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21 Most Expensive Headphones in 2024: Ranked

Last updated: 5 months ago
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Below is the list of the most expensive headphones in the world in 2024. The #1 cost ¾ of a million dollars. Find out what they are.

P.S. We also included the most expensive Bluetooth headphones and headsets.

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    21 Most Expensive Headphones: Quick Comparison

    Here’s the list of the most expensive headphones in the world:

    RankRetail priceNameExtras
    #1$750,000Beats Pro by Dr. Dre X Graff126.5 carats of diamonds and rubies
    Focal Utopia by Tournaire18-karat gold
    6.5 carats of diamonds
    #3$100,000Onkyo H900M Diamond20 carats of diamonds
    #4$59,000Sennheiser Orpheus/HE 1Carrara marble & glass amp
    Spirit Torino Valkyria Titanium Titanium, isobaric drivers
    #6$8,000HIFIMAN Shangri-La jrelectrostatic headphones &
    vacuum-tube amp system
    #7$6,800HAMT SignatureCarbon steel, Alcantara, wood housing
    #8$6,200STAX SR-X9000Stainless steel, sheepskin ear pads
    #9$6,000HIFIMAN SusvaraThin stealth magnets
    #10$5,995Abyss AB1266 Phi TCCarbon steel, lamb skin ear pads
    T+A Solitaire PPlanar-magnetostatic headphones
    #12$5,500Spirit Torino Pulsar AluminumAluminium, alcantara, isobaric drivers
    #13$5,499HIFIMAN HE-R10PClosed-back planar magnetic cans
    #14$5,425Abyss Diana TCThin planar drivers
    #15$5,000MEZE Elite Epoque
    (Limited Edition)
    Limited-edition Art Nouveau design
    #16$4,999Focal Utopia (2022)Regular Utopias without diamonds
    #17$4,999Final Audio Design
    BAM mechanism
    #18$4,999.95Yamaha YH-5000SEOrthodynamic driver
    #19$4,995Warwick Acoustics SONOMA M1Electrostatic Headphones + DAC
    #20$4,545STAX SR-009SMLER 2: Multi-layer-elect-rords
    #21$4,500Audeze LCD 5Audeze flagship planars
    Retail prices from official websites.

    The Most Expensive Headphones: Ranked

    Below are the 10 most expensive headphones in the world:

    1. Beats Pro by Dr. Dre X Graff ($750,000)

    • Price: $750,000
    • Materials: 126.5 carats of diamonds and rubies combined, platinum
    • Type: Over-ear headphones, closed-back design, wired

    Beats Pro by Dr. Dre X Graff are the most expensive headphones in the world, retailing for $750,000.

    That’s right, ¾ of a million dollars for a pair that is more a piece of jewelry than actual headphones. They are decorated with 123 carats of diamonds and 3.5 carats of rubies in platinum by a British jeweler, Graff. That’s 126.5 carats combined.

    Initially, they were designed for Madonna and LMFAO and their Superbowl XLVI halftime show. And they reached prominence when they were seen on the head of Lil’ Wayne.

    On the technical aspect, they’re the same as Beats Pros but with many expensive stones.

    If you’re in the market to own the pair of headphones yourself, you can’t order them online. You have to call for an appointment and go through the process.


    2. Focal Utopia by Tournaire (€100,000)

    Credit: 3kshop
    • Price: €100,000 ($107,000 in 2023 USD)
    • Materials: 18-karat gold, 6.5 carats of diamonds, Tournaire Trilogy symbol
    • Type: Over-ear headphones, open-back design, wired

    Focal Utopia by Tournaire are hand-made headphones embossed with the signature Trilogy symbol, 18-karat gold, and 6.5 carats of diamonds. They will set you back for €100,000 ($107k) or €110,000 with the dedicated stand ($118k in 2023 American dollars).

    The French company is selling regular Focal Utopia, already expensive headphones, for $4,999. But the Tournaire embellished version has an additional cost, a couple of times more.

    These were released in 2016, and you can order them today.

    Specifications: (unknown but probably the same as regular Utopias and a lot heavier)


    3. Onkyo H900M Diamond headphones ($100,000)

    Credit: Gizmodo
    • Price: $80,000 – $100,000
    • Materials: 20 carats of diamonds
    • Type: Over-ear headphones, open-back design, wired

    The Onkyo H900M diamond headphones are selling from $80,000 to $100,000, depending on the options you choose. You can choose the size of the diamonds too.

    Regular Onkyo H900M headphones usually sell for around $300. But if you want the fancy hand-crafted version with 20 carats of diamonds with an almost perfect white color, then you’ll have to open your wallet.

    Specifications: Unknown (Onkyo didn’t disclose them)

    Regular H900M specs:

    • Frequency response: 5 Hz – 40 kHz
    • Impedance: 16 ohm
    • Sensitivity: 105dB/mW
    • Driver: 50mm, closed architecture dynamic driver

    4. Sennheiser Orpheus/HE 1 ($59,000)

    Credit: Sennheiser
    • Price: $59,000
    • Materials: Carrara marble, glass
    • Type: Over-ear electrostatic headphones, open-back design, wired, amplifier

    Sennheiser Orpheus / HE 1 is an amplifier and headphone system that costs $59,000.

    It features a dedicated headphone amplifier made from glass housing and a block of Carrara marble. It’s heavy and looks more like a piece of art than headphones.

     The electrostatic headphones are the first to integrate MOSFET high-voltage amplifier in the ear cups. They produce amazingly clear sound quality.

    To buy them, you need to make a downpayment of $10,000 before Sennheiser starts production of your personal HE 1 headphones. Read more on the official page.


    • Frequency range. 8 Hz – 100 kHz
    • The lowest distortion measured in a sound system: 0.01% at 1kHz, 100 dB SPL

    5. Spirit Torino Valkyria Titanium  (€12,000)

    Credit: Spirit Torino
    • Price: €12,000 (equivalent to $12,800 USD)
    • Materials: Titanium, isobaric drivers
    • Type: Over-ear headphones, open-back design, wired

    Spirit Torino Valkyria Titanium headphones are, as the name suggests, made from titanium. They have Twin Pulse isobaric drivers and advanced ear pads that make you forget you’re wearing them at all.

    Spirit Torino makes some expensive headphones, and it’s no wonder their flagship ranks quite highly. And only 99 will ever be made.

    They can be yours for a “measly” €12,000 or $12,800 USD on their official site.


    • Frequency response: 18 Hz – 35 kHz
    • Weight: 620g
    • Magnets: 13,8 + 13,8 kg 26 magnet
    • Cable: 2 m integrated cable double copper + silver
    • Max. power handling: 4.000 mW
    • Impedance: 64 ohm
    • Sensitivity: 96 dB

    6. HIFIMAN Shangri-La jr ($8,000)

    Credit: HIFIMAN
    • Price: $8,000
    • Materials: Titanium,
    • Type: Over-ear electrostatic headphones, open-back, wired, vacuum-tube amplifier

    HIFIMAN Shangri-La jr is an electrostatic headphone and amplifier sound system that costs $8,000.

    They feature a super wide frequency response from 7Hz to 120kHz and a sleek-looking vacuum-tube amplifier for the highest sound quality.

    If you’re in the market for a pair, check their official site.


    • Frequency response:  7 Hz – 120 kHz
    • Weight: headphones 374g + amplifier 11kg
    • Size: 400 x 265 x 108 mm3

    7. HAMT Signature ($6800)

    Credit: HAMT
    • Price: Original price of NT$210,000, which is roughly $6,800 depending on the exchange rate (international prices may vary)
    • Materials: Aluminium alloy, carbon steel, Alcantara, acacia wood housing
    • Type: Over-ear headphones, semi-open hybrids, wired

    HAMT Signature originally cost NT$210,000 (Taiwanese dollar), which is roughly $6800 USD.

    They’re made out of aluminum, acacia wood, Alcantara cushioning, and carbon fiber to create a truly luxurious experience (according to the company.) You get them in a professional-looking business carrying case.

    Also, they’re semi-open headphones with a 57mm dynamic driver and a 40mm AMT (air motion transformer) tweeter for treble.

    Here’s the official page.


    • Frequency response:15 Hz – 45 kHz
    • Impedance: 56 ohm
    • Sensitivity: 105dB

    8. STAX SR-X9000 ($6200)

    Credit: STAX
    • Price: $6,200
    • Materials: Aluminium, stainless steel, sheepskin ear pads
    • Type: Over-ear headphones, open-back, wired

    STAX SR-X9000 are the new flagship headphones from the respective brand. They call them “earspeakers” instead of headphones.

    These are open-back electrostatic headphones made with a special manufacturing technique called “MLER-3” (Multi-layer-elect-rods). And they weigh a hefty 432g, almost a whole pound.

    In case you want to test their sound quality, check them on StaxAudio.


    • Frequency response:5 Hz – 42 kHz
    • Impedance: 145 ohm
    • Sensitivity: 100dB
    • Weight: 432g (almost 1 pound)
    • Cable length: 2.5m, 1.5m

    9. HIFIMAN Susvara ($6000)

    HIFIMAN Susvara
    Credit: HIFIMAN
    • Price: $6,000
    • Materials: Thin stealth magnets, hybrid ear pads
    • Type: Planar-magnetic, over-ear headphones, open-back, wired

    HIFIMAN Susvara are one of the best-known headphones in the audiophile world. Their unmistakable design and audio quality are widely recognized worldwide.

    The Susvara are the flagships of the HIFIMAN selection, which makes them extra special and expensive.

    You have to fork over $6000 to get the privilege of making them your own.

    The planar-magnetic drivers are supposedly better than ever, with advanced stealth magnets that don’t distort sound quality like similar drivers. This means they produce natural sound.

    Read more about them here.


    • Frequency response: 6 Hz – 75 kHz
    • Impedance: 60 ohm
    • Sensitivity: 83dB
    • Weight: 450g (15.9oz)

    10. Abyss AB1266 Phi TC ($5,995)

    Credit: Abyss
    • Price: $5,995 for the basic, $8,995 with extra cables and accessories
    • Materials: Aluminium frame, carbon steel, planar magnetic drivers, lamb skin ear pads
    • Type: Over-ear headphones, open-back, wired

    Abyss AB1266 Phi TC (Total Consciousness) are planar-magnetic over-ear headphones with a retail price of $5,995 for the pair alone. They’re proudly made in the USA.

    Suppose you want all the accessories, including different cables, a carrying case, and a wooden storage box. In that case, you have to pay $8,995.

    The serial number is laser-engraved, so they’re easily identifiable and collectible. Check the official website here.


    • Frequency response: 5 Hz – 30 kHz
    • Impedance: 50 ohm
    • Sensitivity: 88 db/mW
    • Distortion: Under 0.2%, average 0.035% through most of the audible range
    • Weight: 640g

    The Most Expensive Bluetooth Headphones/Headset

    Wireless Bluetooth headsets don’t sell for such lavish prices as wired headphones, but they’re not far behind.

    Here are the 3 most expensive Bluetooth headphones and headsets:

    RankMost expensive BT headphones/headsetRetail price
    #1Audio-Technica ATH-WB2022 €3000 ($3,200+)
    #2T+A Solitaire T€1600 ($1,700+)
    #3Mark Levinsom No. 5905$999
    Headphone names link to official pages.
    Audio-Technica ATH-WB2022 are the most expensive Bluetooth headphones made in honor of AT’s 60th anniversary.

    Most Expensive Headphone Brands

    Here are some of the most expensive headphone brands that often retail quality headphones for 1000s of dollars.

    • Abyss
    • Audeze
    • Focal
    • MEZE
    • STAX
    • Spirit Torino
    • ZMF

    Surprised you don’t see any mainstream brands?

    How much should you pay for quality headphones?

    The super high-end headphone brands are quite different from mainstream consumer brands. These make products solely for passionate audiophiles who aren’t afraid of paying immense amounts of money for the best sound quality audio equipment.

    Read more:


    Did you expect headphones can reach such high prices? Some of them cost the same as a house or a car. Though how many people actually buy them is a mystery.

    It might be just a lucrative way for brands to create free advertising and not a real business.

    If you had all the money in the world, which prestige headphones would you have?

    P.S. We’ll keep updating the list, but if you find expensive headphones that aren’t on the list, please let us know.

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