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All The PewDiePie Headsets & Headphones Revealed

Last updated: 5 months ago
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PewDiePie (or Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is a YouTube veteran with over 111 million subscribers. However, before gaining all those subscribers, he also changed quite a few headphones and headsets.

Here are all the headphones and headsets that helped PewDiePie on his way to becoming one of the biggest (yet not the tallest) YouTubers.

Pewdiepie headphones through time
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    2011: Razer Carcharias

    Razer Carcharias PewDiePie

    These are one of the first gaming headsets PewDiePie used in his videos, but also the most low-quality ones. Carcharias suffer from excessive bass bloat and lack of clarity. Even the boom mic is pretty mediocre.

    Fortunately, despite the headset’s size, they’re really comfy to wear during long gaming sessions. Moreover, you can move around to room more freely thanks to the extra long cable (that’s fixed and non-detachable).

    Here’s where you can see them:

    Im on a break!

    2012: Razer Electra

    Razer Electra PewDiePie

    Razer Electra were a bulky headset with relatively thin, rectangle earpads and a bright green headband (Razer’s staple color). The microphone was built into the green cable with a single 4-pole 3.5mm connection (a splitter was absent from the packaging, so you had to purchase it separately).

    The sound quality was okay. You mostly got a ton of bass and rumble, which is excellent for game enjoyment, but not for competitive gaming, as there weren’t enough details to hear incoming opponents.

    You can see them in this video:


    2014: Razer Kraken Forged Edition

    Razer Kraken Forged Edition PewDiePie

    One of the most premium-made Razer headsets to date, with an entirely aluminum frame and ear cups and thicker, plush pleather earpads. Cups could fold inward to fit inside a small hard-shell carrying case.

    The detachable cables came with a 3.5mm and 6.35mm jack. And despite their $300 price, the sound isn’t audiophile-friendly. So, expect a hefty bass response to amplify in-game explosions and effects.

    Pewds was using them in quite a few funny gameplay videos:


    2014: Razer Kraken Pro Neon

    Razer Neon PewDiePie

    Relatively affordable gaming headsets at $90 (original price) with enough ear cushioning to last at least a few online matches. Construction is plasticky and lightweight, which adds to the comfort.

    Like any other Razer headphones, these also emphasize the bass to make in-game effects stand out. On the flip side, they underemphasize the mids and treble, which makes them a poor pair for music.

    At least you get a decent 7.1 surround system alternative with the Razer Surround feature.

    2014: Monster NCredible N-Pulse

    Monster NCredible N-Pulse PewDiePie

    Despite NCredible N-Pulse original $200 price point, they have a mainly plastic construction, including the headband extension. The only aluminum piece is a plate on the ear cups, which is purely aesthetic.

    Ear cups fold sideways (DJ-style) and come with a soft carrying pouch, detachable cable, and a bunch of stickers. The sound is slightly less bassy than classic Beats, but due to the small soundstage, they aren’t the best for gaming.

    You can see these Monster headphones (FYI, Monster was also making Beats headphones between 2008 and 2012) in the following video:

    The Impossible Quiz.

    2014: Monster DNA On-Ear

    Monster DNA On-Ear PewDiePie

    Felix used these colorful on-ear headphones in a few of his videos. They have a funky design but a relatively thin, plasticky frame. Furthermore, the earpads are pretty shallow, so you can’t expect to wear them for more than half an hour.

    The sound is what you expect from headphones targeting the youth: bassy. That said, you still get a lot of presence in the mids and highs. This is contrary to other gaming headsets that tend to be dark.

    Pewds was using them for a short time in videos like this:

    TURBO DISMOUNT! – Part 1

    2015: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H6 Limited Edition

    B&O Beoplay H6 PewDiePie

    B&O Beoplay H6 (2. Gen) that PewDiePie used in his videos are the Limited-Edition collaboration with Pepsi and designer Ricardo Akn. Apart from the appearance change, the rest is similar to the regular H6 model.

    You get a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience, the use of aluminum and leather, and a detachable cable with inline controls. Sound is also relatively accurate, with a pinch on boosted bass and a slightly reduced lower treble.

    Here a video where these headphones appear:

    NAVEL JUICE 100% (Postal 2)

    2015: Parrot Zik

    Parrot Zik PewDiePie

    Designed by French designer Philippe Starck, the Zik have an elegant, surprisingly comfortable build, despite the thin headband. A mixture of quality plastic and aluminum also gives them a premium feel.

    Headphones even offer ANC and a companion app with a custom EQ. On the other hand, their sound isn’t in line with a $400 price tag, but it gets better in wired mode. Also, with all features enabled, their battery only lasts 6 hours max.

    Felix used them in a few of his videos:

    THE GREATEST RAPPER WHO EVER LIVED? 100% (Parappa The Rapper 2)

    2015: Razer Kraken Pro

    Razer Kraken Pro V1 PewDiePie

    The first Razer Kraken Pro had a 40mm dynamic driver instead of 50mm in the later V2 version. The first generation has a heavier voice coil and produces a worse bass response than the V2 version.

    Headsets are also plasticky and with a slightly murky built-in mic. At least the comfort is pretty decent, with some users wearing them for 5 hours straight without any issues. They were reasonably priced at $90.

    Headsets can be seen in one of Pewds podcasts with Ken:


    2015: Sennheiser Game Zero

    Sennheiser Zero One PewDiePie

    The Game Zero model is a highly praised gaming headset from Sennheiser, offering clear and expansive sound, perfect for in-game immersion. These are also the first headphones PewDiePie has worn from this brand, costing merely $80.

    Furthermore, the headset has a non-detachable pivoting microphone, which offers excellent call quality and noise-reduction capabilities. Also, the packaging holds a detachable and long cable and a carrying case for easier transportation.

    2016: Corsair H2100 Wireless

    Corsair H2100 Wireless PewDiePie

    Headphones like the H2100 were one of the early wireless gaming headsets with an unconventionally neutral sound signature (for gaming). Fortunately, bass lovers could boost the bass (and other frequencies) with the provided PC software.

    Most importantly, H2100 offered a clear mic quality with little noise. Moreover, you could enable 7.1 Dolby Surround while gaming lasted 10 hours on a single charge. They weren’t extremely padded, so they got uncomfortable after a while.

    Pewds wore these headsets in 2016:


    2016: Sennheiser RS 170

    Sennheiser RS 170 PewDiePie

    RS 170 are popular headphones for watching TV, providing great build quality and good sound.

    People mostly use these headphones for watching TV, but they could also offer a good gaming experience thanks to the virtual surround effect. They were decently padded but could get hot during summer days.

    However, these are very early wireless headphones that use triple-A batteries instead of built-in lithium-ion ones. That was only enough for 16 hours of playtime.

    You can see these headsets (that are already discontinued) in this video:

    THESE FAN GAMES ARE INSANE! (Fridays With PewDiePie – Part 119)

    2017: Razer Kraken Pro V2 PewDiePie Edition

    Razer Kraken Pro V2 PewDiePie

    Kraken Pro V2 are the first collaborative PewDiePie gaming headset Razer made with the famous let’s-play YouTuber.

    They have a typical gaming headset sound with a boosted bass, reduced midrange, and a little more energy in the treble (V-shaped sound signature). That helps create a loud rumble, but it’s terrible for hearing details like footsteps.

    The build is mostly plastic, with only an aluminum plate in the headband to provide flexibility. Lightweight build and soft earpads make them an excellent fit for long gaming matches.

    Here’s one of many videos that feature these beauties:

    You LAUGH You LAUGH Challenge (Impossible)(NotEasy) YLYL #0068

    2018: Razer Kraken

    Razer Kraken Gaming green version PewDiePie

    Kraken Gaming are relatively affordable gaming headset from Razer, costing $80, with decent comfort and breathability thanks to velour stitching where ear pads touch your skin.

    Sound-wise, they’re similar to other Razer headsets of the time, with extra bass and muted midrange. Furthermore, headsets offer a retractable but non-detachable microphone with decent voice quality.

    2019: Noble Audio Katana

    Noble Katana PewDiePie

    Katanas are luxurious in-ear monitors that cost a hefty $1600. They boast a 10-driver setup, which is why they’re massive, and have an all-aluminum housing. You get 12 pairs of ear tips, a soft carrying pouch and a rugged, waterproof case, cleaning tools, and a carabiner.

    What matters is that the sound also matches the price. It’s technically excellent, controlled, and incredibly resolving. However, due to their neutral presentation, they aren’t the best pick for gaming.

    IEMs appeared in only one of his videos and only during a sponsored segment:

    Memes that makes me skratta YLYL #0059

    2019: Razer Nari Ultimate PewDiePie Edition

    Razer Nari Ultimate PE PewDiePie

    Razer Nari Ultimate PE is one of the longer-lasting headsets PewDiePie wore. They are a child of collaboration between PewDiePie and Razer, carrying his iconic black & red swirly pattern.

    Their sound is on the bassy side, with darker treble and muffled midrange. That said, headsets have a Hyper Sense feature that provides haptic feedback, which helps gamers feel explosions or similar in-game effects.

    Their price was set at an eye-watering $300.

    Headsets were featured in most of his videos from 2019 and 2020:

    Be nice to me

    2022: Audeze LCD-2

    Audeze LCD-2 PewDiePie

    LCD-2 are PewDiePie’s current headphones and most expensive open-back headphones to date, costing around $900. They aren’t meant for gaming, but thanks to excellent detail and vast soundstage, they’re great for immersing into a virtual battlefield.

    Headphones boast a luxurious design with wooden, open-back ear cups, a metal frame all around, and planar-magnetic drivers. The only real downside (besides price) is their enormous weight at 20.98 ounces (595 grams).

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What are PewDiePie’s headphones in 2023?

    PewDiePie’s headphones in 2023 are Audeze LCD-2 planar magnetic headphones. They’re high-end open-back headphones made of wood and metal and cost around $900.


    PewDiePie has gone through many different headphone models, primarily using Razer headsets due to sponsorships and special Pewds editions. That said, he still has a taste for high-quality audio, handling with expensive headphones like Noble Audio or the current Audeze.

    What do you think about his taste in headphones? Did he wear any headsets that you own? What are your favorite gaming headsets?

    Please, let us know in the comments.

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