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10 Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Last updated: 1 year ago
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Best wireless Bluetooth speakers that are protected from water, dust, and accidental drops. So, you can confidently take them outside.

HeadphonesAddict is user supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

Rating Price Water protection Battery Power (Watts) Powerbank 3.5mm input Party mode More info
EarFun UBOOM L Best overall
Under $80
16 hours
JBL Flip 6 Runner-up
JBL Flip 6
Under $120
12 hours
Under $250
18 hours
JBL Charge 5 Best big speaker
JBL Charge 5
Under $180
20 hours
Under $80
7 hours
Tribit StormBox Micro Best portable
Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth speaker
Under $50
8 hours
Marshall Stockwell II Best 360° sound
Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth speaker
Under $200
20 hours
Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Floating Bluetooth speaker
Under $90
13 hours
Sonos Move Best premium
Sonos Move Bluetooth speaker
Under $440
11 hours
Treblab HD Max Best party speaker
Treblab HD Max
Under $170
24 hours

Bluetooth speakers are nice because you can take them with you, connect your smartphone, and listen to music basically anywhere. Take your music to the beach, on hiking, or camping trip.

But not all Bluetooth speakers are made for outdoors. There’s rain, dust, and other hazards that kill electronics.

Your fancy model won’t survive long in the harsh environment outside. You don’t want to risk it.

Thankfully, you can find many Bluetooth speakers with a fully waterproof design, dust ingress protection, and rugged construction. These are perfect for the harshest conditions outside.

Check the quick reviews of our top picks below.

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    IPX – Water Protection Explained

    IPX Rating Explained Infographic

    What Makes a Good Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoors?

    It needs to be durable.

    The main thing we are all afraid of is, “Will my Bluetooth speaker survive if I take it outside?”.

    Because there’s rain that will eventually catch you. And electronics hate water.

    You might accidentally splash your speaker with water on the beach. Or sand might get inside and ruin it. You might accidentally drop it on the floor and break it.

    There’s a lot of bad situations that can happen outside and aren’t good for portable Bluetooth speakers.

    This is why picking an outdoor wireless speaker with good water protection, sand/dust protection and a strong, rugged design resistible to drops is important.

    It needs to be loud enough.

    To listen to music in an open space requires more powerful speakers. Otherwise, the music won’t be loud enough.

    For that reason, small speakers with Bluetooth aren’t the best for outdoor use. You need strong drivers that produce enough power.

    And, if you want to have a small outdoor party, you need the biggest you can get. Or connect multiple speakers (only some models) to boost volume.

    It needs dependable battery life.

    Outside there are no ways to charge your portable speaker like at home. You want to get as much playtime per single charge as possible. What would be the point of taking the outdoor speaker with you if it dies in a couple of hours.

    Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers


    1. EarFun UBOOM L

    EarFun UBOOM L speaker

    The best outdoor Bluetooth speaker in terms of sheer value

    Neutral outdoor speaker for a bargain price.

    EarFun UBOOM L review

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 + wired 3.5mm
    Driver size icon Driver size: 2x 55mm dynamic (2x 14W)
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: n/a
    Battery life: 10h | Charging: 4h – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes (both) | Water resistance: IP67 | Power bank: No | FM radio: No | Features: Video mode, Outdoor mode, AUX
    • Superb sound quality for the price
    • Outdoor mode for better bass extension
    • Good battery life (10h per charge)
    • Video mode for improved audio latency
    • Durable build with an IP67
    • Stereo & party mode
    • Protective rubber flap is difficult to open
    • Annoying firmware updating

    Hear the EarFun UBOOM L A/B Sound Test:

    EarFun UBOOM L Sound Quality Test – HeadphonesAddict

    With exceptionally natural midrange, smooth mids, and well-controlled bass, the EarFun UBOOM L will undoubtedly satisfy most audio lovers. Just don’t expect it to replace the boombox at your next party.

    The speaker has a fairly simple design with durable mesh upfront and dual passive radiators on the sides. It’s rated for an IP67 rating to ensure full water protection. Just make sure that the rubber flap is closed off.

    Speaking of the flap, it’s protecting the USB-C and AUX ports. It’s very hard to open with bare fingers, though.

    Furthermore, EarFun UBOOM L offers Party/Stereo mode for pairing 2 speakers, Outdoor mode for louder bass and treble, and Movie mode to reduce audio latency for movie watching.


    2. JBL Flip 6

    JBL Flip 6 on a rock

    Runner-up for the best outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker

    The Flip 6 is a versatile speaker that sounds great, is portable, waterproof, and comes from a powerhouse audio brand, JBL.

    JBL Flip 6 review

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.1
    Driver size icon Driver size: 20W woofer + 10W tweeter
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 65-20.000Hz
    Battery life: 12h | Charging: USB-C | Mic & Controls: Only controls | Water resistance: IP67 | Power bank: No | FM radio: No | Features: Companion app, custom EQ, PartyBoost feature
    • Rugged, portable design
    • Fuller, more refined sound than Flip 5
    • Custom EQ inside the JBL app
    • No built-in mic for phone calls & summoning voice assistant
    • Pricier at launch than its predecessor

    Hear the JBL Flip 6 A/B Sound Test:

    JBL Flip 6 Sound Quality Test – HeadphonesAddict

    Flip 6 is small enough to fit in a backpack, and it has a strap to allow you to place it around your wrist. In spite of only weighing just over 1lb, it has a fair amount of power, perfect for most music genres.

    30 watts is a big upgrade from the previous Flips. You can also pair 2 of these speakers for a stereo effect. If your friend has one, you can chain them together for double the power.

    JBL Flip 6 is a great all-around option. Reliable Bluetooth connectivity, decent battery life of around 12 hours (around 9 hours in our test), and water resistance combined with JBL sound is a great option. That is why it’s one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers.


    3. Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen)

    Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen)

    One of the best outdoor speakers with a neutral sound signature

    Neutrality in a small form factor.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.1
    Driver size icon Driver size: Power: 30W
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 55-20.000Hz
    Battery life: 18h | Charging: 2.75h – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes | Water resistance: IP67 | Power bank: No | FM radio: No | Features: aptX Adaptive
    • Clean & balanced 360° sound
    • Premium-feeling build quality
    • 3-array microphone setup & Alexa integration
    • Companion app with EQ presets
    • Bass can get a bit loose at higher volumes

    With 2 driver units, one tweeter, and a bigger mid-woofer, Beosound A1 2nd Gen outputs clean and balanced sound.

    The size of this outdoor speaker doesn’t hurt the bass delivery, albeit the latter can distort slightly on top volume.

    Regardless, despite being mono, it can create a nice soundscape and a pleasant listening experience.

    You can try out different EQ settings in a companion app if a stock one isn’t to your liking.

    You can also tweak the volume, enable smart speaker functionalities like Amazon Alexa voice assistant for voice control, or connect two Beosound A1 2nd Gen into stereo mode.

    The Bluetooth outdoor speaker is made of aluminum and even offers aptX Adaptive and AAC Bluetooth codecs.


    4. JBL Charge 5

    JBL Charge 5

    One of the best big outdoor wireless speakers

    The JBL Charge 5 is a big size outdoor speaker, and this allows it to incorporate a huge battery and the ability to charge other devices.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.1
    Driver size icon Driver size: Power: 30W RMS (woofer) + 10W RMS (tweeter)
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 65-20.000Hz
    Battery life: 24h | Charging: 4h – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes | Water resistance: IP67 | Power bank: Yes | FM radio: No | Features: PartyBoost (connecting multiple speakers)
    • Cleaner sound than Charge 4
    • More robust construction
    • Power bank mode
    • Barebones app with no EQ
    • Audio compression at high volumes

    The JBL’s latest addition in their popular outdoor speakers, the fifth Charge model produces a cleaner and punchier low-end. Bass lovers will have much to like here.

    They opted for mono speakers with 2 passive radiators, which hurt instrument separation a bit yet makes the soundstage slightly bigger.

    The company managed to crank out even more loudness out of a relatively compact design (30W), making your next party more fun.

    The new drop proof exterior looks even more robust and now has better dust protection. With an IP rating of IP67, you can pretty much dunk the Charge 5 in water or throw it in the sand.

    A reasonably beefy battery can play for up to 20 hours, and it can even share its battery with other portable gadgets (power bank mode).

    dollar GREAT VALUE UNDER $100

    5. Treblab HD77

    Treblab HD77 outdoor speaker on a bench

    One of the best value portable wireless speakers out there

    A robust outdoor speaker that can surprise you with good sound and affordable price.

    Treblab HD77 review

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 4.2
    Driver size icon Driver size: Power: 2 x 12.5W
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 100 Hz – 16,000 Hz
    Battery life: 20h – 5200mAh | Charging: Up to 4h | Mic & Controls: Yes | Water resistance: IPX6 | Power bank: No | FM radio: No
    • Durable with IPX6 water resistance
    • Big and user-friendly clickable controls
    • Good sound for the size
    • The battery life of 7 hours at half volume
    • Built-in microphone creates a hissing sound

    HD77 comes with a decent battery life of 7 hours per charge when listened at 50% volume. However, this speaker does get pretty loud, so it should last you a bit longer unless you’re at the party.

    Apart from that, you’re getting a splash-proof IP rating of IPX6, a 3.5mm port, LED lights, and an option to connect 2 speakers in stereo mode.

    The sound quality is good for playing those popular tunes that are lately filling the charts. The bass is decently punchy, with good clarity in both midrange and top end.

    If you don’t want to spend extra on known brands like JBL, Treblab HD77 offers similar performance for less. It can also produce big sound with its 25W speakers and dual passive radiators.


    6. Tribit StormBox Micro

    Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth speaker

    One of the best outdoor speakers if you seek portability

    So small in size, yet so powerful.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: Power: 1 x 9W
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 70-20.000Hz
    Battery life: 8h | Charging: USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes | Water resistance: IP67 | Power bank: No | FM radio: No | Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC | Features: Build-in flexible tear-resistant strap, multipoint support
    • Surprisingly powerful sound (for the size)
    • High water protection
    • Portable and easy to use
    • Slight distortion at higher volumes

    This speaker can output impressive sound quality, with a good punch, despite the small size. If you like little portable gadgets that you can attach everywhere you want, this speaker is a perfect choice.

    This small portable speaker is made in half plastic, half fabric housing, with a strong rubber strap for attaching the speaker on the backpack or handlebar.

    It comes with a USB-C port and a 2600mAh battery, lasting up to 8 hours of playtime. Speaker is dustproof and can survive full submersion (IP67).

    There are big physical buttons to control all the necessary things from pairing, volume, play/pause, activating smart voice assistants, and answering calls. Extra features include connecting 2 speakers at once to create a stereo effect.


    7. Marshall Stockwell II

    Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth speaker

    One of the best Bluetooth portable speakers for outdoor parties

    Excellent 360° sound that fills up the whole room.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: Power: 2 x 5W (tweeters), 1 x 10W (woofer)
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 60-20.000Hz
    Battery life: 20h | Charging: 5h + quick charge – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes | Water resistance: IPX4 | Power bank: No | FM radio: No | Features: Multi-host, bass-reflex, 3.5mm port
    • Excellent 360° sound
    • Physical buttons
    • Attractive design
    • DSP can be too aggressive

    The bass feels much more powerful than you might expect. Since the speaker fires in all directions, the expansive sound is transmitted in a 360° radius.

    Overall, Stockwell II is a bit bright on default settings, but you can change the frequency response with a simple twist of a knob.

    Stockwell II is made from quality materials, with a faux leather strap for stylish design reasons so that you can carry the speaker around more easily.

    There are old-school physical knobs on top of the speaker, giving you full control of the volume, pairing, bass, and treble. There is also a battery indicator up top.

    Stockwell II is a speaker that needs to be in the center of the room to show its full potential.


    8. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

    Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

    One of the best outdoor speakers that can float on water

    360-degree sound from a portable Bluetooth speaker, and it floats.

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth
    Driver size icon Driver size: 2 x 40mm drivers
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 75-20.000Hz
    Battery life: 13 hours | Charging: 2.6h – Micro-USB | Mic & Controls: Yes | Water resistance: IP67 | Power bank: No | FM radio: No | Features: 360° sound, Boost mode
    • Small but loud
    • 360° sound
    • Charging port isn't nano-coated

    Many other UE speakers have 360-degree sound. It is growing in popularity. Many people love using 360-degree speakers outdoors so everyone can hear.

    There’s an outdoor boost button. It increases the loudness, though wattage is unspecified.

    You can turn these into a stereo pair and have two floating speakers. They’re perfect for pool parties or use in the bath or shower, with a great Bluetooth range as well.

    There’s a hanging loop so you can put this on a hook or anywhere convenient. IP67 protection means it’s dirt and dust resistant, too.

    A floating, 360-degree speaker is cool to have at your next pool party. If you’re looking for outdoor speakers that are water-friendly, consider the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2.


    9. Sonos Move

    Sonos Move Bluetooth speaker

    The best outdoor speakers for music enthusiasts

    HiFi sound in a small portable speaker. It can also connect to your smart home, creating a full Sonos system.

    Connection icon Connection: WiFi (2.4GHz, 5GHz) & Bluetooth
    Driver size icon Driver size: n/a
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: n/a
    Battery life: 11h | Charging: Dock station | Mic & Controls: Yes | Water resistance: IP56 | Power bank: No | FM radio: No | Features: AirPlay 2 support
    • Full, refined sound with good bass punch
    • Many connection options
    • Heavy to carry around
    • Proprietary dock for charging
    • Expensive

    The sound signature is more than suitable for outdoor use. Big bass response is boosted to give your music extra punch while maintaining excellent clarity across midrange and treble. Overall, great sound quality.

    This is the first Sonos speaker that doesn’t need to be always near the power socket. Housing comes with a built-in handle so that you can carry it around. Since it’s IP56 water-resistant and dust proof, you can also take the Move outside.

    It’s a hefty speaker with a minimalistic design that looks very attractive. You can find touch-sensitive buttons on the top, with 3 physical ones at the device’s back.

    With Sonos Move, you’re getting an impressive sound, reliable connection, the smart speaker features with both Alexa and Google Assistant, a good mobile app, Wi-Fi connectivity, or AirPlay 2 for playing music via streaming service.


    10. Treblab HD Max

    Treblab HD Max on the grass

    One of the best Bluetooth speakers for smaller parties

    Treblab’s largest speaker is loud enough to make you dance.

    Treblab HD Max review

    Connection icon Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver size icon Driver size: 2x10W + 2x25W drivers
    Frequency range icon Frequency range: 80-16.000Hz
    Battery life: 20h (at 30% volume) | Charging: 5h – USB-C | Mic & Controls: Yes (both) | Water resistance: IPX6 | Power bank: Yes | FM radio: No | Features: AUX port, party mode, EQ profiles
    • Decent sound quality
    • Shoulder strap for easier transportation
    • Excellent Bluetooth range
    • Impressive battery life
    • Mediocre microphone quality
    • Unpractical spot for AUX and USB port

    For a cheaper alternative to JBL Xtreme 3, the sound is relatively smooth for the most part. It gets a bit livelier at higher volumes, with a nicely thumping but not subwoofer-like bass.

    It is similar to other Treblab and JBL speakers, with a cylindrical housing, a durable mesh covering the 2 full-range drivers, and 2 passive radiators on the side.

    The speaker is on the heavy side, so it comes with a detachable shoulder strap and a built-in bottle opener for when you need refreshment.

    Treblab HD Max is rated IPX6, capable of surviving rain and water splashes.

    Lastly, it offers excellent 25-hour battery life with a power bank feature to charge other devices.

    Honorable Mentions

    Bose SoundLink Color II

    Bose SoundLink Color II Outdoor Wet

    Sounds good but has a short battery life of 8 hours, IPX4 (only water-resistant), and a hefty price.

    Check SoundLink Color II price

    Ultimate Ears Boom 3

    UE Boom 3

    A great alternative to speakers from the JBL Flip series that sounds great has a durable fabric cover and excellent 15-hour battery life.

    Check Boom 3 price

    JBL Go 3

    JBL Go 3

    Perfect speaker of a diminutive size that doesn’t use much space and can output loud and clear sound, even at max volume. It has a 4.2W speaker, 5-hour battery, and IP67 water resistance rating: all for a low price of under $35.

    Check Go 3 price

    Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

    UE Hyperboom

    Fairly large (5.9kg, 13lbs) outdoor speaker with tons of audio ports (apart from Bluetooth connection), robust bass, and long battery life (24 hours). UE Hyperboom is suitable for larger outdoor parties where you need your music to be extra loud.

    Check Hyperboom price

    JBL Flip 4

    JBL Flip four generations

    Still an excellent outdoor portable speaker with superb true stereo sound (Flip 5 has only a mono speaker). It works well indoors but performs better outdoors.

    Check Flip 4 price

    JBL BoomBox 2

    JBL Boombox 2

    This is one of those outdoor speakers that can turn outdoor gatherings into a party. However, due to the already higher price, it’s probably better to get a PartyBox speaker with a much bigger sound in comparison.

    Check BoomBox 2 price

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