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Jlab Epic 2 Review

Last updated: 1 year ago, Sep. 15. 2017
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    Jlab Audio Epic 2 are popular & heavily endorsed by many websites but lack reliability for us to put them on our “best-lists”.

    While these aren’t the cheapest or have the best water protection, they still offer a lot other models don’t.

    Durability & Water Resistance

    These are sweat proof and waterproof with an IPX5 rating, slightly better than the old model. This is less than alternatives, but it’s enough to use these headphones near water with confidence.

    Once you’re done using them you can wash them with water to prepare them for the next workout. As long as you don’t take them deep into the water, they should be functioning.

    While we didn’t have any problems with them, many people report they died out soon after buying them.

    Keep in mind Bluetooth doesn’t work under water so these aren’t suitable for swimming.

    The IEMs are plastic but super light. In fact, they weight only 15 grams which means you will barely feel them.

    Durability isn’t a priority with these earbuds, but they rather focused on performance during exercise. This isn’t a bad thing per se as you’ll be using these for sports anyways.

    The build quality is okay, just keep decent care of them and they should last you long enough. In case you like abusing your headphones, don’t complain if they break after a couple months.

    In any case, Jlab Audio gives you 1 year limited warranty with them, so if they die out just ask for a free replacement.


    The way Jlab Audio Epic 2 earbuds are worn is behind-the-ear. The “memory wire” ear hooks do a good job at keeping them in your ears even when moving.

    The design is slightly different and if you’re not used to wearing earbuds behind-the-ear then you’ll need some time getting used to it. If you’re familiar with this concept this won’t be a problem.

    Overall, comfort is very good and can easily compare to other premium sports earbuds with the same style fit. They require no or minimal adjustment as this depends on your ear shape.

    Pick the right ear tips and you’ll also get decent sound isolation, helping you keep the focus on your workout instead of your surroundings. You can still hear enough noise around you to keep you aware so you don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation.

    Bluetooth & Battery

    Jlab Audio Epic 2 have 4.0 Bluetooth which works like other average wireless headphones but they improved its stability with a built-in Bluetooth antenna.

    The Bluetooth connection is more stable than with the older model, you still get short distortion or disconnection, but happens only when you’re music device is out of range or there are thick walls in between.

    You can easily get a good connection with up to 40ft range without any obstacles. The moment an object blocks the signal you lose range, this is the shortcoming of Bluetooth and not this specific model.

    The in-line microphone and remote are an improvement as well, now you can make hands-free calls without suffering bad voice quality… if you hold the mic in front of you. The problem is, when you wear them behind the ear the microphone records very bad sound because it’s too far away from your mouths. We think it’s a design fault.

    The remote buttons are intuitive and big enough for any finger size so that works fine.

    The battery has been upgraded as well, now you can get up to 12 hours of playtime per charge, though we’ve usually gotten a bit over 10 hours.

    Battery life depends on how loudly you listen to them so you get less juice out if you listen to them at max volume.

    Nevertheless, battery life is great and will last you a couple of workouts at least or a long marathon.

    To keep all the stuff with you, you get a nice zipper carrying case and a micro USB to USB charge cable.


    Sound quality is where Jlab Audio Epic 2 really shine. They come the closest to audiophile sound quality and will satisfy even the most demanding users.

    We know Bluetooth isn’t as good for music transmission as wires, but you can still get a decent sound with it.

    The overall sound signature has a slight bass emphasis but without overpowering mids or highs. All ranges are clear, detailed and precise.

    The bass isn’t thumping and doesn’t go very deep either, but is rather punchy with above average depth.

    Soundstage is better than average too with good instrument separation.

    The only problem is the highs which do suffer from some sibilance with some treble-rich songs, but it isn’t a deal breaker.

    Overall, these are one of the best sounding Bluetooth IEMs (in-ear monitors) but, according to many reports, with some serious durability issues.

    For Bluetooth waterproof (IPX5) earbuds with great comfort, good battery life and good sound in the category, get Jlab Audio Epic 2.


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