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The Best Beats Headphones in 2020

Last updated: 1 month ago, Dec. 11. 2020
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    Get the best Beats headphones that suit your style in 2020.

    Comparison: The Best Beats Headphones

      RatingPriceBatteryMic &
    Beats Studio3 WirelessThe Best Beats Headphones in 20204.6
    22hThe Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020
    Beats PowerBeats ProThe Best Beats Headphones in 20204.6
    +15h inside the case
    The Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020
    Beats Solo ProThe Best Beats Headphones in 20204.6
    40hThe Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020
    Beats PowerBeatsThe Best Beats Headphones in 20204.5
    15hThe Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020
    Beats Solo3 WirelessThe Best Beats Headphones in 20204.7
    40hThe Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020
    Beats EPThe Best Beats Headphones in 20204.5
    The Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020
    Beats Flex WirelessThe Best Beats Headphones in 20204.6
    12hThe Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020The Best Beats Headphones in 2020

    There aren’t many brands in the world that share the same popularity (or at least recognition) as Beats. A headphone brand, created by rapper Dr. Dre, quickly became one of the most successful audio industry names.

    Their heavy marketing, with superstars wearing nothing but Beats, paid off. There isn’t a single human being, even those who usually don’t care about audio, that doesn’t know what the “b” logo means.

    How is Beats Brand Evolving?

    The sound quality is getting better.

    Even though Beats headphones still aren’t the first choice for diehard audiophiles, they have come a long way, most notably in the sound quality department.

    While they still emphasize bass on their headphones, its performance is getting tighter and more controlled. They offer an enjoyable listening experience, even for more demanding users.

    Perfect for Apple users

    Ever since Apple acquired the Beats brand, all of their headphones come with W1 and H1 chips inside. If you’re an iOS user, these chips are great since they offer instant pairing, better connection range, superior audio quality, and seamless transition from your iPhone to your iPad or MacBook.

    Find them at any price range.

    Beats headphones are considered expensive, although that isn’t true anymore. While the most expensive models reach prices slightly above $300, the most affordable ones come within a $50 price range.

    In this guide, you’ll find the best and latest Beats headphones that you should consider. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

    Table of Contents

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      Best Beats Headphones

      1. Beats Studio3 Wireless

      Lebron James Beats Studio3 Wireless

      First-ever noise cancelling over-ear headphones from Beats, with a significant bass thump and comfortable design.

      Connection: Bluetooth + W1 chip
      Battery life: 24 hours (with active noise cancelling)

      Why Buy These?

      Studio 3 Wireless are the only over-ear headphones that the company currently sells. With thick earpads that go around ears, you get exceptional comfort and noise isolation.

      Headphones come in a variety of colors and are made of flexible plastic. All the physical controls are on the left earcup, with a button underneath a Beats logo. Apple users will find the implementation of the Apple W1 chip super handy.

      Active noise cancellation works reasonably well, especially with low frequencies. Beats Studio 3 Wireless should last around 40 hours if you don’t plan to use the noise cancelling feature. Otherwise, the battery life stops at 24 hours (50% volume).

      The Bad

      Build quality should be better at this price.

      The Sound

      The pair of headphones possess an old school Beats sound signature with a dominating low-end. They feel like a portable disco, which makes them a fantastic choice for bassheads. However, overall clarity gets buried underneath the thick layer of bass, which isn’t always ideal.

      Studio3 Wireless aren’t exactly over-ear studio headphones but can satisfy your needs for meaty bass.

      2. Beats PowerBeats Pro

      Beats PowerBeats Pro in charging case

      One of the best Beats wireless earbuds for sports activities.

      Connection: Bluetooth + H1 chip
      Battery life: 11 hours, 15 hours in the charging case

      Check our full review

      Why Buy These?

      Beats nailed it with these, making true wireless earbuds with ear hooks that became an instant hit. Their best virtue is overall stability. Thanks to ear hooks, they stick to your ears and don’t go anywhere, no matter how vigorously you shake your head.

      Another great aspect is their battery, which can be considerably longer than what it says on the box. Instead of 9, you can expect 11 hours of playback on a single charge, with an additional 15 hours inside the charging case.

      Beats Pro are well-made and appear quite durable, with fully sweatproof construction (IPX4). As with all newer Beats products, these also have an H1 chip for faster and seamless pairing on Apple devices.

      The Bad

      Earbuds provide a decently comfortable fit but can begin to irritate after an hour of use.

      No Transparency mode.

      The Sound

      V-shaped signature is complemented with good clarity across the board, which is a positive surprise. The bass is elevated, but not to the point of veiling the mids and treble, which sound reasonably accurate. They’re great for all modern music.

      PowerBeats Pro are the best workout Beats headphones you can get your hands on right now.

      Read our full PowerBeats Pro review

      3. Beats Solo Pro

      Beats Solo Pro wireless headphones

      Stylish-looking on-ear wireless headphones with commuting in mind.

      Connection: Bluetooth + H1 chip
      Battery life: 40 hours (without active noise cancelling)

      Why Buy These?

      Solos are another excellent pair of Beats headphones, with an attractive on-ear design that will catch many people’s attention. As is the norm with Beats, they come in different colors. They can fit all styles.

      Despite on-ear pads, they have a generous amount of memory foam that gently rests on your ears. Solo Pro’s are perfect for commuting, with great noise cancelling performance and Transparency mode.

      Headphones boast an impressive 40 hours of battery life per charge (without noise cancellation), or 22 hours when noise cancelling is turned on. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the Apple H1 chip and seamless multipoint support.

      The Bad

      They may be too small for users with big heads.

      They use a Lightning connector instead of a USB-C.

      The Sound

      Punchiness is the signature characteristic of any Beats product, and Solo Pro deliver exactly that. Fortunately, not to the expense of clarity, making these wireless headphones suitable for all music genres.

      Beats Solo Pro are the best pick for youthful users who want to wear something eye-catching. On top of that, you get a satisfying audio performance across the board.

      4. Beats PowerBeats

      Beats PowerBeats 4 wireless earbuds

      PowerBeats Pro but with a neck cable and a lower price point.

      Connection: Bluetooth
      Battery life: 15 hours

      Why Buy These?

      In many ways, PowerBeats (also known as PowerBeats 4) are a cheaper version of the Pro model. Instead of being truly wireless, they come with a wire that connects the two earbuds. Overall, stability remains the same, with slightly thinner ear hooks that provide a bit comfier fit.

      These don’t have a proximity sensor for the “auto-pause” feature. Instead, they pack something much more useful: a bigger battery. You can squeeze out 15 hours on a single charge.

      As expected, you get a built-in H1 chip for communication with Apple devices and a Lightning cable for charging. Physical buttons underneath Beats logos offer a full range of controls covering everything from volume control to skipping songs.

      The Bad

      Users with glasses might experience problems with the ear-hook design.

      The Sound

      Similar to Beats PowerBeats Pro, they amplify bass but in a tasteful manner. They still pack a significant amount of detail, with a good soundstage that goes with it.

      Beats PowerBeats are great wireless earbuds if you find Pro’s too expensive.

      5. Beats Solo3 Wireless

      Beats Solo3 Wireless on-ear headphones

      Slightly old by now, but still good wireless headphones if you crave powerful bass response.

      Connection: Bluetooth
      Battery life: 40 hours

      Why Buy These?

      If you prefer the look of previous generations of wireless Beats headphones, these should fit the bill. They have a minimalistic plastic construction with a glossy finish.

      Even though on-ear earpads tend to be less comfortable for long listening, Solo 3 Wireless provide quite the opposite. Padding is relatively thick and feels great for daily use. And while the rubberized headband doesn’t add much to the comfort, its grippy nature prevents headphones from falling off your head.

      For controlling basic commands, you get a function button under the Beats logo. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack if the battery ever lets you down. Speaking of it, 40-hour battery life on a single charge should easily get you through a couple of days.

      The Bad

      They have an older Micro-USB charging port instead of a USB-C or Lightning connector.

      Noticeable sound leakage.

      The Sound

      While the bass-heavy sound profile makes the presentation full and energetic, it can also hurt the overall clarity. That said, the mids and highs are still decently present. However, listening to an already bass-heavy track will result in a muddy sound.

      Beats Solo 3 Wireless are an older pair of headphones from the times of iPhone 7 that are still worthy of consideration.

      6. Beats EP

      Beats Ep wired on-ear headphones

      Wired on-ear Beats headphones with a sleek and lightweight design.

      Connection: Wired, 3.5mm
      Battery life: /

      Why Buy These?

      If you’re still rocking the headphone jack or don’t mind using a dongle, EP’s are a good entry-level pick from Beats. They’re made with a blend of plastic and stainless-steel arms that makes them more substantial. And since they lack batteries and Bluetooth circuitry, they’re also very lightweight.

      Additionally, the earpads have a generous layer of foam that should make your ears feel comfortable. These on-ear headphones don’t fold but can still take very little space, thanks to a small on-ear design.

      Fixed cable has an inline remote for skipping tracks and taking hands-free phone calls. It’s quite long, which comes in handy if you plan to use them at home.

      The Bad

      However, a long cable can be annoying for commuting.

      Built-in controls can only fully work on iOS.

      The Sound

      The sound is far more balanced than in many other Beats headphones. Make no mistake; these are still punchy when called upon but with additional clarity in the treble.

      The Beats EP represent a great alternative to those who still prefer cable instead of going wireless.

      7. Beats Flex Wireless

      Beats Flex wireless earbuds

      One of the cheapest wireless Beats with good microphone quality.

      Connection: Bluetooth
      Battery life: 12 hours

      Why Buy These?

      These are go-to earbuds if you want the best Beats headphones at an affordable price. Small earbuds fit nicely into your ears, with a big shiny logo on the outside to let other people know what you’re wearing. Flex buds come with a built-in Apple W1 chip for a super-fast wireless connection.

      Comfort, stability, and noise isolation are great on these in-ear headphones, as long as you find a proper fit with correct ear tips. Nozzles are slightly angled to project the sound directly into the ear canal.

      Even though they’re cheap, they’re not spearing on battery life. Beats Flex pack 12 hours of playtime and support a fast charging feature via USB-C. There is a rocker on the left side that provides a wide array of controls.

      The Bad

      Cable noise can be a problem.

      The Sound

      The Beats Flex Wireless have an interestingly balanced sound with the bass kept on a leash. However, the clarity isn’t all that great. While they’re still more than suitable for casual music listening, you’re not going to discover new nuances in your music.

      A cool alternative to more expensive Beats models that gives you all that is necessary for a smooth user experience. Especially if the iPhone occupies your pocket.

      Honorable Mentions

      Beats X – Good set of wireless Beats replaced by Flex Wireless but still worth looking into. Beats X sport a similar neckband design with an Apple W1 chip. (Check Price)

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Which Beats Headphones Are the Best?

      That is a tough question to answer since a lot of Beats headphones perform similarly. However, we’re starting to see a positive trend within the Beats brand, with newer models starting to show a bit more diversity in prices, sound quality, and intent.

      Therefore, it’s better to focus on what you want from your Beats headphones. We’ve divided models into groups based on their orientation.

      • Casual listening – If you need headphones for daily use and want something bassy, you can’t go wrong with any of the Beats headphones mentioned above. The only one that might not suit your bass loving needs are Beats Flex Wireless. They’re a great pick but somewhat light on lower frequencies.
      • Sports – For the workout, we strongly advise PowerBeats Pro and the PowerBeats. The 2 wireless earbuds have an ear hook design for stability and sweat-resistant housing for durability. They can also deliver a satisfying punch, which gives you a much-needed boost during exercise.
      • Commuting – Having stylish headphones is important while walking down a street. Thankfully, Beats already know how to do that. However, only some models pack active noise cancelling. Therefore, if you don’t want a noisy environment to ruin your listening experience, opt for Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio3 Wireless over-ear headphones.

      What are The Newest Beats Headphones?

      Beats is trying each year to surprise us with at least a couple of new headphones. Last year we got the PowerBeats Pro and Solo Pro, both excellent additions to the Beats family.

      However, the ones that came in 2020 are the PowerBeats and Flex Wireless. The first ones are more of a trimmed-down version of the Pro model, while the Flex Wireless are entry-level buds with a neckband design.

      Are Beats Headphones Overrated?

      An honest opinion is that in many cases, Beats headphones aren’t worth the cost. However, if you like the brand’s design and prefer your music to have a touch more bass, then picking their headphones isn’t such a bad idea.

      Especially in recent years, Beats is starting to change their sound for the better. While they still put many resources into marketing, their products are slowly growing in value and quality.