Tweedz Earbuds Review – How Durable Are They Really?

Last updated: 4 months ago, Sep. 10. 2020
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    Wired earbuds with great durability but a very bright sound.

    Our Conclusion

    Overall score: 3.1 out of 5 points.

    Tweedz are basic wired in-ear headphones with great build quality but lackluster sound quality for music. Still, a great choice if you want durable earbuds for making hands-free calls and listening to audiobooks, but the extra-bright sound quality leaves you wanting.

    P.S. We reviewed the model without the in-line microphone and remote control because this is what Tweedz sent us. The newer model comes with the mic and remote but we can’t comment on it.

    Check the new Tweedz earbuds on the link below.



    • Great build quality
    • Strong nylon covered cable
    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Good looking design


    • Very bright and tiny sound (little bass)
    • A tad bit expensive for what you get


    Type: In-ear
    Design: Closed-back
    Connection: 3.5mm (straight plug)

    Frequency response: 20Hz-20,000Hz
    Impedance: 32 Ohm
    Weight: 0.42oz (12g)
    Cable length: 47in (1.20m)
    Microphone & Controls: Yes (new model only)
    Water-protection: No

    Bluetooth: No
    Battery life: /
    Noise-cancelling: No
    Charging port: /
    aptX: /

    Tweedz earbuds package

    What’s in the Box?

    • Tweedz earbuds
    • 3 pairs of silicone ear tips (S, M, L)

    Comfort & Fit – 4.5/5 Almost Perfect

    Immediately after putting on Tweedz you know these are comfortable earbuds. The lightweight and non-obtrusive design are the reason. They might not be the most comfortable earbuds on the market but are definitely well made for comfort.

    The size of the earbuds is small enough to fit smaller ears as well as big ones. Moreover, the selection of 3 pairs of (small, medium, large) silicone eartips is rather basic but normal in this price range.

    Tweedz Earbuds Review - How Durable Are They Really?

    Once you put them in the ears they stay there. As a result, they are suitable for sports or any other activity where fit is important.

    You don’t have to readjust them very often and they stay put. Both earbuds have a small but well visible letter showing you in which ear you should put them.

    The only thing which might be a bit annoying is some cable noise from the wire divider up. Below the divider, the cable noise isn’t a problem. Keep this in mind when choosing how to wear them.

    Tweedz wires

    Noise Isolation – 3.5/5 Almost Great

    Tweedz aren’t noise cancelling but have decent passive noise isolation. You can learn the difference here. You have to put on the eartips that fit your ears and you’ll get decent noise-blocking so you can enjoy your audiobooks in peace.

    Durability – 4.5/5 Almost Perfect

    This is the strongest point of Tweedz. They are really well made.

    The earbuds are fully plastic and you can get them in different colors. The parts are glued together well and seem to be able to last for a long time.

    Additionally, the cable is covered by the colorful fabric which makes it harder to tangle and gives it more strength. It feels durable and high quality.

    Tweedz 3.5mm plug

    Moreover, the weak points at both ends are additionally covered by flexible rubber to protect it even further. They really put a lot of thought into making these very durable and it shows.

    Tweedz are one of the best-made earbuds right now, not built like a tank but definitely better than average.

    Features – 2/5 Acceptable

    The new Tweedz earbuds come with an in-line microphone and remote control but we received an older model without is so can’t really review it.

    Accessories – 2/5 Acceptable

    There are not many accessories in the package. The only accessory you get is an additional 2 pairs of eartips (one is already on the earphones).

    The packaging itself is very simple, basically bare bones. For the price these are selling for you could expect a bit more. Check the best cheap in-ear headphones right now.

    Sound – 2/5 Acceptable

    The audio quality is where these lack the most in our opinion. The sound is very bright, with harsh highs and very little bass. Bright sound signature has enhanced treble with recessed bass. You can learn more about sound signatures here.

    If you like bright sound keep in mind these are very much so. Most people don’t might if headphones are a bit brighter but Tweedz are a more extreme example of it.

    Tweedz earbuds sides

    This makes them great for listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or making calls. As for music, it sounds tiny. For popular music, Tweedz just don’t have enough bass. Nonetheless, you can enjoy less bassy genres like classical music and others.

    If you need dependable earbuds with great build quality for audiobooks, making calls, and occasionally some music Tweedz are a good choice.



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