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Sennheiser PXC 450 Review

Last updated: 1 year ago, Sep. 18. 2017
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    Sennheiser PXC 450 are one of the older noise-cancelling headphones from this German brand.

    For those of you looking for decent noise cancelling and great sound quality, these headphones are a good pick.


    • Good noise cancelling, NoiseGard
    • Well-built
    • Bulkier but comfortable
    • Doesn’t change sound with ANC off
    • Superb sound quality for noise cancelling headphones


    • Bigger in size

    Noise Cancelling

    Sennheiser uses its own NoiseGard technology which works very well. Compared to Bose the difference is minimal. Bose still have a slight edge over Sennheisers, but this comes at a cost in other features, like sound quality.

    Noise cancelling works in combination with noise isolation and produces very good results in loud environments.

    You can use the headphones without ANC and just rely on passive isolation, works nicely.

    Noise cancelling is powered by one AAA battery that gives you up to 16 hours of playtime. This isn’t the best, but AAA batteries are easy to come by. Just buy a 4 pack and put it in the carrying bag.


    Build quality is good as you’d expect from Sennheiser. While covered primarily by plastics, durability doesn’t suffer.

    Soft pleather is used for ear pads and headband protection, ear pads can also be replaced if you aren’t happy with them.

    Compared to other over-ear, portable headphones, these are slightly heavier but still offer a good fit. Foldable design helps with storing them in smaller pockets.


    Sennheiser PXC 450 are slightly bigger and bulkier compared to Bose QC 35, but comfort is comparable.

    Most people will still find Bose headphones better since they are lighter and smaller.

    If you don’t mind the bigger size, these are perfect even for the longest trips.


    You can use these headphones with ANC (active noise cancelling) on or off depending on your needs, plus you have a third option called TalkThrough mode which enables you to talk to people nearby.

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    Basically, the microphone records the voice and sends it through the headphones for you to hear. It doesn’t mute the music and looks a bit awkward but works like it’s supposed to.

    Sound Quality

    Sound quality is very good for noise cancelling headphones, better than most ANC headphones. It is a strong advantage over the competition since many aren’t happy with the mediocre sound.

    The sound is clear and rich in detail. Bass is good, not overpowering or muddy, just right. You could say these are rather balanced without any range being too strong.

    Compared to other noise cancelling headphones these are one of the best sounding. At the same time, for this price you can get better non-cancelling headphones, but this probably makes them less suitable for travel.

    One great feature of these is that they sound the same even when noise cancelling is turned off. You can easily use them at home when you don’t need to block the noise.

    This older Sennheiser model offers good sound quality and noise cancellation while being well-built and comfortable.


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