tvtech, TheStreet, Entrepreneur)

How popular is the HBO Max app?

  • The HBO Max mobile app had the biggest market share in Q1 2022.

At 21%, it had a 4% lead over Disney+ and a 6% lead over Netflix’s app.

Video streaming app
market share in Q1 2022
HBO Max21%

HBO Max subscriber growth

  • HBO Max subscriber numbers are growing at around 5% globally and 3.8% domestically each quarter.

With the exception of Q2 2022, when AT&T merged HBO services with Discovery+, leading to a one-time increase in reported subscribers.

Interestingly, while continued HBO Max growth has stayed positive globally, HBO lost around 3.8% of domestic subscribers in Q3 2021.

The table shows the subscriber growth between the fourth quarter of 2022 and the fourth quarter of 2020:

of the year
Growth of global
Growth of US
Q4 2022+1.3%+2.1%
Q3 2022+3%+1%
Q2 2022+19.9%+9%
Q1 2022+4.1%+3.8%
Q4 2021+6.3%+3.5%
Q3 2021+2.8%-3.8%
Q2 2021+5.5%+6.3%
Q1 2021+4.9%+7.8%
Q4 2020+7%+7.9%
(Warner Bros, AT&T)

On the other hand, cable TV is losing subscribers.

HBO Max subscribers vs. Netflix

  • HBO Max (with HBO and Discovery+ included) had 96.1 million subscribers in Q4 2022, compared to almost 231 million on Netflix.

In comparison, Netflix is a more popular video streaming service. In defense, HBO Max is a relatively new service.

However, HBO has been around since 1972, so you can find the reasons for the relatively lower subscriber count on the HBO side. In the lack of exciting content the service is currently providing.

HBO Max subscriber count before Q2 2022 shows HBO and HBO Max subscribers, whereas the number after Q2 2022 also adds Discovery+ subscribers.

Comparison between HBO Max and Netflix subscriber count

Here’s a table comparison between Netflix and HBO Max number of users:

of the year
HBO Max subscribers
(with HBO & Discovery+)
Q4 202296.1 million230.75 million
Q3 202294.9 million223.09 million
Q2 202292.1 million220.67 million
Q1 202273.8 million221.64 million
Q4 202173.8 million221.84 million
Q3 202169.4 million213.56 million
Q2 202167.5 million209.18 million
Q1 202164 million207.64 million
Q4 202061 million203.66 million
Q3 202057 million195.15 million
(Warner Bros, AT&T, Netflix)

HBO revenue

  • The revenue of Warner Bros. Discovery was $11.01 billion in Q4 2022.

On the other hand, the total WarnerMedia revenue in Q1 2022 was $8.7 billion, with $4 billion representing subscription revenue. However, back then, the revenue was counted differently.

The revenues from Q2 to Q4 of 2022 (after the Warner Bros. and AT&T merger) are for the entire Warner Bros. Discovery.

Warner Bros. media quarterly revenue

Here are HBO streaming revenues for each quarter:

of the year
Total revenueSubscription
only revenue
Q4 2022$11.01 billionn/a
Q3 2022$9.82 billionn/a
Q2 2022$9.83 billionn/a
Q1 2022$8.7 billion$4 billion
Q4 2021$9.9 billion$3.8 billion
Q3 2021$8.4 billion$4 billion
Q2 2021$8.8 billion$4 billion
Q1 2021$8.5 billion$3.8 billion
(Warner Bros, AT&T)

HBO net worth

  • Warner Bros. Discovery, the company owning HBO and HBO Max, is currently (November 24, 2022) valued at $27.54 billion.

However, as seen from the last 5 years, the company’s value has fluctuated significantly.

For example, just seven months ago, on March 28, 2022, the company was valued at $57.2 billion.

market worth
November 2022$27.54 billion-51.8%
March 2022$57.2 billion+307.4%
November 2021$14.04 billion-68.8%
March 2021$45 billion+212.5%
November 2020$14.4 billion+9.5%
March 2020$13.15 billion-24.5%
November 2019$17.43 billion+15.4%
March 2019$15.1 billion-8%
November 2018$16.42 billion+61%
March 2018$10.2 billion/

HBO Max demographics

  • Most HBO Max subscribers visiting come from the US, attributing for 32.74% of all traffic.

The second are Brazilian users at 10.8%. Interestingly, apart from the US, HBO is very popular in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries.

CountryPercent of visitors
  • 32.15% of visitors to the website are between 25 and 34 years old.

Here’s a more detailed view of the visitors’ age:

Age groupPercentage of visitors
from the group
  • Among visitors, there are slightly more male (53.99%) visitors than female ones (46.01%).


  • 60% of HBO Max subscribers in the US find the amount of ads on the streaming service reasonable.

In contrast, 18% find them unreasonable, with 22% having no opinion.

Opinion about the number
of ads on HBO Max
Percentage of
users that agree
Amount is reasonable60%
Amount is unreasonable18%
No opinion22%
  • HBO Max mobile app was downloaded 7 million times in the US in Q3 2022.

That is much less compared to almost 12 million downloads in Q1 of the same year.

The numbers are from Google Play and App Store combined.


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HBO Max is a relatively new video streaming service that quickly gained popularity, especially due to some of the most beloved TV series and exclusive movie premieres during the pandemic.

Do you watch HBO Max? What convinced you to subscribe? Do you watch any other streaming services?

Please let us know down below.

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