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BuddyPhones Cosmos+ Review

Last updated: 3 years ago
7 min read
BuddyPhones Cosmos+ review - blue headphones

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Here’s the review of BuddyPhones Cosmos+ headphones for kids. They look really fun yet solid, and once you start using them, you realize they have more features than most adult headphones.

BuddyPhones Cosmos+ offer everything you’d want in kids’ headphones and a bit more. They’re perfect for a 3-year-old or older.

You get an effective volume limiter, active noise cancellation, a detachable boom microphone for online lessons, or basic social gaming.

The headphones come in a colorful, durable carrying case to teach your kid to put them back in after use. You have to start teaching tidiness early.

Inside the case, you’ll find foldable over-ear headphones that can fit an adult with smaller ears, with really cool graphics on the side.

Plus, you can choose from different colors, which will make your kid love them even more.

Even though BuddyPhones Cosmos+ are packed with features, they also come with some warnings.

  • Great design your kid will love
  • Quality materials and sturdy, foldable construction
  • 3 volume limiting modes: 75, 85, 94dB
  • Active noise cancelling (ANC)
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • Massive battery life over 30h
  • Pricey
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    What’s in the Box?

    BuddyPhones Cosmos+ headphones, sturdy carrying case, detachable boom microphone (USB-C), USB-C charging & AUX cables, user manual


    Star Rating
    4.0 Great

    Fun sound with slightly pronounced bass that kids love, a mode that helps them focus, and an effective volume limiter.

    Bassy sound signature will get many likes from kids, as the extra oomph makes everything more fun.

    While the sound quality isn’t the most crucial aspect of headphones for kids, you still want them to sound decent.

    And BuddyPhones Cosmos+ do more than that. In fact, their slight emphasis on bass makes them rather fun to listen to, even as an adult.

    Now, because these are kids’ headphones, we won’t detail the sound but instead talk about valuable features.

    The volume limiter

    As mentioned before, the volume-limiting circuitry sets the maximum volume. So, even if your kid keeps pressing the + button to the max, they won’t get too loud. And, in turn, protect their hearing.

    For an adult, the BuddyPhones Cosmos+ are relatively silent in Toddler mode (up to 75dB), but that’s a good thing. With active noise cancellation, it’s perfectly fine to listen to music at lower volumes.

    And for that reason, they’re one of the best headphones for toddlers.

    There’s another mode that changes the sound.

    The study mode emphasizes frequencies of human speech, which means it boosts mids and highs while lowering bass.

    Music sounds lackluster in this mode, and your kid probably won’t like it that much, though if they’re young enough, they probably won’t mind it, either.

    Once your kid grows up a bit, you can explain how to change the modes and when to use them.

    All in all, the audio quality is better than you’d expect from headphones for children, so there should be no issues there.

    Comfort & Fit

    Star Rating
    4.5 Almost Perfect

    Highly comfortable headphones that even fit an adult with small ears.

    BuddyPhones Cosmos+ earpads
    The earpads are thick and comfy, enough to fit an adult.

    BuddyPhones Cosmos+ come with relatively large earcups for headphones designed for kids.

    In fact, they’re so big they fit smaller adult ears. The faux leather earpads have plenty of cushioning and generally create a comfortable feeling on your head. You can also extend the headband for bigger kids.

    While the weight isn’t the lightest, they shouldn’t be too heavy for your kid to wear comfortably for hours.

    The only thing that’s a bit of a concern is the faux earpads. These tend to start peeling and leaving small pieces of the material everywhere, including your face.

    But faux leather is the most common material for earpads, so there aren’t that many alternatives.

    Moreover, there are clear marks for each earcup’s “right” and “left” sides.

    All in all, they get high marks from us. Your kid won’t mind wearing them, even for those long learning lessons.


    Star Rating
    4.0 Great

    Highly durable plastic structure with flexible headband and quality materials.

    BuddyPhones have made quite a few headphones for kids. Cosmos+ aren’t the first ones.

    As a result, they’re experienced in making durable headphones that withstand the unintentional abuse of the little ones.

    The Cosmos+ materials are high quality with durable plastics and faux leather earpads. The top of the headband is covered by mesh fabric, while the bottom is the same material as earpads (faux leather).

    And there are other signs of durability:

    • The inside of the headband has a metal reinforcement, and it’s incredibly flexible
    • All the hinges and moving parts are metal
    • The boom microphone has a memory-wire function, and it’s covered in rubber

    And in case something goes wrong, you can rely on their support and warranty.

    But one thing is missing…

    The only thing we’d like to see is some level of water protection.

    We all know how quickly liquid gets in places we don’t want when kids are around.

    For waterproof headphones, check the BuddyPhones Wave.


    Star Rating
    4.5 Almost perfect

    Longer than 1-day battery life, we tested them at 30 hours 16 minutes with ANC on at 85dB.

    BuddyPhones Cosmos+ battery comparison:

    BuddyPhones Cosmos+ Battery comparison

    We set the BuddyPhones Comos+ to Kids mode which goes up to 85dB and set it to max volume. If you toggle between the loudest Travel mode and the most silent Toddler mode then the middle point will give a good idea of overall battery life. We also turned on the ANC.

    From fully charged to zero Cosmos+ took 30 hours and 16 minutes.

    When the battery runs low the LED indicator flashes red. Plus, every time you turn them on, a voice prompt tells you the level of the battery, like: “Battery high”, “Battery medium” and “Battery low”.

    Officially, they rate the battery life at 24 hours, but if you listen to them in Toddler mode or keep ANC turned off, it will last even longer.

    You charge them with a USB to USB-C cable that you get in the box. Once fully charged the LED turns green, so you know they’re full. The only thing missing is quick charging.


    Star Rating
    5.0 Best in class

    Packed with features: volume limiter, ANC, study more, works with a dead battery (disclaimer needed), and a detachable boom microphone for clear calls.

    The boom microphone can detach when not needed.

    One of the main features you want in kid’s headphones is a volume limiter.

    Children have sensitive ears and can hurt their hearing with sounds an adult wouldn’t mind.

    BuddyPhones Cosmos+ have 3 volume levels:

    • Toddler mode (0-75dB)
    • Kids mode (0-85dB)
    • Travel mode (0-94dB)

    All 3 are selected with a 2-second simultaneous press on + and – buttons, something young kids won’t figure out so early.

    But there’s one thing you have to know.

    The volume limiter doesn’t work when the battery dies, or you turn off the headphones.

    So, while it’s true the BuddyPhones Cosmos+ work without battery when connected with the AUX audio cable, the extra features don’t.

    The volume limiter, boom microphone, and “Study mode” don’t work with the headphones turned off.

    It makes sense. For the volume limiter to work, it needs power. When there is none, you lose the feature. It’s a good thing to know as a parent.

    What are The Controls?

    There’s a multifunction button on the right earcup that controls:

    • Turn on/turn off (press and hold middle button)
    • Play/pause (press middle button for toggle)
    • Volume control – up/down (press + or -)
    • Next/previous song (press and hold + or -)
    • Toggle volume limiter mode (press and hold + and – for 2 seconds to toggle)

    On the left earcup, there’s:

    • The ANC on/off button with an LED indicator
    • “Study mode” toggle button that you slide up and down

    Study mode emphasizes higher frequencies, so human voices are more easily heard while toning down on bass.

    Its intention is to make it easier for your kid to focus on human speech, and in a way, it works. However, it removes the bass in music.

    Microphone Quality

    BuddyPhones Cosmos+ come with 2 microphones, built-in, and a detachable boom mic.

    The boom microphone and cables are neatly stored in an inside pocket of the carrying case.

    Here’s the microphone test of both:

    They’re pretty good and will be more than enough for online lessons or a comfortable chat with friends.

    The only weird thing is the boom microphone’s position. It attaches to the right earcup and not the left as is usual for most headsets.

    When you don’t want to use the boom microphone, you can use the built-in mic to answer phone calls.

    Noise Isolation

    Star Rating
    4.0 Great

    Thanks to the closed-back design and tightly fitting earpads, noise isolation is solid. It blocks ambient noise the moment you put them on.

    Passive noise isolation has to be good. If it weren’t, ANC wouldn’t work.

    The earpads are plush and deep, which ensures optimal fit for smaller as well as bigger kids.

    So, if your kid wears them, they’ll block some noise without even turning them on, which is a good thing.

    Noise Cancelling

    Star Rating
    3.0 Good

    They have effective active noise cancelling (ANC) that you notice immediately, though it isn’t as effective as in adult headphones.

    Active noise cancellation is relatively new for kids’ headphones but a nice addition since you’re trying to remove distractions and loud noises. We have to protect those young ears, right?

    Your turn it on with a press of a button. It has a small LED inside, so you know when it’s activated. Once on, you can immediately hear the difference in noise.

    Additionally, ANC works even when the headphones are turned off.

    It’s useful to have active ANC even with headphones shut down. You want to study without music and enjoy some peace and quiet. Turn on ANC and “get studying.”

    The only concern is that your kid might forget to turn it off after use, so the ANC keeps working and draining the battery even when no one is listening to them.

    The LED indicator light is there to remind you of it, but it still needs parental supervision.

    Active noise cancellation (ANC) in BuddyPhones Cosmos+ is just mediocre.


    Star Rating
    4.0 Great

    Stable Bluetooth connection with a range of up to 65ft / 20m without interruptions.

    There’s no official information on the Bluetooth version on the box or the user manual. But it must be at least Bluetooth 5.0 since it acts like it.

    You can confidently walk around as the BuddyPhones Cosmos+ connect reliably up to 65ft / 20m in range without obstacles. After that point, we started getting interruptions in our tests.

    However, once you introduce walls, you get the standard performance. They work fine over 1 wall but lose connection over 2.

    To connect the BuddyPhones Cosmos+:

    • Turn off the headphones, then press and hold the play/pause button (same as the power on/off button) to enable pairing mode
    • Find the headphones on your Bluetooth device
    • Press pair
    • Enjoy your music

    Once connected you can accept phone calls via your phone or listen to YouTube videos.

    Is There a Delay when Watching Videos?

    They’re perfect for watching cartoons when you don’t want them to bother you.

    There’s no audio delay when watching videos that’s visible to the eye. So your kid can comfortably enjoy cartoons without delay.

    Hey, even an adult can watch a video or two without complaints.

    Why Buy BuddyPhones Cosmos+? 

    If you’re looking for the latest and best technology in kids headphones with all the features a kid would want, then the Cosmos+ are the best choice.

    There aren’t many comparable headphones with a volume limiter and ANC, especially not attractive colorful options.

    If you want premium headphones for your kid to protect their hearing while watching their favorite cartoons, get these.

    But expect to pay a premium price. With plenty of features, you have to pay a higher price. They cost more than most kids headphones. So, you can’t be too price-sensitive.

    BuddyPhones Cosmos+ prices:

    How BuddyPhones Cosmos+ Compare to the Competition?

    Blue BuddyPhones Cosmos+ in a carrying case.
    BuddyPhones Cosmos+ are packed with features, but that also increases the price.

    Colorful design and volume limiters are typical for kids’ headphones.

    BuddyPhones Cosmos+ Alternatives

    Puro Sound Labs BT2200


    Puro Sound Labs are similarly priced and have a volume limiter but are geared for slightly older kids. They have more of an adult design, though still come in different colors.  In contrast, they are not active noise canceling headphones, nor have a boom microphone.

    Puro Sound Labs BT2200 review

    BuddyPhones Wave

    BuddyPhones Wave folded headphones

    This is another model from BuddyPhones, but the Wave model has smaller on-ear ear cups, and they’re waterproof. They’re meant for younger kids that are harder on their things, so water protection is essential. They also cost a little less, though they don’t have ANC or a boom microphone.

    BuddyPhones Wave review

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