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Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Review

Last updated: 1 year ago, Sep. 18. 2017
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    Here is one of the most popular headsets for Xbox 360. It’s been among top sellers on Amazon for quite a while and not without a reason.

    For a budget price you’re getting a great pair of headphones with a microphone.


    • Xbox, PC, Mac and even PS4 (with adapter) compatible
    • Very affordable
    • Great gaming comfort
    • Good soundstage for a closed-back design
    • Good value for money
    • Good, bass emphasized sound


    • As a budget model can’t compare to higher end models
    • Sensitive microphone

    Compatibility (Microphone)

    Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 headset was created specifically for Xbox 360, but you can also use it with Xbox One with an adapter.

    Additionally its USB port is compatible with both, PC and Mac and lately, Turtle Beach has released an upgrade kit for PlayStation 4 as well.

    In other words, with some tinkering and getting proper adapters, you can use this gaming headset for all bigger gaming platforms, but not tablets or smartphones since it doesn’t have a 3.5mm plug.

    The boom microphone is very sensitive. This comes handy if you play in a quiet room and want your friends to hear your every whisper.

    But it becomes a nuisance if you play in a noisy room, because the mic will pick up a lot of background sound.

    In-line controls give you the ability to change game and chat volumes separately.

    Overall, it does the job well and your voice will be clear and easy to understand.


    Headset is well made for a budget headset, quality plastics make it light and comfortable.

    There are no major weak points and the ear pads and headband seem to be made out of good fabric.

    For gaming purposes the design is spot on.

    The headphones are closed-back so they isolate noise better. There is still some sound leakage but it’s minimal.

    While they don’t have any active noise cancelling they do offer good passive protection from outside noise. You can easily use this gaming headset in loud places.


    Comfort is very good. Plush, fabric ear pads are soft and don’t put a lot of pressure around your ears. In fact these headphones are more comfortable than the X11 model.

    This is a Turtle Beach gaming headset after all, they know how to make comfy headphones.


    Soundstage and positional accuracy are very good for closed-back design headphones. You’ll be able to hear the direction the sound is coming from which is great for FPSs.

    Other sound ranges are quite clean and detailed, with a nice, adjustable bass emphasis, the headset can be used for music too.

    It can’t compare to high end headphones, but it’s better than most dedicated gaming sets.

    Their affordable price makes everything even better. For below $50 you get a very good gaming headset with soundstage, great comfort and freedom to use them on your Xbox, PC, Mac and even PlayStation.

    Since this is an older model you probably won’t be able to find a new model at this price anymore but you can still find used one for $30 or so.

    If you’re looking for all in one Xbox 360 gaming headset for a relatively low price, then Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 is a very good choice.


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