Koss KSC75 Review

Last updated: 4 months ago, Sep. 11. 2020
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    Great cheap audiophile on-ear headphones.

    Our Conclusion

    Overall score: 3.2 out of 5 points.

    Just looking at Koss KSC75 doesn’t do these on-ear headphones justice. We agree these do look pretty bad and sure don’t win any design awards, but what’s inside is much different.

    At a measly price of a few dollars over 10 bucks, you can’t expect more from on-ear headphones.

    Koss KSC75 are one of the:

    Best headphones under $20

    Fit (Isolation) – 3.5/5 Almost Great

    Ear hook design keeps them in place. Bad noise isolation. The earphones basically don’t block any of the surrounding noise.

    With the ear hook design, these are suitable for sports as well. Just put them on, adjust the angle to suit your ears comfortably and enjoy.

    Super lightweight structure will feel feather-like and the ear hooks will make them stick to your ears even during fast, sweaty exercise.

    Fit is stable enough for various sports, but you do have to adjust the position from time to time to keep it comfortable.

    Don’t expect much of sound isolation, if you’ll be listening these to the full in a quiet room, people around will hear it.

    Comfort – 4.5/5 Almost Perfect

    Very light and comfy for hours.

    Comfort more than makes up for all weak points. These are very lightweight and sit nicely on your ears, after a while you’ll forget you have them on.

    There is not much to say about comfort since it’s such a simple design.

    Durability – 2.5/5 Average

    Not the best durability, but they are cheap.

    Without any sweat protection or Kevlar reinforced cables, Koss KSC75 can still be used for working out without fear of breaking them, because they are so cheap.

    Plastic exterior and metal internal parts make for decent design more focused on keeping the price low than anything else.

    If you accidentally step on them, getting a new pair doesn’t cost much. They’re just not anything special, durability-wise.

    Controls – 1.5/5 Meh

    No controls or microphone.

    These are very simple headphones so the only thing you’re getting is the earphones and regular wires with an AUX 3.5mm plug-in, no controls or microphone. No special features and that’s fine since they’re super cheap.

    Sound – 4/5 Great

    Great sound quality for the price, rather balanced sound signature.

    Where Koss KSC75 headphones really shine is sound quality. Some people compare these to headphones for $300 and more, this is how good they are.

    The sound is very balanced, with punchy bass and rather forward mids which creates a very natural, but musical and fun sound. The tonal balance is very likable and can be compared to headphones many times the price.

    The bass is not too heavy, rather muddy, so these aren’t basshead headphones, but more to the taste of audiophiles who want good, cheap headphones for every occasion.

    Overall, for less than $20 you’re getting on-ear headphones that have surprisingly good sound quality in a design that is light and comfortable.


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