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10 Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers that are Thougher than Rock

Last updated: 3 days ago, Sep. 17. 2020
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    Best wireless Bluetooth speakers you can confidently take outside.

    Model RatingPriceIPX Rating
    Tells water-protection level. Higher is better.
    Battery life on full charge.
    Watts give a general idea of the power of speakers. Higher might not be always better.
    Input & Output support may vary.
    Connect multiple speakers.
    JBL Flip 5
    best overall
    More info
    under $120IPX712 hours20W
    Tribit MaxSound Plus
    best neutral sound
    More info
    under $60IPX720 hours24W
    JBL Charge 4
    best big speaker
    More info
    under $140IPX720 hours30W
    Bugani M83
    best power & bass
    More info
    under $50IPX540 hours50W
    Treblab HD77
    great value
    More info
    under $80IPX67 hours25W
    Tribit StormBox Micro
    best portable
    More info
    under $50IP678 hours9W
    Marshall Stockwell II
    best 360 sound
    More info
    under $160IPX420 hours20W
    Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2
    floating Bluetooth speaker
    More info
    under $70IPX7 (IP67)13 hoursUnspecified
    Sonos Move
    best premium
    More info
    under $400IP5611 hoursUnspecified
    best for kids
    More info
    under $40IPX75 hours3W

    Bluetooth speakers are nice because you can take them with you, connect your smartphone, and listen to music. Take your music to the beach, camping, or hiking trip.

    But not all Bluetooth speakers are made for outdoors. There’s rain, dust, and other hazards that kill electronics.

    Your fancy model won’t survive long in the harsh environment outside. You don’t want to risk it.

    Thankfully, you can find speakers with fully waterproof design, dust protection, and rugged construction. These are perfect for the harshest conditions outside.

    Check the quick review below.

    Table of Contents

      IPX – Water Protection Explained

      IPX Rating Explained Infographic

      What Makes a Good Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoors?

      It needs to be durable.

      The main thing we are all afraid of is, “Will my Bluetooth speaker survive if I take it outside?”.

      Because there’s rain that will eventually catch you. And electronics hate water.

      You might accidentally splash your speaker with water on the beach. Or sand might get inside and ruin it. You might accidentally drop it on the floor and break it.

      There’s a lot of bad situations that can happen outside and aren’t good for portable Bluetooth speakers.

      This is why picking an outdoor wireless speaker with good water-protection, sand/dust protection and a strong, rugged design resistible to drops is important.

      It needs to be loud enough.

      To listen to music in an open space requires more powerful speakers. Otherwise the music won’t be loud enough.

      For that reason, small speakers with Bluetooth aren’t the best for outdoor use. You need strong drivers that produce enough power.

      And, if you want to have a small outdoor party, you need the biggest you can get. Or connect multiple speakers (only some models) to boost volume.

      It needs a dependable battery life.

      Outside there are no ways to charge your portable speaker like at home. You want to get as much playtime per single charge as possible. What would be the point of taking the outdoor speaker with you if it dies in a couple of hours.

      Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

      Bluetooth pairing is pretty straightforward and NFC pairing is quick.


      1. JBL Flip 5 – best overall

      JBL Flip 5 black

      Best overall outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker

      The Flip 5 is a quality-sounding, portable, and waterproof speaker from a powerhouse audio brand, JBL.

      Water protection: IPX7
      Battery life: 12h
      Power: 20 watts
      Powerbank: No

      The Good

      Flip 5 is small enough to fit in a backpack, and it has a strap to allow you to place it around your wrist. In spite of only weighing just over 1lb, it has a fair amount of power, perfect for most genres of music.

      20 watts is a big upgrade from Flip 4. You can also pair 2 of these speakers for a stereo effect. If your friend has one, you can chain them together for double the power.

      A rubber design adds to the durability. IPX7 water resistance also means it’s safe for outdoor use, even in the rain or at pool parties. Use the battery for up to 12 hours before having to charge.

      The Bad

      Many speakers include microphones for voice calls; this one doesn’t.

      JBL Flip 5 is a great all-round option. Reliable Bluetooth connectivity, a good battery of 12 hours, and water resistance combined with JBL sound for a great option. That is why it’s one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

      2. Tribit MaxSound Plus – best neutral sound

      Tribit MaxSound Plus Bluetooth speaker

      One of the best outdoor speakers with neutral sound signature

      Neutrality in a small form-factor.

      Water protection: IPX7
      Battery life: 20h
      Power: 24 watts
      Powerbank: No

      The Good

      Tribit speaker seems durable enough to meet the harsh outside world. Housing is made from rubberized plastic, with a metal grill in front of 3 speakers: two 12W stereo speakers and one passive bass radiator.

      The pill-shaped speaker is also IPX7 waterproof, meaning you can easily take it near the pool. It boasts a hefty 20-hour battery life. MaxSound Plus is a bit on the heavier side with its 595g, but that doesn’t hurt overall portability.

      It supports Bluetooth 4.2 with up to 100 feet of coverage, with a basic audio codec array. When it comes to sound quality, you probably can’t beat it for under $60. It’s comparable to JBL Flip 4, but even more accurate in the treble. When you activate the XBass feature, the sound becomes fuller and punchier.

      The Bad

      There is no fast-charging option, so it takes around 4 hours to charge the speaker entirely.

      If you like your sound to be accurate but still enjoyable, Tribit MaxSound Plus is the way to go. At this price, this is a bargain. You only need to make sure to enable XBass. Otherwise, the sound can be a bit thin.

      3. JBL Charge 4 – best big speaker

      JBL Charge 4

      One of the best big outdoor wireless speakers

      The JBL Charge 4 is a big size speaker, and this allows it to incorporate a huge battery and the ability to charge your devices.

      Water protection: IPX7
      Battery life: 20h
      Power: 30 watts
      Powerbank: Yes

      The Good

      An amazing battery is a huge plus. The 7800mAh battery means up to 20 hours of playtime and charging your devices. A USB output allows you to plug in your phone or other devices.

      The JBL Charge 4 can be submerged in water as it has an IPX7 waterproof rating. It’s a large speaker, and it’s pretty rugged even though it’s not as portable as the JBL Flip.

      If your friends have other JBL Connect+ models, you can chain them together for more power. This model already has a 30W of power. It packs a punch in the bass, great for heavier genres of music.

      The Bad

      Not as easily portable as some other options on the market. Also, the battery will not last 20 hours if you are using the charging capabilities.

      Overall, if you don’t mind the extra bulk, you’ll love the great bass response and long battery life of the JBL Charge 4.

      4. Bugani M83 – best power & bass

      Bugani M83

      Powerful Bluetooth speaker with subwoofers for amazing bass

      If you’re looking for a boombox design with lots of power and charging capabilities, and aren’t worried about portability, the M83 is a fantastic option.

      Water protection: IPX5
      Battery life: 40h
      Power: 50 watts
      Powerbank: Yes

      The Good

      The sound of these speakers is great, especially for the price. The 50W of power comes from both tweeters and subwoofers to divide the frequencies and give good clarity in the bass as well as highs.

      These produce massive bass for its size.

      40 hours of battery life, combined with the ability to charge your phone, make it a good option for battery storage. It also has a micro SD card slot, so you don’t have to play from your devices.

      The Bad

      Only IPX5. You can use it outdoors, rain or splashes won’t do damage, but submersion or prolonged exposure might be problematic.

      It’s big and bulky. Though it has a carry handle, so it’s easier to transport.

      The woofer and tweeter combo makes it fantastic for all kinds of music. If you are in the market for big sound and don’t mind a bigger design as a result, you should consider the Bugani M83.

      5. Treblab HD77 – great value

      Treblab HD77 Bluetooth speaker on a bench

      One of the best value outdoor speakers out there

      Robust outdoor Bluetooth speaker that can surprise you with good sound and affordable price.

      Check our full Treblab HD77 review here.

      Water protection: IPX6
      Battery life: 7h
      Power: 25 watts
      Powerbank: No

      The Good

      The design is almost identical to what JBL is offering with its Flip series. But for much less money, you’re getting the same level of protection from rubberized housing with durable mesh covering the drivers.

      HD77 comes with a decent battery life of 7 hours per charge when listened at 50% volume. However, this speaker does get pretty loud, so it should last you a bit longer unless you’re at the party. Apart from that, you’re getting IPX6 water-resistance, 3.5mm port, LED lights, and an option to connect 2 speakers in stereo mode.

      The sound quality is good for playing those popular tunes that are lately filling the charts. Bass is decently punchy, with good clarity in both midrange and treble.

      The Bad

      Going too high in volume brings some distortion.

      If you don’t want to spend extra on known brands like JBL, Treblab HD77 offers similar performance for less. It can also get pretty loud with its 25W speakers, making a great addition to your next trip with your friends.

      Check the full Treblab HD77 review.

      6. Tribit StormBox Micro – best portable

      Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth speaker

      One of the best outdoor speakers if you seek portability

      So small in size, yet so powerful.

      Water protection: IP67
      Battery life: 8h
      Power: 9 watts
      Powerbank: No

      The Good

      This small portable speaker is the latest gadget from Tribit, offering incredible value for its money. Housing in half plastic, half fabric, with a strong rubber strap for attaching the speaker on the backpack or handlebar.

      It comes with a USB-C port and a 2600mAh battery, which can last up to 8 hours of playtime. Speaker is submergible and dustproof (IP67), but sadly it doesn’t float if you want to use it in the pool.

      There are big physical buttons to control all the necessary things from pairing, volume, play/pause, activating smart assistant, and answering calls. You can also connect 2 speakers at once to create a stereo effect.

      The Bad

      Speaker starts to distort when you try to push it too loud.

      There are many cheap Bluetooth speakers out there, but some are just good, while those like Tribit StormBox Micro are almost perfect. This speaker can output impressive sound quality, with a good punch, despite the small size. If you like little portable gadgets that you can attach everywhere you want, this speaker is a perfect choice.

      7. Marshall Stockwell II – best 360 sound

      Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth speaker

      One of the best Bluetooth portable speakers for outdoor parties

      Excellent 360° sound that fills up the whole room.

      Water protection: IPX4
      Battery life: 20h
      Power: 20 watts
      Powerbank: No

      The Good

      Stockwell II continues the signature Marshall design, with everything looking like a vintage guitar amp. It’s made from quality materials, with a faux leather strap so that you can carry the speaker around more easily.

      There are old-school physical knobs on top of the speaker, giving you full control of the volume, pairing, bass, and treble. There is also a battery indicator up top. The latter should last you around 20 hours on a single charge.

      Sound is created with two 5W tweeters and a single 10W woofer. The bass feels much more powerful than you might expect. Since the speaker fires in all directions, the sound is transmitted in a 360° radius. Overall, Stockwell II is a bit bright on default settings, but you can change that with a simple twist of a knob.

      The Bad

      You can’t answer calls.

      DSP can sometimes overprocess the song, making it sound a bit distant.

      Marshall Stockwell II is a speaker that needs to be in the center of the room to show its full potential. If you don’t mind a slightly higher price, it can be a great addition to your next party.

      8. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 – floating Bluetooth speaker

      Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

      Best floating Bluetooth speaker

      360 degree sound from a portable Bluetooth speaker, and it floats.

      Water protection: IP67
      Battery life: 13h
      Power: Unspecified
      Powerbank: No

      The Good

      360 degree sound is a bonus. It is growing in popularity. Many people love using 360-degree speakers outdoors so everyone can hear.

      There’s an outdoor boost button. It increases the loudness, though wattage is unspecified.

      You can turn these into a stereo pair and have two floating speakers. They’re perfect for pool parties or use in the bath or shower. There’s a hanging loop so you can put this on a hook or anywhere convenient. IP67 protection means it’s dirt and dust resistant, too.

      13 hours of battery life is a decent level, though not amazing.

      The Bad

      The battery life can struggle if you’re using it at full volume. You won’t get the full 13 hours.

      A rubber cover is needed for the USB port if floating. Don’t forget or you could break it.

      A floating, 360-degree speaker, is a cool variation to a lot of the speakers on this list. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is water-friendly, consider the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2.

      9. Sonos Move – best premium

      Sonos Move Bluetooth speaker

      One of the best Bluetooth speakers for music enthusiasts

      HiFi sound in a small portable speaker.

      Water protection: IP56
      Battery life: 11h
      Power: Unspecified
      Powerbank: No

      The Good

      This is the first Sonos speaker that doesn’t need to be always near the power socket. Housing comes with a built-in handle so that you can carry it around wherever you want. Since it’s IP56 water-resistant, you can also take the Move outside.

      It’s a hefty speaker with a minimalistic design that looks very attractive. You can find touch-sensitive buttons on the top, with 3 physical ones at the device’s back. The Sonos Move needs to be charged via the proprietary dock. It holds up to 11 hours of battery, but that depends on the volume.

      The sound signature is more than suitable for outdoor use. Bass is boosted to give your music extra punch while maintaining excellent clarity across midrange and treble. It probably isn’t as pristine as other Sonos products, but it doesn’t lag behind that much.

      The Bad

      While you can move it around, the speaker is quite heavy.

      Sonos is a premium brand of speakers, and all their products are excellent. Sure they’re a bit pricey, but they come with many features. You’re getting a great sound, reliable connection, Google Assistant and others, good mobile app, and an option to stream music via Wi-Fi or AirPlay 2.

      10. JBL JR POP – best for kids

      JBL JR POP Bluetooth speaker for kids

      Best Bluetooth speaker for kids

      For kids who want to look cool.

      Water protection: IPX7
      Battery life: 5h
      Power: 3 watts
      Powerbank: No

      The Good

      Kids also like to listen to music. And they also like flashy things. That is why JBL JR POP comes in a colorful housing with built-in LED lights that flash to the music’s rhythm.

      Speaker is quite sturdy so it can survive being tossed around. It’s also IPX7 waterproof, meaning you can take it in the pool without damaging it. It comes with a short strap so that you can mount it on the backpack.

      A 3W front-facing speaker outputs decent sound quality, with good overall clarity. Bass is a bit shy, but that is expected given the speaker’s size. You can play music for around 5 hours on a single charge.

      The Bad

      JBL JR POP can get loud. Maybe too loud since this is a product for kids. Thankfully, the maximum volume can be limited on a transmitting device.

      If you’re looking for a small wireless speaker for your kid to enjoy, this is a great option. It’s durable, has flashy lights that kids love, and comes at a good price.

      Honorable Mentions

      Bose SoundLink Color II (check price) – Sounds good but has only 8-hour battery, IPX4 (only water resistant), and a hefty price.

      Ultimate Ears Boom 3 (check price) – Great alternative to speakers from the JBL Flip series, with fun, punchy sound, durable fabric cover, and excellent 15-hour battery life.

      JBL Go 2 (check price) – Perfect little speaker that doesn’t use much space and can output loud and clear sound. It has a 3W speaker, 5-hour battery, and IPX7 water-resistance: all for under $30.

      Ultimate Ears Hyperboom (check price) – Fairly large (5.9kg, 13lbs) Bluetooth speaker with tons of audio ports (apart from Bluetooth) and a 24-hour battery. It’s suitable for larger outdoor parties where you need your music to be extra loud.

      JBL Flip 4 (check price) – Still an excellent outdoor portable speaker with superb stereo sound (Flip 5 has only mono speaker). Works well indoors, but performs better outdoors.

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