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Bose QuietComfort 3 Review

Last updated: 1 year ago, Sep. 18. 2017
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    Here is an older Bose QuietComfort model but still a solid product.

    A brand-new QuietComfort 3 might be expensive, but used models are still available.


    • Best in class Bose noise cancelling
    • Comfortable and light on-ear design
    • More portable than QuietComfort 35 due to smaller size
    • Rechargeable battery offering around 25 hours of playtime
    • Good sound quality


    • Price on par with latest QuietComfort model
    • Not the best passive noise isolation

    Noise Cancelling

    Just like with all QuietComfort models noise cancelling is top notch. All Bose QC models have best in class ANC (active noise cancelling).

    The headphones come with one changeable and rechargeable battery. You can buy the second, spare battery online for cases when you need it.

    On one full charge you’ll get around 25 hours of playtime which is less than the modern QuietComfort models in wired mode, but this isn’t such a big difference. Buy a spare battery and you have 50 hours of active noise cancellation ready at your fingertips.


    The design of Bose QuietComfort 3 isn’t much different from other Bose headphones. Apart from being on-ear, they all have “plasticy” lightweight design.

    Having foldable structure and overall smaller size makes them one of the best noise cancelling headphones for traveling.

    Durability is good and you can safely take these to any of your trips or just use them for the commute to your workplace.

    Check out the most durable earbuds.


    Because of smaller size and weight, Bose QC 3 are more portable than their bigger brothers.

    Once you put them on you will barely feel them. The soft ear pads nicely distribute the pressure making them one of the more comfortable on-ear designs you’ll ever try.

    Apart from noise cancelling, comfort is probably the second most important thing when looking for travel-friendly headphones.

    You don’t want to be caught on a noisy airplane with uncomfortable headphones that make your ears red of irritation in a few minutes.


    The cables can be changed, which is a nice feature also found in modern Bose QC headphones. This comes handy if you accidentally break the cable or if it starts deteriorating.

    The headphones come with 2 types of cables, one for iPhone with a microphone for making calls and the other one for an iPod with controls for changing songs and volume.

    All of this might be a bit pricey compared to alternatives but if you’re buying Bose you don’t mind paying a bit more.

    Sound Quality

    This is where Bose QuietComfort 3 compare well to modern QC models.

    While passive sound isolation isn’t as good, the balance and detail of highs and mids are slightly better with QC 3 model. The sound is clearer and doesn’t lack bass either.

    In the end, it still can’t compare to real, audiophile headphones of similar price.

    If you’re not an audiophile you probably won’t notice a big difference as the overall sound signature isn’t that much different since these are still Bose headphones.

    Because of light, comfortable fit, durable design, good sound quality and best in class noise cancelling, Bose QuietComfort 3 are still one of the best on-ear ANC headphones.


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