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PSB M4U 2 Review

Last updated: 1 year ago, Sep. 18. 2017
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    PSB M4U 2 noise cancelling over-ear headphones with good sound in passive mode.

    With nice mode selections and high-quality sound, these are in many ways better than the competition.


    • Very good noise cancelling comparable to Bose
    • Heavy and big, but still comfortable
    • Durable metal and plastics design
    • Built-in amplifier
    • 3 listening modes
    • Battery life up to 50 hours (2 AAA batteries)
    • More balanced and detailed sound quality


    • Heavy and bulky design
    • Not comfortable for big heads

    Noise Cancelling

    Noise cancelling effectiveness is comparable to the best models on the market, maybe not exactly the same, but the difference is very small.

    They still make great flight or office headphones, because ANC (active noise cancelling) is quite good.

    With closed-back over-ear design, they have good passive noise isolation and with the combination of noise cancelling you’re getting very “quiet” headphones.


    PSB M4U are big headphones. This is understandable as they need to have space for an amplifier and 2 AAA batteries for noise cancelling. The batteries provide about 50 hours of playtime, which is more than the alternatives.

    The construction is metal but with layers of plastic over it. In the end, you get heavy, bulky headphones.

    Be careful about not dropping them on the floor, because they’re heavy things can break.

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    Durability wise these promise quite a lot but for portable use which is their main purpose, this isn’t always an advantage.

    Having the ability to fold them is nice and makes them more portable, as long as you don’t mind the weight.


    Ear pads are soft and comfortable. The headband is covered by a nice layer of pleather and once you put them on, their weight stops being an issue.

    Unless you move your head very quickly the weight won’t be a problem and PSB M4U 2 nicely sit on the head.

    The only possible comfort issue would be the clamping force to the ears, especially if you have a large head. Because of a tight fit, the pressure on ears can be a bit too much if you have above average head size.


    One thing other headphones don’t have is an internal amplifier.

    This is a nice feature that helps with driving these headphones even with an iPod or your smartphone. You’re always guaranteed high sound quality.

    You have the option of 3 different modes of listening:

    • Passive mode – without power or noise cancelling
    • Active mode – with only amplifier on, but no ANC
    • Active ANC mode – with both, amplifier and ANC on

    All modes work nicely, but you get the best sound quality with amplifier and noise cancelling active.

    Additionally, PSB M4U 2 have an in-line microphone for making calls, just in case you need it, works like intended as you’d expect from high-end headphones.

    You can control the activation or pausing of noise cancelling with a button conveniently placed on the headphone itself, so you don’t have to take them off if you want to talk to someone in person.

    Sound Quality

    Sound quality is where PSB M4U 2 really shine. They favorably compare to other ANC headphones, having clearer and more balanced sound.

    You can expect, clean and detailed sound across all ranges with prominent, punchy bass. These aren’t basshead headphones but have more of an audiophile sound than other noise cancelling headphones.

    If you enjoy listening to slightly V shaped sound signature, these will be perfect for you.

    Just keep in mind that you’ll get the best sound with noise cancelling turned off.

    In the end, PSB M4U 2 are good noise cancelling headphones with bulky, but comfortable design that produce superior sound quality compared to alternatives.