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Peter Susic

Peter Susic, editor

Seasoned Headphone Reviewer | Audio Specialist

Expertise: Sound Quality Analysis, Technical Testing & Specifications, Feature Evaluation, Audio Engineering

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering


  • Peter has been published in multiple local audio technology publications since 2018.
  • He personally tested and reviewed 130+ different headphones and owns multiple audiophile headphones for personal use.
  • Peter earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.
  • He’s also an avid mountaineer and a passionate photographer, which contributes to the beautiful and hands-on analysis of sports headphones.

“After many years of testing headphones, I can confidently tell which headphones are good and which are terrible.”


From a childhood fascination with sound, Peter’s passion has evolved into a relentless pursuit of the finest headphones. He’s been testing and reviewing headphones, both audiophile and consumer-grade headphones, with over 5 years of experience since 2018.

His evaluation skills were honed through the meticulous testing of over 130 headphone models for Headphones Addict. His dedication transcends mere analysis; each review is complemented by beautiful photographs that capture the essence of the tested model, proof of his passion for photography.

With a bachelor’s degree in multimedia from the faculty of electrical engineering, Peter possesses the technical knowledge to dissect and evaluate the details in audio specifications. His expertise is not just in recognizing superior sound quality but also in appreciating the design and function, an attribute that makes his reviews both informative and visually compelling.

As a mountaineer who loves ascending peaks, Peter brings a unique perspective to his evaluation of sports headphones. His climbing expeditions are a testing ground for fit, durability, and performance in demanding conditions. This hands-on experience ensures that when Peter recommends sports audio gear, it’s with the authority of someone who understands the importance of impeccable sound paired with unyielding stability during activity.

His enthusiasm for audio is not confined to his professional obligations. It’s a personal pursuit driven by an innate curiosity and a genuine love for the science of sound. Whether it’s the sleek curvature of an ear cup or the nuanced bass of a high-definition driver, Peter’s evaluations guide readers in choosing the perfect audio companion.


Peter obtained his Bachelor’s degree in multimedia from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. And as a true audio enthusiast, he’s been testing headphones professionally and in his spare time for years.

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